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The Spades (Super Records)

The Spades

CP-2623 - Challenge
Mike Furry, Superior Music Co, BMI

The Spades, vocal by Al Steele

CP-2624 - Fatty Patty
Don Bryant, Superior Music Co, BMI
Super 001


Presenting The Young Disciples

Presenting The Young Disciples
Granite Records R-101

 Side One  [30463)

1 Brother, Let Me Take Your Hand
2 Master Designer
3 I Believe God Is Real
4 He's Everythng To Me
5 There Is More To Life
6 Put Your Hand In The Hand
7 Searching Questions

All published by Lexicon Music, Inc. Waco, Texas except 6 : Beechwood Music Corp.

Side Two   [30464]

1 We're On Our Way
2 Sequence Of Events
3 It's Our World
4 Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow
5 Natural High
6 God Can See Us & When I Think Of The Cross (Medley)
7 Moment Of Truth

All published by Lexicon Music, Inc. Waco, Texas except  4. Zondervan Pub. House, Grand Rapids (Michigan)

The Osbornville Baptist Church, of Bricktown, New Jersey, takes pride in her representatives to the nation, "The Young Disciples,"  As the name implies, they are a group of Christian young people who have disciplined themselves in a fine singing group.  They are members of our Baptist Youth Fellowship who wanted to do something more than the ordinary; and so this record is the product of a five state singing tour in 1972.

The Young Disciples are revolutionary folk, singing revolutionnary music about the greatest revolutionist of all time - Jesus Christ.  They sing about His power and purprose to change the inner man, in order that the world may be changed from the inside out.  This is the music of the Gospel --, the "Good News" of a peace that passes all understanding to all who will receive.

As you hear the music, hear the message also.  Hear the "Searching Questions" be resolved "When I Think of the Cross", "Allow", The Moment of Truth" to be yours.  Join The Young Disciples in a strange new revolution of the 1970's!

Gary Johnson

The Young Disciples are : Pat Bringham, Sue Caruthers, Tom Crammer, Jim Edwards, Ken Edwards, Peggi Ely, Sandy Finger, Al Hofmann, Debbie Johnson, Nancy Levensen, Terry Lowman, Dale Miller, Darlene Miller, Charles Morris, Cindy Pyott, Ann Sills, Melanie Sils, Scott Smith, Debbie Steeb, Rhonda Steeb, Debbie Worth

Debbie Steeb, pianist
Dale Miller, guitarist