Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ronnie King on Luanda

Ronnie King
12773 - A Lone Browns In Laramie

Robbin Young & Ronnie King
12774 - They Don't Know

written by Ronnie King
Telldell Music, BMI
Prod. by R. Weaver & O. Bailey

Luanda 25

Ronnie King organized The Windsors doo wop singing group while still a student at Washington high School in Washington, PA. The Windsors headed to New York and cut two sides for Wig Wag Records: "Carol Ann" b/w "Keep Me From Crying." at Regent Sound Studios.   Later, Ronnie moved on and formed a rock-pop group called Ronnie King & The Passions who recorded several sides for Scotty and Gateway.

This Luanda single is scarce according to Ronnie King, only 200 records are believed to have been pressed.  Tapes were sent by the producers to the pressing plant at the same time as their equally obscure Kantelles single on the Trynorr label.


1958 Wig-Wag 103 - The Windsors : Carol Ann / Keep Me From Crying
1964 Luanda 25 : Ronnie King : A Lone Browns In Laramie / They Don't Know
1966 Scotty 822  -  Ronnie King And The Passions : I've Found Love / Quite Like You, Babe
1967 Gateway 786 - Ronnie King And The Passions  : Girl Break Away / I'll Never Be Free

Source : label shot is from this ebay auction (has audio clips of both sides)
Acknowledgment : Ron King

Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Airs of Harmony (Key Records)

The Airs of Harmony
Lead J.B. Wells

14875 – When I Was A Sinner
14876 - Searching For My Mother

Key Records
Raebet's Productions

The Airs Of Harmony, a male group that included William Seldon, J. T. Pearson, Roy Ozier, C. Edwards, J.B. Wells and others. In 1959 they had a session for Gotham but nothing was released. In 1961 they tried again, this time for the Choice label from Newark, NJ. A single was released and two more tracks appeared on Choice LP 504.

Members of this group formed the Michigan Nightingales in 1972

Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Personals

The Personals

14635 - Dance All Night
14636 - To Be One

Personal 1001

16363 - Don't Say You Love Me
16364 -  To-Morrow
Personal no #
Hills Sound Service, Worcester, Mass.

A four man rock and roll band from the central Massachusetts area. Group members Mike Gribauskas and John Barton. "Dance All Night" was heard locally on radio stations WORC-AM and WAAB-AM.

Label shots : The Basement Walls
Audio file : YouTube (Rusty Potts)

The Polkasonics

The Sounds Of  The Polkasonics
Ever Recording Co. Ever ES-1200

Side one  [31375]
Yes, Sir, She's My Baby Polka. Vocal - V. Kudra - J. Krakowski
Jigsaw Polka. - Instr.
Early Morning Oberek. Vocal E. Kudra
Mountaineer's Polka. Vocal E. Kudra
Lovesick Polka. Vocal E. & V. Kudra
Fiddler's Polka.  Instr.

Side two   [31376]
Mountaineer's Farewell Polka. Vocal  V. Kudra
Teriyaki Polka. Instr
Stay Single Oberek. Vocal E. Kudra
Where Were You, Johnny Polka.  Vocal J. Krakowski
Play Gypsy Waltz.   Vocal E &  V. Kudra
White Table Polka. Vocal E. Kudra

Ernie Kudra - Accordion, Concertina, Vocals
Vickie Kudra - Bells, Tamburine, Vocals
Jerry Krakowski - Drums, Vocals
Jim Kunc - Trumpet, Trombone
Bob Slavik - Clarinet, Saxophone
Bob Owen, Bass


Vickie and Ernie Kudra

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Juanita Stewart Miles (Tieway Records)

Juanita Stewart Miles

Accompanied By The Joy Singers of Detroit

Tieway 847
Side A — 33393
1. Give Me Wings (Trad., Arr. J. Miles)
2. Have You Tried Jesus 
3. How Big Od Is
4. I Saw The World Shining A Hope For Me

Side B  —33394
1. Lord Make Perfect And Whole
2. God Is Everywhere
3. O Lord You Consider Me
4. I Got That Feeling

Joy Singers
Mildred Hoard - 1st soprano
Delsi Adams - 2nd soprano
Barnetta Norwood - 1st alto
Charles Tompkins - Tenor
Frank White - organist
Milton Pullen - piano
Bass & tambourine - Dave Hamilton

Produced by Dave Hamilton & Juanita S. Miles
La Frieda Miles - Album cover
Engineer Dave Hamilton

All songs written by Juanita S. Miles and published by Tieway Music, BMI  with the exception of "Give Me Wings"
Mrs. Miles started singing at an early age of ten. She studied music at the Robert Nolan School of Music and the Art Center School of Music at an early age in Detroit, Michigan.

