Monday, February 25, 2013

Jimmy Drake on Rally

Jimmy Drake

(Della & A.W. Crawford)

10674 - His Last Letter 

I'll Always
(Crawford-Schwab)  [by Lee Davis]
Rally Records (EP)
4152, 51st St., San Diego 5, Calif.

Jimmy Drake is better known as Nervous Norvus ("Transfusion", Dot Records).  His story as a song-poem recording artist  has been told by Phil Milstein :  see The Many Mysteries Of Nervous Norvus
Crawford, the songwriter of the four songs of this EP,  is probably Arthur William Crawford, whose songs have been set to music by some of the best known song-poem craftsmen : 

  • Jack Covais : "The Hula -Hoop Twist"  (1962)
  • John Stephenson : "Igloo Twist" (1962) & "Adam And Eve", Chaw Mank's Blue Ribbon Music Co., 1962)
  • Lew Tobin : "Back To The Range" & "I'm Anxious To Know"; (1960)
  • Gene Brooks : "I Want Love" (1960)
  • and Herman "Billy" Stone : "Heaven's Clarion Call ", recorded by Harold Montgomery (Wolf-Tex 105)

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