Tuesday, January 22, 2013

E. Mae Rittenhouse on Hollis

E. Mae Rittenhouse

15425 - Oh Halleluia Jesus Lives Within
15426 - Whisper To Jesus / Search My Heart Lord

Music arranged by Ray Ranson
Hollis P1095

 Recorded at Coventry Recording Studios in Akron, OH.   

Reverend E. Mae Rittenhouse

      For 30 years, Reverend E. Mae Rittenhouse served her Lord through services she provided to area radio stations. A pioneer in religious broadcasting, Reverend Rittenhouse broadcasted over WADC, WSLR, WAKR, WCUE and WHKK. She was a student of Cornus Hill Bible College when she was appointed Pastor of the North Akron CME Mission . She is a published song writer, an activist in city government and has written articles in The Reporter and The Akron Beacon Journal (Voice of the People). Her ability to inspire is known throughout this part of the country. She formally broadcasted over WBOY in Clarksburg , West Virginia and has spoken the gospel in many communities.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Debbie on Flash


CP-2609 - Letter To Santa Claus 
CP-2610 - Santa's Too Old To Rock N' Roll  
 ♪♫ (sample)

Both wr. Mike Chotas, Demos BMI
Flash 501


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Deviations & Deviation Band

Deviations & Deviation Band

Writers : T.Craig, L.Calfie, M.Patman, H.Mitchell

Side A: J. Farris - T. Vaughn - H. Fisher
Side B: J. Farris - T. Vaughn - T. Battle

A Pettijohn production

Soul Sounds Unlimited
 Soul Sounds Unlimited Recording Co
Box 24240, Cincinnati Oh 45224.

  March 1977  

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Jim Bundy Combo (Mar-Ja)

Jim Bundy Combo

featuring Charlie Boykin on electric guitar
Jesse Ennis - Piano 
Jeff Duke - rhythm guitar  
Wayne DeLisse - drums  
Jim Bundy - bass

9453 ~ Rebel Twist (Boykin & Ennis)

featuring Jesse Ennis on Piano 
Charlie Boykin - electric guitar 
Jeff Duke - rhythm guitar  
Wayne DeLisse - drums  
Jim Bundy - bass   

9454 ~ Chop Stick Beat

Mar-Ja Records
213 Pecan Road
Raleigh, NC

sample (poor quality)

213 Pecan Road (2011)
Was the home of Mar-Ja Records

Dawn Capri's on Marlo

Dawn Capri's

10121 - Haunted House

10122- Going Home 
(T. Rank, Stagg Music BMI)    

Marlo 1528


Unlisted. One of the most obscure release on the Uncle Buck Lipe label.
Posted by Slappinjake at his blog HERE

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Peerless Four on Job's

Peerless Four

28343 ~ Peace in the Valley (lead: Clyde Burston)

28344 ~ Someday (lead - Charles Russel)

Job's 1237-001/002
Also Job's 12001 (see pics below)

Culpepper Music Co. Tri-Us BMI

Recorded at Norfolk Sound Studio Norfolk, Va.
Eng. by Martin Culpepper Jr.


Re-issued in 1972 (pressed by RCA Custom Division and distributed by Laurie Records).  No mention of Martin Culpepper Jr.   Frank Guida name added as producer.  Hill & Range publisher added.

Peerless Four (mid-sixties)

The Peerless Four recorded in the sixties on Gospel Recording Co. a Brooklyn label ("Gospel Music for the whole family").   Members comprised Jake Chambers, vocalist ; Clyde Burston, vocalist ; Eddie Luster, , guitarist ; Geo. (George) Butler, organist.

 Martin Culpepper
Job's Records owner
Photo from his own website

Martin Culpepper  is a veteran in Gospel radio, known as one of  the Original  Pioneers  of Gospel.

Brother Martin Culpepper is also a member of the Gospel Music Workshop of America, Announcers Guild, And Vice Chairman of the Quartet Division. Martin  graduated from Paul Henning’s School  Broadcasting in Norfolk, Virginia.

Norfolk Sound Studio

Like many regional record label owners, Frank Guida started as a record store owner. From there, he built record labels (Legrand and SPQR, among them) and then started his studio.

Located on Princess Anne Road in Norfolk, VA, Norfolk Sound produced "The Norfolk Sound": Gary "U.S." Bonds, Jimmy Soul and Daddy G, to name a few.

