Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mel Rearick / Pat And Anna Mae on ARM

Side A
Mel Rearick (narrator)
Homer Gross And The Country Squires Band

A Letter To The President
(wr. James  Liprando)

Side B
Pat And Anna Mae
Homer Gross And The Country Squires Band

Cincinnati, Ohio

ARM 1001
RD # 3;  Leechburg Pa.

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Roosevelt Hughley / Sunlight Gospel Singers

Roosevelt Hughley / Sunlight Gospel Singers

[CP-5075] - Follow Jesus
[CP-5076] - Till I Reach My Home

Helene Records 45-02
(WCP 2/WCP 3)

Rite numbers in dead wax .

The tiny Wende Recording Studios were located in Orlando, first at 219 E. South St.and then, in 1958, at 2313 Conway Rd. WE SPECIALIZE IN WEDDINGS - CHILDREN'S VOICES - PARTIES "Capture today what you'll cherish tomorrow" Prices Most Reasonable read the ads published by the Orlando Sentinel in late fifties.
Several records were published on various labels such as Helene (The Rebel Rousers from Missouri), Valiant (Tommy Harbin), Sherr (Big Lee) and on the Wende imprint (Betty L. Brannon, The Hoppers, The Zephyrs, The Frady Sisters)

Monday, March 5, 2018

Miss Cloteal Lewis on SAS

Beyond The Bridge

Miss Cloteal Lewis & The Gospel Impressions
Beyond The Bridge

Richard Evans & The Gospel Impressions
I've Got A Learning From The Lord

SAS Records
Dayton, Ohio

Miss Cloteal Lewis
Born in Arcadia, Clairborne Parish, Louisiana to Ora and Nathan Lewis. She was the owner and operator of Cloteals Beauty Shop.  She studied piano and organ at the Miami Conservatory of Music. She was a composer, and wrote and published her own lyrics and music for piano.  Sister Lewis was a member of Mt. Enon Missionary Baptist Church, where she held numerous positions. She received numerous awards for her service in the community.
Miss Cloteal Lewis, age 88, a resident of Dayton since 1944, passed away peacefully Sunday, July 6, 2008 at Carriage Inn Nursing Center.

Monday, February 12, 2018

Hisel and Gerldean Carpenter

Hisel and Gerldean Carpenter
Most Requested Hymns
Jewel LPM 121

Side 1 [21323]

1. It's Me Again Lord
2. Way Upon The Mountain
3. After All
4. He Loves Me More And More
5. Wil You Meet Me Over Yonder
6. Richest Poor Man On This Earth

Side 2 [21324)

1. God Our Maker
2. On The Sunny Banks Of Sweet Deliverance
3. Saved Thru Jesus Blood
4. House But Not A Home
5. I Never Shall Forget The Day
6. Wasted Years

Engineered and produced by Rusty York

Musicians :
Denny Rice- piano
Bill Wolfinberger - bass
Dennis Hensley - guitar
Jr. Boyer - steel
Gordon Larkin - drums

Gerldeanand Hisel Carpenter

Hisel Carpenter
2225 Test Rd.
Richmond, Indiana

Sunday, February 11, 2018

The Best Of The Unknown Songwriters (Grand Recording Co.)

(no artist named) -- Sounds Of Music:  "The Best Of The Unknown Songwriters"

Side one - 28349
I'll Follow Along Behind You (Dallas Green)
You Got To Be A Habit With Me (Herschel E. Guy)
Yours With All My Love (Eleanor McKissick)
Break Bread With Your Brothers (Herschell E. Guy)
Our Flag (Victor D. Harris)
A Lonely Man (Robert E. Whitehead)

Side Two - 28350
The Jolly Jolly Life (Ellsworth J. Leach)
Heal My Soul (Martin Blackwell)
Denied The Claim (Loretta Keseric)
All Wrong (Julia P. Pruett)
Someone I Used To Know (R. A. Harrison)
Wake Up The Daisies (Frances E. Lowe)

