Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The New-Born Singers of the Teen Challenge Institute

        The New-Born Singers of the Teen Challenge Institute
I've Been New-Born 
Side 1  [#28853]

1. Happiness Is The Lord (Stanphill)
2. We've Come This Far By Faith (Akers)  Solo With Choir Phil Breithaupt
3. I've Been New-Born   Solo Voices With Choir Benny ? & John Kenzy)
4. I Will Serve Thee (Gaither)  Duet Phil & Bev Breithaupt
5. Now Walk With God  (Skillings) Solo Voices With Choir Bev Breithaupt & Crystal Young
Side2   [#28854]

1. Happiness (Gaither)
2. I'm Free (Gaither)   Solo : Phil Breithaupt
3. Talk To The Lord About It (Skillings) Duet With Choir : Bobby Negron & Neal Washington)
4. Nobody Cared (Owens)
5. Listen  (Skillings) 
Recorded in Rhinebeck, NY - The New York City Orchestra conducted by Jerry Nelson.

"HEROIN, MARIJUANA, SPEED, LSD & REVOLUTION are terms well known by this most unusual choir. Thank GOD!  They've found the cure. they're free!  They sing and tell it like it is, for they are the New Born generation "

The Teen Challenge Institute was founded by the combined efforts of Rev. David Wilkerson and John Q. Kenzy in 1965.  It is a specialized school for preparing former revolutionaries, addicts, delinquent youth and others from the "straight" society to staff the Teen Challenge Centers across America.

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