Thursday, April 30, 2009

Goodly Rubenson

Goodly Rubenson

22889 – Inside Outside
22890 - Crystal Love

Garage produced by Ray Lantz. Gaulin wroteboth sides

Coldwater, Michigan group, Bob Gaulin-bass/lead vocal, Jamie Bailey-guitar, Greg Tuckey-drums, Bill Bobier-keys.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Margaret Glover : Mag 4061

Margaret Glover
Mag 4061
12899 - This Will Never Do
12900 – Before We Part

Larry RICHARDSON - LP "Walking And Talking With My Lord"

- LP - "Walking And Talking With My Lord"

Rite # 33247/33248 - [1974]

Larry Richardson

Route 3
King, N.C.

01 - Walking And Talking With My Lord
02 - My Latest Sun Is Sinking Fast
03 - Are You Washed In The Blood
04 - When I Thank Him For What He Has Done
05 - I'm Using My Bible For A Road Map
06 - Gone
07 - I Heard My Mother Call My Name In Prayers
08 - What A Friend We Have In Jesus
09 - Matthew
10 - When The Saints Go Marching In
11 - One Step More
12 - I Saw The Face Of Jesus

Excerpt from the Larry Richardson's obituary published by The Bluegrass Blog :
Former Blue Grass Boy Larry Richardson passed away on Fathers Day, June 17, [2007] after a six-month long battle with colon cancer. He died peacefully in his sleep at his home in Lake Butler, Florida.

Born August 9, 1927, in the Galax area of Virginia, Richardson was a highly-rated old style mountain banjo player, someone who epitomised the early days of bluegrass music. He was from the old school of lead/tenor singers, crystal clear and high and real lonesome. Also, as can be heard on his work with the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers, he was a talented lead guitarist.

He penned Don’t Forget Me, the perennially popular Pain in My Heart, Will I Meet Mother in Heaven and Lonesome, Sad and Blue with Bobby Osborne, each of which was recorded in March 1950 while the duo were with the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers. These recordings are also found on an album in Rounder’s Early Days Of Bluegrass series, Vol. 3 - New Sounds Ramblin’ from Coast to Coast.

Richardson worked with Bill Monroe during the 1950-1951 period.

Acknowledgements : track list and sound clip (track 10) are from The Friends Of Old Time Music blog, where the whole audio is available, as well of a lot of good old music.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The "4" M's (Martinez Brothers)

Bandbox 388 (picture sleeve)

The Four M's (Martinez Brothers)
Bandbox 388
23627 - First Day Of Your Life
23628 -Don't Cry For A Boy

From ‘Always a tight family’ : Brothers have performed for years throughout the Carbon Valley By Kimberly Pursel (excerpt) :
In 1969, Nick, Felix, Roy and Max Martinez started a singing quartet and called themselves The Four M’s. Today, the brothers still perform for weddings and events, such as Firestone’s Fourth of July Centennial Celebration held last year.

“We have recorded over five records,” said Felix.

The Four M’s perform a variety of music and for fun they’ll impersonate the likes of Willie Nelson, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart and Elvis Presley.

The brothers have performed for many benefits and fundraisers over the years throughout the Carbon Valley.

“I would say we have raised over $1 million over the last 40 years,” Max said.

The "4" M's today
The Martinez brothers gather to take a photo at Felix Martinez’ home in Firestone on Monday. The brothers are holding a Gibson ES350T guitar that they’ve owned since the early days of their band, the 4M's. Richard M. Hackett/Times-Call

Monday, April 27, 2009

Pattie and the Sensations

Blue Berry Hill

Walking The Dog

Pattie and the Sensations
Harvey’s 19 (1977)

38535 - Blue Berry Hill
38536 - Walking The Dog

Harvey’s Recording Studio,
3828 Harvest Lane
Roanoke, VA 24017

Rite account # 5817

Bluegrass albums were mainly the specialty of the Harvey's label located in Roanoke, home of the Fiddle and Banjo Club. This is the first entry of the label in my Rite file, although all others productions were also, I suspect, judging by the artwork of some albums covers, pressed by Rite.




