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The Spades (Super Records)

The Spades

CP-2623 - Challenge
Mike Furry, Superior Music Co, BMI

The Spades, vocal by Al Steele

CP-2624 - Fatty Patty
Don Bryant, Superior Music Co, BMI
Super 001


Presenting The Young Disciples

Presenting The Young Disciples
Granite Records R-101

 Side One  [30463)

1 Brother, Let Me Take Your Hand
2 Master Designer
3 I Believe God Is Real
4 He's Everythng To Me
5 There Is More To Life
6 Put Your Hand In The Hand
7 Searching Questions

All published by Lexicon Music, Inc. Waco, Texas except 6 : Beechwood Music Corp.

Side Two   [30464]

1 We're On Our Way
2 Sequence Of Events
3 It's Our World
4 Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow
5 Natural High
6 God Can See Us & When I Think Of The Cross (Medley)
7 Moment Of Truth

All published by Lexicon Music, Inc. Waco, Texas except  4. Zondervan Pub. House, Grand Rapids (Michigan)

The Osbornville Baptist Church, of Bricktown, New Jersey, takes pride in her representatives to the nation, "The Young Disciples,"  As the name implies, they are a group of Christian young people who have disciplined themselves in a fine singing group.  They are members of our Baptist Youth Fellowship who wanted to do something more than the ordinary; and so this record is the product of a five state singing tour in 1972.

The Young Disciples are revolutionary folk, singing revolutionnary music about the greatest revolutionist of all time - Jesus Christ.  They sing about His power and purprose to change the inner man, in order that the world may be changed from the inside out.  This is the music of the Gospel --, the "Good News" of a peace that passes all understanding to all who will receive.

As you hear the music, hear the message also.  Hear the "Searching Questions" be resolved "When I Think of the Cross", "Allow", The Moment of Truth" to be yours.  Join The Young Disciples in a strange new revolution of the 1970's!

Gary Johnson

The Young Disciples are : Pat Bringham, Sue Caruthers, Tom Crammer, Jim Edwards, Ken Edwards, Peggi Ely, Sandy Finger, Al Hofmann, Debbie Johnson, Nancy Levensen, Terry Lowman, Dale Miller, Darlene Miller, Charles Morris, Cindy Pyott, Ann Sills, Melanie Sils, Scott Smith, Debbie Steeb, Rhonda Steeb, Debbie Worth

Debbie Steeb, pianist
Dale Miller, guitarist

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Wayne Cochran on Gala

CP-6309 ~ Last Kiss
Wayne Cochran, Perry Music, BMI

CP-6310 ~ Funny Feeling
Joe Carpenter-Milt Skelton, Perry Music BMI 

Gala Records 45-117
Gala Recording Co., Inc.
Vidalia, Georgia

"A blues, chanted in relaxed style, with a funky guitar backing.  Derivative but a good job." ("Last Kiss" review, Billboard, 18 September, 1961)

For a story of the song "Last Kiss" see wikipedia article

Gala 117 : second press


Wayne and Monica Cochran

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

David West (Tropical 214)

(James M. Krol, Alison Music ASCAP)

38526 - Jean Marie.
(James M. Krol and  Ray Flory, Alison Music ASCAP)

Tropical 214
P.O. Box 2076, DeLand, Florida

Produced by Bob Quimby

Ted and Curtis Voel-Pel

Ted and  Curtis Voel-Pel

A - I Don't Know Why
B - I Want You

TC Records RR-42550

Written and produced by Ted and Curtis Voel-Poel.    Ted H A Voel-Pel (1960-2010) played for many years in local rock bands in the northwest suburbs.  He has lived in Des Plaines and worked at Electro Insulation in Arlington Heights as a warehouse manager.  

His brother, Curtis, is still playing music in a band named STAY TUNED, playing classic and modern rock.
This ebay auction has a short audio clip.

