Sunday, August 30, 2009

Allen Mann and the Mustangs

Allen Mann and the Mustangs

Label : Mustang

15031 – Tears in My Heart
15032 - First Love

Rite account # 445


Port-Arthur, Texas

.Update : much more info here :

Arnold Fowler with the Golden Valley Boys

Tropical 122

19725 - Dim Lights And Thick Smoke
19726 - Soldier's Last Letter


Friday, August 28, 2009

Alexander Gospel Singers

Alexander Gospel Singers
Verdean Cummings, soloist

Lifetime 1012

9287 - Life's End
9288 - Work While It's Day

Black Gospel

audio clips

John Weaver & The Robot's

John Weaver & The Robot's


20881- If I Ever Lost You
20882 - The Black Cat Blues

Produced by H.B.S. Studio's

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Howard Barnes on Mohawk

Mohawk 001 (1971)

26351 - Helluva World
26352 - The Bar With No Beer


Label picture found HERE at the WFMU blog, one of the five records posted by Greg G., as the part 3 of his Keep America Beautiful, Get A Haircut! series.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

L.M. Whatley, Jr. and the Whatnots

Whatnot 101

11929 - Dreams That Flow
11930 - One Love Is Not Enough For Two

Recorded at the Burton Harris (1926-2006) Recording Studio in Mount Pleasant.

Texas Music historian Andrew Brown has now his own (very promising) blog about Texas country music titled Wired For Sound. That's where I've found this record.

Check out HERE

Monday, August 24, 2009

Norm Seachrist

Bellview 1001

CP-4xxx - Big Beat
CP-4xxx - ?

"Big Beat" was first compîled by Cees Klop [White Label LP "Moonlight Rock", 1989] and more recently Buffalo Bop compilation "Hep Cat Rockabilly" re-issued the tune (audio file and picture are taken from the latter).

I'm sorry to say that I've found absolutely no information neither on Norm Seachrist, nor on the label. The flip title is also missing, and indeed the Rite number is unreadable!

Rock'n'roll sung by hillbilly singer, that's rockabilly.

Dick Bailey at the Hammond organ

Band Box 350 (EP)

11759 - Bill Bailey Won’t You Please Come Home / Siboney
11760 - Colonel Bogie’s March

Larry Lewis

Blue Heart
24009 - My Skidrow Degree
24010 - Miss Fortune

Sidney, Montana, country. Both sides written by R. L. Mulholland. According to the BMI database, Mulholland wrote three other songs :
"My State Of Mind", "The South Will Rise Again" and "Tiger Mike"

Blue Heart was just one of the numerous custom labels promoted and distributed by Brite Star, a promotion music company who put regular ads in music trade magazine such as Billboard Magazine (see below). The Pick Hits records list the records that they want to promote but also, cleverly enough, a few real hits or potential hits.

Billboard ad, May, 3, 1969


Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Hampton Quartet

The Hampton Quartet
Label : Realtone

LP “Going Home”

Side One
I’ve Been Born Again (Tripp)
Thank You For The Valley (Rambo)
Going Home (Gaither)
I Believe In A Hill (Gaither)
Come Spring (Rambo)
For God So Loved (Hill)
Side Two
O Will Never Turn Back (Rambo)
My Heart Can See (Rambo Davis)
One More Valley (Rambo)
He’s Mine And I’m His (Speer)
Standing By The River (Unknown)
Darkness Comes Before The Dawn (Hatfield)
Recorded and produced by Avon Hampton
Realtone Recordings
Star Route
Blacksburg, South Carolina

Jim Eanes on Princess

Princess 1003

27105 - Love's Been Good to Me
27106 - San Diego


Audio of both sides (clips only)

Jim Eanes (young)

Though never considered a major star, Smilin' Jim Eanes was an influential figure in both bluegrass and country music for over five decades. He was born Homer Robert Eanes, Jr. in Mountain Valley, Virginia and received his first guitar at age nine from his banjo-picking father. While young, Eanes suffered an injury to his left hand; despite the difficulty and pain, he still managed to master rhythm guitar. He spent his early teen years playing square dances with his father's informal string band, and at age 16 joined Roy Hall's Blue Ridge Entertainers at a Roanoke radio station, and remained with the band until Hall died in 1943. Following World War II, Eanes joined Uncle Joe and the Blue Mountain Boys. He also worked briefly with Bill Monroe in 1948. ...more
Jim Eanes discography

Jim Richards owned the Princess label. He recorded his artists, who he produced, at Major Recording Co., a studio at Waynesboro, Va. He also owned this.

