Sunday, June 30, 2019

Luke Hollandwsorth

Luke Hollandwsorth
P. O. Box 15544, Tulsa, Okla. 74115
Time is Running Out!


Side I [30261]

1. Current Events in Bible Prophecy
2. Startling Newspaper Headlines
3. Does God See This Generation?
4. Ecumenical Churchanity

Side II [30262]

1. The United States in Bible Prophecy
2. The Setting Up of Tribulation Events
3. The World Racing to Disaster
4. The Greatest Event of the Ages

Rev. Luke Hollandwsorth"The Walking Bible"

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Vera Bloom

Vera Bloom

 22881 - Now It's Raining  
22882 - Baby What You Want Me to Do

Arr by Sherry Taylor, produced by Scotty's studio

Vera Blum (or Bloom), country singer and musician (electric bass). She started playing music at age 14 and has played in several country bands since then. Vera says she “made a few records but did not have a hit. I used the name Marie Mills because they didn’t think Vera Blum would do anything for the public. Neither did Marie Mills.” Vera lives in Wright City and continues a busy musical career.

Vera Blum was, with Dennis Boren, the main stars of the Oran Brook's All-Star Midwest Opry at the end of the sixties. She still performs today in Missouri with the Silver Wings Band.

Pete Martin And The Versatile Keys

Pete Martin And The Versatile Keys

26991 - Peace Of Mind
26992 - You Can't Take It   

wr. Lenny and Lu Groah
prod. by Lenny Groah

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Mike Williams (Trackdown Records)

Mike Williams
Pleasing You
Trackdown Records
Glens Falls, New York 12801


1    Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On    
2     Georgia    
3     Pleasing You    
4     All The Girls Get Prettier At Closing Time    
5     Please Release Me    
6     Johnny Be Good    


1     I Can't Stop Lovin' You    
2     Blue Suede Shoes    
3     39 And Holding
4     Your Cheatin' Heart    
5     Miguel's Tango    
6     Roll Over Beethoven

    Recorded At – Track Down Recording Studios
    Printed By – Sperry Printing Company

    Chief Recording Engineer – Alan W. Prince
    Director Of Arts And Repertoire – Norma B. Dixon
    Photography – Richard Durling

Trackdown Recording Studio
Cor. Lawrence and Walnut Sts.
Glens Falls,New York 12801
(518)793 3876

Pleasing You is the name of this album. It's also Mike Williams' musical destiny. He sings, plays and entertains from his heart. A purity many musicians never possess.

At the age of 10 Mike sat down at the piano and picked out "What Now My Love.3 since then, he has peformed many songs.  Some of his favorites are here on this, his first album. Mike can be seen and heard "Pleasing You", the public, at various night spots throughout the Glns Falls area. The "Gibson Girl", Heritage Hall in the Glens Falls Civic Center, and at Chateau de Louis.  Mike is also a guest vocalist with the popular Albany based group "The Valentinos"

Monday, March 4, 2019

"The" Four Winds

"The" Four Winds

15771 – Hear The Sound
(Joe Keefe) Kennewick Pub. Co. (BMI)

15772 - The Enemy
(Ken Finley) Kennewick Pub. Co. (BMI)
Sound Recorded By
Box 591 Richland, Washington

Joe Keefe, Ken Finley, Sharon Scharnhorst & Julie O'Conner made up the 4 Winds.  
Joe teaches guitar in Kennewick and is married to Sharon Scharnhorst who is now a retired teacher from the Pasco district. Kenneth Finley is a minister in the Tacoma area. Julie is an artist who makes furniture out of tree branches & Patty is a teacher in California.

Joe and Ken used to play and sing at church and in Seekers (West Side United Protestant college and career age youth group with participants from most Richland churches)

Acknowledgements: Artifacts In Wax blog (who posted label shots and audio files)

Monday, February 18, 2019

Dave Jackson on Valerie (LP)

Dave Jackson
Singing Folk Style Music
Morning Town Ride
(Valerie VR 7000)

Side One (21373)

1     Morningtown Ride     M. Reynolds   
2     Barbara Allen     Traditional Ballad
3     Colours            Donovan
4     Coulter's Candy     Will Milter
5     Young Man     R. Phoenix
6     All My Trials     Green Carter
7     Balladeer     Anderson  - Cook

Side Two (21474)

1     I Wonder Where I'm Bound     Tom Paxton
2     Turn Around     Reynolds, Greene, Belafonte
3     Long Black Veil     M. Wilkins, D. Dill
4     Two-Ten, Six-Eighteen     Rod Mckuen
5     No Other Name     P. Stokey
6     Cruel War      Yarrow - Stokey
7     Hi De Ank Tum     Ashley
8     Turn Turn Turn     Pete Seeger
9     Man Of Constant Sorrow Traditional

A collection of 16 folk songs on the Valerie label, a subsidiary of Band Box Records (Denver, Colorado)

More info at the Elk Bugles blog here
The album appeared to be a product of the Custer County Independent School District, based out of Westcliffe. The school’s science teacher, Jerry Dolby, is listed as the school sponsor of the recording.

