Monday, January 13, 2020

Betty & Evelyn Cremeans / Betty Cremeans

Betty & Evelyn Cremeans

9407 – Starlight Heaven / I  Am The Way

Betty Cremeans
9408 – Taggin' Along / His Window Up Above

Revival Tone Records
 PO Box 480
Chillicothe, OH

Acknowledgment: audio from YouTube (Mark Lee Allen channel)

Thursday, January 9, 2020

George Brinkley (Logan Records)

George Brinkley

CP-2384 - Hear His Call Today
CP-2385 - Wonderful, Marvelous Grace
Both songs wr. Brinkley, Gaylord Music Co.

Logan 3119

George Willie Brinkley, age 97, of Henderson, KY, passed away at 8:51 p.m., Wednesday, January 1, 2020 at Lucy Smith King Care Center under the care of St. Anthony’s Hospice in Henderson, KY.
George was a member of Immanuel Baptist Temple for forty years and present member of Grace Point Church.

He served in WWII with the 851st Aviation Engineers in the United States Army Air Force and he was a Kentucky Colonel. George was the last surviving member of the Les Smithhart Super X Cowboys; a popular television and radio program running in the 1950s. He was a talented musician who enjoyed singing in church and with a gospel group Henderson's Ohio Valley Gospel Group.


Sister Arlessie Barney

Sister Arlessie Barney


[no label]

Side 1 - 36303
I'm Going To Make It To That City / Look Out For Me Jesus / Already Been To The Water / I Trust In God / Lift Him Up

Side 2 - 36304
I'm Happy With Jesus Alone / Gald I Am / It's Real / He Showers His Blessings On Me / Give Me A Heart Like Thine / Pay Day

audio sample

Evang. Arlessie Barney
   24059 Touch Me, Lord Jesus
24060  Pilgrim Of Sorrow
SAS Records, no #

Mrs. Arlessie Mae "Sister Barney" of Dayton, was born March 26, 1923 in Lake Village, Arkansas to the parents of Jim and Mattie Fisher.  She was a member of Macedonia Baptist Church and later, a member of Salem Missionary Baptist Church and was an evangelist. Sister Barney also played piano for several churches, organizations, and helped many choirs. She sang with the "Golden Girls", her missionary sisters. They sung at many churches in Dayton.

She was called upon by WLAC radio station in Gallatin, Tennessee for Randy's gospel hour to record songs by Rosetta Tharpe.  She went on to record several albums. Her recording of "Strange Things Happening Everyday" was Randy's introduction song to his show.  Her favorite songs included "Life is just One Step" and "If I Can Help Somebody". 

She departed this life Monday, July 12, 2004 at Abors of Dayton Nursing Home. She was married to the late Mr. Lesley Barney on November 10, 1943.

Discography (as Alessie Barney) at discogs (Randy's Spiritual Record & Dance Hour)

YouTube links:
Sister Alessie Barney: When They Ring Those Bells / Randy's Spiritual Record Co. 
Sister Alessie Barney: Strange Things Are Happening / Randy's Spiritual Record Co.

Historic Randy's Record Shop Foundation

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Blues Sattin

Blues Sattin
41613 - background vocals: Nacomis Jefferson, Tony Washington
The Girl That I Love (McDonald)

41614 - background vocals: Alicia McDonald
 Savage Lovin Man (McDonald)

Buttons Records
Lucky Pub. Co. BMI
206 Connor Ave. Lockport, Ill. 60441
Produced by J. Olani

One of the last records pressed by Rite in 1980. The only reference to this record is found (without any info or date) in Ferdie Gonzalez' Disco-File, discography of all American Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Roll, and Soul vocal groups ...
Source : ebay (auction has clips). 

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Cold Steel Door (Curt Gibson)

 Curt Gibson

CP-2388 ~ Cold Steel Door
(J. Logan) Lonzo & Oscar (BMI)

CP-2389 ~ Don't You Think It's Time
(C. Gibson) Gaylord Music

Cullman 6417

Cash Box, Nov. 14, 1959

Hello Kate (Virge Brown)

Virge Brown and his Shadows

39973 - Hello Kate
39974 - Your New Love Has Got You

Country Star 1021
Produced by Norman Kelly, both songs written by Margie Bish and published by Country Star Music (ASCAP)

Virge Brown, at the time of this release, was a veteran c&w artist & deejay (WKBN, Youngstown, Ohio - WXGI, Richmond, VA - WGRP, Greenville, PA) who recorded since the late forties. One of his first record was with The Saddle Mates (or Saddlemates) on the Dome label, a Chicago label owned by Russ Hall.

