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Superjack on Superjack


31939 - Get It Out Of Our Minds Girl
31940 – Unsung Song


Recorded at RCA Victor Nashville;
Arranged by Cliff Parman;
Produced by Jackson Taylor / Cliff Parman;

Frederick Music Co. (BMI)

Jackson Taylor was born in Portage, Wis. on November 26, 1942, the son of Thomas and Margaret (Tucker) Taylor. He graduated from Green Lake High School and attended U.W. Madison. Jack was a member of BMI as a song writer, and was the Doggie Sox Manufacturer in Green Lake. Collecting classic cars was a passion for Jack, and he won numerous trophies for his cars. He also was the coordinator of the Green Lake Car show for 20 years.

He passed away unexpectedly on Wednesday, June 30, 2010, at the University Hospital in Madison.

He did invent, patented and manufactured the Doggie Sox :

One of the more interesting new creations in the kennel collection is Doggie Sox. But it’s not a joke. « Salt on the sidewalks is like acid. It cracks dogs’ feet, » says inventor Jackson Taylor. « There’s been foot protection for dogs before. We’ve bought rubber foots for our poodle and had to throw them away. They don’t stay on the dog. We’eve got a suspender system that keeps these socks on. »

New York Magazine - Vol. 16, n° 41, 17 oct. 1983 Putting on the Dog, article.
Patent 4633817
Protective footwear for animals
January 6, 1987
Protective footwear for animals includes a suspender system for retaining two-piece bootees on the animal's feet. The bootee comprises a sock of warm and comfortable yarn which is inserted into and joined to a boot of deerskin...

And he wrote books also ("The Professional approach to selling your songs", 1979)...

Back on topic. It's rather unusual to see the names of renowned musicians printed on the label of a Rite pressing : Cliff Parman, arranger and producer of this disk, started in Chicago in the forties and later in Nashville. He co-wrote "Pretend", a Nat King Cole hit in 1953. He arranged recordings by such artists as Esther Philips, Joe Henderson, Cal Smith, Bobby Helms, ... to name a few.

Frederick Music, the publishing company, was owned by Bud Brandon, with whom Cliff Parman worked in Chicago.


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Cara Stewart, Dwight Duvall on Brosh

Cara Stewart
CP-4693 - Yearning
(C. Angel Brosh Music BMI)

Dwight Duvall
CP-4694 - Blue Memories
(Johnson; Greenlaw, Brosh Music BMI)

Brosh Records #100

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"There are only a handful of documented releases on the Brosh label (pronounced "Broash", we're told). At least a few of them, as documented on the AS/PMA website, were clearly not song-poem releases, while others clearly were. This one, which likely was the first release on the label, would appear to fall into the latter category...
Read more about this record (and hear both sides) at Bob Purse's blog "the Wonderful and the Obscure " HERE


Jack and Jumpin' Jacks on Kay

Jack and Jumpin' Jacks

CP - 1819 ~ Thumpin' the Blues
CP --1820 ~ More More

Kay Records #701
E. St Louis, Illinois


"Thumpin' The Blues" was recorded again in 1968 at Monument Studios, Nashville, Tn. and issued as by Jack and the Contrasts on Precise Records (1646 Washington Ave. Alton, Illinois) b/w She's Mine. Arranger was Don Tucker.

Jack and the Contrasts

Jack is Jack B. Crider :

" He is very well known in the St.louis /Alton/Wood River/Cottage Hills area! His name is Jack B.Crider Sr. He has been recording /Singing /Songwriting and performing live for 40 plus years..." Read More HERE


Saturday, July 23, 2011

How Many Days on Unlimited Sound

How Many Days
featuring Mike Miller vocals

42361 A - Afternoon in Columbus
42361 B - Afternoon in Columbus (instrumental)

Unlimited Sound Recording 501

(Columbus, Ohio)

Produced by Quandours Williams and Albert Scales III.


Currently auctioned at eBay by Roly Poly. See the auction HERE.

"Phenomenally rare private pressing. recorded in Columbus OH" says Roly Poly. Phenomenally high is the starting bid : 1;700 US$. Phenomenally optimistic is Roly Poly.


Chuck Cole on Big Star

Chuck COLE

16233 ~ My Bonney
16234 ~ Ha Baby

Big Star 004

500 E. Warren
Detroit, Michigan



The Sound of Howard Finster, Man of Visions

Howard Finster

The Sounds of Howard Finster Man of Visions
Worlds Minister Of Folk Art Church, inc.