Juanita Stewart Miles

Friday, January 1, 2016

B.B. Guns and Cannons

B.B. Guns and Cannons 
feat. Kathy Belanich and Andrea Nelson

KB 45001 — Santa, I've Been Good All Year (Kathy Belanich) /  Entrance RR-42396-A

KB 45002 — Do You Believe In Santa Claus   (Gordon Kjellberg  ) Exit RR-42396-B

Engineered by Gordon Kjellberg   

Killer Bullet Productions
© 1982 for Fire Records

Kathy Belanich, guitar, vocals, bells, crumar
Andre Nelson, clavinet
Michael Creary, bass
Martin Samuel, drums
Gordon Kjellberg guitars, bells, background vocals
Barry Kennely, bass, piano

Recorded at Studio1, West Seattle
Engineered/Mixed by Gordon Kjellberg
Jacket design by Kathy Belanich
Gordon Kjellberg played music since the mid-sixties and was a member of The Enchanters, The Liberty Party (Jerden Records),   Merrilee & the Turnabouts,  The Feelies   (Jerden Records),  Cherry Fizz,  Blue Mountain Eagle and The Rockets.

Kathy Belanich (now Kathy Childers) still plays music and is with the Seattle band  City Zu.  Occasionally Jerry Zu and Kathy Childers perform as a duo called the Magnetics and they do 60s tunes," the kind some of us remember from the KJR top 4o days when the music had a good beat  and you could dance to it."

Kathy (Belanich) Childers
A copy of this record including the picture sleeve autographed by Kathy Belanich is currently on sale here

Sunday, November 8, 2015

The Spades (Super Records)

The Spades

CP-2623 - Challenge
Mike Furry, Superior Music Co, BMI

The Spades, vocal by Al Steele

CP-2624 - Fatty Patty
Don Bryant, Superior Music Co, BMI
Super 001


Presenting The Young Disciples

Presenting The Young Disciples
Granite Records R-101

 Side One  [30463)

1 Brother, Let Me Take Your Hand
2 Master Designer
3 I Believe God Is Real
4 He's Everythng To Me
5 There Is More To Life
6 Put Your Hand In The Hand
7 Searching Questions

All published by Lexicon Music, Inc. Waco, Texas except 6 : Beechwood Music Corp.

Side Two   [30464]

1 We're On Our Way
2 Sequence Of Events
3 It's Our World
4 Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow
5 Natural High
6 God Can See Us & When I Think Of The Cross (Medley)
7 Moment Of Truth

All published by Lexicon Music, Inc. Waco, Texas except  4. Zondervan Pub. House, Grand Rapids (Michigan)

The Osbornville Baptist Church, of Bricktown, New Jersey, takes pride in her representatives to the nation, "The Young Disciples,"  As the name implies, they are a group of Christian young people who have disciplined themselves in a fine singing group.  They are members of our Baptist Youth Fellowship who wanted to do something more than the ordinary; and so this record is the product of a five state singing tour in 1972.

The Young Disciples are revolutionary folk, singing revolutionnary music about the greatest revolutionist of all time - Jesus Christ.  They sing about His power and purprose to change the inner man, in order that the world may be changed from the inside out.  This is the music of the Gospel --, the "Good News" of a peace that passes all understanding to all who will receive.

As you hear the music, hear the message also.  Hear the "Searching Questions" be resolved "When I Think of the Cross", "Allow", The Moment of Truth" to be yours.  Join The Young Disciples in a strange new revolution of the 1970's!

Gary Johnson

The Young Disciples are : Pat Bringham, Sue Caruthers, Tom Crammer, Jim Edwards, Ken Edwards, Peggi Ely, Sandy Finger, Al Hofmann, Debbie Johnson, Nancy Levensen, Terry Lowman, Dale Miller, Darlene Miller, Charles Morris, Cindy Pyott, Ann Sills, Melanie Sils, Scott Smith, Debbie Steeb, Rhonda Steeb, Debbie Worth

Debbie Steeb, pianist
Dale Miller, guitarist

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wayne Cochran on Gala

CP-6309 ~ Last Kiss
Wayne Cochran, Perry Music, BMI

CP-6310 ~ Funny Feeling
Joe Carpenter-Milt Skelton, Perry Music BMI 

Gala Records 45-117
Gala Recording Co., Inc.
Vidalia, Georgia

"A blues, chanted in relaxed style, with a funky guitar backing.  Derivative but a good job." ("Last Kiss" review, Billboard, 18 September, 1961)

