Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Plant Talk / Sound Advice

Plant Talk
Sound Advice
Plant Talk Productions

Side 1 - 36415
    A1 English Ivy
    A2 Fern
    A3 Spider Plant
    A4 Schefflera
    A5 Philodendron
    A6 Palm
    A7 Baby Tears
    A8 Sun Loving Plants
    A9 Brain Cactus
    A10 Jade
    A11 Croton
    A12 Peperomia
    A13 Iron Cross Begonia
    A14 Dracaena Godseffiana
    A15 Nepthytis
    A16 Rubber Plant
    A17 False Aralia
    A18 Ficus
    A19 Benjamina
    A20 Norfolk Island Pine
    A21 Wandering Jew
    A22 Gardenia
    A23 Sansevieria
    A24 Piggy Back
    A25 African Violet
    A26 Coleus
    A27 Keep It Green

Side 2 - 36416
    B Sound Advice on the care & feeding of houseplants
Production : Jim Bricker - Voice Molly Roth
Front photograph W. Remphrey Burchell / Burchell Studios
Back photograph Fred Butz

Molly Roth and Jim Bricker

Listen to both sides at WFMU.org  here
Learn about the Plant consciouness Communication here
Track listing courtesy of rateyourmusic  (I'm too lazy today for typing all these names)

The Des Moines Register from Des Moines, Iowa · Page 133
July 25, 1976
 Molly Roth sweet-talks a plant as she is interviewed for a TV show. 'Grow, or I'll .break your stem' By DOC HOLLOBAUGH

Molly Roth says she was the hit of the Transworld Home Horticulture Exhibit For the uninitiated, the exhibit was held this past spring at the International Amphitheater in Chicago, 111., and everybody who was anybody in the lucrative world of  xxxg green houseplants, and the paraphenalia that goes with them, was then. Molly Roth's contribution to the exhibit was a record called "Plant Talk, Sound Advice for the Care and Feeding of House Plants." The tongue-in-cheek subtitle is "Do you speak English, Ivy?" and includes appropriate conversations with wandering Jew, African violets, palms, ferns, spider plants and others. "We knocked them out" said Roth from her Green Earth plant shop in Lafayette, Ind., where she deals in facts and superlatives.   Roth's theory to that most people talk to the things they love. "You talk to your cat, right? Well, there are people who sincerely believe that by talking to plants they set up good vibes." "I've talked to plants all my life. Sometimes I say, 'Grow, or I'll break your stem.'"  As for horticulturists who scoff at the talk-to-plants theory, Roth thinks many of them may have brown thumbs.   "Raising house plants to like raising kids. I've seen parents who are not In control.   Plants scare some people like "A plant has to know who is boss."  Roth has a 92,000 stereo system in her shop, "A twenty-first century looking number with purple lights." A sign says, "Play the free juke box, the plants love it" "My plants are gorgeous. They hear everything — golden oldies, add rock, country western, classical" 'Roth said. "Let me tell you about the album cover, babe. You'll love it

By the way, I got a letter from Marion, la., wanting a record. Where is that? "Well, hell get it as soon as we get the shipment     Anyway, the girl on the record Jacket looks like Lady Godiva.   This girl with long blonde hair falling all over her shoulders.   She's standing In back of my Juke box with a watering can in one hand and... it really looks like Eve in her bunch of plants. Terrific. "I think I'm so darn clever, so I wrote the script for the record. I said to myself, 'Molly, this is just pure dynamite.' "There is a plant music record out but it's just pure classical. You know, Bach, Beethoven. I don't have it    My plants have to be versatile. "If an add rock freak comes in and buys one of my plants, what happens when he takes it home if that plant has grown upon Bach? Disaster, right?" Beside*, her theory goes, if you get close enough to talk to your plants you're close enough to see if they need water or they have bugs

The girl standing In back of the Juke box with a watering can in one hand
(cover detail)

Monday, July 25, 2016

The Masonic Allstars on Soy

The Masonic Allstars
Washington, D.C.

40713 -  Save My Soul
40714 - Stand Up

Produced by James E. Smith
Rec. at Alpha Audio Richmond, Va

Soy Records
Gospel Music Inc. 836 Cameron,
St. Petersburg Va. 23803

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Zotz 101

side 1
Nancy Broom
19113 - Forever And A Day

side 2
Tony Vaughan (Vocalist)
19114 - You Just Lost Me
(Written by The Vaughans)

Zotz 101

A "White Church Custom"
 Lee Roy Abernathy
Canton, Georgia 404-479-3423

Tony Vaughn, now a member of The Local Legends, has played in several popular Atlanta Bands through the years and throughout the southeast. F******K

Norman Burns (Sterling 524)

Norman Burns And Singers

27287 -  Friendship
Virginia Wiech And Lew Tobin

27288 - Is It Wrong
Isaac Mandel And Lew Tobin

Arranger Art Kempel

Sterling 524

From http://bobpurse.blogspot.fr/2016/07/he-dont-wanna-be-right.html

Herbie Barnes on Elvitrue

Herbie Barnes
Norwood Vann - accompanist

CP-2335 – Couldn't It Be That I'm In Love
CP-2336 - The Lady With The Jet Black Hair

 Elvitrue Recordings E-59918

The Lady With The Jet Black Hair words and music © Herbie Barnes, Kenneth Spencer & James Hadley, October 7, 1959

Monday, July 11, 2016

King Rubyduby & his Buggadillies

King Rubyduby & his Buggadillies

20709 – Mmmm-yes!

20710 – Rubyduby rag

Charoy 001
Charoy Music Publishing and Recording

Oakland, Maryland

Blues instrumental obscurity.  Both sides penned by G. Smith and J. Scherb. 

According to wikipedia, Oakland is a town in the west-central part of Garrett County, Maryland. The town has a population of 1,925 according to the 2010 United States Census. Surely someone from a so little town must known something about this so remarkably named band !