Attempts to locate Dave Jackson were unsuccessful.

Acknowledgments :  Discogs (has incorrect date of release)

Friday, February 15, 2019

McLister on L & M

14053 -     Discarded Love
14054 - New Angel In Heaven

Folk singing with dobro & rhythm

L & M Recording Company
Floyd L. McMillin wrote the B side.  From unknown part of the country. Does anyone known something about tis record?

Isi Doro on Band Box

Isi Doro

23825 - Out In The Cold Again
23826 -  Oh, Love Divine

Band Box 390

Monday, November 12, 2018

Tyrone Wilson on Gateway


CP-1122 – Lonesome Blues
CP-1123 - My Baby's Gone

Gateway 24056
Both sides written by Tyrone Wilson. Early custom from 1956 probably recorded by Carl Burkhardt at his Gateway Studios.  The label is not part of the  various "in-house" Gateway series and this is a blues record, a musical genre rarely heard on a Rite press.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Jimmy Gatlin on J-L-G Productions

Jimmy Gatlin & Singing Stars
34611 - God Is Standing By
(J. Taylor)
34612 - Sisters & Brothers
(C. Johnson)
JLG Productions
produced by Big Jay

Jimmy Gatlin,  a Vietnam vet, once entertained troops in times of agony and pain and once sang at the Grand Ole Opry.  He is certainly the man described here in a Blue Monday magazine issue from 2014 :
A churchly ceremony kicked off the day, with a pastor’s invocation, from a stage in the middle of the lawn: “We thank you, God, for this shad fry occasion and we pray that it continues to extend your blessing and bring the community together.” A local man named Jimmy Gatlin, who said he once sang at the Grand Ole Opry, crooned gospel to programmed Casio music, hammering out occasional embellishments with his left hand. He kept it up, heroically, all day long.
Honeybee Productions has posted six years ago some videos of Jimmy here
Out from Chadbourn (North Carolina), once the Strawberry Capital of the World, J-L-G Productions was active in 1974 and 1975, issuing  singles by The Mighty Echoes of Elizabeth, N.C., The Ward Sisters from Evergreen, N.C. and Sister Linda Rogers, all pressed by Rite Records.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Soul, Inc. on Trepur

Soul, Inc.

17109 ~ Work It On Out
17110 ~ Ode To A Girl

Trepur 1019

Only record for this Pine Mountain/West Point, Georgia garage band which included Larry Bowie, John Whitley, Lavonne Moon and Phil Whitley.  Larry Bowie, who wrote both songs on this release, later played with The Continentals (1965), Rock Garden (1968) and The Backalley Bandits (1978)

Larry Bowie

Sunday, September 30, 2018

The Cavemen (Capitol Star Artist)

The Cavemen

18285 ~ All  About Love
(Albert Cretacci, Jr., Red Pol Music Co. BM)

18286 ~ Bo Diddley (E. McDaniels)

Capitol Star Artist
Rochester, New York


Produced by Fine Studios, Rochester, N.Y.

Members of this band were:Al Cretacci,Jim Crouse,Skip Maciezewski, Ron Gorski and Joey Calato.

Jimmy Crouse and Joey Calato were the ones who started the band. They  started out as The El Dorados, but one of the guys in the band wanted to change the name to Alley-Oop & The Cavemen after the song, ‘Alley-Oop’ by The Hollywood Argyles.  They  all thought it was kind of neat so they agreed. After a while they dropped the name to just “The Cavemen” because macho man Al Cretacci didn’t like being called Alley Oop.  

There was (originally) a sax player, Denny Puricelli, but he quit for whatever reason. The group was formed in 1963 in Buffalo, New York. During that year other members came and went.

(The band primarily consisted of) Joey Calato, drums; Jimmy Crouse, lead guitar; Ron Gorski, rhythm guitar; Harry (Skip) Miecheski, bass guitar; Al Cretacci, lead vocals; and Sammy Sparazza, keyboards. Sam joined after the recording in 1966. Ron Gorski passed away in a car accident in 1969.