Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Jack Fraley (Westland)

Jack Fraley


18431 - Trust in Me
18432 - Wanderer

Richland, Washington country

Freddie & The Swingin' Bachelors

Freddie & The Swingin' Bachelors

15205 ~ You Had Your Chance
15206 ~ Snookie Baby
You Had Your Chance was also recorded in 1962 by Bobby Boyle (Bryte 250).

N.B. : A Knoll label discography can be found HERE


Shelley Stuart & the Satellites

Sterling 602

30467 - You Will Reap What You Sow
[dead wax info : 111 30467 PMB Sterling S-602 11-30-72]

30468 - Little Black Shoes
[dead wax info : 111 30468 PMB Sterling S-602 11-30-72]

Weird teen tragedy song "You Will Reap..." about taking too many pills and jumping off a high building - The flip side is Little Black Shoes which has the feel of an old country ballad - not exactly but the general feel.

Ack. : Bruce Smith/Cassidy Collectibles

Monday, June 29, 2009

the Shelltones (Band Box 355

12757 - Blue Castaway
12758 - Mark's Blues

"A Denver-based group, the Shelltones would likely have participated in the vibrant teen rock ‘n’ roll scene that extended north to Boulder and Fort Collins and south to Colorado Springs in the early and mid-‘60s.

The eerie “Blue Castaway,” written by Cary Theil, the group’s bassist, would be the Shelltones’ only commercial release. The perfect vessel for the cavernous production qualities of Band Box’s south Broadway studios, “Blue Castaway” takes the tremolo-driven atmospherics of the Islanders’ “Enchanted Sea” and the Safaris’ “Lonely Surf Guitar” and, to a certain degree, the Viscounts’ “Harlem Nocturne” to some new, lonelier place.

Flipside “Mark’s Blues,” another instrumental, features the hot fretwork of guitarist Mark Bretz. After the Shelltones, Bretz would play keyboards with Denver-area garage band the Wild Ones in the mid-‘60s before joining, as guitarist, a late incarnation of Boulder’s nationally-known rock ‘n’ rollers the Astronauts in 1967. Bretz would remain with the Astronauts through their name change to SunshineWard before settling in Denver for a career as a music teacher."

Office Naps


Friday, June 26, 2009

Unknown’s (Marlo 1537)

Marlo 1537 (Import Series)
14991 - You Want Me Too
14992 - Baby's In Black

A U.K. recording

Norm Burns (Sterling 620)

Norm Burns & The Five Stars
Sterling 620

31049 – Gonna Keep You Warm (David R. Joseph, Lew Tobin)
31050 – I Ain’t Got Nothing (A. Russell Henderson Sr., Lew Tobin)

Arranger : R. Baker

Song-poem record found HERE today.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Billy Orr on Bryte

Billy Orr

17739 - He Wears A Green Beret
17740 - My Brother


Monday, June 22, 2009

Mickey and the Motions

Mickey and the Motions
Label : Gemini
15225 - I Do
15226 - Long Tall Texan

Hills Sound Service
Worcester, Mass.

I Do

The Sexton Family : Born to Serve the Lord

The Sexton Family
Born to Serve the Lord
Rite #17479/17480

Side 1:

1) Born To Serve The Lord; 2) Only One Heartbeat From Him; 3) Something Got Hold Of Me; 4) I Want To Walk Just As Close As I Can; 5) In The Upper Room.

Side 2:

1) He's A Friend I Can Tell My Troubles To; 2) God Understands; 3) He Touched Me; 4) The Man Of Galilee; 5) Oh, Glory To His Name; 6) Deeper Than The Stain Has Gone.


Dynamic Givenaires

Dynamic Givenaires
41797 - God Won't Put No More On You
41798 - Master Move This Bitter Cup

Black male quartet recorded by Bill Lamb Productions, Flint, Michigan

Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Reedemed Gospel Singers

The Reedemed Gospel Singers
"On My Knees In Prayer"
Rite #39475/39476. .

Goshen Indiana gospel singers.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

"Baby Dave" Greenlee on Steelcity

Baby Dave Greenlee
Steelcity 0001

23869 - We Need Love
23870 – ‘Bout My Baby’s Love

Rite account # 3099

Soul on a Pittsburgh, Pa. label.

