Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Looper Trio singing The Gospel in Song

The Looper Trio
The Gospel in Song

Midwest Gospel Sound Records
Rite # 28347/8

Track listing :

One Day Nearer Home
When The Call Comes
Great Gilded Hall
He Saved My Soul
I'm Working On A Building
At Sun Down

That Great Great Day
Strength In The Lord
I'll Be In Heaven
Altar Of Prayer
The Voice Of My Saviour
Were You There

Quartet from Monterey, Tennessee produced and recorded by Midwest Gospel Sound Records of Dayton, Ohio.

Offered by Lee Hartsfeld (Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else blog) in his "Sunday Morning Gospel" series HERE.


Saturday, June 26, 2010

Little Maxine Simmons on Varbee

Little Maxine Simmons

Varbee 117/118

CP-6475 – Since I Lost You
(wr. Charles Matthews, Ernkel Music BMI)

CP-6476 – In You Baby In You
(Joseph Sims & O. Bailey, Ernkel Music BMI)

Glendell Productions
(Philadelphia, Pa.)


L. to R. : unk., unk. Little Maxine Simmons


Babe Ruth Wyatt on RCM

Babe Ruth Wyatt

Label : RCM

38947 - Love At First Sight

38948 - One Too Many Times

Producer B.Martin


Winchester, Kentucky

RCM discography



The Goldenaires on ARC

The Goldenaires

Label : ARC

32909 - Nobody Knows
Chafois Gilliam lead vocal

32910 - I Will Never Stop Serving Him

Arranged by Delbert Gilliam


Friday, June 25, 2010

The Shademen on Verann

The Shademen

Verann JMJ 501

18901 ~ That's Tuff
(Wr M.Moore, Farakin Music BMI)

18902 ~ Sick And Tired Of Waiting

Rite account # 1898

Elyria, Ohio Garage.

This is the second pressing, according to the [very informative] Shademen page :

Al [Geraci] became the band's official manager and the Verann team booked them at Cleveland Recording, where they cut two of Mike Moore's original songs, "Sick and Tired" and "That's Tuff". Mike was the musical leader of the band - he chose and arranged most of the band's songs, in additon to playing keyboards and much of the lead vocals (he's lead on the two recordings). The Kings [Joe and James King] pressed up 500-1000 copies on their Verann label and used their publishing, Farakin music. Al Geraci and the Kings started to push "Sick and Tired" to local radio stations. WWIZ in Lorain gave it steady play, as did WREO in Ashtabula. The record did sell in the Lorain County area, but really took off in Ashtabula, and the Shademen made their way out east for many gigs, including a autograph session and on-air interview/phone call-in with WREO jock Dave Barry. The 45 sold out of the first pressing and a second pressing of 1000 copies was done. A quick trip to the collectors corner - the first pressings have dark blue horizontal lines, while the second pressings have a more sky-blue label and black lines. Steve Olenek had been drafted and left the band shortly before the 45 was recorded.


Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Crusaders on D.K.R.

The Crusaders
(written by and played by)

Label : D.K.R.

12565 ~ Seminole

12566 ~ Busted Surf Board


Rite account number 1190 place them in Dayton, Ohio. Names printed on label -Newbold, Beck, Eisemann, Schoeny, Troutman, Spitzmueller - are likely those of band members.


Gary Ferguson And The Montana Country Gentlemen

Gary Ferguson And The Montana Country Gentlemen

Big Sky SK-101

17805 - Today You're Borrowing
17806 - There Is No Anwser

Both sides written Gary Ferguson (Mitten Music BMI)
Produced By Gary Ferguson

Excerpt from his bio :

Gary has had several recordings cut. Two were out of the Detroit area, one on Gary's own" Big Sky" Label, which charted for several weeks, in Detroit - Port Huron Michigan area. He had another single out of Memphis, Tennessee, on Camaro Records, affiliated with RCA, which charted in the New Brunswick, Canada area. He also had a record album out of Boise, Idaho, and Nashville, Tennessee, on American Heritage, the same label as Boxcar Willie, which featured Classic Country Western, and old time fiddle music., with sales in several states, Canada and England.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Roger Hamilton & The Odds & Ends

