Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Guitar Tommy Moore & The 5 J's

Guitar Tommy Moore & Five J's

Ultrasonic 101
[1106 N. Sarah St. Louis, Mo.]

13277 ~ I Ain't Bothering Nobody
13278 ~ Your Car Machine

Realease date : Oct. 10, 1964 printed on label

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Friendly Seven Gospel Singers

Friendly Seven Gospel Singers
Pianist : L. Johnston
Organist: Rev. J.T. Highbaugh

Label : Paxter's
Year : 1965

14889 - Clean Up Your House
14890 – Rock of… (?)

Audio samples

The Melody Bros feat. Allen Mann

The Melody Bros feat. Allen Mann

Label : Rend

27451 – More and more
27452 - Lonely Tonight

Recorded Live at Millas Steak House.

1971 soul.

Both sides (sample only)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Sellers Brothers on Elvitrue

The Sellers Brothers

Elvitrue 561330

31907 - She's My Angel Down Here
31908 - Somebody Else

Country. Both songs written by Ruby Lee Ludlum, Elvitrue, BMI.

Hal & Charlie

Hal & Charlie

H and C 1

120 Mississippi Avenue
Warner Robins, Ga. 31093

36607 - My Woman's Love
36608 - Here to Stay

Georgia hillbilly produced by Ray Melton

Audio sample 1
Audio sample 2

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Fabulous Fremonts

The Fabulous Fremonts

Valerie 2003

12569 – Gee Whiz
12570 – Watermelon Man

Black vocal group on a Band Box Records subsidiary label. "Gee Whiz" is a cover of the Bob & Earl song (Class Records, 1958).

Previous release on the label was Dean Carr ("Too Many Tears", Valerie 2002, RCA custom pressing). The following release was Larry Johnson & the Dakota Territory ("I Never Loved a Prettier Girl Than You", Valerie 2004, pressed by Gasper Puccio's Houston Records plant.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Eddie Adams on V and V

Eddie Adams with the Mt. Rhythm Boys

V and V 404
Mecosta, Michigan

15955 – Break Away
15956 - From Now On

Country music singer, Eddie was born in 1930 in Mulliken, Michigan in Eaton County. His first break came with the help of a good friend, Jimmie Skinner in Cincinnati, Ohio. Jimmie introduced Eddie to Estel Lee, who owned the Excellent Record Company label at the time. More details about Eddie Adams here.

Clearence Howard and The Renegades

Clearence Howard and The Renegades

Sam Orahood Recording
637 S. Boston St, Galion, Ohio

15575 ~ Huckleberry Junction (V. Stephens
15576 ~ She's Not Here Anymore (N. Harris)

Rite account # 1175

Huckleberry Junction was previously recorded by Von Stephens and The String Dusters on the Karl label. A Little more than a reminiscence of Chuck Berry’s Sweet Little Sixteen…

Friday, September 18, 2009

Little Willie & Band

Little Willie & Band

Label : Little Willie Records

36047 - Bump-T-Bump
36048 - Hot Tamale

Late '75 or early '76

"Hot Tamale" has found its way to two CDs : "Wild Guitar Instrumental Rockers" and "Garage Guitar Inspired By Link Wray", "Bump-T-Bump" remain uncompiled.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Evangelist R.A. West : Jesus Worked A Miracle For Me

Evangelist R.A. West
Jesus Worked A Miracle For Me
Label : Jay-Boy

Side one [ #33705 ]
Jesus Worked A Miracle For Me
I'm Proud to be a Christian
When I've Gone the Last Mile of the Way
He Is The Beginning and Ending of Time
King Jesus (Send an Angel By My Way)
Side two [ # 33706 ]
He Knows Exactly What I need
I Am to Blame
Because He Lives
He's the Good Shepherd
Time Is Winding Up

R.A. West
March 12, 1947 - July 6, 2002

R.A. West Revivals and Ministries began in 1969. Brother and Sister West and Jason (Jay-Boy), their son, worked with others in small local churches and prayer groups around the Varney, West Virginia area. Brother West worked at that time as a fireman/engineer for the Norfolk and Western Railway Company until the early 70’s when he resigned to follow his calling from the Lord...