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Alex Udvary presents the Cimbalom

Alex Udvary
presents the Cimbalom

Side 1  [30791]

1. Love Theme From "The Godfather"
2. Wave
3. Something
4. Theme From "Love Story"
5. How About You
6. What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life

Side 2  [30792]

1. Hava Naguila
2. Lara's Theme From "Doctor Zhivao"
3. I Am A Shepherd Boy At Tarnoca - Quick Scardas
4. Al Di La
5. Zorba The Greek
6. Excerpts From The Roumanian Rhapsody

From the back cover
This record marks the first time in the world the Cimbalom has been recorded with this repetoire and instrumentation.  The cimbalom derives from the zither family and from hammer-struck instruments.  Although history tells us that an instrument of this type was used in China and Egypt and was unpopular because of its complexity, it found its way to Greece in about 700 B.C.  In Greece it is called the Santouri.   It flourished in Asia Minor and is now one of the basic regional isntruments in Turkey, Persia, Arabia and Syria.  In these parts of the world, those incredibly talented musicians, the Gypsies, first became devotees of the Cimbalom.  The Gypsies helped the cimbalom to become the Hungarian national instrument.  In England it is called a dulcimer.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

The Southern Wonders on Gusman

The Southern Wonders
(Louis King, Gusman, BMI)

25660 ~ Straight Road Home
(James Smith, Gusman, BMI)

Gusman Records G-102

Jeb Stuart on Cotton

Jeb Stuart

25507 - Cook County Jail    
(Jim Killman-Houston Davis, Ammons Music ASCAP)

25508 - Lonesome  Blues

Cotton Records 7-17


Unlisted Jeb Stuart recording probably from Jackson, Mississippi based on publishing company and composer Houston Davis (see

Charles Jones/Jeb Stuart
Photo credit :

Born Charles Jones in Memphis, Tennesse around 1935, from Frank Jones and Mrs. Lucille Yancey.   
Charles Jones attended Booker T. Washington High School and was employed as a vocalist in Chicago before entering the U.S. Army in November 1953.  He was shiped to Korea in 1954 and "visited" Japan, Korea, Okinawa,Guam, Hawaii and the Phillipine Islands. He received an award for being the best singer in the Far East. 
Jeb Stuart started his professional singing career  in Memphis on the Mississippi where he appeared at most of the local nightspots such as Hi Hat. Plantation club,Hotel Peabody. Chisca hotel, as well as at live Palace theatre. Handy and Hyde Park theatres.

From the beginning of his career, Stuart seems to have oriented himself toward the white audience. It surely couldn't have been coincidence that a black Memphian named Charles Jones took the name of a Confederate cavalry general.
He grew up idolising Billy Eckstine, Nat King Cole, Elvis, Fats Domino, and Little Richard, and left Memphis to study at the Chicago Conservatory of Music under Frank Lavere, one of the writers of Cole's hit ''Pretend''.

His first recordings were done in Chicago for Mercury subsidiary Wing Records as Charles Jones (1956), Zale Records (as Charlie Jones) and Shar Record Co (as Jeb Stuart).   

While in Chicago he assembled a female singing group, The Sweet Teens, led by Little Faith Taylor.  The group enjoyed a bit of a stir locally in Chicago with their first record which was issued by Federal Records.  Two other records followed on Bea & Baby Records (also with the Charles Jones involvement). 

A Jeb Stuart Discography can be found here
or here 

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The Gospel Ways Trio (Circle "D" Records)


 (Ronnie, Homer & Bill)

20405 - There's A light
20406 - Helping hand

Circle "D" 16


 (Ronnie, Homer & Bill)
20713 - I Find Peace (in a prayer)
20714 -  Beautiful Valley

Circle "D" 17


Circle "D" Records
Speedwell, Tennessee

All songs wr. Dave Owens, Smokey Mountain Music, Knoxville, Tenn.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Broken Arrow and The Tomahawks

Broken Arrow and The Tomahawks

CP-6335 ~ I Get Rainy River Blues

Roger Smith

CP-6441 -  Land Of Liberty

Salamanca Records
515 Clinton St.,. Jamestown,. N,. Y.

" I Get Rainy River Blues " was also issued twice by Salamanca backed with "You're A Million Miles Away " (numbered CP-5674 on one issue and numbered CP-6336 on another).  It's possible that "You're A Million Miles Away" was previously released at an earlier date with a different flip, still to be discovered.  It is possible, as well, that "Land Of Liberty" was separately issued with a different flip, still to be discovered.  That would make FIVE different Salamanca releases. Hmmm?

Several speculations or false informations can be found at various internet places, but it's quite aurally clear that Broken Arrow is actually Roger Smith, a song poem singer who had a relatively extensive discography in that special branch of the music industry.

Salamanca Music Publishers were not exactly a newcomer in the music business. "SONG TITLES BRING FAME, FORTUNE - NO knowledge of music or poetry required.  Only story and song title " reads a small ad from 1943 from Salamanca Music.  by all appearances, exactly the the kind of ads the song-poems companies would place in any publication for which they perceive a large and credulous readership: movie mags, comic books, supermarket tabloids...