The Fabulous Spectaculars

13147 - Boo-Da-Rac-Ka-Sacky
13148 - Take My Love


Produced by Frederick's of Goldsboro, North Carolina.

A-side is a song about some dance by the same name, probably invented by them. The b-side "Take My Love" is an organ ballad.

Member : Denny Sutton (later sang tenor for the Watchman Quartet, Goldsboro, NC).

Willie Lampkin; the Lampkin Singers

Fine Art 218-A
CP-4229 – I Have No Time For Sin
(C.L. Blair, R.E. Blair, M. Lampkin)

Fine Art 218
CP-4230 – Lord I Wanna Go
(Willie Lampkin)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Eddy Edwards on Elvitrue

Eddy Edwards

Elvitrue 5746

34479 - Have You Ever Tasted Love?
34480 - Our Mistake Brought Us Together

Wilmington, NC label.
Country produced by Gene R. Tyler

Audio Clip

Ralene Gospel Singers

Nothing Is Better Than Christ

Label : SAS

Group from Xenia, Ohio, label from Dayton, Ohio
Produced by Sammy Stevens

Side one - #32661

1. Nothing Is Better –Lead : Evelyn Clowney
2. Already Been To The Water – Phyllis Seagraves
3. Nothing Can Turn Me Around – Carol Crews
4. Wings Of A Dove –Leads : E .Clowney, P.Seagraves, Curtis Williams

Side two - # 32662

1. I Surrender All
2. Up Above My Head –Lead : Darrell Buford
3. He Knows – Lead : Eleanor Collins
4. Beams Of Heaven –Lead : Evelyn Clowney-Carol Crews

President : Carol Crews
Vice President : Curtis Williams

The Ralene Gospel Singers were organized March 4th 1964. The group is comprised of 22 members of several churches in and around the Xenia-Dayton, Ohio area. The name of the group derived from the combination of the group’s faithful directress and their pianist. Rachel and Charlene are two of the remaining 18 members of the original group. (…) the Ralenes have appeared in small churches and large auditoriums in Tennessee, Ohio and West Virginia.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mike & the Dimensions

Mike & the Dimensions

14223 ~ Little Latin Lupe Lu
14224 ~ Why

Rite account #526

Produced by Frederick's, Goldsboro, North Carolina

Charisma is Raptured

LP Charisma Is Raptured

* Raptured
* Friend
* Levi
* Alone No More
* That Ain't The Way It's Supposed To Be
* Walkin'
* He And Me
* Don't Be A Loser
* Roll Call And Then Some
* Jesus Blvd.
* You

Lead vocals shared by James Dudley (composer of 9 of the 11 songs) and Marijean McCarty. "Christian rock" out of Valrico, Florida.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Community Four (EP)

Community Four
22947 - Walking the Sea /That Heavenly Home
22948 - Standing By the River /I Will Follow Thee

"Southern country gospel, decent mixed quartet. Most likely NC based." (e-bay)

Randy Kat

Randy Kat

Label : Rosewood

36321 – Crude, Rude And Corrupt
36322 – To See You Again

Rite account #6165

New Castle, PA label owned by Wes Homner, established in 1975. Both sides written by Danny Lynch.

You can hear both sides of this record at The All Night Rhythm Band (member: Danny Lynch) site HERE.

Monday, August 17, 2009

The Parker's Sing Again

Reverend Don And Sharon Parker
The Parker's Sing Again

The Soldier's Prayer
Dear Jesus Abide With Me
Oh Glory Hallelujah
I Cannot Fail The Lord
I'm Looking For Jesus To Come Someday

A Christian Wife
You're Not Home Yet
To The River Of Jordan
It's Not The First Mile
Wasted Years

Address on back cover is : Reverend Don Parker, Box 203, Baxter, West Virginia

From the back cover :

The Parker’s would like to dedicate this record and the song « The Soldier’s Prayer » in remembrance of Paul Goggin who gave his life for his country in Vietnam.

