Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Echoes (Kentucky?)

The Echoes

CP-6489 ~ Sharley 
Martin-Noffsinger, Bo-An Pub. Co.
CP-6490 ~ Tension
Martin-Noffsinger, Bo-An Pub. Co.

(no label)

A pair of instrumentals.  "Tension" is reminiscent of "Walk Don't Run", the Ventures hit from the summer of 1960.

Probably from Kentucky.  Bo-An Publ. Co. was owned by Bobby Anderson out of Central City, where he operated the Summit and Royce labels. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Love Brothers

The Love Brothers
B.Love, F.Love
Golden State Songs, BMI

CP-3202 ~ One Time Love Affair
B.Love, F.Love
Golden State Songs, BMI

By Love Records 843
627 Pollock Greenville, Miss.


An alternate take of " Baby, I'll Never Let You Go" is on YouTube here

Lefty Pritchett on Bama

Lefty Pritchett
And His Country Cats
Vocal By Lefty Pritchell And Lucy Carter

CP-4104 – She Stole My Heart Away
Vocal By Lefty Pritchell

From The Heart of Dixie It's
Bama Records 00001

Claude "Lefty" Pritchett
, a self-taught musician, was born in 1931 in Alabama, the son of Alabama sharecroppers.   He had an ear for music at a young age, especially the guitar.  "My first guitar was used.  I paid $1.75 for it," he recalls.
    His guitar playing and singing were constant companions when he joined the Army in 1950.  Korea was his first stop after basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  Serving with the Seventh Infantry Division in Korea, he organized a country music group, which has became popular with the GI's overseas.    "Lefty Pritchett and His Country Rhythm Boys", as the group was commonly known in Korea, played at service clubs, parties and entertainment programs in Korea.    Pritchett wrote many of his songs and broadcasted his original tunes on a weekly radio program    
     The troops weren't the only ones Claude serenaded.  Korea is also where he met his future bride Bonnie.  "I saw her for the first time with a dark corduroy uniform on and she had pigtails and she just took my heart away."

     Claude also saw duty in Vietnam in the late 60's.  And, yes, his guitar made the trip, too.  "If I wasn't on duty I'd start playing and singing and all the troops would come around.  We'd have a big jam session."

     When Claude got back to the states he recorded one of the 150 songs he has written.  It was called "Vietnam Rotation Blues." (*)  Claude says over there they wanted to hear something about coming home, so that's why he wrote the song.
     Once back home Claude became an Army recruiter.  His guitar was one of his recruiting tools.  "When (a recruit) would make up his mind to go, I would sing him a song and ask him when he wanted to leave.  We'd have to send him to get his exam and everything.  I always met my quota," Claude said with a big smile.


 *Released on Dee Lark Records, you can hear the song here

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Clay County Playboys on Lifetime


The Clay County Playboys 
featuring Yodelin' Stan
17785 - Night Train To Memphis

The Clay County Playboys 
featuring Tex Jackson
17786 - Muleskinner Blues

Tex Jackson 
And The Clay County Playboys
Ronnie Reeves, rhythm

17961 - Nine Dang Pins (Sid Keiser, Cora Lee Music BMI)
17962 - We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds.

 Shirley Jean
backed by
the Clay County Playboys

 18253 -  It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'
(Johnny Tillotson, Ridge Music)

18254 - I Want To Live Again

The Clay County Playboys
performed in Upstate New York in the mid-sixties.  The band featured Tex Jackson,  Yodelin' Stan, Ronnie Reeves.  Shirley Jean may (or not) have been member of the band.  Lifetime Records of Rochester released these three successive records in 1966.




Woody and the Wood Peckers

Woody and the Wood Peckers

27339 – Oh Lonesome me
27340 -  Call of the canyon

Woody Records
Route 1,
Lebanon, Ohio,

Wood Lynch was the band leader.   He died in 2001.   