Behind this release is Stanley Johnson, a teacher, who was also a long-time associate of Salamanca founder Robert Formica who died in 1948.

Born in 1898,  Stanley W. Johnson was a graduate of the Lebanon Springs high school and studied at Albany, Cortland and the Buffalo State Teachers' college. He served 11 years as principal of the Tuscarora Indian Reservation school and, in 1937, was transferred in by the state department of education to the Allegany reservation.
Ardent student of progressive education, he saw the need of a business training for the children and organized a practical situation whereby the children could learn from real situations.  He had a real store and the boys and girls learned the true lessons of life.  They bought and sold. They learned the value of money.

In Salamanca, he organized an orchestra of  Seneca Indian school boys with such success that they not only reached their objective, the New York World's Fair, but were asked to appear on Dave Elman's nation-wide "Hobby-Lobby" broadcast program.

Throughout the winter months of 1939, they had been practising and earning money for the trip. By the time school was out they had $80 in the treasury. Then came the big opportunity to appear on the "Hobby-Lobby" program.

Most original part of the band was the drum section. The tops were removed from one quart and five quart discarded oil cans and replaced with tops made from inner-tubes. Enamelled and decorated with scenes from Indian life, these home-made instruments proved so successful, that an additional supply was made for tourists, to sell from 25 to 50 a piece.

Robert M. Formica (1895-1948) Born in Italy. Bob Formica immigrated to the US in 1902.  A music teacher, he was also the director of the Salamanca Legion Concert Band.  
Stan Johnson and Bob Formica wrote several songs together.  One of these songs was "Land of Liberty", from 1940, a patriotic song for which the lyrics were written by Stanley W. Johnson and the music by Prof. Robert M. Formica, song which is on the flip side of this Salamanca single.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Bobby C. And The Fantastix

Bobby C. And The Fantastix
21009 -  Soul Pie
C.P. Froelich - M. Tice

21010 - Te-Ta-Te-Ta-Ta
Ernst Kador

A Fantastix Production 
Route 4 - Box 29 - Chapel Hill, N.C.
Recorded At AMH Productions, Chapel Hill

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Rev. and Mrs. A.R. Vander Ploeg

Rev. and Mrs. A.R. Vander Ploeg

CP-1215 - The Train Song
CP-1216 - Led By The Masters Hand

Musical Vann's 7

Rev. and Mrs. A.R. Vander Ploeg
CP-1217 - Down From His Glory
CP-1218 - Someday, It Won't Be Long

Musical Vann's 8

631 Green Street
Toledo, Ohio

According to an article published in 1951, the Rev. Vander Ploeg was a chaplain during the last war, "The minister and his wife play a variety of instruments including the electric organ, piano, accordion, cornet, electric guitar, banjo and musical saw. This evening they will show a religious film, "The Man that Forgot God." Saturday the entire evening will be devoted to a sacred musical program. The Rev. and Mrs. Vander Ploeg have traveled in 45 states and two foreign countries.
Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · October 19, 1951 
These two early Rite pressings came after several 78 RPM releases and predates albums, all on the same Musical Vann's label.

The Reverend A.R. Vander Ploeg died on September 15, 1964.

The Musical-Vann's

Monday, September 14, 2015

Sgt. Kelly (Sand Surf & Sea)

Sgt. Kelly

32577 - Wonderful
32578 - You Made Me Do It
both wr. Kelly Kettner, Bounce Music BMI

Prod. Herb James
6005 NW 7th Av.
Miami, Florida



Sunday, September 13, 2015



38683 -  Learn To Laugh 
Frank & John Muratore

38684 - Foxy Lady

Recorded At Krieger Field Recording Co. 
Eng. Tom Krieger
Producer Jack Smith


The Krieger-Field Recording Studios were located in Akron, , Ohio.  Some rock bands recorded there such as White Harvest, Devo and Tin Huey.

Frank Muratore has been a lifelong resident of Ohio, born and raised in a musical family. From his mother’s singing talent, to his brother John’s accomplishments on classical guitar, Frank had an early introduction to rock and roll from the family radio, listening to the pioneers Chuck Berry, Ricky Nelson, and the Everly Brothers.The real revelation was 1964’s performance of the Beatles on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Through his older brothers, Frank was exposed to the Beatles even earlier when all saw the famous “Jack Parr Show” performance, and all thought how strange they looked. Buying the first Beatles record in January of 1964 before they were on “Ed Sullivan” put Frank first in his classroom to have the new sound, and later that year, he formed his first tribute, calling themselves The Jr. Beatles. After playing several instruments in high school, and forming a rock band with his brother, Frank has performed in several professional groups through college and after.