Sammy Griggs and The Coronets on Job

Sammy Griggs
and The Coronets
Vocal Charles Carothers

CP-1821 ~ Footsteps
(Sam Griggs, Job Publ. BMI)

CP-1822 ~ Long John Silver
(Sam Griggs, Big Song Publ. BMI)

Job Records #100


All other recordings by this Cleveland vocal group were issued in 1953-1955, starting with "Nadine" released by Chess Records, thanks to Alan Freed.

For a few years (1955 to 1959), they were content to just have gigs around town.  At the request of their managers (Joe Petito and Vic Salupo), they went to Audio Studios to cut a couple of songs that Sam had written: "Footsteps" and "Long John Silver."   However, before anything could happen with it,   Pop singer Steve Lawrence also released a tune called "Footsteps," which became a big hit; that was all it took to squash the last hopes for the Coronets.

By the end of 1960, with nothing happening, the Coronets finally threw in the towel and disbanded, "victims of foul circumstance."

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Bernie & The White Soul Band

Bernie & The White Soul Band

35375 - Shake Your Bootie It's Bootie Time Pt 1
35376 - Shake Your Bootie It's Bootie Time Pt 2
wr. B. McBride, J.Thomas, Al Goodrich, S. Silvo

Produced by Bernie
Soul Brother Records
56 Outlook Drive

Hills Sound Service, Worcester, Ma

Unlisted soul/funk.  Bernie is perhaps Bernie S. McBride, born in 1948.
Label picture & sample : ebay (SteadySounds)

Note : address of label is presumably in Worcester.  How was the neighborhood around Outlook Drive in 1975, I do not known, but googling "56 Outlook Drive Worcester" brings today no funky results.  Samples :

4 Feb 2009 – Alfred Harper, 49, of 56 Outlook Drive, Worcester, charged with violation of an abuse prevention order, continued to March 2 on $500 cash bail; ...

12 Jan 2010 – Robert K. Sorrell, 24, of 56 Outlook Drive, Worcester, charged with firearm use in a felony, trafficking in cocaine, and conspiracy to violate a ..

12 Nov 2012 – Caleb Saysay, 17, of 56 Outlook Drive, Worcester, charged with larceny from a person, amended from armed robbery, continued without a...


Monday, January 7, 2013

Miss Lois Powell on Velvet

Miss Lois Powell, vocal...

12597 - I Can’t Think Of Nothing, Baby

...Willie Ghent, piano 
James Brown, drums

12598 - The Long Wait

...Charles Powell, lead guitar
Willie Ghent, piano 
James Brown, drums

Velvet [Records]
General Delivery
Searcy, Arkansa

Previously unlisted Rite pressing.   Posted by Howdy HERE    Side A info found at Arkansas 45 RPM Records  

Miss Lois Powell's "Woo-Ee-Baby", an unissued acetate recorded in Little Rock, was issued by Cees Klop on "41 Years Collector Records - 40 Was Not Enough"  (CLCD 4550).  You can listed to this song at YouTube HERE.  She sounds a little like Wanda Jackson.

A Lois Powell, "Western gal singer" was signed to the short-living Enterprise Records in 1946.  Same "gal"?

Billboard, Feb. 9, 1946

 Enterprises Records ad
Billboard Aug. 31, 1946
Billed as Lois Powell and her Western Band
(bottom right of the ad)

Finally, I found two songs penned by Lois Powell in the BMI database both published by Bolivar Music Co. : 

     1.     Honkey Tonk Town,
     2.     Juke Box Blues      

Searching the names of the three musicians listed on the label leads to nowhere.

Riley Puckett (GHP Records)

Riley Puckett
Old Time Greats Volume 1

GHP 902
Recordings For The Connosseur

Rite account #2073 (in dead-wax)


Sine One  {Rite 23551]

1 . Away Out On The Mountain .
2 . The Moonshiner's Dream .
3 . Don't Try It For It Can't Be Done 
4 . Dissatisfied .
5 . Send Back My Wedding Ring .
6 . Wait Till The Sun Shines Nellie .
7 . Ragged But Right .

