Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bobby Faro on Universal Sound

Bobby Faro

18005 – Burning Lips
Powers-Greer, Mitten Music BMI

18006 – Bitter Sweet

Produced by J.Powers and M. Valvano
Universal Sound 150
     Detroit, MI

Johnny Powers and Mike Valvano, the producers, were good friends.  They met at Motown Records and then produced together, hung together.   At Motown, Johnny filled a number of support roles, adding foot stomps to several Supremes classics and banging tambourines with Valvano.

Universal Sound was one of the scores of labels that came from the Sound Incorporated Studios established on highway 94, Northeast of Detroit, halfway to Port Huron. 56880 North, New Haven Michigan.  Sound Inc did use a common numbering system across various labels : previous number in the series was on Sound Records (The Capreez), #146 was on Walker Records (Arizona Weston and the Westerners) etc.

Howard Walker started the business up but it was later taken over by Danny and Larry Lick (a shortened version of their original name, Pavlick).   Johnny Powers [born Pavlick] was also a co-owner.

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  1. This is my father singing this song Burning Lips - "BOBBY FARO" pseudo of ROBERT LEE PAINTER from Detroit, MI. Tha old classic sound of Detroit, Thank you for sharing! Robert Lee Weese.