Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Ray Anderson on Mountaineer 647

Ray Anderson with Trio
Mountaineer 647 - Washington Court House, Ohio
CP-1283 - Hold To God's Unchanging Hand
CP-1284 - No Drunkard Can Enter

This seems to be a tough label to find. This 1957 release features sacred singing by Ray Anderson that has a bit of bluegrass flavor. Not great but interesting. Please click on the titles (above) for sound samples.

Courtesy of the Rick Keaton collection.

The Appalachia Dulcimer on RCM 1000

Edna Ritchie Baker - Vocalist
Colista & Homer Ledford
RCM 1000 - Winchester, KY (Rite Acct #1795)
17629 - Pretty Saro and The Four Marys / Lord Lovel
17630 - How To Play The Appalachia Dulcimer

If you have an Appalachia Dulicimer in the closet and would like to learn how to play it you may enjoy this record, otherwise sample it at your own risk! Of all the interesting local releases of 1966, this may rank as one of the worst!

Courtesy of the Rick Keaton collection.


Mona Taylor & The Blondells

The Blondells

CP-5501 - Rocking My Blues Away
(Taylor, Starland Music BMI)

Mona Taylor & The Blondells

CP-5502 - No One Will Ever Know

Label : MBM 8020


The label says "Miami/Los Angeles" (?). More likely from Alabama, I guess.

Audio sample : http://myworld.ebay.com/dadomax (Birmingham AL)


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Doffie Lawson & Grace Quartet - Harp Records

The Grace Quartet b/w Doffie Lawson
Harp No # (Rite Acct. # 1107)
11473 - Sweet To Know
11474 - One Day I Ask The Lord

The earliest Harp release found to date (1963) and the only one found so far that has a location for the label - Trenton which is just south of Middletown, Ohio. This release features a Southern Gospel (country) sound.

Images courtesy of the Rick Keaton collection.

ReeFlair Records - Detroit, MI

Dewey Black
ReeFlair T-0001 (Rite Acct. # 1089)
16745 - Takin' Love Where I Find It
16746 - Don't Leave Me Baby

Bobby O'Brown
ReeFlair 101 (No Rite Acct. # in deadwax)
19151 - Bye Bye Baby
19152 - Since I Lost You

Here's two very obscure soul collectibles pressed by RITE Records in 1966-67. Telldell Music BMI indicates Detroit, Michigan's Odell Bailey ownership.

Images courtesy of Wolfgang Weissbrodt from Marc Forrest's collection.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Davis Brothers on Rebel

The Davis Brothers

Rebel 730

16395 - How I Can Tell Her

16395 - Ain't Gonna Work Tomorrow
(Ira & Charlie Louvin)

Bluegrass, 1966.

Label owned by Shelby Smith, out of Batesville, Arkanas.

The brothers came from the Memphis area and featured acoustic guitar and mandolin on their shows. Elder brother Bill would later record for Bill Glore, a stalwart producer of the Memphis scene
. (source : Dave Travis, Stomper Time STCD 16)


Saturday, December 11, 2010

Andy Lauren (Kasper 106)

Andy Lauren

Kasper 106

20029 - Love Me Tender
20030 - High On A Mountain

Kasper 106 (picture sleeve)

Andy Lauren had two others releases on the same label, listed HERE and another on the Akron Alpine label owned by Bobby Lee.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

F. Eddy Pierce on Pier-Wats

F. Eddy Pierce

Pier-Watts 1300

[December 1956]

CP-1046 - Hold Back Tomorrow

CP-1047 - Your Kisses Don't Thrill Me Anymore
(Eddy Pierce-James Watson, Fairway Corp. BMI)

Label likely owned by Eddy Pierce (PIER) and James Watson (WATS) out of Louisville, Kentucky.

Eddy Pierce also recorded, with Charlie Davis, two years later for Farral Records a good rockabilly bopper, "It's You, Only You".

The flipside, "A Thousand To One", can be heard at YouTube HERE

It's You, Only You


Sammy Marshall & The Teen Notes on Crescendo

Sammy Marshall & The Teen Notes

Crescendo 102

CP-5871 - Tinsel And Tin
(Rosetta Gibbon-Byron Aucker, Hillsboro Music BMI)

CP-5872 - Outside Of That
(William F. Argo, Hillsboro Music BMI)

From 1961 on a New-York label likely owned by Guido Sgambellone.

Largely above average song-poem recording. That's perhaps why the name of Globe Records owner, Jim Maxwell, is printed on label, credited as the producer, and that's quite unusual, I believe.

Sample 1

Sample 2

Crescendo label discography (ASPMA)


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Joe Franklin (Renown 113)


Renown 113

CP-2368 - True Blue

CP-2369 - Who Put The Pep In The Punch


Monday, December 6, 2010

Leo Ortega on Sun-Tex

Leo Ortega


23105 - Tico Tico
23106 - The Breeze And I


Latin instrumentals. From Texas?

