Saturday, October 30, 2010

Lefty Herman Croucher on Alpine

Lefty Herman Croucher

Alpine 916

17093 - Jesus I'm Coming To You

17094 - I’m Ready To Go

Lefty Herman recorded also for Ark Records : Ark 268 as Lefty Herman Crocher and Ark 254 as Herman Croucher.

This Alpine label, previously unlisted, fills a gap in the following Jewel custom 900 series, all pressed by Rite Records :

900 teen
902 log cabin
903 log cabin
905 log cabin
906 nettus
907 teen
908 log cabin
909 waves of faith
910 (log cabin)
911 log cabin
912 log cabin
913 jewel
915 log cabin
917 jewel
918 teen
920 jewel

Rusty York at Jewel Recording Studios, 1967
Picture credit : Rockabilly Hall Of Fame

Jewel Records Custom Records :
"Jewel was a house label for recordings done at Rusty York's studio in Mt. Healty, a suburb of Cincinnati. Jewel was the primary label, but several subsidiary names were used like Teen (for the teen garage bands) and Log Cabin (for country, although most of the Jewel records were country). Jewel records used several numbering systems but the primary ones were the 700 series and the early 900 series. There are many overlapping numbering systems, which are detailed HERE" [source : Buckeye Beat website]
Label picture and audio samples credit : eBay.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Berry Smith and the Radio Pals on McDowell

Berry Smith and the Radio Pals

McDowell 710

10975 ~ Hawaiian Stars

10976 ~ Berry's Bounce

A pair of instrumentals

Pictures credit : sprydiddle (eBay)


Monday, October 25, 2010

Uncle Dave Macon (Vetco LP 105)

Uncle Dave Macon

Volume II

Vetco LP 105

Side One (Rite 32767)

Travelin' Down The Road
New Ford Car
Whoop 'em Up Cindy
Tossing The Baby So High
Jordan is a Hard Road to Travel
Station Will Be Changed After Awhile

Side Two (Rite 32768)

The Bum Hotel
Comin' Round The Mountain
Run, Nigger, Run
He Won the Heart of Sarah Jane
Honest Confession is Good For the Soul

Songs recorded between 1925 and 1938. Volume 1 is Vetco LP 101 (Dixie Dewdrop) and Volume 3 is Vetco LP 108 (From Heaven To Earth).

Uncle Dave Macon (October 7, 1870–March 22, 1952), born David Harrison Macon—also known as "The Dixie Dewdrop"—was an American banjo player, singer, songwriter, and comedian. Known for his chin whiskers, plug hat, gold teeth, and gates-ajar collar, he gained regional fame as a vaudeville performer in the early 1920s before going on to become the first star of the Grand Ole Opry in the latter half of the decade.

Macon's music is considered the ultimate bridge between 19th-century American folk and vaudeville music and the phonograph and radio-based music of the early 20th-century. Music historian Charles Wolfe wrote, "If people call yodelling Jimmie Rodgers 'the father of country music,' then Uncle Dave must certainly be 'the grandfather of country music'." Macon's polished stage presence and lively personality have made him one of the most enduring figures of early country music.

From Wikipedia.

A good source of discographical information can be found here :


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Carl Maduri on Lee

Lee Records

Carl Maduri

CP-6907 - Miss Teenage Sweet 16

Marilyn Jane Lee

CP-6908 - Happy Birthday Sweet 16 (Invitation)

"B-side is a Spoken word invitation to a party which mentions that Andrea Carroll will be singing her hit "Gee Dad". (Andrea Carroll was a early 60's Teen artist from the Cleveland , OH area. (Epic 9472, oct 61)"

"Miss Teenage Sweet 16" is probably a special adaptation of "Miss Teenage America", a regional hit Carl Maduri had on Cameo in October 1961, some two months before.

Carl Maduri recorded for Reserve (56), Mercury (57), Epic (59), Warwick (60), Cameo (61), Sunburst and Roulette (66)

Carl Maduri has been involved in the music industry for over forty years. He began as a singer/writer, having his first taste of success co-writing the parody hit “The Hula-Hoop Song” with Jim Testa. Carl then began promoting his own music with regional hit songs on Mercury and Epic Records, “The Joker” and “A Girl in Her Teens” (Mercury). Epic saw first-hand, Carl’s promoting abilities, and brought him into their company as a promoter for several popular artists including Platters, Patti Page, The Diamonds and Vic Damone. Carl expanded several years later as an independent promoter for music distributors in the Cleveland market while building his own company CM Production, Inc. Hits included “Happy Feet Time” and “Mr. John” by The Montclairs.