The Toads

The Toads
LP 64-021
Track listing :
Stranger on the Shore
Will You Still Love Me?
You Can't Sit Down
A Love Affair
New Wrinkle
Ebb Tide
Medley : Money, Wipe Out,What'd I Say')
* Guitar : Rog Hegeman
* Basse : Pat Lynch
* Drums : Dusty Stretch
* Lead singer : Ben Kitchen
From 1964, out of Lawrenceville,New Jersey, comes The Toads with their self-titled LP on no name label. It was produced by Kenneth Raymond Wight Associates,Princeton New Jersey. Garage frat record instrumental. They sound a bit like The Ventures. Mostly covers.

The group was the pride of the Lawrenceville Prep School in Lawrenceville,New Jersey! The group was anchored by Dusty Stretch on drums. Dusty Stretch and another group member had been, several years earlier, in the Lawrenceville Prep School Band, Davy And The Badmen. The other two members had been in the Chessmen, another Lawrenceville band!


Michael Angelo (Guinn LP)

Michael Angelo
LP Guinn 1050
11517 N. Oak K.C. Mo. 64155

Side one -- 38413
Flight Of Pegasus
Oceans Of Fantasy
The World To Be
Lost In The Pain
Side Two – 38414
Bon Jour Mr. VIP
Inner Reflections
Field Of Lonely Eyes
Rite account number 5767

Michael Angelo :
I was born in 1954 in Topeka, KS, but raised in Kansas City, MO. My full name is Michael Angelo Nigro. I began my recording career in 1975 by becoming a studio musician at Liberty Recording in Kansas City. Between recording commercials and backing other artists I started doing my own recordings. This was the birthplace of the original Michaelangelo album. After about a year I left Liberty Recording to become a studio musician at Big-K records, also in Kansas City. By coincidence Big-K used the same type of recording equipment as Liberty Recording, so I finished mixing the first album there. It was released under the Guinn label in 1977 and was a limited release with only 500 of them pressed.
Read more HERE

Bon Jour Mr. VIP

Children stare into space,
And contemplate a mongrel race,
Of those who eat our bones with grace,
With sin dehind their faces.
Thirsty men will dig their wells,
And drink the words that they will sell,
And hear the lies that they will tell,
Or change the words in places.
Bon Jour Mr. VIP, you’ve fooled us well,
You’ve mastered your deception so well, so well,
Greedy fools will sell their soul,
And masquerade from hot to cold,
And then deny their being told,
With grins upon their faces.
Corporations smear the count,
And terminate the ones who dought,
The righteous wrong of their amount,
And leave to them no traces.
Respective hippocritic thieves,
Who swear to God and make believe,
The truth is all that they perceive,
While dollar bills he chases.
They’re the cancer of our times,
Suppressing us into the binds,
Of this is yours and that is mine,
Your names he then erases.
If you like what you've heard, get the full album HERE.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Humming Bees

Universal Artists
29297 -    Jesus Has Done So Much For Me (P.Banks)
29298 - Send It On Down ( J. Grant)

1972 black gospel on a label likely from Texarkana, Arkansas. The Humming Bees had previously recorded (at least) two singles on their own custom label, both pressed by King Records (one of them in the Starday custom series).

Humming Bee (Nov.60)
101 Preston St., Texarkana, Ark.

634-45-901-A : Jesus Step Right In (L.Watson, Golden State, BMI)
634-45-901-B : My House (J. Grant, Golden State, BMI)

Humming Bees 1134-45-10 (1964)
811 Park St. Texarkana, Ark.

A - This is It (wr. Grant)
B – Been Born Again

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Brother James Elam of Newport News, Virginia

Wesmont (Norfolk, Virginia), 1973
32247 –When He Call Me
32248 – To Them That Hold Out

Dessa (Newport News, Virginia), 1974
33729 - Send Me I'll Go
33730 - God is Standing By

E-Jay (Newport News, Virginia), 1976
37291 - This Little Light Of Mine part 1
37292 - This Little Light Of Mine part 2

Kingsley R. Mc Neil

Kingsley R. Mc Neil
Hills Sound Service
Worcester, Mass.

18029 - Island In The Sun
18030 - Man Piaba

any time any where
Calypso and Folk Music
For all occasions


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

With Guitar In Hand Tommy Brown Sings

Tommy Brown
"With Guitar In Hand Tommy Brown Sings"
Label: Brown

Side one -- #23787
Gentle On My Mind
Release Me
Welcome To My World
Wrong Side Of Her World
Who Can I Turn To

Side two -- #23788
By The Time I Get To Phoenix
Oh Lonesome Me
Turn The World Around
Little Green Apples
The Shadow Of Your Smile

Dear Listener,

During my travels all over this country I have had many requests from people asking for records of my singing, so this is an accumulation of some of the most requested songs in my repertoire.