Side 1 – Vocals with Banjo [RR 42001A]
1. Some of These Days
2. Old Time Religion
3. The Saints Go Marching In
4. I Want to Cross Over
5. Five Come a Five Cripple Creek
6. Coming Around the Mountain

Side 2 – Solo Vocals [RR 42001B]

6. Rock of Ages
7. Victory in Jesus
8. It' a Grand and Glorious Feeling
9. I'll Fly Away
10. Explanation of the Devil and Faith
11. I Don't Know Why
12. There's an Eye Watching You

From the back cover :

Howard Finster is a man of many talents. Besides his very special gift for visual invention, during his 65 years on the planet Earth, he has worked as a farmer, grocer, taxidermist, plumber, cabinetmaker and bicycle repairman. In addition, since being « called » at the age of sixteen, he has devoted his life to God. This has included pastoring nine churches, seven years of « on the road » revivals, and hundreds of weddings, baptisms and funerals. Through his ministry, as well as his art and music, Howard Finster’s spirit has touched the lives of many.

After a rather intense vision in 1976, Reverend Finster began painting. He has since completed over 2000 works, including tractor enamel paintings on glass, wood, paper, T.V. sets and other found objects. But this is not all…in 1971, he single-handedly began creating « Paradise Garden », a monumental 2-1/2 acre environmental sculpture. Using thousands of objects discarded by others, including jewelry, marbles, broken glass, mirrors, toys, machinery and other « inventions of man », he composed a visual environmental poem dedicated to all of Mankind. Reverend Finster continues his work on Paradise Garden today, and looks forward to its completion before he returns to God’s planet.

Howard Finster is a man who loves freely, and is loved in return. His visions are as boundless as his energy and motivation. He was sent here to spread the messages of the Lord, and with this album we hope to partially fulfill that goal.

VF June 4, 1981

Recorded in various locations (Summerville, Georgia and North Carolina)
This album was made possible with the support of The American Folk Art Company Tappahannock, Virginia
Produced by Victor Faccinto and Jeffery Camp

Victor Faccinto, animated filmmaker, painter, sculptor, and photographer, is gallery director and a member of the art faculty at Wake Forest University, Winston-Salem, North Carolina. He began photographing Finster and his work on his first visit to Paradise Garden in 1978, and he has since produced two Finster record albums (1979 and 1981).

Howard Finster (1916-2003) was perhaps the best known self-taught artist of the modern era. Howard saw himself as a visitor from another planet, a modern Noah before the flood, sent here to spread the word of the Lord. God spoke directly to him through his visions, which inspired his paintings

There is plenty of information regarding the life and works of Howard Finster available on various website.
But, as they say in France : " c'est-y de l'art ou du cochon ? (Is this art or pig ?).

Is Howard "too popular" ?

Some suggest that the Reverend Howard Finster was seduced by the market, despite his often-expressed intention of proselytizing by getting as many pieces as possible into the hands of potentials converts. Still, the work is treated as if the creation of the rare aesthetic object was his primary goal. Finster’s early work is revered by collectors and is expensive. His later works (those after the late 1980s) are cheaper, more-mass produced, and are less regarded and worth less. Many assumed that by the end his family was doing much of the work. One collector commented about works dated when Finster was hospitalized : « This is not good. Right there that throws a wrench into the idea of Howard ». The toll-free number (1-800-FINSTER) and price list didn’t help. Finster is given a pass by some because, as a minister, he wishes to « get the word ou , » but few suggest that his output of the last decade of his life is very significant aesthetically. Said one collector, Finster has become « too discovered..infected by popular acclaim ».
Gary Alan Fine : everyday genius Selft-Taught Art and the Culture of Authenticity, The University of Chicago Press,2004
Academic books can be (on purpose or not) funny. Found in the same book, as a fact of matters :

One self-taught artist (Sudduth) colors his works with materials such as molasses, coal dust, crepe paper, pine needles, berries, Coca-Cola, and the exhaust fumes from his lawn mower.

