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The Tunesters

The Tunesters
The Sounds Of The Tunesters! Live!

Recorded by Bill Lamb Productions Flint Michigan.

Side one :

  1. Showtime,
  2. Hello Young Lovers,
  3. Mame,
  4. Havi Nagila
  5. Little Green Apples.

Side two :

  1. Downtown,
  2. Turn Around,
  3. Elvis Vs. Mrs. Miller
  4. Rock-A-Bye Medley
  5. Perfidia.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008


WKYC [radio] Cleveland, OH, 1971
26785/26786; 7" 33 1/3rpm.

One young man's reaction to his own drug addiction before dying because of it. What it's like. Really. [from the cover]

"A recording made by Craig Gardner (of Salt Lake City) describing "the effects of his addiction to LSD…shortly before he committed suicide…at age 19". The record "is the entire 13 minute tape of Gardner's thoughts, spoken while he was strung out on drugs. It was originally aired on WKYC, the NBC-owned radio station in Cleveland, Ohio…The reaction was so strong that the Cleveland Variety Club decided to make it available to Tents throughout the United States for use in their youth work".

The recording was also, the same year 1971, incorporated into the sound track of a educational film.

Read the Time article here.

Little Jimmy Lynch

Little Jimmy Lynch
Meet Little Jimmy Lynch
25553/25554 - stereo

Come On Home And Sing The Blues To Daddy,
Release Me,
She Went A Little Bit Farther,
Act Naturally,
Green Green Grass Of Home,

I Guess I'm Crazy,
Your Cheating Heart,
Running Bear,
I've Cried A Mile,
Golden Rocket.

Little Jimmy Lynch

Tedd Browne : This Little Light Of Mine

Tedd Browne
Label : Cleveland Cursillo Center
Title : This Little Light Of Mine

This Little Light Of Mine
An Evening Meditation
The Devil Song
A Mother’s Prayer
Lift Up Your Voice
Hail Mary

On My Way
St. Francis’ Prayer
I Want To Be Ready
De Colores
Adios, O Virgen
This Little Light Of Mine

Accompanied by Frank Falcone, guitar,Joe Riola, bongos.

Gospel/folk album produced by The Cleveland Cursillo Center.

Tedd Browne was born in South Carolina in the 20s. He was killed in July 1968 in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. He recorded six other albums on Jubilee, NRC, Capo, and Garnett.
One of the two albums on the Garnett label is titled "L.B.J. Musical portrait". The album depicts in song the life of President Johnson.

While that subject matter might seem odd by today’s standards, it is said that in the context of the ’60s, LBJ was at the very least perceived as sympathetic to the ideals of the Civil Rights era, and was embraced by many in the black community.

More about Tedd Browne's recordings here.

And, just in case you are wondering... Cursillo is a christian movement which was founded in Spain in 1949.

Vonnie McClure

Vonnie Mc Clure
Title: Sing A New Song
[No label]
RITE# : 27721/27722 (1971)

The Glory Song
Hold To His Hand
When I Lay My Burdens Down
I've Learned To Believe
The Days Of Noah
By And By/ The Morning I Can See
Made Of Clay
I'll Be Faithful
All I Ask For
Get In Touch With God
He'll See Me Through
I Surrender, Lord
Broken Promises
Jesus Brought Sunshine To My Soul
Medley: I'm Longing For Jesus To Return; Christ Is Coming Again; Added Grace

The Joyful Noise

The Joyful Noise
Classic LP, no release number
Recorded at Classic Sound and Recordings, Inc., Largo, Florida.

side one

Joyful Noise
Life Love And Peace
‘Cause Jesus Loves Me
Jim’s Things
Come To Jesus

side two

High On Jesus
Thank You Jesus
Amazing Grace
Where Could I Go
One, Two, Three
I’d Like To See Jesus Come

Gospel Christian group from St Petersburg, Florida. If you are interested by Jesus music on vinyl, then Heavenly Grooves is THE place to visit.

Note : the cover design may look like a déjà-vu. That's because it was indeed used by a few other LPs releases manufactured by RITE (The sounds of the Zakons for instance).