I hope that you will have many hours of enjoyable listening from this album.


Tom Brown

"Only Tommy's voice and his guitar. He covers many standards of the day in his own country blues / acoustic lounge style. "

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Shades on Eye-Ball

The Shades
Eye-Ball 701

CP-4107 - Shady
CP-4108 - Tidal Wave

2523 W. 1st Street
Grand Island, Nebraska

Lynn Weaver production

Rockabilly-flavored guitar instrumental.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Donnie Quinn : On My Way To California

Donnie Quinn (on picture sleeve, Don on label)

Label : Big K

39021 - The One And Only For Me
39022 - On My Way To California

Meikel Jungner : "Don, or Donnie Quinn, released one of my favorite Elvis soundalike recordings back in 1978: "On My Way To California/The One And Only For Me" (45 rpm vinyl single). Especially "On My Way To California" sounded a lot Elvis-like. He has also released the LP "Reno Junction", both at "Big K Records", and has now a gospel CD out, named "Keep The Faith".
Acknowledgments : Meikel Jungner

Terry Diver on Scarlett Eagle

42634 A – Broken Wings

42634 B – Smoke & Ash

Scarlett Eagle Productions
Produced by Gary Reece & Terry Diver

W.Miller – drums
B.Miller, bass, harmony
D.Burton, piano
T. Diver, vocal, guitar

As a solo acoustic singer / guitarist / songwriter, Diver has played countless clubs, lounges, and nearly all venues. In his experience with music, which dates back as far as high school, he has been a lead singer, lead guitarist, a solo artist, a bass player, and sometimes even a comedian. A native of Southwestern Ohio, Diver lives and performs all over the Tri-State, as well as in Northern Ohio.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Sabers on Tiretown

O/M 20585 ~ Skinny Minny
O/M 20586 ~ Mickey's Monkey
Tiretown 118
Producer Ed Groves

The Sabers were formed in 1965 by three Barberton junior high school students. Guitarist Dave Lawson was the band leader, while Dave Kelley on bass and Eugene Pocopak played drums. In the fall of '65 Andy Gunn joined and took over lead guitar - just in time for the group to enter and win the school's 9th grade talent show...

Click on the image below for more info.

J.T. and The Three Wise Men

J.T. & the Three Wise Men
Camel 102
19593 - I Stand Accused
19594 - You're Gonna Lose Your Lovin' Man (wr Keeton)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Calvary Tones : Time Has Made A Change (LP)

Calvary Tones
Rose LP 610
Time Has Made A Change

Side One

Time Has Made A Change
City Of Gold
Mansions Over In Glory
It’s All Right
It Won’t Be Long
There’s Been A Lot Of Changes

Side Two

When I Saw The Faces Of Jesus
Jesus Is Coming Soon
Oh What A Happy Day
Woman At The Well
How About You

Recorded at Rose Recording Studio
Attica Street
Vandalia, Ohio

Recording engineer : Rev. Paul Mullins

The Calvary Tones was organized in 1967.

Arthur Hobbs, born in Beauty, Kentucky, came to Ohio seeking employment. He didn’t only find a job he also found a church and one night in a glorious service he gave his heart to Christ. And since that time he was worked hard for the Lord. He sings lead and plays the guitar for the quartet.

Janet Hobbs, born in Inez, Kentucky, sings tenor.

Barbara Farmer, born in Beauty, Kentucky is a sister to Arthur Hobbs. Barbara came to Ohio, and later met Cecil Farmer in church, and they soon became husband and wife. Barbara sings alto.

Gerald Kelley, born in Quinwood, West Virginia, came to Ohio in 1955. He has pastored the Liberty Baptist Church in Barberton, Ohio for the past 6 years, where the quartet are all members. Gerald sings bass.

Kevin Hobbs, the son of Arthur and Janet Hobbs, is nine years old and is playing the bass guitar.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Rod Rogers and Sonny Marcell on Circle "D"

Rod Rogers/Sonny Marcell
Circle “D” 7
"If Its Circle D Its Good"

Rod Rogers
14259 - Out Where The Coyotes Howl
(wr Ruth Ellen White -Donald O'Hare)

Sonny Marcell
14260 - Strumming The Old Guitar
(wr Ruth Ellen White - Alice Bookhamer, Cumberland Music, BMI) 2:00

Song-poem record, not listed in ASPMA


Monday, June 8, 2009

The Silvar Jets

The Silver Jets

The Silvar Jets

D. Leslie, J.Coffman, M. Coffman, M. Chittick and Dave Vyse were likely the Silver Jets.
The record is listed by Dan DeClark 's 45 RPM Records (Parr label).