In 1996, he joined Hard Day’s Night, A Beatles tribute band,  to fulfill his dream to one day be a Beatle, and has had a “fab” time ever since.

Frank Muratore (left) as Paul McCartney

The Colonials Sing Gospel Favorites

The Colonials
Sing Gospel Favorites

Side 1 [27343]

1. The First Day In Heaven  (Hamblen)
2. The Old Rugged Cross Made The Difference (Gaither)
3. Then I Met Jesus   (D. Allen-H.Harper)
4. Jesus Is Coming Soon (Winsett)
5/ Amazing Love
6. God's Not Dead

Side 2 [27344]

1. I Shall Not Be Moved
2. He Looked Beyond My Fault   (D. Rambo)
3. No One Cared So Much
4. I Wouldn' Take Nothing For My Journey (Goodman)
5. He Touched Me  (Gaither)
6. Sweet Sweet Spirit  (D. Akers)

L.C.L. Records
Recorded at Malaco Studio, Jackson, Miss. 
Engineer : Gerald Stevens

Gospel trio from Jackson Mississippi.  The members of the trio are Bill Clark, who sings lead and plays the piano, Don Legg, first tenor and Tom Larrimore, baritone.

Jim Willingham & The Country Travelers

Jim Willingham & The Country Travelers

17627 - Tears, Coffee And A Ring

17628 - Guitar Split
(Gene Wyatt, Newcastle Pub. Co., BMI)

Marco Records


James Roland Willingham (1934-1982) from Spartanburg County, South Carolina, was the son of Elbert Arthur and Bertha Swofford Willingham, native of Chesnee, SC, employee of Southern Shops in Spartanburg, SC, musically gifted. Husband of Margie (Coggins) Willingham and Elizabeth "Lib" (Pettit) Willingham. Father of Mike, Ronnie, Wayne and Wanda Willingham.

One copy now on ebay (auction has sound clip)

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Vocal trio with piano

Side one (16707)
My New Love (Barbara Adkins)
Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen (Neil Sedaka)

Side Two (16708)
Go Tell It On the Mountain (Folk tune)
Has Anyone Seen My Boyfriend (Sanders)

 Gayle P-1104 (EP)

Conventry Recording Co.
(Akron, Ohio)

First (and only?) record from The Tracettes, Barbara, Rodney, and Gail Adkins of Akron, formerly of Dover, Ohio.

According toThe Daily Reporter from Dover, Ohio dated September 19, 1966, "The youthful singing group perform frequently on the Gene Carroll Show on WEWS- TV. They recently joined the Cuyahoga Falls Cathedral of Tomorrow where Barbara sings with the choir."

Now on ebay(starting bid US $ 75.00). Auction has sound clips

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Dead Duck and the Three Juicy Gooses

Dead Duck and the Three Juicy Gooses

22707 - Skip Talkin' Daddy

22708 - Uncle Charlie

Dead Duck ProDUCKshuns
Same Rite account number as Band Box Records.  Has to be from Denver, Colorado. From 1968.  
Audio file from the Collector CD "Move And Rock" (CLCD4519 (CD) (Netherlands)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Paul Helms, Jughead Godwin and the Allen Brothers

Paul Helms - Jughead Godwin
with Allen Brothers

35967 - Jugheads Flop-Eared Boogie 
wr. C. Helms-Godwin

Paul Helms and the Allen Brothers

35968 - Tax Happy State
wr. Paul Helms

Tennessee Valley Boys Recording

Scottsboro, Ala.


Jugheads Flop-Eared Boogie was penned in 1953 by Eskil M. Godwin.   Godwin was born on Sand Mountain near Grove Oak, Alabama in 1925. Early in his life he became an entertainer.  He has traveled extensively and appeared with such famous named stars as Uncle Dave Macon on the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, Bill Monroe, Hank Williams, Lester Flatt and others.