For a story of the song "Last Kiss" see wikipedia article

Gala 117 : second press


Wayne and Monica Cochran

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

David West (Tropical 214)

(James M. Krol, Alison Music ASCAP)

38526 - Jean Marie.
(James M. Krol and  Ray Flory, Alison Music ASCAP)

Tropical 214
P.O. Box 2076, DeLand, Florida

Produced by Bob Quimby

Ted and Curtis Voel-Pel

Ted and  Curtis Voel-Pel

A - I Don't Know Why
B - I Want You

TC Records RR-42550

Written and produced by Ted and Curtis Voel-Poel.    Ted H A Voel-Pel (1960-2010) played for many years in local rock bands in the northwest suburbs.  He has lived in Des Plaines and worked at Electro Insulation in Arlington Heights as a warehouse manager.  

His brother, Curtis, is still playing music in a band named STAY TUNED, playing classic and modern rock.
This ebay auction has a short audio clip.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Alex Udvary presents the Cimbalom

Alex Udvary
presents the Cimbalom

Side 1  [30791]

1. Love Theme From "The Godfather"
2. Wave
3. Something
4. Theme From "Love Story"
5. How About You
6. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life

Side 2  [30792]

1. Hava Naguila
2. Lara's Theme From "Doctor Zhivao"
3. I Am A Shepherd Boy At Tarnoca - Quick Scardas
4. Al Di La
5. Zorba The Greek
6. Excerpts From The Roumanian Rhapsody

From the back cover
This record marks the first time in the world the Cimbalom has been recorded with this repetoire and instrumentation.  The cimbalom derives from the zither family and from hammer-struck instruments.  Although history tells us that an instrument of this type was used in China and Egypt and was unpopular because of its complexity, it found its way to Greece in about 700 B.C.  In Greece it is called the Santouri.   It flourished in Asia Minor and is now one of the basic regional isntruments in Turkey, Persia, Arabia and Syria.  In these parts of the world, those incredibly talented musicians, the Gypsies, first became devotees of the Cimbalom.  The Gypsies helped the cimbalom to become the Hungarian national instrument.  In England it is called a dulcimer.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Southern Wonders on Gusman

The Southern Wonders
(Louis King, Gusman, BMI)

25660 ~ Straight Road Home
(James Smith, Gusman, BMI)

Gusman Records G-102

Jeb Stuart on Cotton

Jeb Stuart

25507 - Cook County Jail    
(Jim Killman-Houston Davis, Ammons Music ASCAP)

25508 - Lonesome  Blues

Cotton Records 7-17


Unlisted Jeb Stuart recording probably from Jackson, Mississippi based on publishing company and composer Houston Davis (see http://thatsallritemama.blogspot.fr/2013/12/ross-barnett-for-governor-campaign-song.html

Charles Jones/Jeb Stuart
Photo credit : http://www.706unionavenue.nl/74125258

Born Charles Jones in Memphis, Tennesse around 1935, from Frank Jones and Mrs. Lucille Yancey.   
Charles Jones attended Booker T. Washington High School and was employed as a vocalist in Chicago before entering the U.S. Army in November 1953.  He was shiped to Korea in 1954 and "visited" Japan, Korea, Okinawa,Guam, Hawaii and the Phillipine Islands. He received an award for being the best singer in the Far East. 
Jeb Stuart started his professional singing career  in Memphis on the Mississippi where he appeared at most of the local nightspots such as Hi Hat. Plantation club,Hotel Peabody. Chisca hotel, as well as at live Palace theatre. Handy and Hyde Park theatres.

From the beginning of his career, Stuart seems to have oriented himself toward the white audience. It surely couldn't have been coincidence that a black Memphian named Charles Jones took the name of a Confederate cavalry general.
He grew up idolising Billy Eckstine, Nat King Cole, Elvis, Fats Domino, and Little Richard, and left Memphis to study at the Chicago Conservatory of Music under Frank Lavere, one of the writers of Cole's hit ''Pretend''.

His first recordings were done in Chicago for Mercury subsidiary Wing Records as Charles Jones (1956), Zale Records (as Charlie Jones) and Shar Record Co (as Jeb Stuart).   

While in Chicago he assembled a female singing group, The Sweet Teens, led by Little Faith Taylor.  The group enjoyed a bit of a stir locally in Chicago with their first record which was issued by Federal Records.  Two other records followed on Bea & Baby Records (also with the Charles Jones involvement). 

A Jeb Stuart Discography can be found here
or here