We met Paul and learned to appreciate his dedication to the Lord while conducting a revival in Morgantown, West Virginia where his father, Reverend Julian Goggin, was the pastor.

Paul was a very unusual young man because he not only wanted to be a Christian but he wanted to serve his country too. One day he came home from college and told his father he wanted to join the Marines because he was sick of hearing the fellows at the college protesting the war in Vietnam, and so he became a protestor against them. Paul was a great testimony for the Lord while serving his country in Vienam.

Reverend and Mrs. Goggin have received some wonderful letters from fellow soldiers who were with Paul on the battlefield in Vietnam. Paul is survived by his wife, Shirley Goggin, and a son.


Sunday, August 16, 2009

The Mighty Gospel True Lights (of Brooklyn, N.Y.)

The Mighty Gospel True Lights (of Brooklyn, N.Y.)
(featuring Johnnie Muldrow)

Elvitrue 765
(Hits Our Business - World Wide)

34115 - Turn The Light On
34116 - Family Prayer

Producer : Betty F. Scavella


The Mighty Gospel True Lights
LP Turn The Light On
Label : Elvitrue

Side one
Turn The Light On
Keep On Prayin’
You Better Mind
Lord, I Thank You
He Reached Out His Hand

Side two
Family Prayer
Swing Low
Everytime I Feel The Spirit
Heavy Load
Send It On Down

Keep On Prayin’

Mary-Leah (LaJoie)

[Mary-Leah LaJoie]
Accomp. By the Country Boys

Process 130

13841 - Before I Can Go
13842 - I'm Thinking Of Me


The Leavenworth Times from Leavenworth, Kansas - March 3, 1965· Page 3   :
Mary- Leah LaJoie,  Atchison, signed a recording contracl at Franklin, Pa., with Process Records and recorded two of her songs, "Before I Can Go" and "I'm Thinking of Me." Mary-Leah is a native of Troy, Kan., where her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Earl Ward, live. A sister, Mrs. Elizabeth Nieman lives at 321 Holiday Drive, Lansing, and is employed at The Leavenworth Times. Radio stations and shops feature her records and she has sung in night clubs in St. Joseph and Kansas City and at the Atchison Jubilee Feb. 6. She is a graduate of Highland Junior College where she studied dramatics and music. 

Minister John Vincent

Minister John Vincent & The Church Of God (Pentecostal's) National Choir


22655 - ‘God Said There'd Be Vic’try
22656 - Don't Leave The Lord

Friday, August 14, 2009

Willie Morganfield on Acquarian

Willie Morganfield
Acquarian 352-1
CP-4033 - Only The Lord Is Able To Help Us
CP-4034 - I Can't See Why

Willie Morganfield (1927- )

Pastor of Bell Grove Missionary Baptist Church in the Mississippi Delta heartland center of Clarksdale. Clarksdale has rich blues heritage. Prominent in this legacy is Willie Morgansfield’s first cousin, McKinley Morganfield –better known by his childhood nickname, Muddy Waters.

Willie Morganfield :
I was born out here at Stovall, six miles out, and I stayed here until ’45. I left here and went to Memphis and left there and went to New Orleans. I stayed in New Orleans ’46 to ’48. I was with a group there called the New Orleans Chosen Five. And we traveled. I was the old Soproce Singers. They had a contract with the Soproco Company that handled the detergent.

After the contract was over, they went back to being the New Orleans Chose Five. I was with them until ’48. Then I went with the old original Kings of Harmony, who were stationed in Baltimore and New York. They were from Bessemer, Alabama. I traveled with them until 1951. Then I moved to Cleveland, Ohio, and started work there, for a construction company. I trained a group there, the Delta Friendly Four. I had two brothers singing with them, Elvie Morganfield and Otis Howard, he’s a half-brother.