In the sixties, he sold peanuts for a living.  He had a peanut stand at a corner of the courtsquare of some Alabama town : 
Although he is handicapped, he asks no favors.  In this day of welfare and the dole, Godwin is a good example of American ingenuity and freedom of enterprise.  Each week, he buys and roast 150 pounds of peanuts.  He roasts his peanuts in an old refrigerator he has modified, using charcoal to heat them.  Godwin told the Advertiser Interviewer he walks 15 miles per day peddling his sacks of peanuts. 
Godwin has what he calls a specialty act.  In reality it is a one man show.  Godwin plays his harmonica and accompanies himself by “flopping his right ear,” slapping it vigorously with his hand, making rhythmic sound similar to a bass fiddle.  He also buck dances….all at the same time.

Godwin has a record of a song he wrote in 1953 called “Jughead’s Flop Eared Boogie”.  He also has other songs he has written and hopes to record.
Eskil "Jughead" Godwin passed away in 1992.


Mike Ryan And The Teen-Tones

Mike Ryan And The Teen-Tones

11209 ~ Long Cold Winter Ahead
Paul E. Hertel, Cedarlane BMI

11210 ~ Hurtin' And Cryin'
Paul E. Hertel, Cedarlane BMI

Premier IV Records 368-JBP

Mike Ryan

The Teen Tones were a band of musicians from South Bend Riley High School.   Mike Ryan on vocal and sax, Ken Kidder on Wurlitzer Piano, Tom Hemminger on Lead, Roger Lacky on Rhythm, Lew Kimble on Drums. Very popular in Northern Indiana, and one of the busiest and sought after bands for teen dances, proms, etc. 
A native “Hoosier,” Mike Ryan grew up in South Bend, Indiana. After high school he attended Ball State University where he received a B.A. and M.A. in Elementary Education and minored in “Road Music.”   Mike has been an educator and musician for over 40 years.  He taught 4-6 grade and was a Principal for 33 years in Muncie. Mike’s musical career has spanned over 37 years with many bands; The Teen Tones, The Other Five, Decembers Children, Walking Catfish, Poppa Jazz and The Souled Out Band

Besides music, Mike is a family man. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Cathi, and has one son, Michael. He believes in giving back to the community. He has participated in many fund-raisers for American Cancer Society, NAACP, Red Cross, and the Muncie Children’s Museum. As a member of Theta Chi Fraternity, he constantly donates his talents to raise funds to promote academic excellence nationwide.

Mike Ryan/ Teen Tones discography

Premier IV - 368 (1963)
Long Cold Winter Ahead
Hurtin' and Cryin'

T and T Records (1964)
Do You Want to Dance?
Long Cold Winter Ahead (different version)

Don and Mira (1964)
Poison Ivy
Fortune Teller

Paul E. Hertel
Paul E. Hertel was born in South Bend, Indiana in 1928. He served in World War II. He was a lifetime songwriter and publisher who owned and operated Tune and Talent Promotions during the 60s. He managed and recorded many local entertainers such as Danny Gates, The Delairs, The Accents, Redcoats, The Music Project (Rimfires), Gina Marie and the Scat Kats, The 4 Bermuda Triangle, Larry Coverdale and the Four Horsemen, the Accidentals, Survivors, and many more. He wrote a column for the Tri-County News with information on local entertainment. He lived in Nashville for 10 years where he wrote the articles for the National Entertainer out of Michigan called "Paul's tidbits around Nashville" and worked with local entertainers and bands. He also ran his own business as Paw Paw Painting, in which he was noted for painting homes in the Historical District of Nashville.   Retired from the Bendix Corporation, he died in 2008.

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The American Lads on Black Eagle

The American Lads 
 (Bob Arns, Smokey Mt. Music BMI)

CP-4508 ~ Good By Now
(Bob Arns, Smokey Mt. Music BMI)

Black Eagle 100
Box 22 West Alexandria, Ohio

Billboard rev. 14 Nov 1960

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Ronnie presents New Songs of Today

Ronnie presentsNew Songs of Today
 Sung by Ben Tate

Ronnie  L-230
Distributed by Paragon Productions
 1265 Broadway, New York

Side 1 (19519)
1. It Will Never Change (Joseph J. Larue)
2. It's Springtime Once Again (Joseph J. Larue)
3. Memory Of A Broken Heart (Helen Markwardt)
4. Let Jesus Come In (Anne Mayer)
5. Brown Eyed Baby (Wilbur C. Long)
6. Memories, Wonderful And Gay (Elfriede Soond)
7. My Lord (Mrytle Dunning) Sic
8. Life  (Rose Anderson)
9. I Want To Go Fishing With You (Arthur F. Wendland)
10. Don't Quit (Ruth A. Wray)
11. You've Torn My Heart To Shreds (Ada Redford)

