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Sportmen L.T.D. on Harvey's

Sportmen L.T.D.

Harvey's Records - # HR 15
Harris enterprise A.F.M.

34461 -Sometime Home Coming
featuring Art StClair

34462 - Irresistible You
(Lloyd & Logan)


S Whit Denson / Denson Quartet

Jet Magazine, July 9, 1964

S Whit Denson / Denson Quartet

Denson Ep 555

9101 – I Won't Turn Back / New Morning Sun
9102 - The Better Land / Wonderous Love

Sacred Hillbilly Music Birmingham, Alabama.

The Denson family has been active in composing, arranging, and performing Sacred Harp material since 1844; Whit Denson was a third-generation Denson who led a number of Sacred Harp groups on important early recordings in the twenties and was noted for his very smooth, almost sweet alto voice.

About Sacred Harp Singing

Sacred Harp singing -- a form of Southern gospel music that's rather obscure to much of the general population -- "is characterized by mass participation, full-voiced singing, lack of instrumental accompaniment, and rotation of song leaders."

What is Sacred Harp Singing?

* Sacred Harp singing is an American folk tradition of singing hymns and gospel songs from The Sacred Harp, a 150 year old songbook that uses shaped note heads to indicate position in the scale.
* This is the type of singing that took place in the church scene in Cold Mountain.
* Sacred Harp singing is a participatory event, not a performance, although visitors are welcome to come and listen.
* The singers sit in a hollow square facing each other and take turns leading songs, which are sung in several parts without instrumental accompaniment.
* The music has a distinctive open and modal sound, and the singing is usually exuberant, rhythmic and full of feeling.

Minnesota State Sacred Harp Singing Convention Midwinter Singing Sunday Brunch, St Paul, MN, 2/10/08. The first two verses of "I Won't Turn Back" by Whit Denson (abridged due to camera limitations).
[Source : YouTube]

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Content removed according to the wish (injunction?) of the artist received through his Business Manager (?).

All this material is copyrighted by the author. Mr. X... does not wish to have his cover art nor his album listed on your blog. Please remove at once.

Be happy, Mary. it's done. Your wish come true.


Rocken Breed

Rocken Breed with Bill Turner vocal

Karmony Ltd.

30351 - Lady Lady
(wr. Gene Toennisson)

30352 - She Tells Her Lies

Arranged by David Sams & Bill Turner

Rite account # 5561

Dave Sams

I've tracked down recently one of the group member, Dave Sams, and here is what he recalls :
It was recorded at a four track studio in Fairfield, Ohio that was owned by Frank Ruhl. He owned a business selling British sports cars, Karmony Ltd. For him this was strictly a hobby project. There was never any distribution, no airplay, as far as I know none were ever sold. My cousin Gene Toennisson wrote the songs. He had just been drafted and was away. Bill Turner sang, the drummer, I can't remember - he was a session player. I played bass and guitar and did harmony vocals, Frank Ruhl was the engineer and he did the session for free. The Band played only a few gigs and not long after the recording I too was drafted. Years have passed, I have some of Gene's songs on my web site

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Major Williams on Bull

Major Williams

Bull 2000/2001


15061- Fall In Love With Me
15062 - Don't Let Them Forget

Soul. Little-Phelps Productions. Norfolk, Virginia. [Short] sample.

Born in 1922, Major Williams was later involved in the recordings of Lil Major Williams (aka Major Williams, Jr. born 1953, believed to be his son) - he co-wrote the songs - and was member of the Soul Crusaders :
  • Palladium P-651 Lil Major Williams : "Girl (You're So Sweet, You're So Fine) / Girl Don't Leave Me "
  • Williams III : Lil Major Williams - "Girl (You're So Sweet, You're So Fine) / Girl Don't Leave Me "
  • Dialee (Leon Michison production) The Soul Crusaders- "Big Nickle / Soul Cruise" (vocal by Major Williams), 1969
The three labels above were located in Houston, Texas.

A Phelps production :
Norman, Willie and Earl Phelps grew up in the town of South Norfolk (now part of the City of Chesapeake) in the 1910s. The talented brothers were a natural combo, with bass singer Norman playing bass and guitar; baritone Willie on guitar, drums and washboard; and Earl, the youngest, singing sweet tenor and playing fiddle and mandolin.