Friday, October 15, 2010

The Fly-Bi-Nites on Tiffany

The Fly-Bi-Nites

Tiffany NRC 564

19939 - Come On Up
19940 - Found Love

Greg Presmanes formed his first high school band The Echoes in Atlanta, Georgia. Drummer Doug Freedman was the other stable member ; others came and went until Presmanes secured the services of his cousin Bob Levinson, who renamed the group The Fly By Nights.

They recorded their sole 45 in the Summer of 1967. Just 300 copies were pressed with the band’s name spelt « Fly-Bi-Nites ». The top side is a fine cover of the Young Rascals Come On Up, with a danceable beat and great guitar bass. The nugget here, however, is the fabulous original Found Love, a dramatic pop-punker with hypnotic keyboards, dynamic bursts of guitar and dreamy vocals.

Presmanes recounts the band’s story in Psychedelic States : Georgia Vol. 1 liner notes. He left them in the Spring of 1969 ; the band continued, changed their names to the Solid Soul and shifted into funky RnB territory. They released a 45 on the local Lovett label which was picked up by the Capitol subsidiary 123.
From "Fuzz Acid and Flowers revisited", ed. Vernon Joynson.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Un-Predict-Ables

The Un-Predict-Ables

Big Fat Dinosaur (Dick Tomacci, Pete Catalina)
No Cha Cha Cha (Dick Tomacci, Pete Catalina)

Fools Rush In
Cathy (John Carlo, Dick Tomacci)


Jazz unknown unlocatable group on an unamed label. Was on eBay recently (copy located in Mill Valley, CA)


Monday, October 11, 2010

McKinley Sandifer - Moose Dawson & Ivy Leaguers

Dawson & Sandifer 135

McKinley Sandifer
14707 ~ Misquito Bite (sic)

Mose Dawson & the Ivy Leaguers
14708 ~ Worwick Boogie


McKinley Sandifer's "Misquito Bite" is an ordinary instrumental. The "good" side is provided by the totally unknown Mose Dawson. The excellent "Worwick Boogie" was never re-issued, as far as I know. Is it the only song recorded by Mose Dawson?

At least two Blues/RnB reference books list this record as a Chicago recording. Other sources list a Grenada, Mississippi address.

Two clues (Rite account number 267 and Sandra, the publisher) point to Memphis, Tennessee and to Fernwood Records owned by Ronald "Slim Wallace".

Chicago is certainly to be ruled out as a possible location.

Fernwood Records produced a lot of custom records pressed by Rite Records such as :

El-Rio, Dora, Sun-Rise, Silver Dollar, Pure Gold, Diana, Vel, FHR, Viber Sound, Vance, Flash ....

Most have a Memphis address or a Tennessee address. But Vance was located in Ripley, Mississippi; Sun-Rise and Flash in Grenada, Mississippi. The publisher of the songs on these custom labels is generally Sandra BMI.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

Frank Bell Plays

Frank Bell Plays

Trucker’s Lament
(Frank Bell & Aaron Smith)

From another Cees Klop compilation (Collector 4509, Rockabilly Hoodlums, Vol. 6, 2007).

Certainly a Rite pressing. No info though. Who is the vocalist? The label says "Frank Bell Plays". Maybe he is just the banjo player?

And what role has had Aaron Smith? Vocalist, songwriter?


The Owens Family on Legend

The Owens Family Of Speedwell , Tennessee

Legend 112

A Sammy Lillibridge Enterprise
310 Ft. Hood Rd., Killeen, Texas

CP-6647 - You Are The Sweetest (Dave Owens);
Vocal Dave Owens


CP-6648 – Is There Someone Else? (Dave Owens)
Vocal Butler Owens



Jack Lykins and the Country Squires

Jack Lykins and the Country Squires

Mansfield, Ohio

25791 - My Leah
25792 - Diamonds in the Night

Country from 1970

Picture & sound credit : turnblue (eBay), Euclid, Ohio