Monday, December 29, 2008

Evie Lynn And Her Guys

Evie Lynn And Her Guys
Country Star 5017 ('77)

38805 – Girl Behind The Song
38806 - Crying Steel Guitar Waltz

Producer : Norman Kelly
Franklin, Pa., Process subsidiary

Other releases on the same label :

5001 Junie Lou
5003 Mary-Leah (SoN 111411/2)
5005 Junie Lou
5007 Bonnie Baldwin (1974)
5024 Bobby Mac & The Country Rebels (RITE pressing, unk. #)

1004 John J. Alessi and the Pennsylvania Ramblers
1007 Dal Agnew
1009 Evelyn Hopper and the Country Strings
1015 Virgil Pittman (SoN pressing)
1016 Dick Donley and the Country Playboys
1022 Link James (Rite pressing, unk.# 4xxxx)
1044 Junie Lou (1982)
1085 Elmer Blanchard (1987)

? Bill Bevec


Sunday, December 28, 2008

Marisa Gatti

Marisa Gatti
Poo Pan 101
Detroit, Michigan
17949 - Love's What You Want
17950 - You're Gone Now

Rare uptempo northern 'stomper' from Detroit.
Produced & written by Mike Valvano ( "J Greer" was a songwriting alias).

Marisa Gatti, born in San Marino, a tiny country surrounded by Italy, but raised in Detroit, recorded a pair of tunes at Detroit's Sound Studio in 1966 with many of the musicians that made Motown famous.

"I started singing professionally at age 15 with various combos and orchestras, so the singing was nothing new in itself," says Gatti-Taylor. "I cut the record in 1966, at age 20. It was exciting to be part of the composing process; I even came up with a line for the fast side of the 45 rpm, 'Love's What You Want."
It was her only record. She now works as a translator and teacher of Italian. She even composed a national anthem for San Marino, with her daughter.

The Gospel Dynamic Superiors (Jones Records)

The Gospel Dynamic Superiors
Label : Jones (no #)
1922 Portman Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45237

41395 - He Will Be Your Friend (lead vocalist : Curtis Foster)
41396 - Jesus Was Right Here All The Time (lead vocalist : Anthony Williams)
Produced by Elijah Williams in association with The Gospel Dynamic Superiors

Curtis Foster was the fourth child born to the late Sandy Sr. and Sybil Foster, of Cincinnati Ohio. At the age of 12 years old, Curt began his singing career with The Gospel Tornadoes. This was a group with which his father who was also known as the Big Eagle managed. Curtis continued his career and sang with such groups as The Golden Eagles, The Dynamic Gospel Superiors, and his family group The Foster Brothers. By age 23, Curt began singing R&B top 40's with local bands such as Sonny & Brite and Solid State. His professional level launched when he returned to the gospel circuit singing and traveling the United States with a group out of Kansas City known as Mildred Clark & the Melody Aires.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Deterline Brothers

Deterline Brothers
Amber 1
24505 - Ashes of Love (Vocal by Floyd)
24506 – Have You Lost Your Love For Me
RITE account # 4046

A-side is a cover of the Jim and Jesse song. According to the BMI database, the B-side is written by F., J. & L. Giddens, likely the real name of the Deterline Brothers.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Salvation Army School For Officer’s Training Atlanta, Georgia

The Salvation Army School For Officer’s Training
Atlanta, Georgia

Songs of Christmas
Shout For Joy
[Rite] 33861-33862 [1974]

Sine One

* Away In A Manger
* Birthday Of The King
* I Wonder As I Wander
* God Rest Ye
* It's That Time Of The Year Again
* Sweet Little Jesus Boy
* The Little King Jesus

Side Two

* Jesus Christ Is Born
* Star Candles
* Mary's Little Boy Child
* Shepherd, Shepherd
* His Yoke Is Easy
* Mid-Winter

Violet Ray on Gladatone

Violet Ray
Gladatone 101
Moss Point, Miss.
Produced by Frank Cunningham
CP-4283 - Senior Prom
CP-4284 - A Miracle Gladatone 101

The only other record issued on the same label seems to have been the EP listed by Terry'Gordon's Rockin' Country Style amazing discography here.