Jessie Lyn and her brother Richard Lynch continue today the family music tradition.  See

Jessie Lyn Fisher grew up in a farm house in Lebanon. As a child, after a long day of work, she and her five siblings would sit around the kitchen table with their father and grab anything that could make music.

Sometimes it was a pan or a pair of cooking utensils. "We had a lot of music in that house and we had a lot of faith in that house," Fisher said.


Monday, April 13, 2015

Gene Scarbrough on Brock

Gene Scarbrough

CP-5985 – Please Answer Me
Written-By – Gene Scarbrough, Lloyd Hurt
Pamper Music Co, Inc. BMI

CP-5986 – A Dream Of You
Written-By – Gene Scarbrough 
Pamper Music Co, Inc. BMI

Brock Records
2294 Pontiac St., Columbus, Ohio

Vocal with String Band



Eugene Jessie Scarbrough also recorded :

1957 — Starday 685  :  Wanted / Lonesome For Someone
1960 — Hark 503 :  Bluest One In Town / Running Away From Love
1964 — Del-Ray 216 : It All Depends On Linda / Think Twice Before You Go

Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Silver Heart Gospel Singers Of Indianapolis, Indiana

  The Silver Heart Gospel Singers Of Indianapolis, Indiana
Label : Executive

Side 1 [16691]
1. I'll Flay Away (Lead William Starks And Brenda Miles)
2. Throw Out The Lifeline (Lead Lillian Anderson And Robert Turner)
3. His Eye Is On The Sparrow (Lead Brenda Dobbins
4. Yield Not To Temptation (Lead Lillian Anderson And Robert Turner)
5. His Goodness To You (Lead William Starks)

Side 2 [16692]
1. You Brought Me (Lead Lillian Anderson)
2. Closer To Thee (Lead Brenda Miles)
3. Don't Leave Me (Lead Robert Turner)
4. He Knows (Lead William Starks)
5. A Few Of His Bessings To Me (Lead Sandra Johnson)

Recorded by Commerical Features, 1415 N. Illinois St., Indianapolis

Personnel : 
Sandra Johnson at the organ
John Bailey and Kenneth Collins at the piano
Robert L. Duckett Turner, arranger, composer and lead
Barbara Jean Adair, first soprano
Lillian Jean Anderson, second sopano and lead
Lillie Mae Farr, alto
Brenda Ann Dobbins, alto and lead
William Starks, tenor and lead

The Silver Heart Gospel Singers
Robert Turner and the Silver Heart Gospel Singers represent some of Indiana's finest traditional gospel. Formed in 1960 by then fifteen year old Robert Turner, the Silver Hearts have grown into an Indianapolis institution, singing at churches, church reunions, and community gatherings all over the region and organizing an over forty year old annual city-wide Gospel Extravaganza. Robert Turner sang his first solo, "Let God Abide" at four years of age, standing on a chair in front of his church, the Metropolitan Baptist Church. He joined the church's traveling choir at age 10, and in 1958 he heard the Clara Ward Singers at the Bible Way Baptist Church just around the corner from his home. Inspiration for the Silver Hearts was born on that night. Turner recalls his reaction to the Clara Ward Singers: "Five ladies, fabulous gowns, the music was piano and organ instead of the quartet/guitar sound I'd been raised on and it was like, 'WOW!'"

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Cavemen (Capitol Star Artist)

The Cavemen

18285 ~ All About Love
 (Albert Cretacci, Jr., Red Pol Music Co. BMI)

18286 ~ Bo Diddley 
(R. McDaniels)

Capitol Star Artist
Rochester, New York
Produced by Fine Studios, Rochester, N.Y.

