Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Kruisers on Process

The Kruisers

15987 ~ Panther Walk
(James T. Robeson, Process Music BMI)
Produced by Hartmann- Faust

15988 ~ It's The Way She…
(James T. Robeson, Process Music BMI)
Produced by Robeson- Riefer

Process 153


Instrumental b/w garage

Second effort of this Pennsylvania band. Their first release was on Al Earigh's Kiski Records (C’mon Sweet Baby b/w Karen).

Became The Lost Ones in 1967 on the Mersey label (a short-lived subsidiary of Process Record Co.) and afterwards Lite Rain. See GarageHangover.

Audio files credit : Gyro


Monday, August 22, 2011

Victoria Spivey on Queen Vee

Victoria SPIVEY, Vocal and piano
Eddie Barefield Alto Sax - Pat Wilson Drums

From Broadway to 7th Ave.

Victoria Spivey -piano solo
Playing with The Keys

Victoria SPIVEY, Vocal and piano
Eddie Barefield Alto Sax - Pat Wilson Drums

Buddy Tate

Queen Vee EP 101

Brooklyn New York


Recorded in February and March 1962 in New York City.

Victoria Spivey (b 15 Oct. '06, Houston TX; d 3 Oct. '76, NYC) Blues singer, pianist. Grew up in Dallas, played piano locally at age eleven; recorded prolifically for OKeh '26--9, Victor '29--30, Vocalion '31, Decca '36, Vocalion '36-- 7 ...

Spivey returned to music with the revival of the blues in the 1960s. In 1961, with her companion Leonard Kunstadt, she formed Queen Vee Records, changing the name to Spivey records the following year.

Leonard Kunstadt (1925- April 24, 1996) was a scholar of jazz and blues music, and a record label manager.

Len Kunstadt was born and raised in Brownsville, Brooklyn. After serving in the U.S. Air Force in World War II, Lenny graduated from New York University and began his prolific study of jazz and blues music.

Also known as “Kazoo Papa," Len Kunstadt was the editor and publisher of 'Record Research' magazine, which he founded in the late 1950s,

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Jimmy Contenta on Bonnie

Jimmy Contenta

CP-5489 – Picture Album Blues
CP-5490 – Why Do You Do Me This Way


62/03/10 (Billboard )

Pennsylvania artist on a Cleveland (OH) label. Jimmy was touring Ohio as early as 1953. According to Billboard (September 12, 1953), "Jimmy Contenta and his Westerners playing september 27 Akron, O., Armory date with Hank Snow and Marty Robbins – booked by Beaver, Pa’s, Gwennie Winters".

"Picture Album Blues" was also released on Var-Bee Records, a Pittsburgh label owned by Glenn Campbell who also operated United Recording Service here.

The Var-Bee version (same version?) was compiled on Slow Boogie Rockin', Vol. 6 (Collector CLCD4499 in 2006).

On "Glenn Campbell presents Pittsburgh Country" (Varbee 7002, various artists LP), Jimmy Contenta had three tracks : "Drinking Champagne", "Kawliga" and "My One & Only Love."

Necrology :

James J. Contenta, Sr. of Conway
05/07/1929 - 10/21/2008

Age 79, of Conway [Pennsylvania], died Tuesday evening, Oct. 21, 2008, at his daughter's residence.
Born May 7, 1929, in Freedom, a son of the late John and Mary Prichinello Contenta, he was a retired steelworker from Armco, Ambridge, and was a veteran of the U.S. Army serving as a corporal during the Korean Conflict. He was a member of Our Lady of Peace Catholic Church, Conway. He loved and raced pigeons and belonged to the Beaver Valley Pigeon Club. He was a member of the Baden American Legion and the New Brighton SOI. He loved music and had a country music band, Jimmy Contenta and the Weepers, who had played locally. An avid bingo player and an outdoorsman, he enjoyed hunting.


Spiritual Records EP

Spiritual Records
Dennis Hensley

15187 – Side 1
Just A Closer Walk With Thee (Instrumental Dennis Hensley)
There Ain’t No Grave (Vocal Rev. Harley Hensley)

15188 - Side 2

Uncloudy Day ((Instrumental Dennis Hensley)
 Give Me My Flowers While I'm Living (Vocal Rev. Harley Hensley)

Earlier releases on the Spiritual label had various addresses :

  • 45-10 Covington (KY) 1961
  • 302 Cincinnati (OH) 1962
  • 102 Newport (KY) 1963

The Kentucky Post (Covington, KY), November 19th, 1997

Rev. Harley Hensley became a minister late in life.

But that didn't stop him from having an active ministry that reached people in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Virginia, West Virginia and Michigan.

''He preached sinners to repent. Everyone loved him. He was a good father and a good husband,'' said his wife of 63 years, Audrey M. Hensley. ''He was loved by everyone and had lots of friends in different states.''

