Saturday, February 16, 2013

Dick Quinn

 Dick Quinn
27251- Along Came Jones (parody & arr. - R. Quinn)
27252 - Down on the Farm ((R.C. Zinn)
Ka-Dee Records
Produced by Dick Quinn

Dick Quinn started his musician career in 1951, as a Rochester, N.Y. kid who wanted to play country music.  But living in Rochester at a time when country western music was not as established as it iwas later, Quinn had to be content to play what he could - in this case, standards learned from the older musicians in his hometown.  "There were probably only about five guitar players in the whole town of Rochester at that time", said Quinn.

Shortly after his marriage to Kathy in 1970 the Quinns moved to Florida, where the Dick Quinn Show entertained the crowds of various lounges and clubs.  

St. Petersburg Times, Dec. 22 1971 : 
Leisure Lounge Swings with Dick Quinn Show entertainment is in the capable hands of the Dick Quinn Show.  These are four talented musicians whose efforts add up to the true Nashville sound.  You can hear their country and Western music and comedy nightly. There will be continuous entertainment on New Year's Eve, with the Dick Quinn Show plus exotic dancer Gina Romano, "The Italian Bomb.".


39823 - If That Ain't Country (D.A. Coe)
Before Produced By Dick Quinn & Darrell Puckett 
Background Vocals Sher Dolon -  Nancy Michaud - Robert Keyth Dickerson
39824 - She Gave Her Heart To Jethro (Tom T. Hall)
After Produced By Dick Quinn & Darrell Puckett

    Dead Frog DP 2121
Dead Frog Records
4421 46th St. N. St. Petersburg, Florida 33714

Engineered & Mixed By Darrell Puckett At J.U.B. Studio Largo, Florida

In 1978, he take residency at the Save Inn Motor Lodge Squirrel Cage Lounge (Gulf Beach, Florida)  where "his act contained about as much in the way of jokes and ribald stories as music.   "

Dick : "I like playing the Squirrel Cage.  It's a nice place (with no cover or minimum) and they serve the best drinks in town. Get enough drinks in you, and you might even like the guitar player"

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  1. When Su and myself were playing music around St. Pete, Fl. I met Dick and Kathy at Charlie's Oyster Palace (later moved to 49th St. As Carley's) Dick and Kathy became dear friends. I enjoyed picking with Dick (he was a phenomenal guitar picker) and we even layed down some pretty cool tracks in my living room!!!
    I lost touch with them when I moved to North Central Florida. I'd give anything to see them again!

    David (Dave) Tippins