The brothers made the rounds of local clubs and radio shows, where their beautiful harmony and playful style gained them a loyal following. In 1936 they tested their wings on the national circuit, traveling to New York City and then to Hollywood, where they appeared in 17 films released between 1937 and 1941 – including Painted Desert and Rawhide.

The Phelps returned to South Norfolk in 1940, where they continued to write music, record and perform. Norman and Willie served their country in the US Army and US Navy, respectively, during World War II, while Earl was excused for medical reasons and kept the band going at home. After the war, the three bought the old Norfolk County Club, renaming it Fernwood Farms. The club boasted the largest dance floor on the East Coast, with plenty of room for fans to swing out. The brothers frequently opened for out-of-town acts at the Norfolk Arena and hosted the performers at Fernwood Farms after the show.

The Phelps turned a portion of the club into a recording studio where they recorded not only their own group but other local groups as well. When Patsy Cline performed at Fernwood in the 1950s, she recorded several songs in the studio.

Monday, October 26, 2009

The Medallions on Munro

The Medallions

Munro 1 [ 1963 ]

608 N. Oakley,
Saginaw, Michigan

11135 – Blowin’ Through Yokohama part I
11136 - Blowin’ Through Yokohama part II

You can hear both sides HERE


Joe Ortego on Du-Go

Joe Ortego

Du-Go 1
[ 1963 ]

11201 - Take A Little Look [L & F 113]
11202 - 20-20 Vision [L & F 112]

Country swamp. LeBlanc and Ortego wrote both sides. Publisher is Neches Music BMI.

Recorded at the L & F recording studio in Port-Arthur.

The L & F Recording Service began in October, 1957 as at 1820 - 7th Street in Port Arthur, Texas. The studio was relocated to 1812 - Procter Steet in October, 1959. The studio was owned and operated then - as it is now - by Lois and Floyd Badeaux.

Renamed Musik Faktory in 1970, the studio is now known as Great Recordings, LLC (Limited Liability Company under the Laws of Texas) since 2008.

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The Happy Valley Gang on Cozy 573/574 &
The Volek Brothers on Cozy 575/576

The Happy Valley Gang - Cozy EP-573/574, 1967
20069 ~ A Dream Of Mother And Dad / The Home That's Prepared For Me
A side vocals by Hugh & Delphia Westfall
20070 ~ I Love To Sing / A Sinner's Prayer
B side vocals by Lou Board

The Volek Brothers - Cozy EP-575/576, 1967
20185 ~ Brenda Polka / Buckeye Polka
20186 ~ Scharler Polka / My Darling Polka

John Bava, the singing coal miner, started the Cozy label in Davis, West Virginia in the late 1940's and released close to 200 recordings over the the next four decades. From country, western swing, country boogie, hillbilly and rockabilly to sacred, pop and polka his releases are now highly collectible all over the world.

For an updated discography of the Cozy label with over 100 listings and 90+ images please Click Here!

Photos courtesy of Phillip Tricker and Malcolm Chapman.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Dynamite Butch

Dynamite Butch

33931 - Hung Over You
33932 - Freedom Song
[ 1974 ]

Audio sample

Both sides publ. by Club Miami Music and written by Don Davidson.

The only tiny bit of information that I can find is in the Chris Henricks bio found HERE. Chris played with various groups around the Indy music scene, one of which was Dynamite Butch from 1971 to 1973.

Tiny bit but precious confirmation that Dynamite Butch is the name of the group and not the name of the label. In the same time, the Indianapolis location is also confirmed, if another proof was needed - besides the Club Miami publishing (a Tommy Wills connection).

Also, a Don Davidson was the keyboardist and vocalist in a band named Otis. He is possibly the same Don. See picture below [source : Doc Lockridge].

Otis (1975 - 1976)
Clockwise, from bottom:--Rick, Don, Doc, Terry


Bill Russ : Bo-An EP

Bill Russ

Bo-An 45-EP 1
Central City, KY
| 1960 ]

CP-4115 - Jesus Promised All / My Friend Is Jesus
CP-4116 - Two Steps More / Take Up Thy Cross And Follow Me

"Take Up Thy Cross And Follow Me" was first recorded by pioneer of sacred records Homer Rodeheaver and issued on a Blue Amberol cylinder in 1928.