The Official Homepage Of Howard Finster

Howard Finster sings & play banjo


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Kingdom Stars on Parliament

Kingdom Stars

22295 - Walk On By Faith (Rev. Lynch)

22296 - Going To Rest With God

Parliament Ps 406

4005 W. Washington Blvd.
Chicago, Ill. 60624

Black gospel - sample

The Kingdom Stars had also at least two records on C.R.A. Records.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jimmy Simms Thunderbirds on Peppermint Lounge

Jimmy Simms

Peppermint Lounge 34542/3
Madeira Beach

8527 ~ Twistin' On The Beach
8528 ~ Shuffle Twist

Galaxie Productions


★ ★ ★

With exceptions, the barrier islands are still mostly white ; our diversity is European. Thousands of the wealthy from England, Germany and the smaller European countries choose to live here – or « maintain homes » here – either on the islands or on the Bay or the Bayway. Until 1962, when Ronny Lowe and the Dominoes played the Peppermint Lounge in Madeira Beach, blacks couldn’t even be in the band out here.

From "On the Whispering Wind", a novel by Dan Allison, 2002.

That's for the location general atmosphere. Now, I can't find a thing about Jimmy Simms or about the Thunderbirds or even about Galaxie Productions...

In an aside, the very same label design with the peppermint stick can be found in 1973 on the label of a George Westermeyer III & The Tyme Machine release (It's So Nice To Be With You) recorded Live at the Stouffers "Grog Shop" (Ohio), on the Peppermint imprint, also pressed by Rite Records (#31191/2).

Same design, not related (in all likehood)


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Chuck Bates on Jay Kay

Chuck Bates

Jay Kay 1001

13387 –Down Down When the Sun Goes Down
(R.Robbins, B.Lee, T.Stiles, Beat Music BMI)

13388 - Why Can't I Get You Home On Time
(R.Robbins, B.Lee, T.Stiles, Beat Music BMI)


Out of Cleveland, Ohio. Redheaded manager and producer Redda Robbins involvment (she (co)wrote both sides). Chuck Bates had another 45 on the same Jay Kay label, also numbered 1001 :

b/w Just a Dreamer

Friday, July 15, 2011

Ernest Martin : Let It Shine On Me

Ernest Martin
With The Norvell Brothers
and O. C. Robbins

A Martin Blue-Grass Special 1018

CP-1937 ~ Let's Be Friends
CP-1938 ~ Let It Shine On Me


Ernest C. Martin is unknown today except to a very few collectors, but for 50 years the name of this traveling Pentecostal preacher was familiar at camp meetings and revivals throughout the mid-west and beyond. Rev. Martin was an exceptional songwriter whose no-holds-barred vocal put across his message with unforgettable impact. Born at Clay City, Kentucky on January 27, 1914, he learned guitar, banjo and harmonica at a young age and, as Kid Martin, had his own radio show on WNOX in Knoxville by 1934. He also played on radio with Bill & Cliff Carlisle and incessantly played one night stands and radio over a wide area. In these early years he was a hard drinker and he became seriously ill by the end of the 30s at which point three doctors pronounced that they couldn't help him and that he would die within months. Instead, Martin took this as a wake-up call from the Lord and started the evangelistic work that he would continue throughout his long life.
[From the catalog of Venerable Music : Ernest Martin: And His Gospel Melody Makers]

Ernest Martin died in June 2002.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Jimmie Dale Story

2011 re-issue on pink vinyl of Jimmie Dale's four sides issued on Saber and Farrall in 1958, both in the Starday Custom Series. "Baby Doll" / "Darlin" became instant classics when they were re-issued by ACE records on the great "Rarest Rockabilly & Hillbilly Boogie" LP in 1982.

In addition, the gatefold EP features an amazing 12 page color booklet giving a full breakdown of Jimmie Dale’s career in Southern Indiana and Kentucky.

Limited edition (750 copies) produced in the U.K. by John Burton.

Also available on Itunes HERE.


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lou Christie and the Classics on Alcar

Lou Christie and the Classics

16347 ~ Close your eyes
16348 ~ Funny Thing

Alcar 207

First issued on Starr 508 in 1960 as by The Classics

Lou Christie and The Classics

16349 - Tomorrow Will Come
16350 - You're With It

Alcar 208

Christie and writing partner Twyla Herbert

Inaccuracies abound on the internet regarding the life and works of Lugee Alfredo Giovanni Sacco born in Glen Willard, PA in 1943, better known as Lou Christie. And no serious information can be found on these four sides recorded by The Classics and later re-issued on the Alcar label, in-house label of Rite Records. Almost certainly recorded by Fee Bee Records owner Joe Averbach in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1960. Two were issued on the Starr label, one of the Fee Bee Records subsidiary label. The two others are likely from the same session(s) and were not issued at the time.