Hank Robey on Spindletop

Hank Robey
Spindletop 45002
7671 - I Told You So
7672 - Not Just A Dream
Port Arthur, Texas, 1962

Described as a "honky tonk shuffle hillbilly" country record. It was reviewed in the C&W section of Billboard magazine the week of August 18, 1962.

Other releases on the label include:

Jack Angel
Spindletop 45003 [BB Oct. 1962]
Everything Allright
When I Start Drinking

Jim Miller
Spindletop 45005 +PS
Four Reasons
Go Ask the Stars

Joey Choate (9 years-old blind piano player)
Spindletop 45009 +PS
With Vigah !
Teen Dream

Curt Block and the Dreamlites
Spindletop 45010
11219 - It's Raining Again
11220 - Hang Out (Instrumental - Dreamlites only)

Jim Miller
Spindletop 45011
11221 - Gonna Find Me An Angel
11222 - Carol (Chuck Berry tune)

Kenny Pickard
Spindletop 45012 (RITE pressing, unk. numbers)
(no info available)

Talmadge Armstrong and the Escotts
Spindletop 45015

Gordon Baxter
Spindletop 45016
We just called him Sam /?

Freddie Immel
Spindetop SR-0017
Where Will I Go From Here / Half the Man

Al Trahan
Spindletop SR-0018
Funky Lu /(I Know) We Need Each Other

David McIntyre
Spindletop S-0019
The Richest Man/Nobody But You

Frank Graffagnino
Spindletop SR-0022 (not RITE)
Cheatin’ Mama
I Made Up My Mind Last Night

Songsmith with the Daystrippers
Spindletop SR-0023
Wind / Columbia

Paul Hardy
Spindletop 45027
Many tears ago /?

Dwight James and The Rockin' Knights
Spindletop 111 (not a RITE pressing)
Just For You
Walkin Out
BB Pop review - July 3, 1961

Danny Brown
Spindletop SR-751

Al Trahan
Spindletop SR-761, 1976
Can I Feel It/?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Johnson Sisters Trio

Johnson Sisters TrioNo label name; RITE account # 3074
23425 - Get Thee Behind Me Satan
23426 - Win The Lost At Any Cost

 Norfolk, Virginia according to

Avfus Records (Benton Harbor, Michigan)

AVFUS Records
1069 E. Main
Benton Harbor, Michigan

109 Soul Revivers
27807 - I’m on my way home
27808 - I’ll fly away
Produced by Fred Patterson

110 Johnny Morris
27809 - Don't Be Ashamed
27810 - She's My Girl
Produced by Rufus Boothe

111 Shelia and the Tonnettes
? - It must be spring
? - You ain't gonna get it
Produced by Rufus Boothe

111 Soul Revivers
29111 - Bended knees
29112 - Stand by me
Produced by Fred Patterson

L P 1001 - Soul Revivers

Side One :

I’m On My Way Home
Yield Not To Temptation
The Everlasting Arms
Bended Knees
Come To Jesus
He Never Left Me Alone

Side Two :
Search Me Lord
In My Dressing Room
Stand By Me
You’ll Need The Lord
It’s Amazing
I’ll Fly Away

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lanrod Records (Detroit, Michigan)

Lanrod 1605 [1963]
Edward Hamilton & Arabians
11157 - Temptation Of Love
11158 - Now You Have To Cry Alone

Lanrod 1606 [1964]
Joe Kingston
12167 - It Was Only Yesterday
12168 - A Long Time Ago

The owner of Lanrod Records, the Reverend James Hendrix was brought up on Church music, and that's how he got started in the music business. He held jobs in Churches as organ and piano player, choir director and Gospel songwriter for his choirs. He started writing music in 1939 in Nashville, and commuted from Nashville to Detroit from 1940-1959. In 1959, he relocated to Detroit, and stayed there through 1967. Soon after moving there, he started into secular music through writing for Cornell Blakely and managing him, and writing for others. He then formed his Carrie label, recording mainly gospel acts. His first secular release was the first recording of Mitch Ryder (Carrie 1515, as by Billy Lee). His name is also associated with producer Lou Beatty and helped him to start the La Beat label.