Bo-An is a name more commonly found as the name of the publishing company on the Summit and Royce labels and on few other Kentucky releases.

Bill Russ also recorded "You've Changed Your Mind" and "The Thing For Me To Do" (Summit 116, 1960) and, in 1961, "My Life For You " / " Same Place, Same Girl " on Bill Springer and Bob Hollingsworth's Eunice Records.

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Chrome City



Chrome City

Label : Together
820 Kelly Ave.
Akron, Ohio

39565 - Sweet C C
39566 - Chrome City Funk

Produced by Billy Pittman, Charles Harron
Joe Glover, Brenphil, BMI

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Counts (Minnesota country)

The Counts

LP "Meet the Counts"

Label : Count

Minnesota country. Smiling Clay, Red and Joe on the cover are certainly The Counts. "Blue Moon of Kentucky" and "Hank Williams Medley" are the titles that my poor old eyes can read on the picture. No further details.

Joe Frank and the Knights on Rim

Joe Frank and the Knights

Rim 4111

12483 - Palisades Park
(audio sample)
12484 - Please Come Back

Recorded "live" in the Delta
a Tim Whitsett release

Palisades Park

The A-side is a cover of the 1962 Freddy Cannon hit, written by a young Chuck Barris (future producer of the TV «The Dating Game».

Last night I took a walk after dark
A swingin' place called Palisades Park
To have some fun and see what I could see
That's where the girls are

I took a ride on a shoot-the-chute
That girl I sat beside was awful cute
And after while she was holdin' hands with me...
New Yorkers traveling along Riverside Drive will never forget the special glimmer of lights that rose off the top of the Palisades cliffs. Clearly visible from Manhattan, this view of Palisades became the inspiration for the 1962 Freddy Cannon hit song « Palisades Park ». Through this classic rock’n’roll hit, the rest of the world learned about the little park we all loved so clearly.
The park seemed larger than life for most of is visitors. Ferris wheels towered high into the sky. Majestic buildings stood tall with colorful facades inviting patrons to come inside. Midways stretched endessly in all directions, each offering a unique vlend of colors, sounds, and attractions. [Vince Gargiulo : Palisades Amusement Park, book]

Joe Frank
(real name : Joe Frank Carollo)

Born 1939, in Leland, Mississippi. In high school, he formed an R&B group called the "Bop-Kats" which eventually changed their name to "Joe Frank and the Knights".

Discography :
60 - Century Ltd 606 Carol / Be My Love
61 - El Jay 100463 : Five Elephants In A Volkswagen / Twistin' Mississippi
66 – Block 510 : Can’t Find A Way / Won’t You Come Home
66 – ABC10782 : Can’t Find A Way / Won’t You Come Home
An instrumental called "No Matter What Shape" that was used in Alka Seltzer commercials in 1965, was performed by a band called The "T-Bones" consisting of : Danny Hamilton, Joe Frank Carollo and Tommy Reynolds.

After the T-Bones, Joe Frank joined the New Christy Minstrels and recorded an album, "The Christy Minstrels Tour the Motor City". He sang lead on the song, "Shotgun".

Upon leaving the New Christy Minstrels, he and Danny Hamilton formed a contemporary top-40 duo called "The Brothers". They would play covers from Stevie Wonder, Chicago, Blood, Sweat and Tears and various blues tunes.

A co-founding member of the 1970s pop group, "Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynolds".

Doc & the Medics on Kaylsodak

Doc & the Medics

Kaylsodak 0003

18467 - Postmarked Home
18468 - Wrong Side of Saigon
T.J. Magera
Kaylsodak Publishing
Mitchell, S.D.