Rev. Hensley, 79, of Taylor Mill, died Monday at his home. He was an evangelist and member of the Community Pentecostal Church in Independence. A son, Robert Hensley, died in 1995.


Monday, August 15, 2011

Lorrie Krsit (Kirst) on Century

Lorrie Krsit

10875 – Super Fine
(Bailey-Matthews, Perfection BMI))

10876 – Prove it to Me
(Charles A.Matthews, Telldell BMI)

Century 0005/6


Pittsburgh, Pa., owned by Edward J Moschetti. (Subsidiary companies Perfection & Regal Music Publications)

Writers are Odell w. Bailey and Charles Matthews. Name of artist is mispelled on label : it's Lorrie Kirst. Billboard (Oct. 12, 1963) announced that Century Records has signed Lorrie Kirst.


Bob Ripberger, lounge pianist

Bob Ripberger Trio

9035 - I'm So Much In Love With You
9036 - Noriko

La Normandie Records
(Cincinnati, Ohio)


Bar lounge pianist.

The label is named after a Cincinnati restaurant/lounge located in the DuBois (then called The Fountain Square) Building between the Keith and Albee theatres. Downstairs was a restaurant ; upstairs a bar lounge.

Composer Pianist
Bob Ripberger
Playing 16 of His Original Soungs

BoMar LP


One of the track of this album can be heard HERE, at the Mark Betcher's Motel Lounge blog.

Cincinnati Enquirer columnist, Paul Ritter wrote the jacket notes. Excerpt :

With Ripberger’s stylized piano in the foreground, the simple servitude of bass and bongos form a background complement that unimposingly magnifies the performance. On bongos, Bob Wisely chose a fellow cocktail pianist, Ron Stewart, who for nearly two years, worked side-by-side with Ripberger in a Cincinnati night spot. Stewart knows the music and the composer, enabling him to add perfect complement to the musical execution. Another talented musician, Bud Ruskin, plays bass behind the maestro. Ruskin’s firm, but tender touch on the bass strings completes a captivating combination.
Perhaps the most exciting part of this album is the music itself, says Paul Ritter.

Perhaps. But except the music, it is not clear what part of this record album can be exciting. Oh yes! the cover art perhaps? Or even the jacket notes...

Bob Ripberger plays piano at Ridgeview Nursing Home


Raymond Fairchild and James Worley on Maggie Valley

Raymond Fairchild
"King of the 5 String Banjo"

James Worley
"King of the Mountain Harmonica"

23889 - James' Fox Chase
23890 - Raymond's Whoa Mule Whoa

Maggie Valley Records
A Clarence Jackson Production
Moncks Corner SC


Clip (both sides)
thanks to eBay the waxman

Note : Not listed in this Raymond Fairchild discography

Raymond Fairchild

During the middle 1960s Raymond Fairchild first attempted to take his music to the public. By this time he had moved from Cherokee to Maggie Valley, North Carolina and had found a receptive audience at "The Hillbilly Campground," located in Maggie. He recorded many albums (most notably on Rural Rhythm), the first was in the early sixties on Sims Records (also available on Kash Records).

Recommended reading is the Wayne Erbsen's article published in March 1982 by "Bluegrass Unlimited" available HERE.

Excerpt :
Completely at home deep in the forest, Raymond the mountain man, knows his way around. In the fall of the year he still goes hunting ginseng, which has a root that is highly valued for its legendary curing properties. Although some ginseng hunters in the mountains take their sack of "sang" to nearby Asheville, North Carolina or Knoxville, Tennessee to sell for over $200 a pound, Raymond keeps all that he digs. Drawing upon lore learned from his mother's people, he combines the ginseng along with eighteen other roots and herbs to produce a medicine which he takes daily as a tonic. Going far into the woods in search of ginseng and other roots, Raymond has been known to stay gone for nearly a month. After one such trip he told of killing more than one dozen deadly rattlesnakes. Besides bringing home a poke full of wild roots, he often returns from the mountains with a fat ground hog in his sack. Claiming that groundhog is the finest wild meat in the world, Raymond also renders the grease from the woodchuck to make a tonic for the croup. "Just a spoonful or two," he cautions.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rick Roll And The Auroras on Happy Hearts

Rick Roll And The Auroras

11833 - The Ring You Wore

11834 - To The Dancing Party
(Rick Roll-Jim Fulton -Sam Penxa)
Happy Hearts Music BMI

Happy Hearts 142


Unlisted and unknown Detroit ballad b/w rocker on a label not so well documented.

Right now offered on EBay by rerun45


Nite Riders / Dave


19311 ~ She's Mine
(Daniels - Thebado – Hassett)
Nite Publishing Co.


19312 ~ Tornado
(Dave – Louie)
Nite Publishing Co.

Hills Sound Service, Worcester, Mass.