There was (originally) a sax player, Denny Puricelli, but he quit for whatever reason.   The group was formed in 1963 in Buffalo, New York. During that year other members came and went.
Jimmy Crouse and Joey Calato were the ones who started the band.   They  started out as The El Dorados, but one of the guys in the band wanted to change the name to Alley-Oop & The Cavemen after the song, ‘Alley-Oop’ by The Hollywood Argyles.   They  all thought it was kind of neat so they agreed.   After a while they dropped the name to just “The Cavemen” because macho man Al didn’t like being called Alley Oop.
The Cavemen primarily consisted of Joey Calato, drums; Jimmy Crouse, lead guitar; Ron Gorski, rhythm guitar; Harry (Skip) Miecheski, bass guitar; Al Cretacci, lead vocals; and Sammy Sparazza, keyboards.   Sam joined after the recording in 1966.   Ron Gorski passed away in a car accident in 1969. 
An Interview With Joey Calato and Jimmy Crouse can be found at 60sgarage Bands here

An alternate take of All About Love can be found here

Friday, March 27, 2015

Billy Bownds on Vamalco

Billy Bownds
and Gil Baca Orch.

CP-6439 - I Got A New Babe
CP-6440 - You’ll Cry A Little Bit
both wr. Billy Bownds
Moss-Rose Pub., Vamalco Pub. BMI
produced by GC & JHM

Vamalco V-507
1506 Truxillo, Houston, Texas

GC, one of the producers, is possibly Gene Crawford, star of "Gold Coast Jubilee," which was beamed each Sunday over KTRK-TV, Houston.  Billy Bownds recorded for at least two other Houston diskeries, namely Ark Records and Bow and Arrow Records. 

The name Baca for more than a century has been a part of Texas history along with the famous “Baca Beat.”    Gil Baca was the third generation Czech musician.  He began his musical career at age 9.   Gil began playing the piano at the age of fourteen and Kermit his brother was nine when he started playing the drums.   In 1949 Gil and Kermit went on tour with Tennessee Ernie Ford and then went on to join Hank Thompson’s group that toured the USA and Canada.  In 1952 Kermit was drafted into the U.S. Army where he formed his own band while stationed in Alaska for two years.   Gil appeared on the Kate Smith Show and other top TV shows.   Later Gil and Kermit formed their own band. The played at various Houston clubs and made appearances on Channels 11 and 13.   Initially, they played popular tunes but that changed when Ray Baca, their father,  joined them.   They added polkas and waltzes to their repertoire. They recorded the famous Baca Waltz and Gil’s Polka.  In 1967, they cut an LP featuring Ray Baca on the dulcimer. 


Saturday, March 21, 2015

The Ohio Oil Company Chorus

The Ohio Oil Company Chorus  
 Richard M. Swisher, Director
LP Findlay Recording Co. FR-6101
 1961 (December)
Side One (CP-6927)
1  It's A Grand Night For Singing (Accom. By The Findlay Civic Concert Band)
2  All The Things Your Are
3  Oklahoma
4  Climb Every Mountain
5  He's Watching Over Israel
6  Battle Hymn Of The Republic, Robert Feller, Solist, Accomp. By Judith Crosser And Keith Miller

Side Two (CP-6828)
1 South Pacific Medley (Harold Smith And Keith Miller, Solists)
2 March Of Freedom    Accom. By Findlay Civic Concert Band
3 This Nation Under God  Robert Busick And Ivan Oge-Narrators (Acomp By Findlay Civic Concert Band)
Director Richard M. Swisher Accompanist Judith Crosser And The Findlay Civic Concert Band
Findlay Recording Co.  Box 105 ,Findlay, Ohio

Organized in May 1959 by a small group of employes in Ohio Oil's general offices, the chorus grew to more than a 90 voice group. Richard M. Swisher is director. The chorus presents a varied choral repertoire which includes religious hymns, spirituals, patriotic songs, show tunes and novelties.

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ray Gambio and the Darkest Hour

Ray Gambio
and the Darkest Hour

25596  The Mountain


Full Bloom Music, BMI  
101 W. 55th St. New York, N.Y.
The Tuff Nuff label was created by a local business man Ritchie Martin, to promote Bob Hughes and his band. ( see GarangeHangover).  Artists on the label were from Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.  