Roger Hamilton & The Odds & Ends

Tropical 147

25089 ~ Something Wrong
25090 ~ I'm A Mojo Man



Ronnie-D on Tropical


Tropical 217

40255 ~ Office Lounge
40256 ~ Hey Lawdy Mama


Audio clips


An Interview with Arthur Blessitt

An Interview with Arthur Blessitt
Minister of Sunset Strip,
and Owen Cooper
Covering some experiences the Reverend Arthur Blessitt has had
during his 1972 summer visit to England,-Northern Ireland, Scotland, and France
Music by Joey Gentry
Produced and recorded by Goodhope Sound Studios
Yazoo City, MS

Rite numbers 30125/6

Arthur Blessitt in Scotland

Arthur Blessitt: A world traveler, world record holder, and a follower of Jesus Christ has accomplished the following with the help of God and the love he has for all the people of the world.
  • Walked around the world since Christmas Day, December 25, 1969 carrying a 12 foot cross for Jesus.
  • Now 38,102 miles (61,319 k.m.).
  • 315 countries, Island Groups and Territories.
  • Walked on all seven Continents including Antarctica.
  • Been through 52 countries at war.
  • Arrested or jailed 24 times (Not for Crimes)
  • Listed in the Guinness World Records for the 'World's longest walk'.
  • Arthur says, "I Love God, I love people, I try to keep it simple".
  • Of the journey he says, "Jesus did it, I give Him all the glory".
  • He has traveled constantly with his wife, Denise, since their marriage in 1990.
Above information is from the official website of Arthur Blessitt. You'll find there fascinating facts and figures.
and relations of his journeys around the globe. Here is an excerpt of his journey in Paris :

Paris: The Arc de Triomphe stood in splendor in front of me at one end of the famed Champs Elysee. I was carrying the cross in France. Some ministers in Paris had come out on the highway and invited me to preach. They called the news media and planned to have a few friends meet me at the Arc de Triomphe. They gave me the date and time I was to meet them there.

I expected only a few people, but upon arrival, there were thousands of people and music was playing. I thought it must be the Salvation Army brass band. Every follower of Jesus in Paris had come to greet us.

Napoleon had begun building this memorial and now it was to be used for a Jesus rally. I was excited! We had difficulty getting through the crowd until we found a pass under the street. I pulled the cross by my side, as the underpass was too low to keep the cross on my shoulder.

As I started up the stairs to the Arc people crowded the way, but moved as they saw the cross. Up we went and then I saw soldiers in a long line from the street to the Arc de Triomphe. As I pressed near, the soldiers saw me and let me pass.

At this point I knew something must be wrong. A beautiful red carpet covered the stones and the soldiers were standing with guns at attention. Crowds of people were pressed together in excitement. My motto is, “If ever in doubt, do it!'

I stepped out on the red carpet. What a sight! A big cross, a man on the red carpet with soldiers in bright-colored uniforms. I smiled and raised my hand in the one-way Jesus sign, then called to the crowd, "Jesus t'amie! Jesus loves you!"

Photographers and television cameramen were crowding around to record the event. Then, as I arrived under the archway, plainclothesmen grabbed me, pinning me to the stone wall. People were yelling as though it was an assassination attempt. It was quite a disturbance.

"What are you doing!" a man demanded in his French accented English.

"I'm carrying the cross around the world."

"Well, where are you coming from with that thing?"

"California," I replied. "Is this the Jesus Rally?"

"The what?"

"Is this the Jesus Rally?"

"No! It's a memorial service for the Unknown Soldier and President Pompedieu is due here any moment."

They finally turned around and put me back in the underpass. Later the pastors found me.

"Oh, we are so sorry, we gave you the wrong day."

For days after people were coming up to me and saying, "Oh, we saw you at the Arc de Triomphe." "You were in the news!"


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jim Scott with The Crusaders on 7-Teen

7-Teen 17-101-A

Jim Scott with The Crusaders

CP-6995 ~ Betty (J.Cabrol)

7-Teen 17-101-B

The Crusaders

CP-6996 ~ Moving Out (D. Bourget)

The B-side is an instrumental compiled on the Collector CD "Wild Guitar Rockers" (CLCD4514). Arranger is Don Perry.