The Nite Riders at Elm Park
At Elm Park, clockwise from bottom left: David, Bill, Dean and Chucky
Info and pics (and sounds too!) at Garage Hangover website HERE

The Nite Riders were :
Dave Daniels - guitar vocals
Dean [surname ?] - rhythm guitar
Bill [surname ?] - bass
Charles "Chucky" Franczak - drums
Bernie Thebado - rhythm guitar


Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Sunlighters on Golden Shield

The Sunlighters

Who Do I Know In Heaven

Golden Shield Records


Side 1 - [28457]

I’m Walking A New Road
The Next Step
Who Do I Know In Heaven
Hide Me, Rock Of Ages
He Restoreth My Soul
No Lock On My Mansion Door

Side 2 - [28548]

I Know
God Walks The Dark Hills
You’re Home To Stay
City Of Gold
Build My Mansion
Going Home

From the back cover :
Hours of prayer and pratice have gone into the production of this album. I know that it is their desire to reach their fellow man with the message of the Gospel in song. The personnel are, Billie Hendricks (piano), Paul Wood (lead), Bill Moore (tenor), Hilda Shawver (alto), and Charles Fletcher (bass).

The Sunlighters have sung several times at our church, the Bethel Baptist of Roseville, Michigan ; and did so without flaw. Their dedication to Christ and their love for Gospel music has brought about this wonderful album.

As a pastor I can recommend this group for revivals, homecoming, and for any special gospel singing that you may have in your church. Use them, they are worthy.

B.J. Ferguson

Source : Mark Betcher

Note : The Golden Shield label was a subsidiary of Rite Records

Bethel Baptist Church, Roseville, Michigan


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Cousin Johnny Presents The Prophets of Echo

Cousin Johnny
The Prophets of Echo

Is It Well Wth You Soul (Virgil O. Stamps)
Lonely River (Wm. Cortez Blaylock)

Time Has Made A Change (Haskins Frye)
It Will Be Wondervful Just To Be There (Eugene Whitt)

"Gospel Quartet, acapella"; unlisted HERE or HERE.

"Cousin Johnny" is almost likely Cousin Johnny Simpson who worked at WPLH in Huntington and WTCR . Nothing is known about the Prophets of Echo.


Monday, August 8, 2011

The Rhythm Rockers/Tex Craddock on Plaid

The Rhythm Rockers
Tex Craddock

24499 - Carolina Beach
(Albert Thompson, Harry Neal, Harold Nall)

24500 - Let The Big Cat Jump
(Billy Edd Wheeler)

Plaid Records

Produced by Harold Nall 620 Atwater St. Burlington, N.C.
Recorded by John Lookabill, Greensboro, N.C


Carolina Beach, Carolina Beach
Sure did ruin my life
Lost my home, lost my car
Lost my sweet, sweet wife

Said I was goin’ fishin’
Well, that’s what I said
But I didn’t go fishin’
Went to the beach instead

Never seen so many pretty girls
Lyin’ there in the sand
Fought temptation for a while
And then I took off my wedding band


Walked in to the penny arcade
Met a little girl named Polly
Looked at the bracelet on her leg
And I said “Hey, this girl must be from Raleigh”

Polly said come on sweetheart
Let’s go and have a beer
I said lover I’m with you,
I sure could use some cheer


Polly said let’s play the jukebox
Then you can dance with me
Man, we was really tearin’ it up
Listenin’ to a song by Jerry Lee

Looked over in to the doorway
What do you think I saw?
My two kids, my sweet, sweet wife
And my dear old mother-in-law



Friday, August 5, 2011

Greetings from Rite Record Productions

Greetings from Rite Record Productions Inc.

He who whispers down a well
About the goods he has to sell
Will never reap the golden dollars
Like him who shows them round
And hollers

I refuse to tell you the titles on
The grounds it may tend to
Cause you not to
Play it

Recently offered on eBay.
Spoken Word promotional item - uses comedy to promote their items
Side 2 features a snippet of some off-key hillbilly singer whether this was a joke [or Not!!] I don't know
I believe this 45 was sent out to all who used RITE to press their items
A copy of this record is in the Goldband Recording Corporation Collection, 1930-1995 housed by The Wilson Library, located at the heart of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill campus.

I've found in my files only one Goldband record pressed by Rite, shortly before this promotional item.


The Jackie Stripling Family on Stripling

The Jackie Stripling Family
Featuring Jackie, Sheridan, Jackie Jr., Victor and Roger
(At Swampland Opera)

38547 - Wells Of Living Water
(E.T. Manus & Jackie Stripling)
Focal Point Music BMI

38548 - Walking Up That Lonely Hill
(Steve Bridgers)
Focal Point Music BMI

Route 1
McIntyre, Ga. 31064

Carlton Lavender- Rhythm
Randy Harris- drums
Jack Ward- lead
Doyal Ennis- steel
Jackie Stripling –piano
Jackie Stripling, jr. – bass

Produced by Ray Melton


Country gospel