Other relases on the same label (not pressed by RITE) :

Lanrod 1605- Edward Hamilton & Arabians- I Love You So/Now You Have To Cry Alone

Lanrod 5513- John Heidelberg And The New Soul Emergency : Busing/New Soul Emergency Fire Ball

Lanrod 3777 (EP) - Minnie Merritt and Peace Baptist Church Choir


Friday, December 19, 2008

Bob Storm on Halmark

Bob Storm
musical director: Jerry Dee

The Halmark song-poem enterprise has been founded by Ted Rosen in 1967. The always entertaining Phil Milstein has a full page of information and a discography of the Halmark/Hallmark label in his American Song-Poem Music Archives (ASPMA)

The five 45s listed below are not listed by the ASPMA. The first has just be found on e-bay, and the four others in the on-line Library of Congress Audio Collection database.

All these records are credited to Bob Storm, with the mention of Jerry Dee, musical director.

Halmark 21887/8
Love Is An Awful Thing/
The Scent Of Roses

Halmark 23615/16
Keep That Chin Up Soldier / Wr Delbert J. Van Pattern.
I'm Glad I Fell In Love With You / Wr John Roza

Halmark 23619/20
He's Waiting / Wr Margaret Woodworth.
I Get Worked Up Over You / Wr Gerald Elias.

Halmark 23769/70
No One Could Have Been More In Love / Wr Esther D. Bremner.
If You Should Die In Your Sins / Wr Myrtle Ritchie.

Halmark 23777/78
People Can't You See / Wr Freddy Edlin.
Sometime, Somewhere, Somehow / Wr Mrs. D. Dixon.

Kisatchie Kinsmen - Jesse Acuff, vocalist

Kisatchie Kinsmen
Jesse Acuff, vocalist
22221 - Hurting Time
22222 - Hope You're Feeling Better


Curly Farmer & Lonnie Crabtree - RCM Records

Curly Farmer & Lonnie Crabtree
RCM Records, Winchester, Kentucky
28745 - Curly's Blues
28746 - With Someone's Help
RITE Acct. # 1795

This 1972 release features a great instrumental on the A-side and a country vocal by Lonnie Crabtree on the reverse. The instrumental, "Curly's Blues" has a much earlier rockabilly beat and is worth the search for a copy.

The label appears to be from Winchester, Kentucky and may have been owned by Bill Martin. Perhaps the label name represents Bill's initials or those of someone from his family.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Otis Johnson - New Colony

Otis Johnson
New Colony
29279 – In The Streets Of The City –4:37
29280 – Something’s Wrong! - 3:15
“Recorded in the country” at Appalachia Sound Recording Studios, Chillicothe, Ohio
Both songs written by O.Johnson, Lantern Light Music, BMI


The Appalachia Sound Recording Studio in Chillicothe Ohio was operated by Joe Waters (1947-2008).

Born September 19, 1947 in Chillicothe, Joe would always love to share a story about being a kid growing up on the neighborhood streets of his life-long home. Joe graduated from Ohio University in 1969 and was a High School English teacher in his early twenties.
Joe had a great love for music and in 1971 he opened a small recording studio in an old general store that his father owned in Massieville. This studio, Appalachia Sound, grew in reputation and Joe expanded his services to include equipment sales. Going one step further, Joe started offering recording classes for his customers too.

In 1977, these recording classes grew into The Recording Workshop, a school world-renown that still operates in the original location in Massieville.


Lester Tipton - LaBeat 6607

Lester Tipton, LaBeat 6607 Lester Tipton
LaBeat 6607, Detroit, Michigan
17867 - This Won't Change (soul)
17868 - Go On (soul)

This may be the most valuable 45 ever pressed by RITE Records in Cincinnati. Three eBay auctions in the last 4 months finished with winning bids of $5999.00, $6546.00 and $7200.00! Lou Beatty owned this label (among others) and produced 12-14 LaBeat releases before the Detroit riots of 1967 tore the studio apart and ended the business. Here's a photo of Lou in front of the Detroit studio in late 1966:

Other artists who recorded on LaBeat include Al Williams, James Shorter, Nelson Sanders and The Masqueraders. Three of the LaBeat releases were pressed by RITE including two others by the Masqueraders. Nothing on this legendary Detroit soul label goes for low prices!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Black Rock Quartet

Black Rock Quartet
Gospel Jubilee 527
Demorest, Georgia
? - Heavenly Chimes
? - Work Play Sing And Shout

The writer of the A-side, Ralph Raper, had a record shop in Demorest, Georgia, and was also very likely the owner of this label. Another label that he owned was Country Jubilee.