DeWight (Spider) Turner

DeWight (Spider) Turner
and the Sterophonics
The Bell Hops Band

Cha-Tok 1001
11767 – You’re Alone
11768 – Happy Story
Produced by Charles Stokes

This is Spyder Turner. The producer, Charles Stokes, was his manager.

According to Soulful Kinda Music, The Stereophonics were Charlette (lead vocals), Marlene, Connie Stokes, Jobe Stokes (not sure of the spelling), Michael Stokes (vocals and keyboards) and The Bell Hops Band: Charles "Chicken Charlie" Herndon (lead guitar), Howard Thompson (rhythm guitar), Rudy Thomas (saxophone), Fred Shockley (trumpet), Zachery Slater (bongos), Albert "Doc" Holiday (congas) and Curtis Sharp (drums).


You’re Alone

Note : For Cha-Tok 1002 and related labels see my previous post.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Cephas with Jeff Cogswell

Teen Challenge presents
Cephas with Jeff Cogswell

Side 1 -- 32217
1 - Jesus Has Changed My World
2 - Till Another Soul Goes Free
3 - Show Me The Way
4 - Jesus Is Just Alright
Side 2 -- 32218
1 – Meander
2 - Jesus Is The Answer
3 - Save The People
4 – Maranatha

Jeff Cogswell lead vocal, guitar
Andrew LeWay : bass guitar, acoustic, vocals
David Dexter : organ, piano
Gary Simpson : guitar, vocals
Mike Ferguson : lead guitar
Rene Tremblay : guitar

All musical arrangements by A. LeWay and J. Cogswell

Vocal ensemble :
Roberta Smith
Renée Sofaly
Cathy Mercer
Kathy Ford
Deborah LeWay
Alice Urice
Recording engineer : Phil Burkhardt

Christian garage folk sponsored by the christian youth group "Teen Challenge".
Low-budget Pennsylvania basement folk/folkrock troupe led by Jeff Cogswell. The Rite label usually signifies a totally homemade affair and that's pretty much what Cephas is. The background vocals behind Jeff are fairly amateur, but the music itself ain't that bad. Some cuts like 'Jesus Is Just Alright' and 'Meander’ benefit from a faint garage/psych angle ala Guitar Ensemble, thanks to the guitar solos and moody organ. Other cover songs include 'Jesus Is The Answer’, 'Save The People' and 'Maranatha'.
(Ken Scott – The Archivist, 3rd Edition)

Jesus Is The Answer

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Ron Kincaid with The Kountry Kings

Ron Kincaid with The Kountry Kings

Label : Big Sound

23175 - Come On Home To Me
23176 - Just Passing Through



Carter Stockton & Ozark Mountain Boys

Carter Stockton & Ozark Mountain Boys
Carter 101
15023 - The Old Big Dam
15024 - Going Down The Old Mighty Freeway

Obviously, this is not the St. Louis label of the same name, also a Rite customer back in the fifties. This one was likely Carter Stockton's own label. Amazingly enough for a record pressed in 1965 printed on the label is the mention "unbreakable"!

Steve Amm - Loretta Kay

Steve Amm - Loretta Kay
Northland 90 C 2035
24309 - I'm Too Old And I'm Too Young
24310 - He's Wild As The Wind

Featuring Rusty York on dobro, also credited as the producer.

The label is from Kalamazoo, Michigan despite the address on label (209 Stahlman bldg, Nashville, Tenn.) which is the address of Brite Star, company owned by Tex Clark who handled the distribution & promotion for Northland Records as well as for many other labels around the USA.

Karen Louise Sawyer

Karen Louise Sawyer
Kalo 476
10245 - Crying Lonely Tears
10246 - Please Don't Treat Me As A Stranger

Kalo Records called Kutztown, Pennsylvania its home. The label issued only old-fashioned country records and its "star" seems to have been Tex Carson and The Smokey Valley Troubadors who had at least three singles on Kalo.

Karen Sawyer is also featured along with Bob Sawyer (her father?) on the following release (Kalo 477 : "Stop, Look and Listen").

As far as I know Kalo 476 is the only Rite pressing on the label.