Side 2 (19520)
1. Bunny (Bert J. Blickenstaff)
2. Rose, Throw Me Your Rose (Anthony Belanger)
3. Silvery Georgia Moon (Marvin E. Reed)
4. Lonesome Lee (Eugene L. Mullinix)
5. Cling To Me (Joan Landi)
5. No One Knows (Hubert Bridges)
7. You Want To Ry (Charles J. Suttle)
8. Life (Lucille Respress)
9. Really Real (Harrison Arnold)
10. Happy Memories (Leroy Thomas)
11. Goodbye Forever (Katherine Crowe)

The Country Cruger Sisters : The Middle Cross

The Country Cruger Sisters

The Middle Cross

Side 1 (15665)
Life's Railroad
Have A Little Talk
Savior Like A Shepherd
He Bought My Soul
Man On The Middle Cross

Side 2 (15666)
Above All Else
Jesus The Nazarene
Footprints Of Jesus
I'll Never Be Lonely
Pass Me Not-Jesus

Among the most talented and charming all girl gospel singing groups in the Northwest are Gloria, Carolyn and Cathaleen, who are known as the "Country Crugers."  Wherever they appear at church gatherings, people are always impressed by this trio's pure "country" style, - yet precise harmony and original arrangements.  It is little wonder they blend so nicely however, as they have been singing together since they were old enough to carry a tune.

Their musical careers and personal lives of dedication to the Lord have been under the steady and talented direction of their mother, Virginia, who accompanies the girls on the piano.

They have appeared repeatedly in Conventions, Youth for Christ Rallies, Camp Meetings and local churches in the State of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and as far as Springfield, Missouri, also on Radio and Television.

Gloria, who is 21, is a working girl in an accounting office.  Along with her singing talent, taking the tenor part, she plays the piano and accordian.

Carolyn, 19, the "Tom Boy" is a sophomore in college.  Besides playing the bass fiddle with the group, her outside home chores of chopping wood, milking the cow, and helping to build the family house keeps her busy.
Cathaleen, 17, a senior at East Valley High School does most of the lead and solo worl.  She plays the piano for the school choir.

This inspiring collection of old and new songs of faith is the second album by the Country Crugers.  If you like good country gospek singing, we're sure you will enjoy many hours of pleasurable listening herein.

(liner notes by country-gospel recording artist, Gary Williams)

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Churchmen Quartet : "Love Is Why" (You And I Are Free)

The Churchmen Quartet (With Jimmy Barkley At The Piano)
Presents  "Love Is Why" (You And I Are Free)  (1965)

Side 1  (15429)

The Churchman Medley :
I Am Resolved
Power In The Blood
Showers Of Blessing
Kneel At The Cross

Welcome Home My Child
Precious Memories
When We All Get To Heaven
Love Is Why

Side 2  (15430)
Satisfied With Jesus
On Bended Knees
Keep On The Firing Line
Dear Jesus Abide With Me
How Great Thou Art

The Churchmen Quartet was organized in the latter months of 1960 in Savannah, Georgia.  Membership was composed of two local business men and two enlisted Air-Force men.

From the beginning the expressed purpose of the group has been to witness for Christ through the ministry of Gospel singing.  To this end they have appeared regularly in church services, revival meetings, hom-coming and special events in churches of various denominations in Savannah and adjacent communities.  Their ministry includes periodic permormances on television and radio programs.

Since 1963 personnel changes occured and the present group felt a change in name was in order.  Prayerfully they sought the leadership of the Holy Spirit, and after consultation with a local clergyman, individually and collectively God appropriately led them to "The Churchmen."

James W. Barkley — accompanist.  Jimmy is 49 years of age and the newest member of the quartet.  He joined the group in September 1964.  He is the only bachelor in the group and is in the floral business.

Owen T. Brown — bass.  Owen is 55 years of age, is one of the founders, is married, has two sons and one daughter, and has the distinction of being the only "Grandpa" in the group.  He is employed by the State of Georgia.

George L. Harrell — baritone.  George is 45 years of age, is married and has a son and two daughters.  He is also one of the founders.  He is employed by the Federal Government.

William R. DeWitt — 1st tenor.  He is married and has three sons.  Bill joined the quartet in November 1963. He is employed in one of the local banks.

Cecil E. Milligan — 2nd tenor.  Cecil is 41 years of age, joined the quartet in February 1964, is married and has one daughter and two boys.  He is employed in a large paper mill.