It was also released as by The Silvar Jets. I don't know which one came first.




Flaming Grace on Quasimodo

31467 – Reality Child (wr K.Enos)

31468 - I Don’t Know How To Love You (Wr James Whitney)

Ed Love : country EP on Kay

Kay EP
33155 - Make Sure Of All Things / The Burglar

Kay EP
33156 - The Killers / The Hand You're Holding Now


P.O. Box 2543
Roanoke, Virginia

Saturday, June 6, 2009

The early recordings of Jim & Jesse McReynolds with Larry Roll

Jim & Jesse
The early recordings of Jim & Jesse McReynolds with Larry Roll
A bluegrass classic recorded 1951
Label : Gateway
Distributed by Vetco Records

Side one - #38121
1. I'll Fly Away
2. God Put A Rainbow In The Clouds
3. You Go To Your Church
4. Just A Little Talk With Jesus
5. Sing Sing Sing

Side two - # 38122
1. Let Me Travel Alone
2. Camping In Canaan's Land
3. On The Jericho Road
4. I Like The Old Time Way
5. I'll Be Listening
This is a re-issue of the five singles issued by Kentucky Records (as by Virginia Trio) and by Alcar Records (as by James and Jesse McReynolds) issued by each label with the same release numbers : 509, 510, 514, 515, & 547.

In the late 1940s two young boys from the little town of Coeburn in southwestern Virginia were getting into music. Jim McReynolds played guitar and sang a lovely clear tenor. His brother Jesse sang and played the mandolin. They experimented freely in their music, searching constantly for a musical style that would suit them and yet be « different » from what had gone before.

Their varied influences pointed the McReynolds’ vocal style onto a path quite distinct from that simultaneously being explored by a couple of close neighbors – Carter and Ralph Stanley.

Just as the Stanleys did, Jim and Jesse first worked on their own in Norton, Virginia, and nearby West Virginia, calling their band « the McReynolds Brothers and the Cumberland Mountain Boys ». Around 1949 they went with Hoke Jenkins and Curly Seckler to Augusta, Georgia, where they tried a conventional Blue Grass format. In 1951, feeling a need to test something different, they put together a western-style band including steel guitar and went to Kansas. They did a « Sons of the Pioneers » type show featuring numbers like « Cool Water » and « Home on the Range ».

They would spend close to a year in 1951 working at WPFB in Middletown, Ohio. While there, they made their first commercial recording for the Kentucky label with Larry Roll. Uncertain as to how the whole thing would go, the boys decided to adopt the name « the Virginia Trio » in case things didn’t work out well.

As it turned out, the sessions were a great musical success. Joined by Larry Roll on the vocals and Dave Woolum on bass, the group produced a lovely collection of sacred trios. And there, one step behind some inspired vocal work, took place the stunning debut of Jesse’s original mandolin roll, later to be dubbed « crosspickin ».

(from the book The Bluegrass Reader, by Thomas Goldsmith)

Friday, June 5, 2009

Alice : I'm Going Higher

LP I'm Going Higher
Rite #34125/34126

Side 1: I’m Going Higher Someday (2:15). Jesus Led Me All the Way. (2:00). The Blood Will Never Lose It’s Power (2:45). My Home Sweet Home (2:00). After (2:00). How About Your Heart (2:15).
Side 2: The Saviour Can Solve Every Problem (2:05). The Man on the Middle Cross (2:10). Let Me Lose Myself and Find It Lord in Thee (2:35). God’s Choir in the Sky (2:05). Someone to Care (3:00). ‘Til the Storm Passes By (2:30).

Waterloo, Iowa.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Eddie James on Startown

Eddie James
Startown 5150
Chattanooga, Tennessee

24455 - Sad Sad Feeling (Wr Ralph Stewart)
24456 - Her Mama Won't Leave Us Alone (Wr Eddie James)

Soul produced by Al White.

Eddie James had also two singles on King Records in 1972.

Other Startown releases (Eva Larse & the Jaguars, Jessie Clay) have a Memphis address.