Read more here

R.A. West preaching

Dorothy Rowen Sings Your Favorites

Dorothy Rowen Sings Your Favorites
Live at the Springs Motel
Lexington, Kentucky
Rite account # 1943

Side One - #20499
(1) Make The World Go Away; (2) Bill Bailey; (3) I Left My Heart In San Francisco; (4) Rockabye Your Baby; (5) Your Cheatin' Heart and (6) Does Your Heart Beat For Me

Side Two -
(1) You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You; (2) Bird Of Paradise; (3) Wipe Out; (4) Kansas City; (5) Good Ol' Mountain Dew; (6) King Of The Road and (7) Twilight Time

Acknowlegments : bookemdan00 (eBay)

Springs Motel
Lexington, Kentucky

Ben Tate (Ronnie 2164)

Ronnie 2164
15529 - If I Had My Way (Florence Williams)
15530 - I Am Packing Up To Move

Song-poem label
Label Discography

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Carl Dean: " Up To Date Country Music "

" Up To Date Country Music "

Side one [32719]
1-Bobbie Mcgee
3-Bad,Bad Leroy Brown
4-Big Blue Diamond
5-Yum Yum
6-Little Queeny
Side two [32720]
1-Someday We'll Look Back
2-Knock 3 Times
3-Lovin' On Back Streets
4-Tossin' & Turnin'
5-Milwaukee Here I Come
6-Country Road
Carl Dean (real name Carl Dean Hoppe) learned to play guitar from his father at a very early age but preferred the piano. In the late fifties he performed several shows with Jerry Lee Lewis.

In the early sixties the Donna and Russell label (#508 in the Atlanta, Georgia NRC custom series) paired two Carl Dean self-penned songs : "Wait Till The Sun Comes Down" and "I'll Pack My Things And Go".


The Country Masters : First

The Country Masters
LP "First"

Side One [31953]
Gotta Find A Place In The Sun
It's So Lonely To Be Lonely
She's Got To Be A Saint
Me And You And A Dog Named Boo
Shuckin' The Corn

Side Two [31954]
Lonely Women Make Good Lovers
Sea Of Broken Memories
Johnny B. Goode
Teen Scene
Help Me Make It Through The Night

Perry, Ohio country band

North Peoria Church of Christ Adult Chorus

North Peoria Church of Christ Adult Chorus
LP In Times Like These
KVOO recordings. & production
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Side one [27939]
In Times Like These
How Great Thou Art
My God And I
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
All The Heavens Adore Thee
Just A Closer Walk With Thee
God Put A Rainbow In The Cloud
Go'long Noah.
Side two [27940]
Lonesome Valley
Ev'ry Time I Feel The Spirit
Ride The Chariot
Good News
Rockin' Jerusalem
Coming Up Lord
Climbin' Up The Mountain
Let's Work Together
Director: A.C. Christman
Sponsored By Tulsa Alumni Chapter Of Southwestern Christian College, Terrell, Texas

Monday, September 14, 2009

Loula L. Roberts at the piano

Loula L. Roberts at the piano
Memory 2181 (EP)

What A Friend We Have In Jesus
Let the Lower Lights Be Burning
When They Ring The Golden Bells
I Won't Have To Cross Jordan Alone
Mrs. Loula L. Roberts, a native of Noble, Louisiana, was a resident of Shreveport for 35 years when she died there, aged 78, in November 1977. She was a piano teacher.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Twilighters Quartet

Twilighters Quartet
Rick, John, Eddie, and Eddie
accompanied by
Jimmy Sullivan and Robert Cunningham

EP TR-1961

CP-5041 - In the Still of the Night / Billy, Billy, Went a Walking
CP-5042 - Moments to Remember / Down By the Riverside

Birmingham Alabama vocal group.