Billboard, August, 17, 1963


Adi Bell Nelson

Adi Bell Nelson
Kay 301/302
9097 - My Santa Claus
9098 - I Cried And Cried
Featured by Col. Bill Green



Gary Williams on Connie Sue

Gary Williams
Label : Connie Sue 192
23885 - Wandering Star
23886 - Twenty Years Ago
K-K Dist. Co, Kennewick, Washington

Born in 1938 in Spokane, Washington, Gary Williams had his own sponsored radio show out of Spokane, Washington in 1953-1954. In May 1954 he achieved a bit of name for himself by hitch-hiking to the Jimmie Rodgers Memorial Day in Meredian, Mississippi. He was one of the featured acts on the show then and had been going back to the show each year since.
Williams was heavily influenced by Jimmie Rodgers, the country music pioneer of the 1930's, and the Jimmie Rodgers fan-club christened him 'The Travellin' Blues Boy'. This became the title of his first record for Verve, the West Coast label.

Gary Williams

Friday, April 24, 2009

Organ Melodies Featuring The Mighty Wurlitzer

Organ Melodies Featuring The Mighty Wurlitzer
Hobby-Lesson Wurlitzer Organ Course
Rite # 12183/12184
The Wurlitzer Company of DeKalb, Illinois

This is the companion LP to the printed "home-study" lessons as all selections are contained in the HOBBY-LESSON COURSE FOR WURLITZER ORGANS.

The bands follow the same sequences as the 27 assignments of the HOBBY-LESSON course and each selection has been recorded as written in the printed arrangements.

The 27 selections are a mix of standards and popular tunes like: Beautiful Brown Eyes, Ebb Tide, In My Merry Oldsmobile, Stardust, Five Foot Two, Moon River, etc.

The Hobby-Lesson Course for Wurlitzer Organs
Sample Lesson
The Wurlitzer Company (De Kalb IL)
Rite #12181/12182

Spirit of Illinois Quartet

Spirit of Illinois Quartet
Stagg Records 11

8743 - Traveling Shoes
8744 - Twisting Our Souls Away

Distributed by Marlo Records, Marlo Drive, Belleville, Illinois.

Custom label likely produced by "Uncle" Buck Lite, owner of Marlo Records and also the singer of the immortal "Mr Ducktail" on the Ron-Mar label.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Missionaires Quartet

Missionaires Quartet
9785 - Lord I'm Coming Home
(William J. Kirkpatrick)
time 2 :50

Missionaires Quartet
9786 - Wings Of A Dove
time 2 :00

A Southeastern Audio Corporation custom record

Ralph Worrock
Maynard Hester
Thomas Medlin
Tom Taylor
Jimmy Thompson - Piano

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

J. White and the Fireball Singers

J. White and the Fireball Singers

Westmont Records : P.O. Box 995, Norfolk, Virginia 23501 (A Great Record)

33831 - Little Wooden Church
33832 - I'll Fly Away (vocal: Sister Susie Bright)

Black gospel.

Hear audio clip of each side :


The Cathedral Choir of The First United Methodist Church Tulsa, OK

Favorite Songs & Anthems sung by
The Cathedral Choir of The First United Methodist Church
Tulsa, OK
Helen Saied, Soprano Soloist

Solos by Helen Saied
Christmas Candle - John Halvorsen, Piano
Climb Every Mountain - John Halvorsen, Organ
I'll Walk with God - John Halvorsen, Organ
Gesu Bambino - Alta Bush Selvey, Organ / John Halvorsen, Piano / Margaret Lundquist, Oboe
I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked - John Halvorsen
The Lord's Prayer - John Halvorsen
The Cathedral Choir of First Methodist Church with Helen Saied, Soprano Soloist
John A. Halvorsen, Director
Alta Bush Selvey, Organist
Margaret Lundquist, Oboist
Joy to the World - The Cathedral Choir
And the Glory of the Lord - The Cathedral Choir
There Is a Balm in Gilead - The Cathedral Choir and Mrs. Saied
Jesus, Joy of Man's Desiring - The Cathedral Choir and Miss Lundquist
O, For the Wings of a Dove - The Cathedral Choir and Mrs. Saied
A Rose Touched by the Sun's Warm Rays - The Cathedral Choir and Mrs. Saied
O Holy Night - The Cathedral Choir and Mrs. Saied
It Came Upon the Midnight Clear - The Cathedral Choir