Rite account number : 1861

"Out of Mitchell, South Dakota. The songs recorded by this garage band act have a definite Vietnam War era sound/theme to them. "

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Earthmen on Tropical 123

The Earthmen

Tropical 123

20161 - Hey, Hands Off She's Mine
(Esther Farnsworth-Pamela Wysong)

20162 - It's Gotta Be Love
(Esther Farnsworth-Wylton Snyder)

The Villagers on TVU

The Villagers
L-R Larry Carver, Tommy Henderson, Wayne Reed, Larry Williams, Melvin Sinclair, Curt Bradford, Jimmy Kirby, Jim Woods (sitting on ground) Ken Sparks, Kenny Royster

TVU 4016

18801 - Send Down All Your Loving
18802 - Tossin and Turnin

The 'Original' Villagers were an R&B (Beach) band hailing from Union and Whimire in upstate South Carolina between "1965 - 1969". The 8-9 member group enjoyed popularity with the college and high school crowds from Virginia to Florida and as far west as Arkansas. The 'Original' Villagers could often be found backing-up the popular R&B vocal groups touring the south in those days such as The Platters, The Showmen, The Radiants and others in "live” performances in the tri-state area. They were also a front band for the “Pieces of Eight” for a period of time after the “Pieces” rise in popularity with their recording “Lonely Drifter”. The Villagers performed in places like “The Red Rooster” in Panama City, Fla., the Pavilion at Myrtle Beach, and , of course, at fraternities and sororities in every major college and university in the southeast. The group recorded two 45-rpm records. The first was recorded and released in 1966 on the TVU label titled “Send Down All Your Lovin’, b/w Tossin and Turning, their version of the 1961 hit recorded by Bobby Lewis. The second release was an instrumental entitled Bye Bye J. J. b/w Love is the Word on the Emerald Label and recorded in Greenwood under the name “The Townsmen” in 1967. They briefly performed using that name before reclaiming their original name, The ‘Original’ Villagers a few months later. The groups’ final performance was in October, 1969 at a University of Alabama frat party. By that time, the draft and Viet Nam war had taken half of the band, and the remaining members decided to go their separate ways.
Ken Sparks Keyboards, The Original Villagers

Send Down All Your Loving

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Harold Crosby on Pine Tree

Harold Crosby

Pine Tree 100

24639 - Harveys Has Everything
24640- Jean Lifitte

Arr. Forrest Green

Rite account #728 (Bryte/Brite Star Promotions)

From 1969.

Harold previously had records issued by Lorida Records (Florida, 59-60), Top Fifty Records (Wyoming, 61-62) and Tornado Records (North Carolina 65-66).

Born Durwood H. Crosby in Houlton, Maine, Harold Crosby grew up in the state of Maine, graduated from high school in the rural community of Albion, Maine. After graduation, Harold worked at many jobs, construction,tree surgeon and worked for a TV store putting up TV antenals. Music was always in the back of his mind. At this time Uncle Sam called, Harold spent the next 21 years in the service of his country. Music was always very near and he played his brand of country music all over the world.
Read more here.

Hull 1056 and Hull 1060 - Early Mus-I-Col

Gospelaires Quartet - Hull 1056
16631/16632, Rite Acct # 1449, 1966
See images for song titles

Flowers Family - Hull 1060
17073 - Wild And Reckless
17074 - Once Again
Rite Acct #1449, 1966

John Hull started the Musicol (Mus-I-Col) recording studio in his home in Columbus, Ohio in 1965 and within a year moved to a permanent studio. Most of his early recordings were pressed by Rite but in 1969 he acquired the equipment to press records. These two previously undocumented releases are on his own Hull label, however, the Flowers Family 45 appears to have been re-released about a year later on Mus-I-Col 1090.

Most or all of the Rite pressings for Mus-I-Col have OM or O/M on the label or dead wax. I believe I've seen it on some other Rite pressings from about the same time as well. Any good explanation of it's purpose or meaning is much appreciated!

Photos courtesy of Phil Tricker and Malcolm Chapman.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Cecil Baysinger on Bryte 102

Cecil Baysinger on Bryte 102
11745 - Broken Hearted Blues
11746 - I Want You For My Love (Not A Friend)
Rite Account #728, Newbury, Ohio

1965 country release by obscure artist. No additional information about this release is available. Click Here for additional releases on this label.

Photo Credits: Al Turner

The Derbytowners on Thoroughbred 321

Thoroughbred EP-321, Louisville, Kentucky
Rite 3497/3498, Account #138, 1960
See images for song titles.

This pop vocal was issued by the same individuals who during the same year released the highly sought after Rhythm Addicts "If You're Square" on the Cee-Gee Label.

Photo Credits: Leonard Yates

Harry Laurelle on Star-Light 1028

Harry Laurelle & Ilo Kay on Star-Light 1028
Rite 7571/7572, Account #143, 1962
See images for song titles.

