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Eternity Express

Ken Gaub Evangelistic Ass'n Records
Yakima, Washington
LP 200


Side One   #32339

 Turn It Over To Jesus (Hildebrand)
 I Should Have Been Crucified (Jensen)
 Jesus Made Me Higher (Omartian)
 Looking Back (Helms)
 Say I Do (Hildebrand)

Side Two   #32340

 For Those Tears I Died (Stevens)
 I've Got Confidence (Crouch)
 Jesus That They Need (Mills)
 Whish We'd All Been Ready (Norman)

Credits :

Nathan Gaub - Vocal, Bass
Mike Gaub - Vocal, Drums
Dan Gaub - Guitar & Arranging

Cover Photo - Peter Eisele Photos -Michigan City, Ind.
Special Credit -Patsy Garrett - Piano
Recording Engineer - Phil Burkhardt

From the back cover :

Music travelling and appearing before crowds is nothing new for this group.  Nathan, at eighteen, has been singing for seventeen yeats;  Mike, at nineteen, although he just starting travelling with his brother, Ken, has been involved in church work with his father for years;  Dan, at fifteen, has also been involved in music for fourteen years and is now arranging the music for this group.  All three of these young men love the Lord. Let me introduce to you "ETERNITY"  Ken Gaub

Eternity Express II 
Ken Gaub Evangelistic Ass'n Record
Yakima, Washington
LP 201


Side One   #34073

01 – Jesus Is The Way
02 – Where Could I Go
03 – Front Seat Back Seat
04 – I’ll See You In The Rapture

Side Two  #34074

01 – Freedom
02 – Rock And Roll
03 – Be Nice To The Little Guy
04 – You Should Have Come Sooner

Photos : Peter Eisele Photos -Michigan City, Ind.

You can listed to "Where Could I Go" and "Freedom" courtesy of Mark Betcher HERE

platform shoe
detail from the cover of LP 200

The roots of Eternity Express began to form when Mike, brother of evangelist Ken Gaub, joinded with Nathan and Dan as a back-up band for the ministry.  The name they developed began to stick and the musical portion of the services began to take a more prominent roll.  Unlike many bands who set aside weeks to record, Eternity Express grabbed a day or two per album while on the road.

The two albums were reviewed by Jesus Music expert Ken Scott,  Read the review HERE

There were further records on New Born and Skylite Records.  Eternity Express roster changed over the years and later (1984) included Nathan's wife, Dawndee on keyboards and vocals, Mark Matthews, bass guitar, saxophone and vocals and Daryl Sutherland, drums and percussion.  In late eighties, they recorded two albums as by Illustrator.

Dan Gaub died last year.  Yakima Herald obit  : 

Daniel John Gaub, 53, of Yakima, WA, went to be with the Lord on Friday, May 4, 2012, as the result of a motorcycle accident. Daniel was born March 12, 1959 in Hazard, Kentucky to Ken & Barbara (Mains) Gaub.

Daniel spent his youth traveling as the lead guitarist of a Gospel Band called Eternity Express/Illustrator.

In April of 1981, Dan married his childhood sweetheart, Dawndee Johnston, also of Yakima. After the band fulfilled its mission, they made their home here in Yakima. Dan was a member of Stone Church, where he and his whole family continued to be very active in the musical ministry.

Dan made helping others his life's mission. He mentored hundreds of people worldwide to accomplish life changing goals. Dan served on the executive board of Ken Gaub Ministries.

And Yahima Herald again has the latest on Dan :

FBI believed late financial trader was running Ponzi scam

Dan Gaub died owing a lot of people a lot of money, perhaps as much as $40 million or more. Many may not have realized until too late they were participating in a scam....

You can watch Dan and Dawndee "In Gold We Trust" Gaub HERE doing some promotion for their Five Star Foundation Scam. 

Opinions found in the comments regarding Dan are... divergent.  Such as :
"He was calm, sincere, honest, and just a joy to listen to and learn from. " Can you tell me more about this? Go into more detail I mean? Please it would be a huge help to me. Thank you and God Bless!

or the more concise :
"He was a mother fucker"

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