Then I came to Memphis in ’59, and I wrote « What Is This ? » in 1949, and I recorded it in November 1959, twenty-seventh of November. And the thirteenth of January 1960, it was number one across the country. It sold a million copies. I started going from there – ‘Serving the Lord’,’Lord Thank You Sir » and many others that I wrote and recorded.

In 1960 I got married. The twenty-seventh of June 1960, in Memphis. My wife [Jane] is from Metcalfe, Mississippi, twelve miles out of Greenville. In 1962, we moved back to Cleveland, Ohio, and that’s where I accepted my calling into the ministry, in 1970. I started pastoring in 1972 in Fairmont, West Virginia. Morning Star Baptist Church. And I stayed there until 1975 and I moved back here. To Bell Grove. That’s where I’ve been ever since.

I Can't See Why

On the same label, also see : The Missionary Gospel Singers of Cleveland Ohio.

Earl Davis and the Town and Country Gentlemen

Earl Davis and the Town and Country Gentlemen
19147 - Scheming and Dreaming
19148 - Not Their Mothers Husband

Hickory, NC country

The Singing Envoys : The Unseen Hand

The Singing Envoys
LP The Unseen Hand

Side 1 [34319]
1. The Unseen Hand
2. One More Time
3. Redemption Draweth Nigh
4. Near The Cross
5. It's A Wonderful Feeling

Side 2 [34320]
1. Get All Excited
2. I Should Have Been Crucified
3. I Never Loved Him Better
4. I Love Him Too Much - Soloist: Linda Carperter
5. I Never Shall Forget The Day

With: Dennis Herrell - Tim Short - Gary Smith - Chuck Rich - Billy Holmes - Dan Burton - Larry Carpenter

Update Feb.29, 2016 :
You can listen to  the Side 2' first two tracks at this blog (The Good, Bad & Ugly Gospel Record Barn)

Sharon Parker : Gospel Melodies

Sharon Parker
Gospel Melodies
Rite # 24931/24932

The Lord's Prayer
His Eye Is On Sparrow
Lord Keep Your Mighty Hand On Me
Still Sweeter Everyday
A Shelter In The Time On Storm
Shall We Gather By The River
Sound The Battle Cry
How Great Thou Art
Marching To Zion
Stand Up For Jesus
Meeting In The Air
We'll Talk It Over
Cleanse Me
[e-bay, wickeddolly38, location: Saint Augustine, FL]


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Erving Forbush

Erving Forbush

Quiggly PP 1004

29003 - The Train
29004 – Sally Funky Monday

Recorded at Peppermint Productions, engineer Gary Rhamy

Hard rock. A "new" addition to the multi-labels Peppermint series, filling the gap between the Old Friends and New Acquaintences (PP 1003) and the Gospel Flames of Warren, OH (Unity PP 1005)

Rev. Guy J. Graves (Mo Do 107)

Rev. Guy J. Graves

Mo Do 107

25493 - In A Little Shack Part 1
25494 - In A Little Shack Part 2


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Music Of The Massachusetts Traditional Jazz Club

Music Of The Massachusetts Traditional Jazz Club LP
Hills Sound Service (Worcester MA)

Featured on this jazz LP are: KID SHEIK AND HIS CREOLE JAZZ BAND Featuring Capt. John Handy from New Orleans; BARRY MARTYN'S NEW ORLEANS JAZZ BAND from London; and TURK MURPHY'S 'FRISCO BAND from San Francisco.

All tracks were recorded live in Worcester and West Boylston, Massachusetts between March and May of 1968. Copious liner notes from Don Kane on the back cover give detailed accounts of all the tracks and all the players on here, as well as a good deal of history about New England jazz (both jazz bands and jazz venues) going back to the 1920's.

The Kid Sheik with Capt. John Handy tracks were recorded at the Wachusett Country Club, West Boylston, Massachusetts, March 15, 1968, and also feature Chester Zardis, Sammy Penn, Bill Sinclair, Dick Cook and Dave Duquette.