Picture credit : eBay breakaway-records
Currently offered at eBay (with sample of both sides)

Tico-Tico no Fubá is the title of a renowned Brazilian choro music piece composed by Zequinha de Abreu in 1917.

The first recording of the work was made by Orquestra Colbaz (Columbia 22029, 1931).

Tico-Tico no Fubá was recorded and made popular internationally by Carmen Miranda (who performed it onscreen in Copacabana (1947)) and Ray Conniff. [see Wikipedia article]

----> 61 versions of "Tico Tico" can be heard at WFMU here.


Sunday, December 5, 2010

Harold Dodd on SaPa

Harold Dodd

SaPa 1004

CP-1982~ After The Dance
(Floyd Starling, Double « M » Music BMI)

CP-1983 - I've Found Another
(Adonis Gill, Floyd Starling, Double « M » Music BMI)


According to Billboard ( July 20, 1959 issue), Paul Rowe, commercial manager and jockey at WZOB, has framed his own recording company, Sapa Records, with Harold Dodd, backed by the Three Teens, cutting the firm’s initial release. (…) A postcard to Sapa Records, Box 126, Fort Payne, Ala., will get deejays a free sample.

Address printed on label is Birmingham, Ala. and there is no mention of the Three Teens backing.


The Impulse (Chicago Northern Soul)

The Impulse

[no label] PS675

Parliament Studio
4005 W. Washington Blvd.
Chicago, Ill. 60624

23915 - Once In A Lifetime

23916 --I Don't Want To Fall In Love
(Ditore, Knight, Suchan; Kayco BMI)

1969 northern soul recently sold on eBay : price: $179.50 USD Number of Bids: 11


Sharlet Sexton on Re-Echo 1008

Sharlet Sexton and the Tennessee Valley Boys

Re-Echo 1008

21473 - I Ain't Good For Nothin
‘cept pickin and singin

21474 - Boys Like You


Read more about Sharlet Sexton HERE (The Ohio Valley sound blog)

Picture label & audio samples : eBay (sprydiddle)


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Majestee’s/Majjestee's on Mutt



18381 ~ Take Back All Those Things
(Nate J.V. Dore- Earl Smiley)

18382 ~ Let Her Go
(Fred Bridges)


Label variation : Majjestee's (two Js)

Angelo Bond, lead singer on the "Let Her Go" side

Nate Dore was the owner of Mutt Records located at 27316 Michigan Avenue in Inkster, Michigan (the studio was only 15 miles west of Detroit). Nate was a bondsman and the studio was located in the rear of this business. His sound engineer was Bill Williams. [http://www.garagehangover.com/?q=Ruins]


The New Bright Star Singers Of Rocky Mount, N. Carolina

The New Bright Star Singers Of Rocky Mount, N. Carolina


37747 - Jesus I Love You

37748 - Look Where He Brought Me From

Spiritual vocal : William Thorne
Music/arranger : Lee McQueen

Look Where He Brought Me From


The Youngblood Sisters on Process

The Youngblood Sisters

Process 134

13597 - Why Send You the Pillow That I Dream On

13598 ~ Why A Crash Made An Orphan Just Now


Country. Answer to Hank Locklin's song on A-side and a quite depressing original on B-side.

If your day has started not too bad until now, I STRONGLY discouraged you to listen to the audio samples.

Picture credit : Hillbilly-Music.com

Sarah May and Marlene Ann Youngblood were a regular act at a country music show presented each Sunday by Mel Reeder at Pine Hedge Ranch Park, Franklin, Pa., along with Charlie McVae and Lonnie Weldon and the Lone Pine boys, Mickey Rubin and Skeets Martin, Mabelene Baker and Cowboy Howard Vokes. (Billboard, July
4, 1960)

Audio samples : eBay (colnel)


Friday, December 3, 2010

Jimmy Reid And The Mississippi Valley Boys

Jimmy Reid And The Mississippi Valley Boys

Colsam 101

A Col. Sam Lillibridge Enterprise
310 Ft. Hood Rd, Killeen, Texas

14209 - I Can't Help It

14210 ~ Jambalaya


Don't known much about Sam Lillibridge. But for sure he was not a man to give up an idea. Some twenty two years earlier already, he reported to Billboard (Feb.7, 1953 issue) that "he is still pioneering the trumpet as a country instrument on various jamborees in Texas". Sam Lillibridge was, at that time, D.J. on KCLW, Hamilton, Texas. This Colsam release is indeed a country record and, indeed, you can hear plenty of trumpet...

Label picture and audio samples : eBay (colnel)


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mary Madison on Bryte

Mary Madison

Bryte 7002

13025 - World Of Make Believe

13026 - I've Left The Past Behind

Mary Madison
Picture credit : Hillbilly-Music

"Sorry to say we don't have anything here for you to read about Mary Madison. That's either because we haven't got it finished or we haven't found anything yet." says the Hillbilly-Music website. And I can't add anything clever to this perfectly adequate comment.