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Ted Mullins - Wonder 102/103

Ted Mullins and His Country Pardners
Wonder 102/103
CP-5447 -Mountain Paradize (bluegrass)
CP-5448 - Boy, Whatta' Girl (bluegrass)
Acct. # 434
Cincinnati, Ohio

Ted Mullins might have owned this label with involvement from Rusty York and Jimmie Skinner. This record was not distributed well and is rarely seen, however the most valuable record on the label is Wonder 100 by the Notations, a white doowop group that did "What A Night For Love" b/w "Chapel Doors." Click Here for label discography.


Monday, January 26, 2009

Gospel Favorites Of The Haymonds

The Haymonds
Gospel Favorites Of The Haymonds
Kimberly KLP-1005

Recorded on 11-18-1980 at Cherokee studios, Akron, Ohio
Produced by George Gaines

side one :

Light At The River
The First Look
Just Any Day Now
Paradise Valley
I’m Bound For That City

side two :

Come A Little Closer
Oh What A Happy Day
Home Sweet Home
Because He Lives
If We Never Meet Again

Rite # 41585/41586

From the back cover :
In answer to hundreds of requests from people who have enjoyed their singing, the Haymonds have decided to record some of their most requested songs.

They attended the same church in Akron, Ohio. Harriet was singing solos and Hollis was directing the choir. Soon after that, they started singing together, and have been for the last 33 years. They were married in 1947.

They have been associated with Rev. And Mrs. Robert Robison for 32 years and have sung on their WINGS OF FAITH T.V. programs for the past 10 years. Many people have been led to the LORD through their singing.
Despite their age and bad health, they are still singing for the LORD and will continue to do so, until the LORD calls them home.
It is my sincere hope that you will receive as big a blessing from hearing this album, as I did recording it.
It was through their financial help that CHEROKEE STUDIOS got started.
You see, they are very special to me, because they are my parents, and it was through them that I found the LORD.

I hope that you will believe as I do, that to « Make a joyful noise unto the LORD » is good for the soul.
George Gaines

Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Singing Daultons - Adco EP 712

The Singing Daultons
Adco 712 EP
Cincinnati, Ohio

15533 - Family Grave Yard / When You Pray
15534 - The Upper Room /Answer On The Way

Rite account # 1585

Country Gospel on a label owned by Hobo Jack Adkins

Adco label discography

The Sons of Zion

the Sons of Zion
Organist, director – H.Hillman
Bass guitar – D. Norman
Drums – W. Williams

Mt. Moriah Baptist Church
Cincinnati, Ohio

32769 - Come On Let's Pray soloist R.Chenault
32770 - At The Meeting soloist F.Ellis

Black Gospel

Frank Rondell & the Chancellors

Frank Rondell & The Chancellors
L.toR. : Bob Grey, Ross Mallard, Bill Herechuck, Al Vandetti
kneeling is Frank Rondell

Golden Triangle 1003 (early 1964)

713 E.Midland St. Bay City, Michigan

11543 - Tru Gee
11544 - Ain't goin' Home

Both songs are originals written by Frank Rondell.

Frank Rondell (born Frank Anthony Chiarelli) & the Chancellors were from Hamilton, Ontario. They previously recorded for Canatal (covering Carl Perkins "Your True Love" and Ronnie Hawkins "Someone Like You".

Following the Golden Triangle recording, another single was issued the same year on the Indiana Fujimo label.

Later, Frank was a member of The Magic Bubble. The group performed light showtunes alternating psychedelia, recorded for Columbia (1970-71). [His sister Rita was member of this group. She is known today as Rita Chiarelli and she sings the blues. She has even been dubbed "the goddess of Canadian blues"]

More recently, Frank would join Custer's Last Band (one single on Golden Chariot) before going solo to record for the Roto Noto label and in recent years has toured on his own in a "Tribute To Ray Charles" revue. See the video below :


Thursday, January 22, 2009

Watkins Glen - Summer Jam July '73

Various Artists
Watkins Glen - Summer Jam July '73

A pressing commissioned by some young entrepreneurs (they put pics of themselves as well as the bands on the back cover) who attended and recorded The Grateful Dead, The Band, and The Allman Brothers at this festival.