Twyla Herbert was the song writing partnter of Lou Christie for 30 years. Together they wrote hundreds of songs yielding a dozen hits including the no 1 song "Lightin' Strikes" and the hits "The Gypsy Cried", Two Faces of I", and "Rhapsody in the Rain," and "She Sold Me Magic. Lou Christie call her a genious. Herbert and Christie also composed songs for the girl group the Tammys, including the single "Egyptian Shumba," .

Twyla was born in 1921 in Riverside California and spent most of her lifetime in Pittsburgh. She performed as a classical concert pianist and described herself as a "bohemian gypsy, clairvoyant mystic". Twyla allegedly predicted which of her Lou Christie songs would become hits. She died in Phoenix, Arizona in 2009, at the age of 87.


Sunday, July 10, 2011

Nimrod Workman on Dillons Run Records

Dillons Run Records
Capons Bridge, WV
30325 Talking Union And John L. / Black Lung Blues
30326 Coal Black Mining Blues / Hart's Creek Mt.
Rite Account # 5559

Nimrod Workman was born in Inez, Martin County, Kentucky and was named for his grandfather, a Cherokee Indian. At the age of 14 he went to work in the Howard Collieries coal mines in Mingo County WV, and he continued working as a coal miner for forty-two years until he was forced to retire due to black lung and a slipped disc.

Throughout his coal mining career he was active in union politics and United Mine Workers of America organizing. In 1920-1921 he worked alongside Mary Harris "Mother" Jones in West Virginia, and participated in the Battle of Blair Mountain uprising. In later years he advocated on behalf of black lung victims, and was able to receive union compensation for his own health problems in 1971.

Following his retirement as a miner he became known as a folk singer, with frequent performances around Appalachia as well as the Smithsonian Folklife Festival and the 1982 World's Fair. In 1986 he was a recipient of the National Heritage Fellowship from the National Endowment for the Arts.

Workman recorded two albums, Passing Thru the Garden, with his daughter Phyllis Boyens, which was released by June Appal Recordings in 1975. In 1978 he released Mother Jones' Will on the Rounder Records label. In addition he contributed songs to several albums of traditional and coal mining music.

He was the subject of a documentary Nimrod Workman: To Fit My Own Category, produced by Appalshop Films, and appeared as himself in the documentaries Harlan County, USA, Chase the Devil: Religious Music of the Appalachians, and The Grand Generation. He is heard leading the singing of "Amazing Grace" in the funeral scene in Coal Miner's Daughter, which also featured Phyllis Boyens as Loretta Lynn's mother.

He spent most of his life in Chattaroy, West Virginia, though in later years he lived in Mascot, Tennessee. He died in Knoxville, Tennessee at the age of 99.

The a cappella recordings pictured here was pressed by RITE Records in 1972 and may be the first occasion his voice was released on record.

Record photos courtesy of Steve Foehner. Text from Wikipedia.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Sonny Dave Daye & The Muffins on Ring-O

Sonny Dave Daye & The Muffins

OM 13889 - Merry-Go-Round
(Daye-Phillips, Febe Music)

O-M 13890 - I Can't Keep Score
(Phillips, Febe Music)

Ring-O Records # 305
Suite 807
1697 Broadway N.Y.

Arranged by A. Oliver

The following biography is borrowed from Carl and Nancy Janusek (CD Rock’n’Roll Fee Bee, Flyright CD 55, liner notes) :

Whether he recorded as Dave Day, Davey Day or Dave « Diddlie » Day (birth name Dave Fatalsky), this Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area recording artist was a multi-talented performer. An excellent guitarist with « varied musical tastes » he began singing Country and Western music while working at radio station WWVA (Wheeling, West Virginia) in 1946 as a member of a duet billed the Oklahoma Boys. His performing wasn’t limited to vocalizing ; Dave was also a stand-up comic and a ventriloquist. By 1955, Dave caught in the mushrooming Rock’n’Roll phenomena. His voice was remarkably similar to Bill Haley’s. Ironically, through an impromptu meeting with Haley and his manager, Dave Ferguson, Dave was added to Bill Haley’s Comets to emcee, play rhtyhm guitar and front the group on an upcoming tour.