These were all students at Woodlawn High School in Birmingham in 1956 (many still sing as a group called the Warblers today)

Friday, September 11, 2009

Howard Fogg and the Lonesome Valley Boys

Spur 1118
20933 – Matamoros

Spur 1118
20934 – Highway Man


The African Jazz Trio

The African Jazz Trio

Buzz 137-5

CP-2339 - I Should Care
CP-2340 - Up A Lazy River

Audio clip

Light jazz from Cleveland, Ohio.

Release number 137-5 likely indicates that is the 5th release of the Rite account # 137 (Vlad Maleckar's Audio Recording).

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Zone V

The Zone V

Caravan (Shickshinny, PA)

21449 ~ I Cannot Lie
21450 ~ Black Jacket Woman

Guy Davidson on Shadow

Guy Davidson


37265 - West Virginia Truck Stop Woman
37266 - The Green Of West Virginia


Acc by Jimmy Nixon, Bryan Adams, Jack Willis, Harold Sheffield, Stan Bowman.
Recorded Joe Morrell Recording Studios, Bristol, Tennessee.

Joe Morrell (1934 - 2006) was a native of Bristol. He was a musician, playing professionally as a young man with country music bands in New England and locally with Curly King on the WCYB "Farm and Fun Time" radio program in the 1950s. He sometimes performed using the stage name 'Herbie Hootenauger'.

In 1960 he founded the Joe Morrell Music Store in Bristol, and later organized the Joe Morrell Music Distributing Co. which supplies music products to retailers throughout the U.S.

Grand Guitar Museum

In the 1980s Joe designed and built the landmark “Grand Guitar” just off Interstate 81’s exit 74A in Bristol. The Grand Guitar, 70 feet long and three stories tall, currently houses a country music museum. In 1989 Morrell purchased radio station WOPI, the oldest station between Knoxville, Tenn. and Roanoke, Va., which he re-located to the Grand Guitar building.

Obituary 1 - 2

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Singing Gospeltones

The Singing Gospeltones
Songs With A Heart

Rite # 25649/50

Side 1:
There's Nothing My God Can't Do
Showers Of Blessings
Since Jesus Passed Away
The Longer I Serve Him
His Grace Is Sufficient For Me
Higher Ground.
Side 2:
He Looked Beyond My Fault
Remind Me, Dear Lord
He Touched Me
Nothing For My Journey
Had It Not Been
I'll Be There.

Eddie Ray (Prix 7001, 2nd issue)

Prix HSI-7001 (Side A)
26277 – Glad I Found You

Prix HSI-7001 (Side B)
26278 – You Got Me

Harmonic Sounds Production
Prod. By Clem Price, Bill Moss, George D. Beter

This is the second issue of Prix 7001, not listed in this Prix discography. Note the addition of the name of a third producer, Bill Moss (later founder of the Capsoul label). According to the Ohio Soul Discography, the second issue is an alternate mix of the first one.

First issue (Musicol)

the Keggs on Orbit

the Keggs
Art Lenox-Steve Cool-Bob Rich-Pat Amboyan

20959 ~ To Find Out
20960 ~ Girl

Producer - Yolanda Owens
Rite account # 328

No number on label

Dead wax info : R328 20960 and a D reversed

Only 75 copies were pressed. Bootleg copies of this 45 exist in vast quantities, they have "ORBIT-A" and "ORBIT-B" scratched in the deadwax area. According to Tim Warren (Crypt Records) :
"A band so hated in Detroit, they had to change their name after every show they played! The guitarist met with an evil demise: on his way to practice on his motorbike, he got hit by a truck and knocked into a metal rail which lopped his head off 'n' ended the Keggs' wicked career."