The Allmans do "Blue Sky" and "Jessica", The Band do "Raining In My Heart", "The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down" and an untitled instrumental, and The Grateful Dead do "Not Fade Away".

Excerpt from "AQUARIUS RISING" by Robert Santelli :
  • It was not a history-making event, in a strict musical sense. Unlike Woodstock, where the lineup consisted of close to thirty acts, Watkins Glen's billing was comprised of only three supergroups. The Allman Brothers, the Band, and the Grateful Dead were established acts (the latter two were Woodstock veterans); all had been on the touring circuit and in the recording studios for at least three years. The groups' fans, perhaps the most dedicated around in 1973, had most likely seen them perform live at least once or twice prior to Watkins Glen. They had come to expect certain things from the mu­sicians. In short, there was no overly excited rush to the stage generated by their mere presence at Watkins Glen.
  • Each of the three groups at Watkins Glen played unusually long sets. The Grateful Dead performed for five hours, the Allman Brothers for four, and the Band for three, including a thirty-minute break due to a thunderstorm. Woodstock had had a continuous change of musical formats and styles. Each time a new act stepped out in front of the massie [massive?] crowd, a revitalization occurred, creating a renewal of faith in the event and in the power of the music. Energy was forced to flow.
  • At Watkins Glen a feeling of monotony and tedium constantly challenged the viewers' interest in the music and the proceed­ings onstage. Long, winding solos were frequent. The heat, the lack of comfort, and the crowded conditions dulled otherwise stirring moments. Many of the 600,000 could barely see the stage, let alone the musicians. And most important, festivalgoers had only one day to soak up the rock-festival aura. Many in attendance were often too busy doing and seeing other things to bother to listen seriously to the music for extended periods of time.
  • Woodstock also had had two sets of lps and a movie to carry on its significance. No such enduring properties came out of Watkins Glen. Although the Grateful Dead and the Allman Brothers Band had their own sound people record their sets, the Dead would not give their consent to a Watkins Glen album. Their participation was crucial, since they represented over one third of the music and time performed onstage. CBS shot some footage of the event, but the Dead refused to allow it or any other film to be released commercially. Their unyielding posi­tion on the matter stemmed all the way back to Monterey, when the band had refused to participate in D. A. Pennebaker's film of the event, Monterey Pop. The Dead had always demanded full editorial control of their music and live performances. Whenever they were denied such power, they simply declined to be part of the project.

Bob & Jeri Winford

Hymntone 31
Pontiac, Michigan

CP-3197 – Forever Lost
CP-3198- This Man

Bob & Jeri Winford 102

9323 - Until Then
9324 - I Saw A Man


Geno and Rabbit

TeemA 696
(Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)

Geno and Rabbit
10031 – Deep In The Night

10032 – Never Before

R&B group originally out of Buffalo, NY known as the Rock 'N' Bluesmen, that performed throughout the Pittsburgh area. They backed the La-Rells on "Public Transportation" and "I Just Can't Understand" [Robbee 114]. That was the choice of the La-Dells over the Lennie Martin (owner of Robbee Records) house band. The La Rells repaid the favor by backing them on their TeemA 45 on a session set up by Pete Tambellini, a local booking agent.

Information above, courtesy of Old Mon Music (Pittsburgh Sounds).

Harlan, John, Todd

Harlan, John, Todd

LP "Time Takes On Meaning"
Disciple DRC 1036
Rite 31197/31198
Sound Associates, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Side One
01. Why Do You Turn The Other Way
02. Thank You Lord
03. Keep Me Through The Weak Parts
04. Grey Sky At Dawn
05. Those Who Are Forgiven Much
Side Two
01. Time Takes On Meaning
02. Walking In The Shadows
03. Could It Be
04. Blue Horizon
05. A Song To Sing
Xian folk

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bible Tones Of Buffalo

Bibletone's Of Buffalo
(lead : J. Moore)
Mo-Do 112

26075 -I've Got Religion
26076 - Jesus Cares

Black gospel with guitar , recorded April, 10 1970 at 50 Orange Street, Buffalo, N.Y, that's what the home of William Nunn, Sr.

