Monday, August 25, 2014

Jerry Dixon (Sterling 182)

Jerry Dixon
With Lew Tobin's Orch.

CP-1700 - You Stole My Heart
 (Juanita Gismondi, & Lew Tobin)

CP-1701 - My Cotton Pickin' Baby 
 (K.W. Brooks)
Sterling 182

According to an 1961 issue of Trainman News, K. W. Brooks Of lodge 794 taked his hobby of singing and song-writing seriously.   Of Hamlet, North Carolina, K.W. Brooks was yard conductor-switchman on Seaboard Air Line Railroad.
My Cotton Pickin' Baby

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Cara Stewart on Titan

Cara Stewart
 The Hudsonair's and the Lee Hudson Orchestra

9969 –In Between Dreams
 (R. Magee-W. Daugherty) 
Blue Ribbon Pub. ASCAP 

9970 – I'll Have To Dream Somemore 
(R. Magee) 
Blue Ribbon Pub. ASCAP

An Honor Product

Titan 1

Song-poem record currently offered for sale here (short audio clips are provided)

Joe Shultz, evangelist and ventriloquist

Joe Shultz
Joe and Jake

"Joyfully Yours"
28681 -  "Oh, I Know It" / ABC
28682 -  "He Took My Sins Away"
SCR 121
Sound Associates
Box M Grand Rapids, Michigan

Joe Shultz was a multi talented evangelist who used humor as well as music to convey his message. He composed over 30 published songs and produced three albums.

Joseph Harmon Shultz, born Feb 13, 1931 in Wichita Kansas, began his preaching ministry in Canton, Kansas when he was 18 years of age and was officially ordained into the ministry at the age of 21, while a student in Bible College. For twelve years he directed Youth for Christ in McPherson, Kansas and Canton, Ohio.
Joe Shultz was a gospel magician, ventriloquist, and speaker who worked with youth in school and church programs.  He was the founder of Kings Valley Ranch and Boys Home in Southern Ohio that provided many safe summers for countless children. He was also a member of the North American Assoc. of Ventriloquists and the American Assoc. of Foster Parents. 
Joe has spoken in over 3,000 public high school assembly programs and over 1,000 churches in 45 states, 5 Canadian provinces and joined in frequent missionary trips to Mexico, Panama, the Marshall Islands, Guatemala, Honduras and Brazil.

He died in 2005.

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The Immortals (Richmond, Virginia)

The Immortals
Kilmarnock, Virginia
Telephone 435-1666

21063 - You Went Your Way (Lawson-Wray)
21064 - Like I Love You Lawson-Wray)

Custom produced by Richmond sound stages
2314 W. Cary Street Richmond, Virginia

The Immortals began in the fall of 1966 at York Academy in Shacklefords, VA. , Jack Wray (lead guitar), Jack Lawson (bass guitar & lead vocals), Richard Cowles (drums), and Bruce Dawson (rhythm guitar) came together as a rock group not unlike millions of other teenage boys after the British Invasion in 1964.

They were ages 13-15 as they began this musical relationship that has spanned more than forty-five years

"Your Went Your Way” was recorded in December, 1967 at Richmond Sound Stages.  The production director and engineer's name there from 1965-1973 was Frank Brooks.  He also had a Jazz radio program on AM radio in Richmond during the 60s.  Although we’re not positive, he was more than likely the guy who engineered The Immortals record.  He was also probably the guy who engineered such contemporary efforts as  Why Did You Leave Me by The Klansmen and Lord I Need You  by Ray (Pittman) & the Soul Beats.

Info above from the oficial Immortals website here

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Monday, August 18, 2014

Bob Harris and the Kings Four

Bob Harris and the Kings Four

CP- 7141 - Bertha Lou 
Robin Hood Music Co. BMI

CP- 7142 – Marty’s Place

EAI PS-101 (Pop Series)
Entertainement associates inc.
Saginaw, Michigan

Entertainement associates inc. was operated by David W. Oppermann, a Michigan and Midwest jazz, sports and show promoter and also a fireworkds distributor. 

Bob Harris formed the Kings Four in 1960. They later recorded an album on Kent Records (band picture above is from its back cover). At that time, members comprised Bob Harris, Lyle & Clayton Trush and Dave Nikaido. 
"Play Nice and Easy" was the album title. Their takes on standards such as "Misty", "Tenderly" and "Desafinado" among others, featured Dave Nikaido on lead vocals.

Among the appearances for the band was an engagement at the 1963 Inaugural Ball of Michigan for Gov. George Romney.  The band played all types music including the then current fads the twist, bossa nova, limbo and others.  


"Bertha Lou" was written (and then sold to Marascalco) by Dorsey Burnette who recorded it as well as Johnny Faire for Surf Records in 1957 .  Some radio stations banned "Bertha Lou", because of the line "I wanna conjugate with you".  See Bertha Lou story

Bertha Lou, Bertha Lou
Let me slip around with you
If I could raise some sand
I'd be a mighty-mighty man
'Cause you're so ooooh, Bertha Lou
Bertha Lou, Bertha Lou
Gotta get a date with you
If I could hear you moan
On Mr. Bell's telephone
Ain't no tellin' what I'd do, Bertha Lou

You wear your hair in a poodle cut
You're walkin' down the street like a semi-truck
And everybody knows that you're so sweet
You tickle me from head to my athlete's feet

Hey-hey, Bertha Lou
I wanna conjugate with you
You know my blood is running wild
And I know you ain't no child
When you do what you do, Bertha Lou
(Rock! Rock! Rock! - Instrumental break)

You wear your hair in a poodle cut
You're walkin' down the street like a semi-truck
And everybody knows that you're so sweet
You tickle me from head to my athlete's feet

Hey-hey, Bertha Lou
I wanna conjugate with you
You know my blood is running wild
And I know you ain't no child
When you do what you do, Bertha Lou

Bertha Lou, Bertha Lou, Bertha Lou.