Grand Recording Co., 1354 Hancock St., Quincy, Mass.  One of the several song poem companies owned by Ted Rosen. 
In running his Halmark label as a perverse parody of a legitimate record company, Ted Rosen went beyond the constrained thinking of other song-poem entrepreneurs. Lesser minds in similar positions sought to foster the illusion of legitimacy via the inclusion of, at minimum, the recording artist's name amid the printed information on their labels. But Rosen ignored such trifling conventions, reserving the space instead for the listing of the song-poet's home address, an appeal to vanity one step beyond that of his competitors. You might equally think that a company that operated entirely through the mails might prefer to publish its own postal address on the labels. Bah! There again, Ted Rosen scoffed.
...more American Song-Poem Archives

Popular Electronics ad, July 1973

A reader of the Asbury Park Press (New Jersey) asked for some advice in 1974 regarding songs he had written:
I have written some songs which I hope to sell. Can you give me any advice on having them recorded for sale? What about companies which offer to help songwriters? J.D., Brick Township 
 And here was the answer:
The odds against the nonprofessional who hopes to successfully sell songs are immense. It's like having the insurance salesman who Hives next door fill your tooth it can be a painful and unhappy experience. Talent Inc., North Quincy, Mass., is one company which has advertised that it can help songwriters. It has conducted an extensive business with hopeful songwriters by mail. The company has admitted to a long list of misrepresentations cited in a Federal Trade Commission complaint.   Understanding those misrepresentations, may guide you in any future dealings.   First. Talent Inc. failed to tell those with whom it contracted that the company has never produced or recorded a song for a customer that earned any royalties.   The company misrepresented its size and earned employes used pseudonyms so that it appeared there were more employes than there actually were.   In misrepresenting its size and ability to help the company also used the names Grand Recording Co., Cathedral Recording Co., Chapel Recording Co., Country and Western Recording Co., Music Hall Recording Co., and Meloday Lane.   The company and its principals misrepresented that songs were "evaluated" and that some were not accepted; that songs recorded would be released by record companies and that songwriters could expect to earn royalties. Talent Inc. misrepresented that it maintained a copyright service and that writers should copyright their work. The company misrepresented that it charged only minimum or special prices, and falsely claimed it had songwriters to write music for customers' lyrics and that its employes consulted with vocalists, vocalists groups, and background orchestras. Customers were not told, according to the FTC complaint, that when their songs were recorded the background music was "pre-recorded" and was not provided by a live orchestra. Customers were falsely encouraged to believe that radio stations might be interested in playing records made by Talent Inc.   The FTC complaint says the records made were hand cut and were unsuitable for use in commercial promotion. Customers were also encouraged to buy various "services" sold by Talent Inc. in the mistaken belief that these services could help promote their records. To sum up, since no one earned royalties, it's clear that the only ones helped by Talent Inc. were its owners. Be cautious in dealing with any company offering to help sell your songs. The misrepresentations mentioned above are common to other companies.
Asbury Park Press from Asbury Park, New Jersey · May 22, 1974 .Page 40

Monday, October 30, 2017

Yal Henry's White House Ten on Roxie

Yal Henry's White House Ten

CP-4659 - Sullivan's Dream
CP-4660 - Gypsy Wedding Day
Harry McGinty - Netta Morris; McGinty Music

Roxie 249

Harry McGinty, who composed the music of "Gypsy Wedding Day" owned the Roxie label. Lyrics are from the pen of Netta Symes Morris, a one-time singer with the Royal Opera House in London, and Dean of the Institute of Fine Arts in Miami.
"Sullivan's Dream" is an instrumental.  The uncredited female singer on "Gypsy" is possibly Cara Stewart.
A discography of Roxie Records can be found here

Rowland Clarke on Rowark

Rowland Clarke

36115 - Bottle On The Table
36116 - Amtrack 302

Rowark Records

Recorded at RPM Recording Studios, Madison, Ill.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sophia Austin, Jr. (A-B Record Co.)

Sophia Austin, Jr.

32095 - Love, Love Your Man
Sophia Austin
32096 - Save Your Love
Clark C. Bennings

A-B Record, Co.