Bertha Wood -Original Mountain Ballads

Bertha Wood

Original Mountain Ballads

22389 - Only God Will Know
22390 - Back in The Hills of the Smokey Mountains


Produced by Frank Cooper, Whittier, N.C. 28789


Dave Nordin

Dave Nordin

LP - In My Mind

Label : SPECification
Rite 27873/4


Release out of Kentfield CA, a small town just north of San Francisco.

Side one

And Roses
The Feeling
Once There Was A Time

Side two

Old Joe
You Make Me Feel Like Someone
All Strung Out Again
This Thing Of Ours

"Introspective drugged out loner folk at it's best";
"singer-guitarist falls squarely within the folk-psych scope despite lack of a band or production gimmicks"


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Victory Quartet "Just A Vessel"

Victory Quartet

LP "Just A Vessel"

Rite 28011/2

* Side 1: Just A Vessel; When Jesus Breaks The Morning Sky; Sheltered In The Arms of God; Sweeter Gets The Journey; The King Is Coming.

* Side 2: The Night Before Easter; I'm a Poor Rich Man; If That Isn't Love; I'm Too Near Home; Show Me Thy Way.


The Messengers Quartet Sings Nearer My God to Thee

The Messengers Quartet (of Canton, Ohio)

LP Sings Nearer My God to Thee

# Side 1: Where No Cabins Fall; I'll Have A New Life; Angels Rock Me To Sleep; Nearer My God To Thee; Shall We Gather At The River; The Coronation Day.

# Side 2: I Have Heard About Heaven; Will Someone Be Waiting; I've Been A Walking With My Lord; Press On It Won't Be Long; A Reunion On The Other Side; The Great Beyond.


Friday, June 18, 2010

John B. Moore and Associates

John B. Moore and Associates

Jerome 7361 EP

12821 - Somewhere a Heart is Calling / Only a Rose From Heaven
12822 - A Throne for Love / When it's Blossom Time in Old Caroline


« When It’s Blossom time in Old Caroline » written and published by John B. Moore, Murphy composer and poet, is the theme song of a travel-talk on colorful Western North Carolina, which is now being shown throughout the nation.

The song, which is a favorite of Jimmie Livingston and his orchestra, is at present being considered for inclusion on a famous radio program, according to correspondence Mr. Moore has had with the sponsor.
Mr. Moore is a native of Cherokee County and received his education in North Carolina schools. He has been writing music and poetry for several years. He is a jeweler by trade being engaged in the business in Murphy, North Carolina

(Billboard, April 24, 1943, ad excerpt)


Alice Brady and the Anpar Trio

Alice Brady and the Anpar Trio

Adco 794

21357 - Soldier Boy
21358 - My Lord Cares For Me


Audio clip (both sides)


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Little Junior & Butler-Aires on Fuller

Little Junior & Butler-Aires

Fuller 6438
Charles Fuller Productions

11883 ~ Jackie, Don't You Weep
11884 ~ That's The Matter With The Church Today

Black gospel, Tampa, Florida
Clip (both sides)

« Jackie Don’t You Weep », Little Junior and the Butler-Aires implored in 1964. Just like Jesus, the president was not dead ; God led him to a better land and his spirit would live on. Although Kennedy was « rich and highly educated, » Little Junior, like other singers, both religious and secular, saw him as the best friend the poor man ever had. When Junior sang that Kennedy « brought peace with the foreign land, » he must have had the Soviet Union in mind. Why he sang that « Oswald lost his nerve » remains obscure ; perhaps he sikmply needed a rhyming word for « curve . »

You know his time had come and he had to go.

The president was rich and highly educated,
Nineteen Sixty-three, he was assassinated.
Now, President Kennedy was a great, great man,
For he brought peace with the foreign land,
He did the things that he knew was right,
Things that was pleasing in God’s sight.

Chorus :
I said : « Jackie, don’t you weep no more, » (3x)
And I know his time had come and he had to go.

Listen ! I wonder how Oswald felt,
An innocent man that he killed.
He shot the President, as he rounded the curve,
That’s when Oswald lost his nerve,
Feel the shot struck the presidentt’s head,
Jesus made up the man, his dying bed.
He’s not dead ; for his spirit will ive on,
For my God heard when the president groaned.
He took the president (Lord have mercy !) by the hand,
To lead him on to a better land.
And I know we’ll miss him, oh, so bad,
For he was the best friend that a poor man ever had.