(Transcribed from the Dorsey Burnette version)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Buddy Dean and the Enchantments

Buddy Dean and the Enchantments

CP-5529 -  Say Mamma
(H. Audett)

D-J 1961-1/2

D-J Record Co. was located at 289 Belmont Street in Fall River, Mass. according to Billboard (24 October 1960). On the same label in 1962  :  Johnny & The Blue J's.

Buddy Dean died in 2013.

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sib Galloway And The Harmonettes

Sib Galloway And The Harmonettes
EP  "Close To The Master "

16117 - I'm Nearer Home / Close To The Master
16118 - He'll Understand And Say Well Done/ The Highest Hill
Halo CREP-2031



The CREP prefix in the catalog number denotes probably a Carolina Custom recording studio.  But I've not still determined if it's from the North Carolina or from the South.

I have a short list a three earlier records with the same CREP prefix :
  • Klub CREP-2001 The Rhythm Ranch Hands
  • Hollifield CREP 2005 (EP) Hollifield Trio
  • Ranch 1574 CREP-2016 Shirley Ann & Hillbilly John Of The Dixie Ramblers

Friday, July 11, 2014

Stringbean on Cullman 6416


CP-2386 - Barn Yard Banjo Picking

CP-2387 - Train Special 500

Cullman 6416

Cullman Records and Gaylord Music Co. were owned by James Harrell "Hal" Smith (1923-2008), Nashville musician, artist manager and television producer.

David Akeman (1916-1973), better known as Stringbean (or String Bean), was one of the Opry's major stars in the 1950s.

From Wikipedia :
Akeman was modest and unassuming, and he enjoyed hunting and fishing. Accustomed to the hard times of the Great Depression, Akeman and his wife Estelle lived frugally in a tiny cabin near Ridgetop, Tennessee. Their only indulgence was a Cadillac. Depression-era bank failures caused Akeman not to trust banks with his money. Gossip around Nashville was that Akeman kept large amounts of cash on hand, even though he was by no means wealthy by entertainment industry standards.

On Saturday night, November 10, 1973, Akeman and his wife returned home after he performed at the Grand Ole Opry. Both were shot dead shortly after their arrival. The killers had waited for hours. The bodies were discovered the following morning by their neighbor, Grandpa Jones.

Chewing Chewing Gum 

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Rev. Archie Clatterbuck

Rev. Archie Clatterbuck

33679 - I'll Fly Away
(A.E. Brumley, SESAC)

33680 - Sweet By And By
(Starday-York BMI)


This is Archie E Clatterbuck (1916-1997) from Rappahannock County, Virginia.  A pentecostal pastor, he was heard with his Gospel Singers on Big K Radio (WKCW, Warrenton Virginia)

Prayer Meeting Time for Archie Clatterbuck

The 2 / 3RDS on April

The 2/3RDS

19063 ~ All Cried Out

19064 ~ 2/3 Baby 
(Gene McCormick, Alison Music ASCAP

April Record Co. 101
223 S. Carolina, Daytona Beach

1967 (April?)
From Daytona Beach, the 2/3rds recorded this one 45 at Quimby’s studio in nearby Ormond Beach, and released it on the April label in early 1967. At the time of this recording, the band included Gene McCormick on vocals and tenor sax and organ, Phil (PJ) Jones on drums, Ralph Citrullo bass and Allen Dresser lead guitar.

“2/3 Baby” is a moody complaint with a fine chorus, written by McCormick. It was backed with a bluesy ballad, “All Cried Out” written by Pete Carr. Members of the band eventually became the Third Condition, releasing two 45s on the Sundi label in 1970, one of which got some airplay, “Monday in May” about the Kent State tragedy. (The song was bounced off the airwaves by CSN&Y’s “Ohio”).

After Gene left the band to join Jam Factory in New York, the band moved to Tallahassee to attend FSU. Later members included several who had been in another Daytona group, the Hungri I’s: Neil Haney vocals, as well as Max Eason on drums from Tallahassee. The band was named Rock Garden for a brief time (Neil Haney, Allen Dresser, Ralph Citrullo, Max Easom and Chris Drake) then became Duck (Chris Drake, Allen Dresser, Rick Levy and Max Easom – later Benny Jones replaced Rick Levy and Don Langston replaced Max Easom).

Info above from garagehangover here

Audio clip from Florida Rocks Again! every Saturday night on Surf 97.3 FM, streaming at

Friday, July 4, 2014

Little Rock My Home Town

CP-6447 -Little Rock My Home Town
CP-6448 - Little Rock My Home Town (instr.)



Sunday, June 8, 2014

Don Cochran (Pig Pen Boogie, Big K)

Don Cochran

40063 - The Arkansas Line
Donald J. Brundridge MOMU Pub.  BMI
Harold Hassler, Shelter BMI

Special effects Bill Johnson
Producer : C.Kellogg - D. Cochran

Big K Records
11517 No. Oak, Kansas City, Missouri 64155


Don Cochran's previous record on Big K was the intriguing "What do you charge to haunt houses". No further info.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

The Reliables on Anderson

The Reliables
wr. both W.J. Chafin
Anderson Records

Anderson Records discography here

No further info