The name of the publisher (Ralph's Radio) appears on various tiny Georgia labels like Lanier (Toccoa), Hillcrest (Cornelia), Self (?) and South Carolina Rush label.


Monday, December 15, 2008

Roy Webber (Sterling 175 )

Roy Webber
Sterling 175
CP-1670 – Whistling Rufas
CP-1671 – Bumble Bee Blues

A pair of C&W instrumentals

Cowboy Kelly

Cowboy Kelly
Mike 45-7867
Account number: 728
20041 - Christmas Time Is Here
20042 - Christmas Dolly
Produced by L. Mike Carlson
Sparta, Michigan country.

L. Mike Carlson also produced Beverly McBrian with Charlotte and The Kentucky Boys on the same label, and on the Rascal label, Freeman Keith (Rascal 6001) and Cowboy Herb Brown (Rascal 8901).

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Gospel Mariners 7619

The Gospel Mariners 7619
Gospel Mariner's Quartet
CP-1118 - He Knows Just What I Need (sacred)
CP-1119 - My God Is Real (sacred)
Dayton, Ohio - 1956

In 1950 at Dayton , Ohio , the Reverend Loren Kolb had an idea that there should be a Gospel television program in this south-western Ohio area. He tried several different formats until the program GOOD SHIP ZION evolved and was accepted for public service programming by station WHIO-TV. “Captain” Kolb found a Gospel Quartet from Dayton and named them the Gospel Mariners. The program, presented as though it originated on board a ship, consisted of three or four songs by the quartet and a short message by “Captain” Kolb. The GOOD SHIP ZION program ran live at noon every Sunday and was one of the longest sustaining programs in the country.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Virginia Soul Stirrers

The Virginia Soul Stirrers
28181 – I Feel The Holy Spirit
28182 - Swing Down Chariot
Joy Enterprises Inc. - JE-VSS-101

Black gospel

Mary Hankins With The Tiki-Turbans

Mary Hankins With The Tiki-Turbans
12451 – The Way Of Love

Mary Hankins /Jimmy Taylor With The Tiki-Turbans
12452 – Ants In My Pants

Continental Promotions
Charleston W. Va.

Curtis Price remembers :

« My dad […] was a musician, so obviously I became involved with music real early. He was a piano player, so I played piano with him for years. Later, I switched to guitar. My grandmother bought me my first guitar. It was a Christmas present, and she passed away on Christmas Day. That guitar was always very special to me.

"By junior high, I was playing with a group called the Tiki Turbans. There was a club called the Man Tiki on the Boulevard, a college hangout. We played there three or four nights a week.

"The Way Of Love" has been compiled on CD (The Kiddie Sound, volume 13), but wrongly credited to Jimmy Taylor. The singer is Mary Hankins.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Jimmie James (Band Box 377)

Jimmie James
Band Box 377
Denver, CO
19601 - Too Many Mini Skirts
19602 - Is It A Crime, Is It A Sin

The label was owned by Vicky Morosan.

From a Denver Post Article written by Nick Groke :
Vicky Morosan, who immigrated to America in the '30s from Transylvania, Romania, answered a for-sale ad in the paper for a recording studio at East Sixth Avenue and Ogden Street called Columbine Records.

A dispute over the name with behemoth Columbia Records got Morosan to change the label's name to Band Box Records. She moved to 220 S. Broadway and went into business. Denver had its Sun Studio.

"She loved music, opera especially. So it was funny for her to get into rock 'n' roll." said Morosan's daughter, Frances. Morosan died [...] in 2006. She was 97.