Keith Whitley And Ricky Skaggs

Tribute To The Stanley Brothers
By Keith Whitley And Ricky Skaggs
Jalyn 129 LP

Side A -- 27673

1. We'll Be Sweethearts in Heaven
2. Mother No Longer Awaits Me At Home
3. White Dove
4. Our Last Goodby
5. Lonesome River
6. I Love No One But You

Side B -- 27674
1. Angels Are Singing in Heaven Tonight
2. It's Never Too Late
3. Loving You Too Well
4. Too Late To Cry
5. Little Glass of Wine
6. I Long to See the Old Folks

Recorded January, 9th, 1971
Recording engineer : Howard Davis
A&R : Jack Lynch and Ralph Stanley

From the back cover :
In May, of 1970, I met and heard for the first time Keith Whitley and Ricky Skaggs, in Louisa, Kentucky. They were singing some of the Stanley Brothers songs and I liked their way of singing them very much. I began naming some more of our old songs and I couldn’t mention one they couldn’t sing. They said the Stanley Brothers had always been their favorites and you could tell by hearing them that we had. They said they would like to record an album of our songs, as a tribute to the Stanley Brothers. The next time I was in Dayton, Ohio, I told Jack Lynch, of Jalyn Records, about these boys and that I wanted him to record an album by them. This he did as soon as arrangements could be made. On this album you’ll hear Keith Whitley playing guitar and singing lead. Ricky Skaggs playded fiddle and mandolin. The selections he used the mandolin on, the fiddling was done by Curly Ray Cline. Rickey also did the tenor singing. Jack Cook played bass and Roy Lee Centers played the banjo. I think the boys did a wonderful job and if you like oldtime bluegrass music, I highly recommend this album. Since I met Rick and Keith, they have traveled with me a lot on personal appearances, and are wonderful fellows. Keith Whitley at this time is sixteen years old and lives in Sandy Hook, Kentucky. He is a senior at Sandy Hook High School. Rick Skaggs is sixteen years old and lives near Blaine, Kentucky, and is a senior at Louisa, Kentucky, High School. The mandolin was played by Ron Thomason on the selections that Rick played the fiddle.

Ralph Stanley

Monday, April 20, 2009

The Paragons - From Hunger Records

The Paragons
From Hunger Records
15045 ~ All I Can Do (Garage)
15046 ~ Gone Away (Instrumental)
Rite Acct. #1010
PO Box 402
Parkersburg, West Virginia - 1965

This rare garage band recording is previously undocumented and Google searches find no relevant information. Photo courtesy of Ralph Tewksbury.

Eddy Bailes - Parkersburg, West Virginia

Eddy Bailes and The Cadillac's with The Accents
(No Label Name)
11233 ~ Dark Side Of The Moon (Teen)
11234 ~ If This Is Sin (Vocal Harmony)
Rite Acct. #1209
Parkersburg, West Virginia - 1963

Eddy Bailes (with vocal background)
BJ Records 1779
18463 ~ Tarzan (Rock & Roll)
18464 ~ She'll Take You Back (Teen)
Rite Acct. #1864
Parkersburg, West Virginia - 1967

Eddy Bailes, a recording artist of the 1960's & 1970s, wrote and recorded the hit song The West Virginian in 1975. It became a gold record. A bill in the state legislature would have made it the state song. After recording other songs, Bailes appeared in several movies and TV shows, and was the opening act for such stars as Rick Nelson, Marty Robbins, George Jones, and Mickey Gilly. He wrote Faron Young's last single, Just An Old Heartache. Bailes was was born in Parkersburg. He had been living in Hendersonville, Tennessee, until he died on June 17, 2002.

The two releases above are rare as hen's teeth. The BJ is previously undocumented on Rite lists. Bailes also recorded two releases on the Cozy label from Davis, West Virginia.

