Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Union Gospel Singers on Lucky Star

The Union Gospel Singers

Lucky Star

8999 - Keep On Trusting In Jesus
(leader : Carsell Sims)


9000 - Late In The Evening
(leader. J.D. Foster)


1962 black gospel.
The group also recorded for Designer and Staff Records.

Labels picture & audio samples : eBay (disc-flipper)


Hoss and his Hammond

Hoss and his Hammond

Carellen 136

19493 ~ There Will Never Be Another You

19494 ~ What Now My Love


Also issued on Coe West (Ormond Beach, Florida)

Carellen picture credit & audio : eBay talisman778

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"What Now My Love" is the English title of a popular song whose original French version, "Et Maintenant" ("And Now") was written in 1961 by Gilbert Bécaud and Pierre Delanoë. English language lyrics and the title were written by Carl Sigman: early versions of it were recorded by Jane Morgan and Ben E King.

The English covers mostly use the melody of Bécaud but with a fancy text (with images like "there's the sky where the sea should be"), which is different from the more deeply dark French original. (Wikipedia)

Gilbert Bécaud - Et Maintenant (HQ 1962)
envoyé par goldrausch.


The Coffey Family (Arvis 115)

The Coffey Family
accomp. by Henry Yancey on Hawaiian Guitar

Arvis 115

CP- 4803 - Just A Rose Will Do
CP- 4804 - A Sinner’s Dream

country gospel

Picture label & audio : e-bay


Monday, November 15, 2010

Mojo Watson on Ganlon

Mojo Watson and his Band

Ganlon 411/412

CP-4265 ~ I'm The Only One

CP-4266 ~ So Broken Hearted

Los Angeles Ca.label.

Aside from this 1960 release, Mojo Watson (real name Odell Wright) had one single on Atlas in 1957 and two on Nanc in 1961.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Duster's/Belvaderes on Hudson

The Duster’s

Hudson 4

CP-1048 ~ Don't Leave Me To Cry

CP-1049 ~ I Love You (Baby)


This vocal group comprised Tommy Tucker -tenor, Clarence LeVille or Lavell- bass, James Crosby-tenor, Yonnie Peoples and Dave Johnson-lead.

Hudson 4 was also issued as by The Belvaderes.

Tommy Tucker (born Robert Higginbotham, 5 March 1933 - 22 January 1982) was born in Springfield, Ohio. He is best known for the 1964 hit song, "Hi-Heel Sneakers", that went to number 11 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Hudson 4 - 45 rpm - red vinyl - Belvaderes

Hudson 4 - 78 rm - Duster's

Hudson Records was located in St. Louis, Missouri and owned by Ted Hudson. Information below was found at The Living Legends Foundation website :

Theoplis ‘Ted’ Hudson

"The easiest way to sum up my forty-six years in the music industry is to say, "Time flies when you're having fun." My whole family enjoyed music. We would frequently patronize the only African American music store in St. Louis. In 1950, I realized the popularity of this entertainment medium, and its potential for growth. As a result, I opened my first retail record store, "Hudson's Embassy Records, Inc." The logo was a phonograph record with the credo "First With The Latest" emblazoned on the rim.

The "Embassy" portion of my name came from the concept that American Embassies serve as safe havens for American Citizens overseas. I wanted to give artist a safe and friendly outlet for their music and music lovers a safe and friendly place to listen to and purchase music. By 1982, Hudson's Embassy Records, Inc. expanded to eleven retail record stores. In addition, the concept for "Hudson's Embassy" was franchised six times. In 1965, I opened one of the first African-American owned distribution companies serving approximately 100 independent record labels and artists with distributions along the the Eastern seaboard, Midwest and Southeast.

Ted's One Stop, Inc. opened in 1968 as a wholesale operation servicing local and regional retail record stores. I also opened an advertising/promotional agency, a recording studio for independent record labels and artists and an electronics wholesale business. I am fortunate to have been a founding member of the National Association of Television and Radio Announcers (NATRA) and the Black Music Association (BMA). As for the future, I recently resigned my political office as Committeeman of the 19th Ward of the City of St. Louis. My wife and I plan to sit back and enjoy life's little pleasures. I'll probably always own some type of business, it's just who I am.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

Jack Cole on Bryte

Jack Cole
Skip Andrews And His Country Twintones


15571 ~ Night Train To Memphis
15572 ~ Tonight I'll Cry Some More


Thursday, November 11, 2010

Bobby Sparks on Geauga

Bobby Sparks

Geauga 2424

24033 ~ The Loser
24034 ~ The Face (Is the mirror of the mind)

1969 soul. Bobby Sparks had at least two other singles with the Hi-Tension Band on Karat and Hi-Tension (Cincinnati labels). Geauga Records started in 1968 in Aurora, Ohio and had connection with Brite Star/Bryte Records.


