Monday, November 12, 2018

Tyrone Wilson on Gateway


CP-1122 – Lonesome Blues
CP-1123 - My Baby's Gone

Gateway 24056
Both sides written by Tyrone Wilson. Early custom from 1956 probably recorded by Carl Burkhardt at his Gateway Studios.  The label is not part of the  various "in-house" Gateway series and this is a blues record, a musical genre rarely heard on a Rite press.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Jimmy Gatlin on J-L-G Productions

Jimmy Gatlin & Singing Stars
34611 - God Is Standing By
(J. Taylor)
34612 - Sisters & Brothers
(C. Johnson)
JLG Productions
produced by Big Jay

Jimmy Gatlin,  a Vietnam vet, once entertained troops in times of agony and pain and once sang at the Grand Ole Opry.  He is certainly the man described here in a Blue Monday magazine issue from 2014 :
A churchly ceremony kicked off the day, with a pastor’s invocation, from a stage in the middle of the lawn: “We thank you, God, for this shad fry occasion and we pray that it continues to extend your blessing and bring the community together.” A local man named Jimmy Gatlin, who said he once sang at the Grand Ole Opry, crooned gospel to programmed Casio music, hammering out occasional embellishments with his left hand. He kept it up, heroically, all day long.
Honeybee Productions has posted six years ago some videos of Jimmy here
Out from Chadbourn (North Carolina), once the Strawberry Capital of the World, J-L-G Productions was active in 1974 and 1975, issuing  singles by The Mighty Echoes of Elizabeth, N.C., The Ward Sisters from Evergreen, N.C. and Sister Linda Rogers, all pressed by Rite Records.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Soul, Inc. on Trepur

Soul, Inc.

17109 ~ Work It On Out
17110 ~ Ode To A Girl

Trepur 1019

Only record for this Pine Mountain/West Point, Georgia garage band which included Larry Bowie, John Whitley, Lavonne Moon and Phil Whitley.  Larry Bowie, who wrote both songs on this release, later played with The Continentals (1965), Rock Garden (1968) and The Backalley Bandits (1978)

Larry Bowie

Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Cavemen (Capitol Star Artist)

The Cavemen

18285 ~ All  About Love
(Albert Cretacci, Jr., Red Pol Music Co. BM)

18286 ~ Bo Diddley (E. McDaniels)

Capitol Star Artist
Rochester, New York


Produced by Fine Studios, Rochester, N.Y.

Members of this band were:Al Cretacci,Jim Crouse,Skip Maciezewski, Ron Gorski and Joey Calato.

Jimmy Crouse and Joey Calato were the ones who started the band. They  started out as The El Dorados, but one of the guys in the band wanted to change the name to Alley-Oop & The Cavemen after the song, ‘Alley-Oop’ by The Hollywood Argyles.  They  all thought it was kind of neat so they agreed. After a while they dropped the name to just “The Cavemen” because macho man Al Cretacci didn’t like being called Alley Oop.  

There was (originally) a sax player, Denny Puricelli, but he quit for whatever reason. The group was formed in 1963 in Buffalo, New York. During that year other members came and went.

(The band primarily consisted of) Joey Calato, drums; Jimmy Crouse, lead guitar; Ron Gorski, rhythm guitar; Harry (Skip) Miecheski, bass guitar; Al Cretacci, lead vocals; and Sammy Sparazza, keyboards. Sam joined after the recording in 1966. Ron Gorski passed away in a car accident in 1969.

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Ditalians on Saxony


18025 : Philly Dog New Breed
18026 :  Egypt Land
composer: Bruce Torbert
producer:  Bud Reneau
arranger: Dale Warren

Saxony 1011

A Cincinnati label, owned by Paul Trefzger and Bud Reneau. The Saxony label released fourteen 45s (the last two using the Trip name).

The Ditalians had about 9 voices in that group. One of the all-time basketball greats, Oscar Robinson, brought them to Saxony Records.
   The Ditalians went on to become 24-Carat Black on Stax.

Philly Dog New Breed

Egypt Land

Deacon Blakely And The Fantastic Jordanairs

Deacon Blakely And The Fantastic Jordanairs

35623 -  Jesus Is The Only Friend I Have (Raiford Hinton)
35624 - Trouble All About My Soul (Eugene Corley)
No Label 0054J-B
For Bookings: R. Hinton C Graystone Apt. Columbia, S.C. 29210

Jesus Is The Only Friend I Have  

Gene, Keith, and the Morgan Brothers

Gene, Keith, and the Morgan Brothers
LP "Are You Afraid To Die"
Recording engineer: Bob Bowery
Recorded by Rite Records

no label

Side One [28061]
Are You Afraid To Die; Precious Moments; Green Pastures; Wooden Altar;Working On A Building; No Time To Lose;
Side Two [28062]
Preachin' Prayin' Singin'; That Same Road; Heavenward Bound; Just An Old Time Church; Judgement Day;Trouble In The Amen Corner

Gene Dutton from Paintsville, Kentucky, on the mandolin and singing bass - Keith Hammons from Webster Springs, West Virginia on the five sring banjo and singing lead - The Morgan Brothers, Freeman and Paul from Logan, West Virginia, Freeman playing flat top guitar and singing baritone, Paul playing the string bass and singing tenor.