Photo credits to Ralph Tewksbury.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Jack Hawkins on Country Boy Classics

Jack Hawkins
10919 - All Alone
10920 - Whispers Of Love
Country Boy Classics
Commerce (GA)

Country. Both sides written by Richard Morris, Priscar Pub., BMI.

The Uncalled Four

The Uncalled Four
Harmony 1001
CP-1291 - ?
CP-1292 – The Lost Chord

Gospel. WIMA, Lima, Ohio

Monday, April 13, 2009

Steve Miller - Nation Wide Records

Steve Miller
Nation Wide
34743 - Beaver Creek
34744 - Your Way Of Living

Country bopper on a Hamilton label owned by J.D. Jarvis (1924-).

J.D. (John Dill) Jarvis was born in Clay County, Kentucky, but wound up in Hamilton, Ohio, where he became the foremost exponent of bluegrass gospel music in southwestern Ohio. He began recording in the early 1960s on the Ark label in Cincinnati, where his songwriting ability and primitive vocal style made him a favorite with many transplanted Appalachian people. Some of his best known songs are “Take Your Shoes Off, Moses,” “I Am the Man, Thomas,” and “The Hyden Miners’ Tragedy.”
J.D. Jarvis had at least two singles issued on his own Nation Wide label (Rite account number 5999) :

36579 ~ The Sweetest Song I Know
36580 ~ I'll Fly Away

38419 ~ A Glimpse Of Home
38420 ~ Mother's Roses


Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Lyrics on J.W.J.

The Lyrics
JWJ Enterprises
217 Lincoln St. Allegan Michigan 49010

19791 - They Call That Love
19792 - There Must Be A Place (R.B. Johnson, Barlak Music, BMI)

Northern Soul produced by D. Wright & J. Johnson.

22925 - Keep Me Closer To Your Heart
22926 - You'll Always Belong To Me


Al Hogan on ASG

Al Hogan
ASG 1005
(Artists & Sound Group of Recording Companies)
3744 Applegate Ave., Cincinnati Ohio 45211
36419 - Baby I'm Coming Home
36420 - Loneliness Is A Killer
Rite account number : 6174

Northern Soul produced by Beau Dollar, as were the two other releases on the same label listed in the Ohio Soul discography (ASG 1006 : The Cause and ASG 1007 : Brenda Mathis).

William "Beau Dollar" Bowman, a blue-eyed soul vocalist and drummer, formed The Dapps in Cincinnati in 1965 where they often played the famous Living Room nightclub. Beau Dollar performed on many studio albums for various artists under contract with King Records, including James Brown. In 1966, with the Coins, he recorded "Soul Serenade" for Fraternity Records, a single produced by Lonnie Mack.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Ernest Carter and The Hymn Trio on Harp Records

Ernest Carter and The Hymn Trio
I Thought Of God
Label : Harp Records

Side 1: --- 12915

1. Stop That Train
2. Blessed Book Of Life
3. Jesus
4. There's A Star Spangled Banner Waving Somewhere
5. To Mom And Dad
6. Voice Of My Savior

Side 2: ---12916

1. Great Red, White And Blue
2. Home Sweet Home
3. Family Bible
4. Wake Me Up, Sweet Jesus
5. Not My Will
6. I Thought Of God

Ernest Carter, left with Zeke Hoskins

In 1962 Ernest Carter formed his first gospel group : "Ernest Carter And The Hymn Trio". The group Included his older brother Cliff, Frank, the youngest of the Carter Brothers and a cousin named "Denzil Ferguson"

Their home base was Germantown, Ohio. where they had a live one hour radio show for 12 years over WPFB Radio in Middletown, Ohio every Saturday from 12 to 1 pm , later changing to an evening broadcast coming from Carter's music store in Germantown, Ohio.

Ernest Carter recorded for Ark, Jalyn, Melody, Harp and numerous other labels, including LPs for Starday's subsidiary Nashville Records.


