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Jimmy Dempsey Paid Political Songs on S&G

Jimmy Dempsey
(Paid Political Sang By)

12027 - Goldwater Rally Song (Mildred Adair)
12028 - I Ain't As Smooth As Lyndon B. (Gilstrap)
 S&G Records
Savage & Gilstrap Record Co.
1801 Piedmont Ave. , Atlanta, Ga.

[June 1964]

LBJ On One Side, Barry On The Other
Political Platter Is Bipartisan 
By Diane Wilson

In the middle of an election year with November only five months away, you hear a lot of talk about political records.

The Savage and Gilstrap Record Company of Atlanta has put out a political record that's not only topical, but bipartisan.  Side one is a song written by F. Pierce Gilstrap called "I Ain't As Smooth As Lyndon B."

And Gilstrap should known about Lyndon B. Johnson.  They were friends back in 1933 when both were members of the "Little Congress" in Washington, an organization made up of civil servants in the Capitol.  At that time, 1932-1933, Gilstrap was a doorman at the House of Represntatives and Johnson was elected speaker of the "Little Congress."  his first elected office.  Gilstrap and Johnson used to sit in the judiciary room in Washington those days and talk politics.

Gilstrap got out of politics and became editor of the Fayetteville Enterprise in Georgia.  In 1937, when he was a struggling editor of a very small paper with only $1.50 in his pocket, he heard that Johnson had been elected to Congress.

Gilstrap spent part of his $1.50 to send a congratulatory wire to Johnson.  The new Representative reciprocated by inviting his friend to visit him.

But Gilstrap had gone into the Navy and was with the Seabees in the Pacific.  He had no time for visiting.

Gilstrap hasn't seen his old friend since, except during a parade in Atlanta.

"I called out "Lyndon!"  he explained " but I guess he couldn't hear me."

The song, "I Ain't As Smooth As Lyndon B."  was written a few months ago because, as Gilstrap explained, "It just got to hammering at me and I have to write it down."

Gilstrap, whose only claim to the presidency is his name –  Franklin Pierce Gilstrap – is currently in Daytona Beach to plug his record.

The record sung by Jimmy Dempsey is being distributed by the S & G Record Company, 1801 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, Ga.

Oh yes, on the flip side is a "Goldwater Rally Song."

I told you he had a bipartisan political record.
Daytona Beach Morning Journal, July 4, 1964

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