Friday, February 22, 2013

Count Ferrell on LeRegal

Count Ferrell
CP-6025 - Show Me Some Sign
CP-6026 - Wizard Of Ah's

Both : wr Ferrell-Moore-Reynolds, Gonef Music BMI 
A Win-Moore Production

    LeRegal Recording Co.

[Cincinnati, Ohio]


This is the second record pressed for the holder of the Rite account #598.  It was preceded by Vinnie Allen on Win-Moore and followed by The Videls on Early and, in 1962, by Cody Black on Pamela.  These four records were all produced by Win-Moore or Reynolds-Moore out of Cincinnati. 

Count Ferrell was re-issued on Astra Records and The Videls on Dusty Disc, both Pittsburgh labels.

Win-Moore Music published most of the songs issued, in 1962 and later, on the equally obscure Hard-Times label.

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  1. I'd love to buy this record from you if you own a copy.