A for Austin, B for Bennings I guess.  "earthy ethereal inept Soul" according to this ebay listing


Friday, October 20, 2017

Wanted : Sue Noble on Su-No

Sue Noble

Black Is Black (40" clip only alas)

Su-No Records

b/w Daddy Frank

Early-1970s private pressing by Su-No Records-- --Unusual take on the Los Bravos hit

Sound clip & label from ebay saved some six years ago. Comment above was from the seller. How right he is.  Certainly unusual. Su-No obviously was Sue Noble's own label, that's all I can say.  Never see this record again.   I certainly would like to hear the complete song.  

Please leave a comment if you have any info on this record and/or on Sue Noble.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Mike Tate (Bill Lamb Productions)

Mike Tate
TNT & Friends

37277 - B-U-I-C-K
37278 - Cadillac Cowboy

Recorded at Bill Lamb Productions
Flint, Michigan

Mike Tate was a Fisher Body #1 employee who had a country western band that played weekends at the Old Silver Rail Saloon in Flint.  He was also heard on the early morning Buick Factory Whistle Radio Show. Song tells about his job building Buicks.  Mike died in 1976.
Bill Lamb who hosted the "Buick Factory Whistle" radio show on Country WKM/FLINT, MI, which dubbed itself "the Country music capital of the north," for 26 years, and owned the BILL LAMB RECORDS store on Harrison Street in downtown Flint, passed away in 2015.

One copy is for sale here

Monday, October 2, 2017

Charlie Rash Strides Again

Charlie Rash Strides Again
(Piano Solos)

C. K. Records

Side 1 - 39987
1. Casa Loma Stomp    
2. Dina    
3. Satin Doll    
4. Doin' The Racoon    
5. 12th Street Rag    
Side 2 - 39988
1. Prince Of Wails    
2. Toot Toot Tootsie    
3. Ida    
4. Back To The Jungle    
5. Ain't Misbehavin'    
Recording: John Teachout
Idiom Recording Co.
March 28, 1978

C.K. Records
1000 S. 7th Street
Ann Arbour, Michigan

Charlie Andrew Rasch (1937-2011) was a well-known Jazz/Ragtime pianist in the Detroit area of Michigan. He was featured in about a dozen albums. He was born in Detroit and began formal piano schooling at age six. Margaret Anderson was his teacher. Under her guidance he was one of the winners of an all City of Detroit classical contest, age fourteen group.

Charlie's initial interest in jazz came from listening to his father's record collection. In the early sixties he joined up with Kate Ross, under the management of Warren Ross, to recreate ragtime and traditional jazz music.

Charlie was a graduate from the University of Michigan with an M.A. in fine arts. Upon completion of his college degrees he enlisted in the U.S. Army, served three years, returned home, and began playing piano professionally around the Ann Arbour, Detroit, Toledo area.

On December 16, 2003, a minor planet was discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey and named for him: 90397 Rasch (2003 YW4).

Acknowledgements : Charlie Rasch page at Discogs

Note : one of of his albums can be heard in full at YT here

Lois Kaye on Log Cabin

Lois Kaye

16787 - Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello
16788 - He's The Only Boy

Log Cabin 911
 Bom Lois Kaye Edmiston in 1950 in Knox, Indiana; raised in Beecher.  Lois sang in the choir at Beecher high school.  “Mom and I sang with the radio when I was five years old,”  “My parents took me to a country lounge in Chicago Heights Lake-N-Park Inn with the Windy City band and convinced the band leader I should sing with them.

The place was Joe’s lounge on East End avenue and the band leader was Bill Madewell. She sang every Friday and Saturday and earned $25 a night, learning.  Jimmy Skinner, one of the many special guest artists, helped her to cut her first record on the Log Cabin label, a subsidiary of Jewel Records,  when she was 16. 

Other records followed, on Jewel Records (main Rusty York's label), on Wesco Records (a label owned by ex-rockabilly singer Bobby Sisco) and on Ovation Records with which she charted one time on the Billboard Country chart, and this is it, reaching #96 in 1979.

Cover of her Ovation album (1979)