DISCoveries, July 1996 ad

One Susan Bowman of Geneva, Illinois wanted this rare record so badly that she advertised in the records collector magazine DISCoveries and she paid probably as much as $ 129.50, advertising rate for a quarter page -5"x 6"- in the mag at the time.

update Feb. 15, 2014 : quote from White Swirl forum

The Keggs: inept garage band from Westland, Michigan record two outta tune blasts at Be A Star Studios in a shady neighborhood in Detroit in the summer of '67. They come back two weeks later to pick up their records and find that the studio burned down in the riots. Yolanda Owens (listed as "producer" on the record but really she just lent the name of her label, Orbit, to the 7") had made a safety master and was still able to press the record. According to liner notes for the "Back From the Grave" compilation only 75 copies were made, but research indicates that 100 were made with the missing 25 supplied by Yolanda Owens to local radio DJ's for promotion. "Discovered" by compiler Tim Warren in 1984 (I believe in Los Angeles) he treks to Detroit and spends 2 days parked in front of the house of a former band member in hopes of turning up more copies. He gets two more copies, one of which is sold at the Paris Record show in 1986 to an Italian collector who I buy my copy off of in 2005. Total number of copies known to still exist is somewhere around 12. I paid $2561 for my copy in 2005 and a barely playable, cracked copy sold for $373 in 2009. This is, by far, the pinnacle of Detroit garage music.

Stella Lyons on Redstone

Billboard ad, August, 14 1961

Stella Lyons & the Ring-A-Lings

Redstone RS-002
4837 Mitchell Ave., Detroit 7, Michigan

CP-6149 - Paper Tiger (Owney Burnett, Bobby Holiday, Bobber Music Pub. Company, BMI)

CP-6150 – Late Hours (Owney Burnett, Bobber Music Pub. Company, BMI)

"Paper Tiger" was compiled on the Collector CD "More Girls Real Gone" in 2003.

Other releases on the same label :

001 : Allen Shepard and the Countdowns
Hands of Time
007 : Sammy Marshall
Hands of Time
That Needed Lift

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Helling And His Hillbilly Buddies


22603 - I'll Make It All Up To You
22604 - The Dozen Roses

Country, female lead, steel guitar. 1968.

Both songs written by Betty Helling and published by Tony Mazzola's Country Stream Pub. (BMI).

Recorded at Scotty's Studio.

DeWitt Scott

DeWitt Scott ("Scotty" to his friends) was born in Amarillo, Texas in 1932 and grew up in Yukon, Oklahoma. He played Western Swing and country music in the local night clubs, radio and TV in Oklahoma City, Okla. City. DeWitt Scott moved to St. Louis, Mo. in 1951, played TV shows and local night clubs. He was influenced by Noel Boggs, Merle Lindsey and the Oklahoma Night Riders. He backed up Grand Ole Opry groups while playing at Johnny Rion's Hillbilly Park and The Lindy Ballroom in St. Louis.

In 1966 Scotty started Scotty's Music in the basement of his home.

In 1971 he put on the "First Annual Steel Guitar Show" which played to 400 people.

DeWitt Scott bio

The St. Louis Steel Guitar Convention

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ted Harris on String Buster

Ted Harris

String Buster # 101
Box 850, Delta jct, Alaska

22197 - "The Fairbanks Flood"
22198 - "Street Full Of Blues"


Near Delta Junction : a view

The Lucky Charms (Rubbertown-Sound)

Rubbertown Sound 101 - side 1
21847 – I Want A Love Of My Own
(B. Vincent, ASCAP)

Rubbertown Sound 101 - side 2
21848 - Bad Loving
(M.White, B. Vincent, J. Barkett, P. Broner, ASCAP)

Steel Records
101 W. Federal St.
Yougstown, Ohio

Funky Soul


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

The Merriner And Frake Family

The Merriner And Frake Family
5494 S. Main Street Akron, Ohio

Cheer: Old Time Gospel Singing

Rite # 28903/28904

Side 1
The Merriner And Frake Family 
Let The Lower Lights Be Burning
I Love To Tell The Story
Fairest Lord Jesus
I Remember Calvary
Jesus Savior, Pilot Me

Side 2
James Merriner with a message & group vocal
A Thirteen Minute Message Of The Gospel
Nearer My God To Thee

Genesis One (Chuck Owston)

Genesis One

Charlie Mosley, Bass
Chuck Owston, Vocal And Guitar
Sandy Owston, Vocal

Southern Cross EP (1971)

27599 - No More My Lord; I’ll Tell The World
27600 - Unwanted; You’re Still On His Mind

Recorded at Rite Records in Cincinnati, Ohio in Feb. 1970