Rick Dudley on Do-Right

Rick Dudley
Label : Do-Right

35889 - Natural Man
35890 - I Don't Want To Cry

Date in dead-wax : 10.27.75

Arrangements by Mike Patterson
Engineer : Phil Burkhardt

Rick Dudley was born on 31 January, 1949 in Toronto, Ontario. He played professional ice hockey in the World Hockey Association and in the National Hockey League. He also has served as a head coach in the National Hockey League. He is currently assistant general manager of the Chicago Blackhawks. He grew up playing hockey in his hometown of Port Hope, Ontario.

Dudley said that all started when he was discussing music in Cincinnati Stingers' dressing room. A few of the Stingers had indicated that they would hang out and play music to pass the time on the road, and they invited Dudley to come out and hang out with them. One thing led to another, and Dudley began singing at these get-togethers. This led to Dudley writing music...

Proceeds of this record were donated to the Burns Institute.

Further reading : "Cincinnati crooning"

Monday, June 1, 2009

Joe Peace : Finding Peace Of Mind

Joe Peace
Finding Peace of Mind
Rite account # 5505

Side one : [29917]
1. Reflections I See (4:08)
2. It's Been So Long (5:34)
3. Finding Peace Of Mind (2:41)
4. Welcome Aboard (4:06)
5. Sad Surprise (3:13)
Side two : [29918]
1. Hello My Lady Friend (2:49)
2. High Time We Made Love (4:23)
3. Stop Turn Around (5:57)
4. Love Me Like A Stranger (4:06)
5. Goodbye (2:30)
Acid folk with fuzzy guitars in parts. Album dedicated to Johnny Rivers, the man who started it all!


Jesse Evatt on Spin-Co

Jesse Evatt
Spin-Co 113
16535 - Try To Figure Why
16536 - Got To Go On

Testimony :
As a teenager, Jesse formed his first country group and performed to capacity crowds with some of America's most popular artists. [...] His burning desire to sing lured him to Nashville, where he pursued his career as an entertainer.

Although achieving many of his goals while climbing the ladder of success, his personal life was being torn apart. In his futile search for happiness, he faced his ultimate crisis with the destruction of his marriage and the loss of his family. He was left literally without a reason to live. At this darkest moment of his life, Jesse accepted Jesus as Lord and Savior. His new-found faith brought about a chain reaction of miracles into his life, beginning with the restoration of his marriage and family. His born-again experience also brought a new direction to his music.

Three Prophets Live

Three Prophets Live
Label : 3P
P.O.Box 272 - Augusta, GA - 30903

Side One : [35029]
1. Intro – Soul Train –Love Train
2. I Got The Fever
3. If I Were Your Woman
4. Our Day Will Come
5. Sing A Simple Song
6. Rock The Boat
7. Wild Flower

Side Two : [35030]
2. Chameleon
3. California
4. Leroy Brown
5. Little Green Apples
6. Thanks For Saving My Life
7. Got To Use My Imagination
8. Let’s Stay Together
9. Dance To The Music
Billy Scott, his wife Barbara and Janet Helm were members of the Georgia Prophets. When the group broke up in 1971, they had to come up with another name for the three of them. They decided to call themselves the “THREE PROPHETS.” In 1974, Billy produced the only album for the “THREE PROPHETS.” It was a live album, recorded in many of the popular nightclubs in which the group performed.

Gospel Ramblers : Using My Bible For A Roadmap

Gospel Ramblers
Using My Bible For A Roadmap

Side 1: [30515]

1. Using My Bible For A Roadmap
2. Six Hours On The Cross
3. No Burdens Pass Through
4. Someday I’m Going Home
5. Somebody Touched Me
6. When The Saints Go Marching In

Side 2: [30516]

1. What Heaven Means To Me
2. Where The Roses Never Fade
3. I’m Going Just Over And Home
4. Will The Circle Be Unbroken
5. Now, I Have Everything
6. Crying Holy Unto The Lord

Jim Edwards on Re-Echo

Jim Edwards
Re-Echo 1004

18087 – Talk To Your Heart (James E.Hensley)
18088 - If You Were my Darling

Country on a Livingston, Tennessee label. Atwell Studio production

The Atwell Studio (then RS Recording Service) was located in nearby Lafayette, TN and owned by Loryn Atwell. The studio operated his own label, Atwell records, of which the first release was by The Pedigo Brothers in 1959. It seems that most of the releases on the label were custom recordings (country & gospel).