The Casuals on Battlefield

The Casuals

7721 - The Casual Twist (Lott, Davayre Music)
7722 - You In My Heart (Gilbert, Davayre Music)

Battlefield 100

May 1962

Also known as The Casuals Four.  The Casuals were Ted Gilbert, John Lott, Barclay Collins and Guy Weikert all of Gettysburg High School students, managed by James Davies.

The Gettysburg Times :
FULL HOUSE FOR CASHTOWN TALENT SHOW The Cashtown Lions Club's first talent show contest drew a packed house in the Cashtown Community Hall Friday evening with profits going to the Warner Hospital. An estimated 350 persons saw the two-and-half-hour show with first honors going to a quartet of Gettysburg High School boys singing under the name of the "The Casuals." The $25 first prize went to the four who sang "East Virginia" and "Casual Twist."
The Gettysburg Times from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania · April 14, 1962, page 1

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The Night Riders on Song Kraft

The Night Riders

28077 ~ Night Rider
Cary Trusty, Salute Music BMI

The Night Riders
Vocal Cary Trusty

28078 ~ You Better Move On
Arthur Alexander BMI

Song Kraft  LA1001 / LA1002

From Huntingburg, Indiana
Perhaps recorded by Ray Jones in his Sound Quest Studio in Lamar, Indiana.  

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Christ-A-Lairs

The Christ-A-Lairs Sing I Said Lord

On back cover are answers to the essential questions you may have concerning the Christ-A-Lairs  :

Who are the Christ-A-Lairs ?
The Christ-A-Lairs are a family gospel singing team, from Aberdeen, South Dakota.  The team has been singing and traveling together for a little over two years.  The Lord has richly blessed their ministry in song.
What happened to Del Pfaff one night in a motel room ?
One night at 3 o'clock in the morning in a motel room at Watertow, South Dakota; the Lord spoke to Del's heart.  This made him to known he was to call the family together and start a Gospel Singing Team.  From that day on the team has been singing.

What the Lord gave to Arla Mae sixteen years ago ? 
The song,  I SAID LORD, , was written by Arla Mae 16 years ago.  When at a time of much discouragement, knelt by the piano and while praying, the Lord gave her the words to this song.
Who sings what ?
Tony, the biggest member of the team, sings the first verse of the song, It Happened.  Roxan his wife, sings the second verse.  Kim, the youngest member of the team, sings the third verse.  The song has been a favorite of many.
What is the desire of the Christ-A-Lairs ?
The Christ-A-Lairs have one desire, and that is to do the will of the Lord.

Drums : Dennis Ballew
Bass : Wayne Tennhant
Piano : Arla Mae Pfaff, Roxan Arlt
Organ : Roxan Arlt
Guitar : Dennis Ballew

Recorded at Titan Sound Studios
13064 Indian Rock Rd. Largo, Fla. 33540
Recording engineer :  Chet Bennett

The Christ-A-Lairs
Box 393 Aberdeen, S.D. 57401

Friday, June 26, 2015

Morris RODGERS and the Continentals

Morris RODGERS and the Continentals

9441 ~ The Leg
9442 ~ Wonders of love

Delta D-3025/6 (601/602)
Bedford, Indiana


Delta Records
1416 I. Street
Bedford, IN

“I really don’t know if I should be telling this or not,” Rodgers confided, “But when I was about 14, I was playing Puffy’s Tavern ... usually playing guitar for Jim Galloway who played drums and cornet.

His first band — featuring John Wiggs, Jim Houston and Dan Owens — was the Discords, named for the group’s difficulty playing a string of the right notes in the right order. But that doesn’t mean the group didn’t quickly get it together.

In the late ’50s, and Rodgers played in The Continentals and the Mark IV, Bedford’s first rock show.

In addition to Rodgers, the band featured Myron Thomas, Jerry Smith, Dave Miller, Kenny Foddrill, Steve Brinegar, Terry Blackwood, Johnny Fender and sometimes Janie Turner and Janet Rodgers.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Jean Meadows with The Tydes

Jean Meadows with The Tydes

13109 ~ Summer's Gone

Universal C7-115

Label was probably an offshoot of Universal Recording Studios, 26 Colton Av. West Springfield, Massachusetts.  owned by Flem DeAngelis

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Lincoln Mills on VTA

Lincoln Mills

28603 - If You Should Go

L.Mills, Lincoln Mills ASCAP

VTA FBS 0102

Rt. 1 Box 462
Lakewales, Fla. 33853


Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Echoes (Kentucky?)

