Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Heywoods (Queen Bea)

The Heywoods

18337 ~ Midnight Hour (feat. Johnny Schott)
18338 ~ Hey Joe ( feat. : Sonny James)

Queen Bea 507


both songs can be heard at MusicMastersOldies HERE

 Queen Bea Records owner, Bea Donaldson, 
with Merrill Osmond, lead singer of the Osmonds (1971)

Bea Donaldson, was the driving force behind the band from inception until their breakthrough.   Her eagerness to get his son, Bo, a keyboard player, into the band scene led her to contact Johnny Schott, who had been in the Radicals and had performed in several area musical theatre productions.   Bea had known Johnny from MC-ing dances with the Radicals. Johnny was reluctant to get involved, but agreed to spend six months in the band as the lead singer. The band was recruited from other local bands, and included Sonny James (drums), David Flitner (bass), Randy Jester (sax), Phil Beard (guitar). With Bea's very agressive promotion, the band started to get attention ...   From Buckeyebeat HERE

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