Saturday, May 18, 2013

Allan and The Flames

Allan and The Flames

CP-2731 ~ Till The End Of Time
Johnny Lasley, Bentley Music BMI

CP-2732 ~ Winter Wonderland
Bernard-Smith, Bregman, Vocco & Conn Inc, ASCAP
Campbell 225

late 1959

    Also issued on Colonial 7006

Billboard review, January 18, 1960

Second issue on Colonial
Distributed by London Records

Till The End Of Time

Allan and the Flames
Vocal - Tilley

7971 - Whatcha Gonna Do 

7972 - Love Bug
(Chuck Tilley)

Produced by Robbins Records, Greensboro NC

Summer 1962

Greensboro (North Carolina) band.  Allan is probably Allan Clontz.  On Starmount the singer is Chuck Tilley.

In 1959, Chuck Tilley started with Donny Trexler  a band known as the Six Teens. later renamed "Chuck Tilley and the Fabulous Five". Chuck was the lead singer.  He left the group and then joined The Flames. 

Allan and the Flames is not listed in THIS Beach Music website.

Alan and The Flames
Blue Christmas / White Christmas
Lance 006
Richmond, Virginia
Late '61

"Organ driven Christmas music"

Alan and the Flames on Lance Records (Richmond, Virginia) is probably the same band.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Ace Davis on Carlco

 Ace Davis

29339 — Snakes
29340 — Our Day Will Come

Carlco 103


Ace Davis bought  “The Alley Door” in the back of a church building, which was the first Coffee House in the Dayton area.   On Sunday evenings, the Alley Door featured “The Jazz Lab” where black musicians, led by Ace Davis, were able to have a forum in the downtown area which at that time was closed to black musicians.

This label was created by Carl Cowen, the trumpet, flute, and saxophone player for the Dayton Sidewinders, with the sole purpose of releasing this bands material.   Carlco Records would eventually release five 7" singles during the early 1970's, all recorded at Cybertekniks Studios, also in Dayton Ohio.  The label had no distribution for the 500 pressings of each single.

In the late 1990's and early 2000's, with an increasing interest in obscure funk, soul, and jazz music, this label was resurrected by Carl Cowen in the same house he ran the label out of nearly thirty years prior. Carlco Records has since reissued a 7" single and LP collection of the Dayton Sidewinders singles, now with distribution through Funkadelphia Records.

 Label discography

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Curly Dan, Wilma Ann (Danville 104)

 Curly Dan, Wilma Ann and The Danville Mt. Boys

 (Wilma Ann)
Vocal C. Flatt And C. Dan Wilma Ann
Featuring Bob Stanley 5 String Banjo

15940 — I'm Sorry If I'm Crying Dear 
 (Curly Dan)  
Vocal C. Flatt And C. Dan
Featuring Bob Stanley 5 String Banjo

Danville Records #104

23154 Crossley
Hazel Park, MI


Some info on Curly Dan and Wilma Ann here

Danville Records discography