Song-Poem label from Racine, Wisconsin. Click Here for more information & label discography.

Photo Credits: Leonard Yates

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Dynamic Encores

Barc 101a
Ronny Hart
The Dynamic Encores
13161 - La La La La La (Clarence Paul, Jobete Music, BMI)

Barc 101b
Erin Farley
The Dynamic Encores
13162 - You Don't Know Me (Arnold, Hill and Range, BMI)

Arranged by F. Weiss-G. Moore. Distributed by Turn-Tage Records.
Turn-Tage Records was located at 1802 Creighton Road, Richmond, Virginia and owned by Joseph Turnage.
A-side first recorded by Stevie Wonder on Tamla (62).

Audio sample (both sides)

The Nightcaps on Vettis

The Nightcaps

Vettis EP

16465 ~ Candy Man / Shake a Tailfeather
16466 ~ Tell My Baby / Wine Wine Wine

Members (names printed on label) :
Dan Morgan*
Tom Charleville**
Steve Mulliken
Sal Kuenzler
* vocal on Tell Me Baby
** vocal on Wine Wine Wine

Garage. According to the Louie, Louie discography the band was from Manchester, Missouri. I am unable to find confirmation of that information. They are not these Nightcaps, who recorded the original Wine, Wine, Wine.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Bob Hill & his Melody Boys (Nabor 114)

Nabor 114A
7209 - Heartbreak Train

Nabor 114B
7210 -Empty Dreams and Empty Arms

Both sides wr. J.D. Cole, Nabor Publishing Co., ASCAP.


Nabor 114 is not listed in THIS Nabor discography. But the same songs by the same artist are, with earlier Rite numbers (6535/6536).

Bob Hill and his Melody Boys had an earlier release on the same label (Nabor 105) :

CP-4863 - What is Life Without My Home
CP-4864 - This Old Train

Saturday, October 3, 2009

The Gospel Imperials (Gastonia, NC)

The Gospel Imperials
LP "One Day at a Time"
Power Enterprize Productions

Selections include: How Great Thou Art, One Day at a Time, Jesus, Lord's Prayer, Show Me the Way, Before This Time Another Year, Resting in My Mansion, If You God I'll God With You.

Black gospel group from Gastonia, North Carolina. Members include: Charles and Jerlean Watson, Betty Tucker, Brenda and Robert Saunders, and Cheryl Anderson.


The Georgia Prophets featuring Billy Scott (BSP)

The Georgia Prophets featuring Billy Scott

Augusta, GA

40621 - I Got the Fever
40622 - California


"Primarily known as a beach music band, these two tracks are more psychedelic; b-side reminiscent of Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young."

John Lythgoe & the J.L. Tri-Five

Varbee 2002

Distr. by REMCO
628 Grant St.
Pittsburgh, Pa.

John Lythgoe & the J.L. Tri-Five
7303 – Jeanie (John Lythgoe, Tulip Time, BMI)

J.L. Tri-Five
7304 - Oh Baby (J. Lambing, Ernkel, BMI)

A Glendell productions

  • Oh baby : An instrumental based on a blues riff. It features an organ, guitar and finally horns move in to provide a big band sound. Good dance wax. [Billboard, April 28, 1962] Note : The vocal side wasn't reviewed].

Dick Ryan on Dee-Jay

Dick Ryan


23859 - End of a Love Affair
23860 - Once, A Million Times

"Cleveland, Ohio muted wah-wah country"

The Hustlers (Reno)

17771 - Dont Let It Get You Down
(Combs-Reno, Golden Voice, BMI)

17772 - Susie

Rite account # 1614.

1966 Peoria, Illinois garage/teen.

Johnny Reno has signed his name on the b-side. Another group of the same name and also from Illinois recorded on Orlyn Records. Don't think that is the same band.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Distant Sounds (Citation)

Distant Sounds


17371 ~ It Reminds Me
17372 ~ Dreamin'

From Worcester, Massachusetts. "It Reminds Me", written by Denis Casaubon, is garage. "Dreamin'" is a Santo and Johnny-esque twangy instrumental a la "Sleepwalk" written by B. Bembenek.

Today Denis Casaubon (Keyboards and Vocals)
is a member of a group named RPM.
Their website is here.