William Nunn, Sr., in his early 40s, was a local factory worker, union leader and father of two sons, Billy, Jr. and Bobby. He was married to a telephone switchboard operator. His family lived at 50 Orange Street, in an impoverished African-American community known to locals as the Fruit Belt (because all of the streets are named after fruits).

Being a talented saxophonist and having come from a background singing in a local harmony group known as The Parakeets in the late 50s & early 60s, William Sr. valued song writing immensely. With no real local business model, he was forced to improvise resulting in the birth of Mo Do Records.

He began building a music studio is his own basement. Reaching out into his neighborhood, he invited young people into his home to express themselves through music. Offering his own investment and belief in their talent in return for their discipline and hard work, he encouraged his guests to work toward careers as professional recording artists. In addition to the label, Bill, Sr. owned two venues, Jan's Supper Club and Club Mo Do.

At some point, William became so frustrated with the low quality of Rite's pressings. Upon a visit to the plant in Cincinnati, much to his dismay, he found a boy younger than Bobby (William's son) operating the equipment! Thus he immediately switched pressing to Queen City Albums, another local Cincinnati plant which explains why "Don't Leave Me (Girl)/(I) Gotta Find A Way" can be found on both Rite and QCA pressings. All of the following releases used the familiar QCA pastel tri-color flower backdrop.


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Stormy and the Shandels

Stormy and the Shandels
J. Sellers, D. Spees, T. Thompson

Piper P-101 (1966)

16143 - I Still Love You
16144 - End of the Line

Rite account # 1641

Recorded at Cummings Studio Paducah, Kentucky.

Auctioned at the moment at e-bay by pistolsamson from Evansville, Indiana, this obscure record is described in this way : Folk Pop Psych
Female vocal- mix between Marianne Faithful and Hope Sandoval. Accoustic. Ethereal. Moody. Romantic.

C. Cummings credited as the songwriter of "End of the Line" was also involved in the recording of another Paducah act, slightly less obscure, called The Moxies. The 45 without a name other than the band name was pressed by Century Custom Recording Service ("I'm Gonna Stay" b/w "Drinkin Wine", Century Custom 26070).

The Century Custom Recording Service franchise in Paducah was owned by one Thomas F. Morris who produced local acts like Danny and the Demons (on Double Dee) or The Rivals (on Emperor).

As for Stormy and the Shandels, you probably know as much as me!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ozark 2099

Bill Pollard (vocal) - Music by Bill Pollard & the Rythmaires
OM 20533 - It's Hard to See

Kirby Adcock (vocal)- Music by Bill Pollard & the Rythmaires
OM 20534 - I Couldn't Help Falling

Ozark 2099

Bailey, North Carolina, country. Both songs written by Jerry Gray and published by Window Music, BMI.
Bill Pollard backed Jenny Lou Crumpler on Just Around the Corner (Ozark 2236, '68) and had recorded previously Nite Spot Rock on the same label (Ozark 2001).


Walt Jones on Guinn

Walt Jones
Label : Guinn
Kansas City, MO

39855 - Preacher And The Bear
39856 - It's So Great To Be A Christian

Producer C.Kellogg; 1978

The Esquires from Richland, Washington

The Esquires
(No label)
Rite # 15289/15290

15289 - You’ve Got Another Thing Coming (wr G.Reiter)
15290 ~Cyascoid (L.Burch)

Richland, Washington garage from 1965.

"You’ve Got Another Thing Coming" was compiled on Quagmire Vol. 8: A Further Observance of Sixties Punk.