Side Two   [Rite 23552]

1 . I'm Going To Georgia .
2 . On The Other Side Of Jordan .
3 . I'm Getting Ready To Go .
4 . Clover Blossoms .
5 . Curley Headed Baby .
6 . Call Me Back, Pal O' Mine .
7 . Frankie And Johnnie        

Collection of songs by famed country music singer and guitarist Riley Puckett.(1894-1946)   Late-'20s Columbia and the mid-'30s Bluebird sides assembled by East German country music aficionado Gerd Hadeler on his own GHP Records (Cuxhaven, Germany) (=Gerd Hadeler Productions]

This LP was re-issued on Old Homestead Records in 1978 with two tracks bonus and same cover.  Reviewed by Eugene Chadbourne :

Several different labels took cracks at releasing collections by this fine old-timey music artist during the '70s, and this is perhaps the best one for an interested listener to try and track down, as it provides the most complete span of Riley Puckett's career.   It contains work from two different prolific recording periods, the late-'20s Columbia sides and the mid-'30s Bluebird era.   Liberated from his sideman role in the old-timey group Gid Tanner & the Skillet Lickers,   Puckett lets loose with his own guitar style here as it had never been heard before. He has his own peculiar sense of humor and outlook on life, and some of the opinions he expresses may not be politically correct to the hearts and minds of later eras, so watch out.

This entire package was previously released on the GHP label, with the exception of two scintillating guitar solos. Early cowboy and country singer Hugh Cross shows up on two tracks.

Those trying to emulate the unique Puckett guitar style should heed the title of one of the best numbers here, "Don't Try It for It Can't Be Done."


Sunday, January 6, 2013

Jimmy Wilkins on Band Box

 Jimmy Wilkins And The Blue Falcons
Vocal Background By The Sarands

12945 ~ Goodby, Baby
12946 ~ It's All Right

Band Box 356

Jimmy Wilkins and the Sarands

15139 - Move Over
15140 - Crying Tears

Band Box 364

From 1964-1965.  Zilch on Jimmy Wilkins, on The Blue Falcons or on The Sarands.  "Crying Tears" has been played on WWOZ radio in 2010, but I can't find the archive of this show.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Cut-Ups (Frederick's recordings)

 The Cut-Ups

12801 - The Cut-Ups Theme / Little Darlin'
12802 - Forbidden Fruit

Produced by Frederick's of Goldsboro, N.C.



YouTube video feat. Carlton Frederick
co-founder with his brothers of Frederick's Music Shop in 1960

The Whole Earth Rainbow Band III

The Whole Earth Rainbow Band

A Piece Of Window   

Wrane Beau


Side One  [Rite 33005]

1. Shuck Jhove  (Kimmel)
2. Nocturne  (Lockwood)
3. Nog Jog  (Kimmel)
4. Bom Ba I    (Kimmel-Wintervold)

Side Two  [Rite 33006]

1. Free ESP Duo  (Kimmel-Lockwood)
2. Sometimes the sadness  (Kimmel)
3. Seventy to eleven/thirds  (Tilley)
4. My Lady  (Kimmel)

Personnel :

Steve Kimmel  Vibes, Congas And   Drums
Terry  Tilley , bass
Bob Rockwell  Tenor Sax
Bruce Wintervold  Drums, Percussions  Congas
Steve Lockwood  Fender And Acoustic Pianos
Mike Croy  Cowbell  

Recorded At Dial Communication

Twin Cities group helmed by Steve Kimmel, best known as a vibraphonist, and as the owner of the Rainbow Gallery, a now-defunct local jazz venue.

Discography (LPs)

1972     Whole Earth Rainbow Band     Wranebeau Records #S80-362-2382S
1973     Concert           Wranebeau Records 1329   
1974     A Piece Of Window              
1975     What's A WERB?     Wranebeau 99005 

Above is the drawing done by Mpls Star Tribune artist Dick Guindon for a half page spread on page one of the Entertainment and Arts section of the Sunday Paper.  I don't recall what concert was being promoted, most likely something at the Walker Art Center.  The band was the Whole Earth Rainbow Band which I and local percussionist Steve Kimmel started in 1970.   Source : https://sites.google.com/site/runegitane/memorabiliaarchive

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Chancel Choir of Central United Methodist Church


The Chancel Choir of Central United Methodist Church 1969-1970
 Pontiac, Michigan

Directed by George H. Putman

Side 1:  Rite 27199 

Be Thou My Vision - Ancient Irish Tune.
The Lord's Prayer
He Comes To Us / Jane Marshall
Were You There / Negro Spiritual
Breathe On Me, Breath Of God  Trentham-Jackson
How Great Thou Art - Swedish Folk Melody

Side 2:  Rite 27200

O, Clap Your Hands
Holy Lord God Of Hosts
Say Ye To The Righteous
Crown Him With Many Crowns

A Central Recording

Sample (YouTube)