"She would make demo records for whoever would come in the door," Frances said. "She loved the business so much. She put those records in her trunk and hauled them all over the country, the hard way. She was just a working old fool."

Band Box turned out about 350 masters, mostly rockabilly, country and Western, and R&B, from bands including Orlie & the Saints, Lee Chandler & the Blue Rhythms, and Jimmy DeKnight, co-writer of "Rock Around the Clock." The label nearly hit big with Freddie & the Hitch-Hikers' "Sinners" in 1961 — a song later covered by the Cramps — and with Sonny Russell's "50 Megatons" in 1963.

Band Box label discography


Jesse Butler (Process 150)

Jesse Butler (with Freddie and the Continental Playboys)
Franklin, PA
15039 - Dancing Fever
15040 - Tear Drops And Pennies

Winning bid: US $9.38
Ended: Oct-05-08


Wayne Toombs on Pure Gold 305

Wayne Toombs
Pure Gold 305
9525 - It's My Heart That You're Breaking
9526 - Pretty Girl
Rite Account #267

According the The American Record Label Directory, Pure Gold is a Memphis based subsidary of the Fernwood label.

Partially documented on RCS with only one photo and no sound clips, this 1963 rock & roll / rocker is worth further mention.

Mr. Toombs gets warmed up with a nice rocker on the a-side and then delivers a calypso style semi-rockabilly "Pretty Girl" on the b-side.

Please click this link for a sortable & searchable listing of RITE Custom Pressings now numbering well over 1700 listings and growing daily!

Leon High School Band

Leon High School Band
Director: Oliver Hobbs
CP - 4569 - Alma Mater
CP - 4570 - Dixie
Rite Account #127

The Leon High School Band of Tallahassee, Florida, was under the direction of Oliver Hobbs from 1950 - 1967. This 1960 recording represents the peak of Hobbs leadership as the band had represented the State of Florida at the 1959 Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, D.C., and the 1960 Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City.

The band was excellent and the songs are classic. "Alma Mater" is the same tune used in the final talent show scene at the end of the classic film, "Dirty Dancing" and what great southern band isn't prepared to thrill the crowd with a rousing rendition of "Dixie." Find one if you can but I'm not letting go of my copy!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Cleveland Robinson Sings

Cleveland Robinson Sings
No label name
9917 - These Are The Hands
9918 - Come Change Your Name To Mine
Rite account number : 1074 [Cleveland (OH)]

This predates the second pressing on the Debra label, listed in all discographies I've seen as his first.

Born in Macon Georgia and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In Pittsburgh Cleveland formed a Quartet and began singing in his church. Cleveland later married there and started a family. Soon after, Cleveland migrated to Cleveland Ohio and began his pursuit as a professional singer song writer of popular music.A lot of time, sweat, boxes of throat lozenges, countless cups of hot tea with lemon and honey, and it was time to "come out of the gym".

His first professional recording was done at Schneider Recording Studio in downtown Cleveland Ohio. Almost immediately his recording was taken by Redda Robins to Murray Deutch, an executive head at United Artists, who liked it well enough to award Cleveland a recording contract on the United Artists Ascot label. However due to personal problems, which he relayed to Murray, he reluctantly released him. But Cleveland continued his pursuit. He had already started another business in order to provide steady income for his family which had grown to a number of seven.

[Source :]

Monday, December 8, 2008

Bert Murray on the Allen Organ

Bert Murray singing and playing on the Allen Organ
No label name
Rite account number 1074 [Cleveland, Ohio]
15553 – Tiny Piney, the Christmas tree
15554 - It’s Christmas time again
Pub. By Nordyke Music – Hollywood , Calif.

Hear the first minute

During the 1940s and early '50s, you could scarcely open a pulp magazine without tripping over an ad for Nordyke Publishing Company. They were the dominant force in the song-poem industry.

In the sheet music branch of the song-poem industry it was even easier to get away with song recycling than it was in the recorded end, and Nordyke relied heavily on that scheme. Many of their tunes were vaguely reminiscent of familiar melodies, yet were at the same time instantly forgettable. At best they were simplistic and dull.

Read the full article at Phil Milstein's Song-Poem Music site.