In April 1956, Dave, along with The Red Coats (The Comets), cut two sides for the Kapp label… « Calpyso Rock » and Blue ». The record received very little air play and virtually went unnoticed. Joe Averbach, also the Kapp distributor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, as well as operator of the Fee Bee label was approached by Dave with some original material that he and his partner Tony Ray had written. Shorthly thereafter, Dave inked a Fee Bee recording contract. His biggest hit on Fee Bee was « Blue Moon Baby » - a rocker with an oriental touch – was released in the spring of 1957 and shortly leased to Mercury. One other side of Dave Day’s « varied musical tastes » was that he also recorded polka music. His most popular ethnic recording was « South Side Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania » released on Epic in 1965.

Note : I'm not quite sure that the Wheeling artist is the same artist.


56 - Kapp 163 - Dave Day & The Red Coats
Calypso Rock
also on Casablanca 5533 (1959)

57 - Fee Bee 212 - Dave Diddlie Day
Blue Moon Baby
Suzanne My Love (as by Dave Day)
also on Mercury 71114 (1957)

57 - Fee Bee 215 - Dave Day
Jelly Billy
Deep In My Heart

58 - Checker 886 - Sonny Day And The Versatiles
Half moon
Speedillac (Versatiles only)

58 - Star 226 - Sonny Day & The Tony Ray Trio
Creature From Outer Space
Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt

58 - ABC 9950 - Sonny Day & The Tony Ray Orchestra
Beyond A Shadow Of A Doubt

63 - Mala 461 - Sonny Day see note
'37 Men'
No Letter Today

65 - Ring-O 305 - Sonny Dave Daye & The Muffins
I Can't Keep Score

65 - Fort Couch 5881 - Davey Daye
Motor-Cycle Mike

65 - Dana 2149 - Sonny Daye
Skinny Minnie
also on St.Clair 104

65 - Dana ? - Davey Daye
South Side Pittsburgh Pa
Little Polish
also on Epic 9838

66 - Jubilee 5543 - Sonny Day & Rare Breed
Mushrooms And Moonbeams (instr)

note (Mala 461)
"Proceeds from the sale of Mala single will go to the families of the Robena mine victims. The song was inspired by the fate of the 37 coal miners who were killed in a mine cave-in at the Robena plant of US Steel last December" (Billboard, April 6, 1963)

Was he the Dave Day who replaced Morty Nevins with the original Three Suns? ((Billboard July 18, 1964)

Was he the Dave Day backed by the Daydreamers on stage at the Lamplite Lounge in Fayette City? (Pittsburgh Tribune, 1965)

The following artists by the same name (or somewhat similar names) are not him :

Little Sunny Day & The Clouds on Tandem

Sunny Daye on Gift

Sonny Day on Power ( aka Frank Wilson)

Sonny Daye on Renegade

Sonny Day and his Radio Raskals

Sonny Day & The Sundowners (Australia)

Sonny Daye (aka Thomas Hawkins)

Sonny Daye & The Shyndel’s Band on Ru-Jac

Sonny Day on Emperor

Any corrections or comment(s) welcome! (indeed)


Monday, July 4, 2011

Ray Rivera on Neale

Ray Rivera

11647 - ?
11648 – Moja Moja Poli Poli
(Addison Powell-Walter Bishop, Kramer-Whitney ASCAP)

Neale 717


Found at The Exotica Project website. It's one of the one hundred dreamland 45s.

Has the following Exotica motifs : Chanting Lyrics with exotic theme Bird/Animal calls Afro-Latin percussion/rhythm Flute African/Safari theme.

Neale Records discography


U.V. St. J. Baptist Church Choir

With U.V. St. J. Baptist
Church Choir
100 Voices

B.C. McCarley Pastor
Andrew Brown Director


CP-6667 - Jesus Will
CP-6668 - You Don't Know How Blessed You Are (Andrew Brown)

Black gospel


auction HERE

The St John Baptist Church [Buffalo, New-York] was founded in 1927 by the late Reverend Burnie C. McCarley. Rev. Burnie C. McCarley served faithfully as Pastor until 1972.

The St. John Baptist Church is one of the leading houses of worship in the city of Buffalo and has acclaimed national and international status.

On YouTube, a documentary takes a special look at the history of the St. John Baptist Church, from its humble beginnings inside a storefront to becoming a prominent church within the city of Buffalo, New York. The story of this historic church is told through archival photos and film footage as well as personal interviews. Reflections of the first 2 ministers, Rev. Burnie C. McCarley and Rev. Dr. Bennett W. Smith, Sr are also shared within the video.