Excerpt from "Kennedy's blues: African-American blues and gospel songs on JFK", Guido van Rijn and Brian Ward, University Press of Mississippi, 2007

Charles Fuller Productions was owned by Charles Fuller Hunt.

John R. Brumage , chief engineer at CFP (1964-1969) :

Charles Fuller was a small Television and Radio commercial producer with a great radio voice. I discovered him in the Yellow Pages, and hung around until he eventually hired me. Part of my deal was that i could use the facilities for my own projects during off hours, and we would split the proceeds, if any. All the equipment was home brew or radio station leftovers, we never had more than two track recorders until after the success of " "Snoopy vs. the Red Baron," a multi million selling novelty single.

Charles Fuller Hunt, was an innovator in film for 30-second TV commercials. During my employment there, CFP won several awards including an ADDY award for "Strawberries and Cream Ice Cream."


Monday, June 14, 2010

Leroy Martin on Delta

Leroy Martin and The Rebels

Delta 705

KTIB Thibodaux

CP-1462 ~ Keen Teen Baby

CP-1463 ~ Upon This Day

Born in Golden Meadow in 1929, Leroy was mesmerized at an early age by the hillbilly recordings of Jimmie Rodgers. Many years later he repaid this inspirational debt when he presented his rare Jimmie Rodgers picture record, given to him originally by Jimmie’s widow, to the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville.

Leroy started playing music seriously in 1947, as a guitarist with Dudley Bernard ‘s combo the Southern Serenaders, waking up to his native Cajun music only when Vin Bruce began recording for Columbia in the early fifties. In 1954 Martin left the Southern Serenaders to get married, and spent his honeymoon in Memphis, where he saw the last Barnum and Bailey vaudeville show and met the young Elvis Presley. Music was at the crossroads, and Leroy was there. Quickly displaying his musical vision, he formed the Rebels in 1955 to play « semicountry and rock » - in other words, rockabilly. Two years later he made his first record, « Keen Teen Baby »/ »Upon This Day », which he released on his own Delta label. « It was meant to sound like ‘Decca’, « he says of the name, « only major labels were selling then. I pressed 500 copies and was left with 400 ! ». After this he played with the local Dominoes group before joining the Vikings, who were backing his cousin Joe Barry.

Leroy made his name as a record producer in the early sixties, first with Vin Bruce (« Jole Blon » for Swallow) and then with Joe Barry (« I’m A Fool To Care » for Jin). Often using Cosimo’s studio in New Orleans, he also supervised sevral sessions for Cajun record man Huey Meaux, notably with Jimmy Donley, Mickey Gilley, and Barbara Lynn. He had not forsaken his own recording career ; as Lee Martin he had a handful of worthwile swamp-pop singles for Jin, including Jimmy Donley’s « BornTo Be A Loser » and Rollee McGill’s georgeous « There Goes That Train. » Later he recorded for the Houma label owned by Eldridge Robichaux and Rod Rodrigue. More recently he has been content to act as manager for Vin Bruce, and to play bass guitar in Vin’s group. Through the years Leroy has maintained an active interest in radio. Making his debut in 1948, he became a well-known disc jockey over KTIB Thibodaux, hosting the « Leroy Martin Show » and playing country and Cajun records. As the « Cajun Cousin » he still broadcast weekly over KTIB. He has also composed over eighty songs, written columns for several Louisiana weekly papers, and even compiled a Vin Bruce discography? Incredibly, his involvment in music has always been secondary to his vocation as chief deputy assessor of Lafourche Parish.

Credit Leroy Martin picture and bio : John Broven : from his book South to Louisiana: The Music of the Cajun Bayous.