This Ray Gambio release (or more exactly the publisher, Full Bloom Music) has a New York City address.

Ray Gambio has previously recorded as a member of The Del Rays (recordings on Planet, a Rhode Island label, and Carousel).  See here

Elmer Jones & Viola Dickerson (Cozy)

Elmer Jones & Viola Dickerson

25594  - Lazy Man's Blues

 Cozy 580/581

The Missionettes (Cabut LP)

The Missionettes

The King Is Coming

Side One [27663]
The King Is Coming
He Touched Me
Why Should I Worry Or Fret
Victory In Jesus
The Longer I Serve Him
His Name Is Wonderful

Side Two [27664]
How Big Is God
The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference
I've Been With Jesus
Sweet Holy Spirit
Without Him
Lovest Thou Me

Cabut 2011
Cabut Recording Co.  
516 South Shore Drive 
Lima, Ohio 45804

Piano accompaniment - Mrs. Dennis L. Boss; 
organ background music - Mrs Fred C. Isch; 
photographer - Mr Keith Miller

The Missionettes have been singing together for two years. They all are members of the Shawnee Alliance Church,in Lima, Ohio. The accompanist, Mrs. Dennis Boss is the mother of Debbie and Denise.
The Missionettes are sisters Debbie (17) and Denise (14) Ross and Kay Forney (18)

The Missionettes

Davie Lee with Emmett Carter Combo

Davie Lee
 Emmett Carter Combo

CP-1323 - You Told Me

St.Jude 3031
Subsidiary of Carter Records, St. Louis, Missouri

Friday, March 6, 2015

Little Miss Darlene (Star-Light)

Little Miss Darlene
(America's Sweetheart)

CP-2301 - Huddle Me, Cuddle Me
CP-2302 - Daddy-O

Star-Light 83151
both wr. Casteel-Clarida, Eagle Pass Pub. Sesac
  full names : Esther Casteel and Orville Clarida
(Copyright: July, 20 and August, 3)

Little Miss Darlene is the daughter of Esther Casteel.  She performed at early age in the early fifties on many programs from Los Angeles to Portland and recorded for the Western Ranch Music Record label which was owned by her mother.  She was known then as Baby Darlene.

Esther Casteel was a three-quarter Sioux Indian adopted at an early age and reared by an English father and an Irish mother who had migrated to her native mid-west state.  In 1940, she moved to California where she designed her own recording label - Western Ranch Music - in 1952 at Thornton.

Orville Clarida(1910-1990) C&W singer and sonwriter from Texas  Orville Clarida was a member of the Florida County Music Hall of Fame in 1972. He wrote and recorded "Mother's Understanding Heart"; "Along the Rio Grande"; "The Smile on Your Face"; "Divided"; "Angel Queen."

Eagle Pass Pub. SESAC was started in 1956 by Dallas Eugene Turner in Hollywood.

Dallas Eugene Turner (1927-2014)  aka Oregon's Favorite Yodeling Cowboy, The Roving Ranger, Yodeling Slim Dallas and Cowboy Dallas Turner. 

Dallas Turner, a native of Yakima, Washington  was considered the Pacific Northwest's most popular yodeling cowboy.   His colorful life was enhanced by his frienship with his idol, Mexican border radio's Cowboy Slim Rinehart (1911-1948). who put the young cowboy on Mexican border radio where he worked for over thirty years, learning the art of bilking listeners with worthless elixirs between yodel songs.   According to Dallas Turner :
 There were only three things that would sell on the border (radio) and that was health, sex and religion. We had the Happy Relief Toenail Adjuster - there wasn't any demand for anything like that. How many people have an ingrown toenail? Very, very few. But if a man is impotent, he will pay any price to find something that will work. Or if it's religion, (they want) peace or success. And everybody wants good health. But you've got to get something that really is different. If it's something that they can go into an ordinary store and buy, they won't buy it from ya.


Label picture and audio clip are from this ebay auction