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Ronnie 2061

Ben Tate
10501 - My Gratitude
(Mallie Lee Drawdy)

10502 -;Jackie (Sweetheart of U.S.A.)
(Charles A. Bultman)

Ronnie 2061

Not mentioned on the "Jackie" side is F. J. Cusenza, credited on the copyright as the music composer, while Charles Bultman wrote the lyrics.

Interesting enough, a similar title by Bultman and Cusenza was copyrighted in 1954 : "Mamie; [or] Sweetheart of U.S.A.,".
Frank Jerome Cusenza (1894-1987) was a music teacher and composer. According to his obituary,
he was born in San Vito, Italy, in 1894 and began his musical education at age five. He received a degree at the Royal Conservatory in Palermo, Italy, in 1917 and led a military band during World War I. Mr. Cusenza came to the United States in 1920 and taught music at the Detroit Conservatory of Music, the University of Detroit and the Detroit Institute of Musical Arts. He wrote many music books and compositions…

J. D. Jarvis (Ark 266)

J. D. Jarvis
Accompanied By The Rocky Mountain Boys

10355 ~ The Orbit Song
10356 ~ Farther On

Ark 266


Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Conrad And The Van-Dells on BMC

Conrad And The Van-Dells

CP-2260 - Rambling
CP-2261 - Dead End

BMC 1001

Conrad Puzan wrote the two sides (instrumentals).  Label from Dayton, Ohio owned by Les Bodine,  a country DJ for 42 years.  He worked at WSMK, WHIO, WONE, and WING in Dayton, where he had a music store. Les Bodine died in 1969.

Friday, November 29, 2019

Jane Davis on Cowtown

Jane Davis

CP-6573 - (He's My) Dreamboat
Loudermilk, Acuff-Rose, BMI

CP-6574 - Dancing In The Shadows  
John Steagerman, Blue Ribbon ASCAP

Cowtown 810

The voice is familiar.  She certainly sounds quite like song-poem sultry singer Cara Stewart. Actually I think she IS Cara Stewart using the Jane Davis moniker.

Thursday, November 21, 2019

Little Norma on Patch

Little Norma Sings
36661 - A Sweeter Love
36662 - Man, What A Man My Man Is

Recorded at RMT Studios, Baltimore, MD

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Palmer Brothers on Big Pool

Palmer Brothers

15879 - Homecoming In Heaven
15880 - I Touched The Hem Of His Garment
(Buddy vocal)

Country style
R.E. Resh - steel guitar 
B. Pittman-bass 

Big Pool BPS 102

Steel guitarist Ralph Resh had his own record on Big Pool (see 45cat). A Big Pool, Maryland  resident [Population : 82 in 2010 according to Wikipedia] Ralph Resh was possibly the owner of the label, The Palmer Brothers were known from Virginia.

Donnie on Bittner's


16177 ~ You're No Good
(D. Hunter)
16178 ~  Goin’ Away

Music arr. Larry LaVigne
Bittner's Recording Co. No. 1013
Somerset, Pennsylvania

This is Don Hunter from Shanksville, Pennsylvania.  Both sides of the 45 were recorded in the basement of the Moby Dick seafood restaurant, which was also ran by Dick Bittner, who ran Bittner's Recording.

The Great Pretenders

The Great Pretenders

RR-42312-A - Husky Fever, On Two
RR-42312-B - Husky Fever, On Two

Great Pretender Records
9712 1st NW
Seattle, WA

Some info about the band HERE

Saturday, September 21, 2019

The Voice and Harp of Harvi Griffin

Side 1  [27039]

Lara's Theme
The Shadow Of Your Smile
Satin Doll   

Side 2  [27040]

Watch What Happens    
Never On Sunday    
A Time For Us

Harvi Griffin,
a pioneer in electric harp, grew up in Detroit and at age 14, he was playing the piano and stringed and wind instruments. He first became interested in harp under the instruction of Velma Froude.  While continuing his private instruction with Froude, Griffin earned a degree in arts and drama from Michigan State University.  He died in 2005.

Harvi Griffin's picture is from the
Coalition of Harpists of African Descent website