SIDE ONE: (23249)

Blue Berry Hill
Just A Little While To Stay Here
Girl Of My Dreams

SIDE TWO: (23250)

Tin Roof Blues
Red Man Blues
Bourbon Street Parade
Aunt Hagar's Blues
Chimes Blues

Auctioned at: ebay
End price: USD 115
End date: 2008-09-18
Number of bids: 17

Source :

Rev. Raymond Holloway on Crossroads

Rev. Raymond Holloway
(Rev.?) C.H. Elam, piano and organ
40939 - When The Gates Swing Open
40949 - All The Way
A division of Commercial Features


Discipleaires - Disciplettes

Discipleaires - Disciplettes
Come On And Ride This Gospel Train With...
Disco Records
Vinita Oklahoma

Rite 25421/25422

Track list :

Come On And Ride This Train
My Prayer
I Stood At Calvary
Old Rugged Cross Medley
The Lord's Prayer
Inside The Gates
It Matters To Him About You
I Believe In Miracles
I See Jesus
Lonely Miles
God Will Take Care Of You

Sound engineer : Jack Moore, KVOO Radio, Tulsa, Okla.

Plas Wilson on Jockey

Plas Wilson
20159 ~ A Fool In Love

Plas Wilson
20160 ~ I’m Tired

From 1967. Publisher Jesse Thomas, 7509 Gideon, Shreveport, La.

Clip of both sides

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

the Gospel saxophones of Dave and Jan Olshevski

Dave and Jan Olshevski
#32427/32428 (1973)
LP Alleluia
the Gospel saxophones of Dave and Jan Olshevski

He's The Savior Of My Soul
Heaven Came Down
The Old Rugged Cross
Amazing Grace
He Touched Me
Happiness Is The Lord
There's Something About That Name
How Great Thou Art
Count Your Blessings
Instrumental versions of classic and contemporary gospel tunes performed in a mellow, almost loungey style by a orchestra led by the twin saxophones of the Olshevskis

Peninsula Records

The Riot Squad
Peninsula 001 (1968)
20997 - Come On, Let's Go (Valens)

The Riot Squad
Peninsula 001
20998 - Ferry 'Cross The Mersey

The Prophets Of Doom
Peninsula 002 (1968)
21891 - I Told You

21892 - Baba-Do-Wah

x x x

Peninsula Records was an unofficial "division" of Bands Unlimited, the Escanaba-based talent agency run by Gene Smiltneck, who produced and engineered Peninsula's two singles. (The label was actually owned by Gene's brother Leon; and there is no connection between this Peninsula label and an earlier Peninsula label based in Cadillac, MI). The Prophets of Doom were one of Bands Unlimited's top attractions in the late '60s; "I Told You" was written by the band's bassist, Dave Watchorn, while "Baba-Do-Wah" was written by one David Brooks.

Peninsula's second release was by The Riot Squad (not the British band), who turned out to be the dominant force in the Escanaba music scene; for more than two decades after their breakup, Escanaba's most popular local bands tended to be "descendants" of the Squad. Side A is an eccentric version of the Ritchie Valens oldie, with odd chord and tempo changes and a scorching guitar solo; Side B is the Gerry & the Pacemakers hit with lyrics hopelessly mangled.

[Above information was found HERE]

Further reading (much detailled, courtesy of Steve Seymour) :

Montereys Quartet

Montereys Quartet
James Coles, director
JC Records
9317 ~ The Ballad of Take Me Back To Baltimore (pt 1)
9318 ~ Take Me Back To Baltimore (pt 2)

Richmond, VA
Composed & Copyrighted 1950, 1960 by Charles H. Phillips
Capitol Transcription Service, Washington D.C.


The Ballad of Take Me Back To Baltimore (pt 1 & 2)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Tru-Tones (Michigan)

1964 Michigan garage band release features a surf cut on one side and a white Doowop on the flip. Listed in Kreiter. From the Grand Rapids, MI area.

Rod Bowman - Mickey Holiday - Bill Ridley
Chester Lee


Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Mighty Stars (Delta 232/233)

The Mighty Stars (James Carter and the Mighty Stars)

Delta 232/233
16459 or 18459 - God Got His Eyes On You
16460 or 18460 - You Don't Know How Blessed You Are

Black male quartet

Jimmie Ammons, owner of Delta Records