Friday, November 5, 2010

Jonny Bragg on Red Flame

Jonny Bragg and the Red Blazers

Red Flame 101

6459 - Flame of Love
(Bragg-Lawrance, Rite Music)

6460 - Storybook Love
(Bragg, Rite Music)

Produced by Dick Lawrance

1961 teen record on a Kirksville, Mo. label owned by Dick Lowrance, who may have been helped to start his own label by Skip Frazee and Bill Lubensky, owners of Jan Records located in Marshall, Missouri (as the Rite account number found in the Red Flame disc is the same as the one found in dead wax of the Jan records (#156).

The following releases were pressed by the RCA Custom Division.

Red Flame label discography

1002 Ike Haley & the Red Blazers
A Thousand Miles Away

1003 The Red Blazers
The Weaver
Hot Potatoes

1004 Ike Haley & the Red Blazers
There Is Something On Your Mind
Stronger Than Dirt

1005 The Twilighters
My Little Angel


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The Hightide on Bejay

The Hightide

Bejay 1336

25081 - Knock On Wood
25082 - Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying

Ft. Smith, Arkansas

Produced by Ben Jack, Glen Smith

"Knock On Wood" is a cover of the Eddie Floyd hit on Stax Records by a white garagey band.

The Bejay label was an offshoot of the Bejay recording studio owned by Ben Jack. First releases on the label had a Van Buren address, home of the first Ben Jack studio. It was destroyed by a fire and Ben Jack relocated his studio to Ft. Smith, in an old converted garage.

Bejay owner : Ben Jack

Ben also manufactured pedal steels but was also an accomplished player, performing and with Hank Thompson and Bob Wills.

Up until 1992, Ben had what was once the largest private collection of vintage guitars in the world, according to Guitar Player magazine, who have featured Ben's extensive collection more than once. His collection includes 60's Rivieras, Casinos, Emperors and a Texan. The collection also includes vintage Epiphone banjos as well as rare Epiphone Electar steel guitars.

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Ben Jack's Recording Studio;

Epiphone News : Featured Dealer - Ben Jack's Arkansas Music

Bejay label discography (incomplete)


Bill Cobb Trio

Bill Cobb Trio
Bill Cobb With Lynne & Cheryl Cobb
Ages 7 & 8
Larry Barton, Pianist

Bill Cobb 505
Produced By Artists Recording Co., Birmingham, Ala

CP-1907 - A Phone Call To Mother (In Heaven) / Brother I Won't Be Far Behind
CP-1908 - ?

Bill Cobb Trio
Lynne & Cheryl Cobb (Ages 9 & 10)
Bill Cobb
Jimmie Roberts, Pianist

Bill Cobb Records 507
4435 Bryan Avenue Anniston Alabama

CP-4715 - I Shall Inherit A Mansion( Freeman) - I've Got That Old Time Religion
CP-4716 - ?

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Two of the three Christian Gospel Bill Cobb Trio records offered at the present time at eBay by dowado. The third (Bill Cobb #508) doesn't seem to be a Rite press).

Others Bill Cobb Trio records on Bill Cobb (EP) 506 Way Down Deep In My Soul + 3) and albums on Clarion (After All. Clarion CL2102. 1972), Scripture (Eternal Paradise, Scripture S126) and SOA (Brand New Feeling. SOA LP1056).


The Cooke Duet : God Is Not Dead

The Cooke Duet
(Hubert, Jeanette and son, James)

The Cooke Duet Rte 2, Box 56
Wise, Virginia 24293

God Is Not Dead He's Still Alive


Side One [Rite 25519]

1. God Is Not Dead
2. 2. Across The Bridge
3. Somday I’m Going Hom
4. T’s A Good Good Way
5. Had It Not Been
6. Green Pastures

Side Two [Rite 25520]

1 . While The Ages Roll On
2. Mother’s Last Message
3. I Wanta See Jesus
4. The Lord Found Me
5. Everything’s Gonna Be Alright
6. I Will Follow Thee

One of the latest entry in the Manic Mark (Betcher) blog HERE.

"Excellent blue grass gospel with strong country flavored vocals by Jeanette" according to Mark.

For same stock covers used for other Rite pressings, go HERE.