Are You Afraid To Die

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Jim Staats And The Urban Gentlemen

Jim Staats And The Urban Gentlemen

24885 - Two Ten Six Eighteen
24886 - For Lovin' Me
(Gordon Lightfoot) ASCAP

 Gideon Records
recorded by J. Roper


Jim Staats has been involved in several facets of the music industry as a musician and singer; fronting bands in 50-60's rock and country and guided his daughter Mirinda James' career to local and national prominence as a Nashville recording artist with several album projects and national touring.   As a songwriter, Staats has penned several country songs recorded by Mirinda James and other artists including Alex Craig,  Colleen Trendell and gospel songs "For God & Country". Staats also formed Big House Entertainment Group, Inc. ICR Records and Megahurts Music, BMI to provide studio and live production for emerging country artists.  Jim Staats can also be found on YouTube performing his song - "Take Back America" in protest to government that has lost touch with it's citizens.

    Founder of North Country Music Awards, Staats embarks on building an organization that recognizes and promotes people in the Country Music industry through out the northern states Jim Staats is  a "Lifetime Member" of the Cortland NYS Country Music Hall Of Fame, also affiliated with CMA, BMI, NYSAAF & NSAI

The Willows on Rocket


The Willows

CP-6305 - Trail Of Tears
Hank Titus & Jim Titus
Hillsboro Music & Acklen Music (BMI)
CP-6306 - Padre Island
Rocket 2229


Instrumentals by a band from Oklahoma on the Rocket custom label. The Rocket label were just one of dozen of custom labels produced by the Globe recording studios in Nashville, Tennessee [Ray & Lindy, Bob Rhule, The Velvets & more]. Guitarist Hank Titus were also in a band from Bristow, Oklahoma in the early sixties.

Amos Henry Titus  1937-2013

Jackie WHITLEY and The Red Coats

Jackie WHITLEY and The Red Coats

CP-6571 ~ Three Short Days Ago
CP-6572 ~ Mean Man Blues
E.D.A. 1743
(October 1961)

Both sides written by Jack Whitley and published by Duride Publishing Co. The Rite custom account (697) doesn't appear on other records pressed by Rite and also this is probably the only recording by Jackie Whitley.

Probably from Greenville, South Carolina (where Duride Publishing Co. were probably located)

E.D.A. 1743

Saturday, May 12, 2018

The Southernaires on Tarheel

The Southernaires

CP-6541 - Sweetie Pie
CP-6542 - Teen-Age Plea

Tarheel Records

According to the copyright book, both songs were written by Carl Tyndall and arranged by Dorothy Tyndall.  The Tyndalls later operated the Twilight label located in Falls Church, Virginia (Twilight Records discography can be found here).
Tarheel suggests a North Carolina location, or perhaps Carl Tyndall came from North Carolina.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The Stallions on Outlet

The Stallions

37977 -  For Heaven's Sake (Butch James)
37978 - Dance To The Disco (Butch James)   

Outlet Recordings 50-179
Outlet Records
Box 594
Rocky Mount, Virginia


According to The Danville Register (April 12, 1977) page 8, members of The Stallions were Mike Hall, drums, Lynwood Ervins, rhythm guitar; Ricky Walker, bass  and Butch James, lead singer and guitarist. All from Danville, except Ervins, who lived in Eden, N.C. 

Outlet Records was operated by Rod Shively and produced mainly country, bluegrass and folk albums but very few 45s.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Dave Jones (Inner LP)

Dave Jones 
LP Devil's Child

Side 1 — 15427
Snake Blues / None At All / Tosh's Sunday / Late Train Blues / Money, Money, Money / West Memphis

Side 2 — 15428
No Road Home / Poor Boy / 1000 Miles / Your Lying Eyes / Corner Blues / She Won't / Last Dime Blues / Pretty One / Good Time Man

Inner Records Co. #1


Acoustic folk from Chapel Hill, North Carolina produced by Chris Munger
A folk singing UNC student has turned producer and cut a 12 - inch LP album titled "Devil's Child," recorded on the Inner Records label. Dave Jones, who spent last summer touring the United States and Canada singing and lecturing at many mid-western universities and nightclubs, wrote all 16 songs on the album. Accompanying himself on the 12 - string, Jones displays a great variety of styles from stomping, driving bottleneck blues to intricate finger picking instrumentals and deep moving ballads. During his summer tour he played to, among others, Lynda Baines Johnson (1), as well as numerous college audiences.

The Daily Tar Heel from Chapel Hill, North Carolina (December 12, 1965) :

(1) Lynda Baines Johnson — The oldest daughter of President Johnson

The Tremolo's on Thunderbolt

The Tremolo's

9913 ~ Weird Pickin'  
R. Chabane, I. Horvath, J. Horvath

9914 ~ Side-Stepin'
E. Horvath, R. Cerato, R. Chabane

Thunderbolt TR 45-100

A pair of instrumentals from Michigan

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mel Rearick / Pat And Anna Mae on ARM

Side A
Mel Rearick (narrator)
Homer Gross And The Country Squires Band

A Letter To The President
(wr. James  Liprando)

Side B
Pat And Anna Mae
Homer Gross And The Country Squires Band

Cincinnati, Ohio

ARM 1001
RD # 3;  Leechburg Pa.