Lee Martin Jin discography

Jin 149 - 61
Lee Martin and The Vikings :
I Lost Again / Change Of Heart

Jin 159 - 62
Lee Martin and The Velvet Tones
Lover's Plea / Born To Be A Loser

Jin 167
Lee Martin and The Velvet Tones
Sixty-More Or More / Lonely Hearts Club

Jin 169
Lee Martin
There Goes That Train / Have You Ever

Jin 175
Lee Martin
Tell Me Lies / Anyone Can Write A Love Song


Jus' Us on Annthonette

Jus' Us

Annthonette 44-4752

Box 3662, Akron, Ohio

31993 - Just Us Together (2:37)
31994 - Just Us Togather (5:10)

Produced by Thomas McGee



Brother James on Bee Jay

Brother James

Bee Jay 001

17063 – Lord Don’t Let Me Fail
17064 – Stand By Me (CLIP)

Black gospel


Sunday, June 13, 2010

George Brown on De'Besth

George Brown and the High Notes

De'Besth 1125

CP-2695 ~ Ninety-Nine Years And One Dark Day

CP-2696 ~ Who Said Fred Was Dead

George Gary Brown was born in Georgia and raised in Florida, he's been singing since the age of 2. Other than that, nothing much is known of his biography. He recorded as Gary Brown for Venus Records (part of the Chicagoan One-derful label complex) and for (his own?) Brownie label.

One of his composition ("First Man to the Moon") was selected by Calvin Carter for the flip side of The Deltones ' "A Lover's Prayer" (Vee-Jay 303).

De'Besth Records was owned by Samuel D. Starr and located in Hammond, Indiana. The Five Crowns (Hillum Bay/I Want You) is the rarest on the label and one of the rarest on Earth and was also pressed by Rite Records.

* * *

* * *

Friday, June 11, 2010

Hank Murphy / Charles Vickers on Crusader

Hank Murphy and Trio
vocals Hank Murphy

CP-4689 - Lock and Key

Charles Vickers & The Three Bears

CP-4690 ~ Polar Bear

Song-poem record. Both sides penned by Ivan H. Chasseur, a San Francisco resident, born in 1913 who wrote also, among other songs, "I'm The Only Frog In An Irish Saloon".


Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Key Notes on Lin

CP-1609 ~ Tuff E Nuff, Baby
wr Carl Wrinston, Wilbob Music, ASCAP

Tuff-E-Nuff, Baby …………69
On this side the boys add a vocal as Little Mike sings about a tough Miss who can dance the rock and roll. (Wilbob, ASCAP)
Billboard June 23, 1958

CP-1610 ~ Pyramid [instrumental] SAMPLE
wr Mike Altherr, Queen City Music, ASCAP

Pyramid ……………………71
The Key Notes, an instrumental group, drive this swinging riff all the way with accordion and horn featured. (Queen City, ASCAP)

Billboard probably didn't reviewed this Rite pressing but certainly rather the earlier RCA pressing, as there is a mention of vocalist Little Mike that the Rite issue - pressed in the summer of '58- don't have.

Repro of the first pressing (RCA)

The label was located in Rochester, New-York. The president of Lin Records was Frank J. Conklin, Bob Miketta was the musical director and Lee Alman the arranger.

I have counted three releases only on the label, despite the fact that Conklin announced that he had signed other artists : Janet Shaw (really Janet Shay on Lin 1003?), Kitty Debnar, the Harmony Kings, thrush Pauline Deters, The Piano Lounge Trio, Ray Cormier’s Har Maniacs, the Enchanters...


Earl Taylor : "The Bluegrass Touch"

Earl Taylor & The Stoney Mountain Boys

LP "The Bluegrass Touch"

Vetco 3017

This album was recorded 27-2-69 at Lange's Recording Studio, Azusa, CA. Released in 1973 on Vetco.

Earl Taylor: Mandolin
Sandy Rothman: Five String Banjo
Charlie Hoskins: Guitar
Boatwhistle: Bass
Jack Carter: Fiddle

Side one
01 - Rubber Dolly
02 - Beautiful Brown Eyes
03 - Ho Honey Ho
04 - I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
05 - Molly & Tenbrooks
06 - Plant Some Flowers
07 - Poor Ellen Smith
08 - Fox Chase

Side two
01- Katy Hill
02 - Six Months Ain't Long
03 - Knoxville Girl
04 - Katy Kline
05- Cotton-Eyed Joe
06 - Rosewood Casket
07 - Careless Love
08 - The Prisoner's Song

Earl Taylor began playing professionally since 1953 around Baltimore, Maryland. Between 1955 and 1958 he played mandolin and sang tenor for Jimmy Martin, including recording "Hit Parade of Love" and other classics. During 1965 he performed with Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs on both Harmonica and mandolin and has been associated with most of the finest bluegrass musicians at one time or another. In 1959 Earl and his boys became the first bluegrass band to play at Carnegie Hall, in a concert presented by Alan Lomax.