Probably not related to any of all others bands of the same name. I don't have the title of the flip side. The only tiny bit of information that I can find is courtesy of the Pacific Northwest Bands discography (1954 - 1979 and their later bands 1980 to Present :
Bob Bissell, a member of the Pharos, says :

About 1965, the first Tri-CIties battle of the bands was held in Columbia Park. I played in the group the Pharos from Kennewick, Washington and it was held on three flat bed trucks at the east end of the park. Also in the event were the Pastels from Pasco and the Esquires from Richland.

Three other sixties labels from Richland, Washington, had also their records pressed by RITE :
  • Westland
  • Big Sound
  • Rich Tone

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Al Dowe : Mr. Trombone Man

Al Dowe
LP "Mr. Trombone Man", stereo
Rite #30359/30360

Line up includes Al Dowe (trombone), John Hughes (piano), Maurice Brooks (guitar), Joe Grey (bass), and Bob Banks (drums).

Tracks :
Evil Ways, Until It's Time To Go, Meditation, For All We Know, Mr. Trombone Man, Love Story, One Bad Apple, Both Sides Now, Sunrise Sunset

Pittsburgh jazz musician (trombone and trumpet).

Al Dowe, a long-time jazz musician who plays the trombone and trumpet and has had his own band since 1974, had always dreamed of having a jazz club. Since the late 1980s, Dowe has also been teaching music in Pittsburgh public schools. Part of his jazz club dream was establishing a music school for kids, to create a student band, hire three of four teachers, hold open house for parents once a week, and offer summer outdoor concerts.

With the help of a new Pittsburgh loan program, Dowe received loan approval to purchase a modest, one-story vacant restaurant with a distinctive original Art Deco, black Carrara glass façade called the Club Café, just off Carson Street, the vibrant commercial thoroughfare (formerly a streetcar route) on Pittsburgh's South Side. The school was launched, starting with only a few students, but experiencing a demand already larger than he expected. A major new school of music could easily emerge out of this effort. Clearly, Dowe's music school dream contributes something new to Pittsburgh and gives opportunity to both paying and nonpaying students.

Excerpt from New Village, Issue nr 2

Good Cheer

Good Cheer
Time For Good Cheer
ORS LP 1007
Rite # 30777/30778
Indianapolis, Indiana

side one :

The Dream;
Black & Pink;

side two :

Games People Play;
I Believe In Music.

"Basement rural rock with covers and some psych moves. Organ-led sound is somewhat similar to Hickory Wind." Acid Archives

Infinite Companions - Glenn Saiger

LP Infinite Companions
(Sanity Rests in the Ability to Fly)
Rite # 30101/30102

All songs copyrighted by Glenn Saiger.

Glenn Saiger, vocals, guitar, effects
Mike Beavers, flute, alto sax, kalimba, mokum
Tootsie J. Roller, conga, tablas, your sister (?)
Paul Giacalone, fender rhodes piano
Emil George, electric bass
Don Hunerberg, engineer, sound effects, jaw harp

side one :

Out For You
Dark Side Of The Moon
I Can’t Come
What It’s Like To Be A Tongue (Darkness At 98.6)

side two :

Mailbox Song/Apricot Lady
Right On Time

"psych/folk gem from 1972,with a certain More’s era Pink Floyd feel(he even did a song called ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ , warm and dreamy vocals,electric backing,atmospheric vibe with underlying madness,some long spacey tracks’ "

A recent auction (December 2008) culminated at US $123,60.

Cedar Swamp Seven

Cedar Swamp Seven
LP -- At The Chateau
Rite # 24341/24342
Hills Sound Service (Worcester MA)

Massachusetts traditional jazz band Cedar Swamp Seven, who started playing together in the 1940's. "The Cedar Swamp Seven play their own kind of jazz - a mixture of the New Orleans and Chicago styles with some refreshing nuances of their own."