The Looper Trio : Clinging To A Saving Hand

The Looper Trio
Clinging To A Saving Hand

Side 1: 32499

1. Clinging To A Saving Hand
2. Mother
3. Gettin' Ready Today
4. March Around The Throne
5. Everything's Gonna Be Alright
6. Jesus In Your Soul

Side 2; 32500

1. Don't Wait Too Late
2. The Upper Window
3. I'm Gonna Wake Up In Glory
4. Jesus Take A Hold
5. It Won't Be Long
6. Garden Of Gethsemane

Friday, April 10, 2009

Nosnibor label : first release

Nosnibor 1001A
13947 - A Man Goes Out

Nosnibor 1001B
13948 - Inspiration

First release on Cleveland Robinson's own label

The Teen-Tones on Deb

The Teen-Tones
Deb 131
CP-3615 - Bouquet Of Happiness
CP-3616 - I Don't Want Nothin’ (But Your Love)

Another custom subsidiary label of Globe Records of Nashville.

They were Teen-Tones, Teen Tones or Teentones on Dandy Dan, Decca, Nu-Clear/Wynne, Swan, Sonic (Frankie & the Teentones), T&T, Tri Disc and (as backing band) on Nu Sound (Sammy Surf) and Premier IV (Mike Ryan), but none seems to have any relation.


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Gloryland Quartet, Hymn-Time 0011

Gloryland Quartet
8685 - I Wanna Go There
8686 - O The Glory Did Roll
Hymn-Time 0011

Pianist Barbara Daughman
Morrow, Ohio label

Wheat Straw Blew Grass

Wheat Straw Blew Grass
23461 - The World Is Tight
23462 - Verily Verily


Winner of the second annual 5 state (California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Utah) Battle of the Bands. Sponsored by the Winnemucca Youth Center (a non-profit organization, owned and operated and managed by the youth of the community) P.O. Box 1096, Winnemucca, Nevada.

Googled the name of the band. No page found. Not one!

Update  (Dec. 4, 2012) :

John Sanchez-guitars, vocals
Bill Church-bass
Chuck Ruff-drums

World That's Tight/Verily Verily on YouTube
The Story Of Wheat Straw Blew Grass

"World That's Tight" (note incorrect title on label) was later re-recorded for the 1972 Groundshaker album.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Gospel Light Quartette

The Gospel Light Quartette
Gospel Light 100
CP-5187 ~ Get Ready To Live On That Great Day
CP-5188 ~ When I Stand With God
Rite Acct. # 401
Henlawson, West Virginia

White acapella gospel with great harmonies on this obscure West Virginia release.

Photo credits to Steve Foehner.

Even Or Odd?

One of the things Rite is known for is the consecutive matrix numbering system they used for virtually all of the 30 years they custom pressed records. Thirty years is a very long time to develop and maintain a consistant system of doing anything. Of course, Rite was not perfect in their numbering system. In a perfect consecutive numbering system the A-side of each release would alway be either even or odd and the B-side would be the opposite depending on whether the system started with the number 0 or 1.

From 1955 to 1959, Rite jumped back and forth between series of even and odd numbered A-sides over 20 times. Finally in the later part of 1959, at matrix number 2471, all A-sides became odd and all B-sides were even. This appears to be consistant from that point in 1959 until production ceased in 1985.

Many of us have documented Rite pressings sight unseen from reliable sources, ebay auctions, etc. and had to guess what's the probable matrix number for the flip side. If it's in the early years, guessing may lead to error.

Also, typically but not always, Rite pressings have the matrix number printed on the label as well as in the matrix. Once in a while the matrix numbers are not on the label and can only be found in the deadwax. Here's a couple of interesting examples:

Herman Griffin
HOB 112
CP-1920 ~ I Need You
CP-1921 ~ I'm So Glad I Learned To Do The Cha-Cha
House Of Beauty, Detroit, MI

Most listing have the matrix numbers incorrect on the above Rite pressing probably because it's an even number A-side and it's not printed on the label. This would be an easy one to get wrong if you're not holding it in your hand.

Ralph And Ruth
Rena 803/804
Rite 141-CP-5119 RENA 803-785 ~ Hard Hearted Girl
Rite 141-CP-5120 RENA 804-785 ~ A Though Crossed My Mind
Ripley, WV
Afilliated with John Bava - Cozy Records

The Rena label is very scarce with pressing quantities of 100 or less for all issues. Mostly bluegrass or country boppers, this one has no pressing info on the labels but tons of info in the matrix!