Earl Taylor Discography


Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Vendells of Petersburg, Va.

No label

18851 - "Shake Your Tambourine", Featuring Mr. Soul

18852 - This Is Love (Featuring Scott Edwards)

Custom produced by Richmond Sound Stages - Richmond, VA.

Rite account # 1858

Garage funk band from Petersburg, Virginia. "Shake Your Tambourine" is a Bobby Marchan cover.


Evangelist Wayne Parks

Evangelist Wayne Parks

LP "God Will Set Your Fields On Fire!!"
Recorded live in Holy Ghost Revival


From Wayne Parks Ministries website :
Wayne Parks, son of Rev. Al Parks, was born in Roanoke, Virginia. He grew up under the training of a classic Pentecostal background, and was taught the ways of God from a young child. He was born again at a young age.

As a teenager, he began going with his father in evangelistic ministry. In his mid-teens, Wayne Parks began his own ministry. Eventually, he came under the mentoring of anointed revivalist and tent evangelist A. A. Allen.

Throughout his twenties he maintained a traveling itinerary of tent revivals, ministering healing, miracles, and hard hitting preaching to multitudes over the years, with tremendous success by the power of the Holy Ghost.

In 1979, at 31 years of age, under the specific direction of the Holy Ghost, Wayne Parks moved his ministry headquarters to Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and opened Full Gospel Church of the Living God; and continues the pastoral work there.

Rev. Merrill Ted Braun, Sr.

Rev. Merrill Ted Braun, Sr.

A Glimpse of Jesus

Deliverance Records MTB 104
c/o Evangelist Wayne Parks
P.O. Box 1736
Dayton, Ohio

Side 1: [34283]
A Glimpse of Jesus (3:00).
Healing in the Blood (3:45).
Sea Walker (2:05).
He’s Everywhere (2:45).
The Hem of His Garment (3:50).

Side 2: [34284]
All I Want Is Jesus (3:05).
When the Saints Go Marching In (2:40).
No One Ever Cared for Me Like Jesus (3:05).
He’s All I Need (2:30).
When Jesus Comes (3:05).
Braun sings and plays the organ.

Session musicians include Dennis Harrell - Bass Guitar, Dan Burton - Piano, Eddie Crumpton - Drums. Phil Burkhardt is credited as the recording engineer.

[updated November 9, 2011, with thanks to Mark Bletcher. See his blog HERE]

The Gospel Six on Process

The Gospel Six

Process 109

9013 - I've Got Loved Ones Waiting
Lead by Pearlie Northington

9014 - Jesus Loves Me
Lead: Cleveland Myles

Black gospel, 1962


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Van-Dels on Nichols

The Van-Dels


16551 – The Lonely Sea
16552 - Shop Around

Hills Sound Service, Worcester, MA


Rite account # 1245

SAMPLE (both sides)


Monday, June 7, 2010

Jimmy Singleton & The Royal Satins

Jimmy Singleton
& The Royal Satins
(Accompanied By The Hi-Fis)

Devere 006

CP-2396 - Each Passing Day (RN-48-1)
Wilma R. Lung & Viola Flansburg
Kama Music Publ.

CP-2397 – Sally ( RN-48-2)
Wilma R. Lung, Viola Flansburg and Jimmy Singleton
Kama Music Publ.

Rite account # 146

The Eldaros

Jimmy Singleton was a member of The Five Points (along his uncle Owen Singleton), and of The Eldaros (Vesta Records, '58). Brother of George 'Bebo' Singleton, himself a recording artist (Stentor and Vim Records).

This rare black vocal group record was issued on the Syracuse [J'aimerais tant voir Syracuse] Devere label and on Stan Markowski's Mark label in 1959.


The Revisors (Vokes 113)