Monday, May 31, 2010

Emperor label : 4 additions

4 additions, all EP by Buddy Durham on the Emperor label

Emperor EM-F-1-61

CP-5001 - ?
CP-5002 - Black Mountain Rag/Under the double Eagle

Emperor EM-F-2-61

CP-5003 - Soldiers Joy/ Tom & Jerry
CP-5004 - ?

Emperor EM-F-4-61

CP-5007 - Beaumont Rag/Ragtime Annie
CP-5008 - ?

Emperor EM-F-5-61

CP-5009 - Beautiful Girl Shoddish/Old Dan Tucker
CP-5010 - ?


Belle Meade 1120

Chuck Jones

Belle Meade 1120

CP-2759 - My One And Only Darling (Earl E. Carlton)
CP-2760 - Don't Answer That Phone (Henry J. Carr)

Listed in the American Song-Poems Music Archives

Chuck Jones is the same singer as Sammy Marshall, Sonny Marshall, et al. One of his best, perhaps.

Don't Answer That Phone (Sample)


Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Kool Toppers on Beverly

The Kool Toppers
picture sleeve of the re-issue of Beverly 702

The Kool Toppers

Beverly 702

Cp-1535 ~ Is That Exactly What You Wanna Do?
Cp-1536 ~ Cause I Love You So

Black vocal group from La Grange, North Carolina. Later, as the Gleems, they sang at all the local functions and made their way north to the New Jersey/New York area, and were discovered harmonizing in a Newark, NJ, night spot by Abner Spector. Recorded for Smash Records and Tuff Records as the Corsairs.

This record is not listed in this Starday Custom Pressings, discography maintened by Malcom Chapman.

The so-called Starday Custom Pressings were actually not pressed at all by Starday Records, but by various pressing plants. Starday Custom Series would be a more appropriate designation, in my opinion.


Monday, May 24, 2010

The Fabulous Uptowns

Label : Tulip 100

7653 ~ Turtle
7654 ~ New Love I Have Found

Black vocal group. Pittsburgh, Pa. release certainly related to Varbee Records.



W.VA. Ramblers (2)

W.VA. Ramblers

31489 - W.VA.Blues
31490 - Dear Mother And Daddy



Sunday, May 23, 2010

the Crownsmen Quartet on Re-Echo

the Crownsmen Quartet

Re-Echo Records #1005

18175 - Sweet Jesus

18176 - When God’s Chariot Comes

Side one written by Doris Akers. Manna Music Inc. is the publisher.


Monday, May 17, 2010

The Spiritual Believers on Sir

The Spiritual Believers

Sir 107

27545 - You Need My Lord
27546 – My Going Home

Arr. and lead singer : Rev. F. Latimore

Black gospel. Cleveland, Ohio label.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Ray Fournier & his Rockin' Rebels on River

Ray Fournier & his Rockin' Rebels

River 2011

CP-3433 - Cherry Pie
(Joe Josea, Modern Music, ASCAP)

CP-3434 – A Broken Heart
(Ray Fournier, Singing River Publ.))

A Marion Carpenter production

Ray Fournier & the Rockin' Rebels had at least another record on Diamond Disk (as Ray Fournia with the Rocking Rebels). These sides can be heard HERE or HERE.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Buddy White & the Knights on Murco

Buddy White & the Knights

Murco 1017

CP-3205 -Teenage Ball

CP-3206 -Betty Jean

Buddy White and Bill Mack formed the Knights in 1959 in Shreveport, Louisiana after they left Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps. Gerry McGee was recruited as the third member. Buddy White and The Knights stayed together about four months playing a mid-west circuit. They were booked by T. B. Skarning and Joe Billo Entertainment Corp., the same agency that booked Gene Vincent and The Blue Caps.

Texan drummer Buddy White (a.k.a. Butch White) had previously recorded as member of The Shadows (James Burton, James Kirkland, and Butch White). Among the artists he backed on drums, in studio or live, were Bob Luman (56-57), Ricky Nelson, Hank Thompson (58), Gene Vincent (58) and Paul Peek (60-62).

He had also a recording career -which remains poorly documented- on his own as a singer. There were singles on Pop (Hollywood, 59), Milestone (61), Big Beat, The Wheeler Dealers, San (Texas, 65) and Inca.

Murco Records’s roots were in the Bayou Records store, a retail outlet purchased by local businessman Dee Marais from Shelby Singleton in 1960. In addition to selling records, Marais occasionally recorded local musicians in the back of his store. Murco was founded in partnership with Dick Martin who worked locally for the U.S. Postal Service.


Friday, May 7, 2010

Sonny Miller and the Happy Valley Boys on Vokes

Sonny Miller and the Happy Valley Boys

Vokes 118

36043 - Richmond, Chicago, Mexico And Home
36044 - I'll Be Over On Saturday Night

Uptempo country on a New Kensington, Pa. label owned by Howard Vokes

Richmond, Chicago, Mexico And Home


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Ronnie 2409

Ronnie 2409 (EP)

Ben Tate


My Little Baby Loves To Dance (James Miller),
You Insulted Me (Robert B. Carter)

May Redding


Christmas Day (Araminta Nash),
Life's Lesser Joys (Iva Mlenar)


Found at The Wonderful and the Obscure. where you can hear the four tracks of this song-poem EP.

According to Bob Purse, "the records released on this [Ronnie] label are almost uniformly uninteresting." But this EP features the one exception, in his view.


Tom Craig & The Trenton Valley Boys

Tom Craig & The Trenton Valley Boys

Jay 1960

CP-4031 - My Dream Girl / Your Daddy's Coming Home

CP-4032 - Your Girl Or Mine / Please Tell Me

Found at The Ohio Valley Sound, a new blog -welcome to him- (A celebration of the recordings made in the Ohio Valley area from 50's, 60's, and 70's) : "No idea who Craig was, or where he came from but he sure delivers with two fine primitive rockabilly tunes."


Gospel Herald Quartet : "Take Time To Be Holy"

Gospel Herald Quartet

LP "Take Time To Be Holy"

Rite 23083/23084

* Side 1:

Take Time To Be Holy
Oh Come Angel Band
Who Am I
Boundless Mercy
Jesus Paid It All
Remind Me Dear Lord
How Great Thou Art

* Side 2:

I'm Building A Bridge
You Can Depend
Living In Faith
In The Sweet Bye & Bye
Wasted Years
He The Pearly Gates Will Open
When You Pray.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tip Top Twisters on Wally Wo-Ho

Tip Top Twisters

Label : Wally Wo-Ho

7351 - Wally Wo-Ho Twist
(1 minute)

7352 - same

Radio jingle produced by Richard H. Ullman Inc, a subsidiary of the Peter Frank Organization for WOHO radio, Toledo, Ohio. The singers here are possibly the Johnny Mann Singers. Gil Faggen wrote a lenghty article devoted to the jingle company in Billboard, issue dated Apr. 27, 1963 :


Vangie Gonzales

Vangie Gonzales with Gonzales Brothers Orch.

Band Box 370

17301 - Negra Surumata
17302 - That Same Old Love