The Echoes

CP-6489 ~ Sharley 
Martin-Noffsinger, Bo-An Pub. Co.
CP-6490 ~ Tension
Martin-Noffsinger, Bo-An Pub. Co.

(no label)

A pair of instrumentals.  "Tension" is reminiscent of "Walk Don't Run", the Ventures hit from the summer of 1960.

Probably from Kentucky.  Bo-An Publ. Co. was owned by Bobby Anderson out of Central City, where he operated the Summit and Royce labels. 

Friday, April 24, 2015

The Love Brothers

The Love Brothers
B.Love, F.Love
Golden State Songs, BMI

CP-3202 ~ One Time Love Affair
B.Love, F.Love
Golden State Songs, BMI

By Love Records 843
627 Pollock Greenville, Miss.


An alternate take of " Baby, I'll Never Let You Go" is on YouTube here

Lefty Pritchett on Bama

Lefty Pritchett
And His Country Cats
Vocal By Lefty Pritchell And Lucy Carter

CP-4104 – She Stole My Heart Away
Vocal By Lefty Pritchell

From The Heart of Dixie It's
Bama Records 00001

Claude "Lefty" Pritchett
, a self-taught musician, was born in 1931 in Alabama, the son of Alabama sharecroppers.   He had an ear for music at a young age, especially the guitar.  "My first guitar was used.  I paid $1.75 for it," he recalls.
    His guitar playing and singing were constant companions when he joined the Army in 1950.  Korea was his first stop after basic training at Fort Knox, Kentucky.  Serving with the Seventh Infantry Division in Korea, he organized a country music group, which has became popular with the GI's overseas.    "Lefty Pritchett and His Country Rhythm Boys", as the group was commonly known in Korea, played at service clubs, parties and entertainment programs in Korea.    Pritchett wrote many of his songs and broadcasted his original tunes on a weekly radio program    
     The troops weren't the only ones Claude serenaded.  Korea is also where he met his future bride Bonnie.  "I saw her for the first time with a dark corduroy uniform on and she had pigtails and she just took my heart away."

     Claude also saw duty in Vietnam in the late 60's.  And, yes, his guitar made the trip, too.  "If I wasn't on duty I'd start playing and singing and all the troops would come around.  We'd have a big jam session."

     When Claude got back to the states he recorded one of the 150 songs he has written.  It was called "Vietnam Rotation Blues." (*)  Claude says over there they wanted to hear something about coming home, so that's why he wrote the song.
     Once back home Claude became an Army recruiter.  His guitar was one of his recruiting tools.  "When (a recruit) would make up his mind to go, I would sing him a song and ask him when he wanted to leave.  We'd have to send him to get his exam and everything.  I always met my quota," Claude said with a big smile.


 *Released on Dee Lark Records, you can hear the song here

Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Clay County Playboys on Lifetime


The Clay County Playboys 
featuring Yodelin' Stan
17785 - Night Train To Memphis

The Clay County Playboys 
featuring Tex Jackson
17786 - Muleskinner Blues

Tex Jackson 
And The Clay County Playboys
Ronnie Reeves, rhythm

17961 - Nine Dang Pins (Sid Keiser, Cora Lee Music BMI)
17962 - We Must Have Been Out Of Our Minds.

 Shirley Jean
backed by
the Clay County Playboys

 18253 -  It Keeps Right On A-Hurtin'
(Johnny Tillotson, Ridge Music)

18254 - I Want To Live Again

The Clay County Playboys
performed in Upstate New York in the mid-sixties.  The band featured Tex Jackson,  Yodelin' Stan, Ronnie Reeves.  Shirley Jean may (or not) have been member of the band.  Lifetime Records of Rochester released these three successive records in 1966.




Woody and the Wood Peckers

Woody and the Wood Peckers

27339 – Oh Lonesome me
27340 -  Call of the canyon

Woody Records
Route 1,
Lebanon, Ohio,

Wood Lynch was the band leader.   He died in 2001.   

Jessie Lyn and her brother Richard Lynch continue today the family music tradition.  See

Jessie Lyn Fisher grew up in a farm house in Lebanon. As a child, after a long day of work, she and her five siblings would sit around the kitchen table with their father and grab anything that could make music.

Sometimes it was a pan or a pair of cooking utensils. "We had a lot of music in that house and we had a lot of faith in that house," Fisher said.