The players on here are: Roland "Mut O'Brien (trumpet), James "Jim" DiProfio (clarinet), Richard "Rip" O'Briend (trombone), Guido "Squitz" Paolini (accordion), Clayton "Chate" Holland (bass), Guy "Skip" Paolini (drums), and Wendell "Dan" Magnuson (banjo.)


When You're Smiling
Every Street's A Boulevard
Sweet Georgia Brown
A Closer Walk With Thee
Muskrat Ramble
Chateau Blues
Big Butter And Egg Man
Honeysuckle Rose
Good Clean Fun

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Little Kim & the Personalles

Little Kim & the Personalles
JAY-EM 215 (1965)

15687 - Talk About Love (vocal Barry Hill)
15688 - Real Sharpshooter (vocal Len Trotter)

Currently offered at E-bay and [modestly] described as a "nice ohio garage (ballad of sorts) b/w funky mod organ garage". The seller is motorcitymusic from Detroit, Michigan who has always pretty nice pictures of both sides of the records he has to offer.

Months ago, another description of the record was quite ecstatic : "This is a mega-rare RITE pressed 45 from the Middletown/Cincinnati area of Ohio. Side A is a amateur northern soul sound, with a definate beach sound, like something from the Carolinas. B-side is a gritty R&B mod soul effort very organ heavy, and a superb dancer. Just cannot stress how rare this 45 is, probably had a pressing of 100 copies."

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Fee Bee Records : the first release

Joe Averbach, a wholesale record distributor in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, from 1949 through the late 50's, was lured into the recording business by Matt Furin. Matt, a songwriter, music publisher and operator of two small record labels [Jo Jo and Round Up] in Greensburg, Pennsylvania, gave Joe the idea to utilize his record distributing facilities plus promotions knowledge to develop his own label. As a record distributor, Joe was a recipient of "freebees" from record companies. Needing a name for his label, Joe acknowledges that from the word "freebee", he extracted "Fee Bee".

The Fee Bee label was inaugurated in 1956 with a pop release "Tender Words and Wicked Lies b/w "Tender Words"by Buddy Carle with Danny Hurd and The Hurdlers (Fee Bee 201).

78 & 45 rpm copies were pressed by Rite.

Buddy Carle with Danny Hurd and The Hurdlers (Fee Bee 201).

CP-1086 - Tender Words
CP-1087 - Tender Words and Wicked Lies
The song on B-side of the first Fee Bee release ("Tender Words And Wicked Lies") was issued earlier as by Bill Pence & the Round-Up Aires on the Matt Furin's Round Up label early in '56 [Rite # 1052/1053].

Sea, Sunset and... Similitude

Wurlitzer Organ Stylings by Marian Speaker
LP Wurlitzer Company, DeKalb, Illinois
Rite 13629/13630 -1964

The Cathedral Quartet
Beyond The Sunset
DoViNe LP D-20

The Cathedral Quartet
Beyond The Sunset (re-issue)

The Rose Family
All I Own Is Over Jordan
Jalyn LP 147

The Salvation Trio
LP "Movin' On Up"
Rite 32865/32866

The Shades Of Light
LP "Walk On Thru"
Unknown Rite numbers
Year : unknown

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Ben Tate

Ronnie 2124

Ronnie Records, distributed by Paragon Productions, Inc., 1265 Broadway, New York NY

18831 - A Million Dollar Baby (wr. Martin J. Gassman)
18832 - I Can Never Forget (wr. Hans Zeritsch)

Ronnie label discography (ASPMA)

Yes, another song-poem record on a very prolific label.

Al Bailey & the Frontier Cowboys

Sunset Club


Jackson, Mississippi (Delta Record Custom Dpt)

18517 - Give My Heart Back to me
18518 - Someone to Love



Evangelist Allen Wingate

EP Songs From Me For You

13799 – It’s Different Now / I’m Counting on Jesus
13800 - I Saw The Light / Calvary

Allen Wingate was saved in 1963 and soon thereafter began traveling for the Lord, by faith without any assistance of a Missionary Board, or a regular offering from a local congregation. He and two of other gentlemen, Billy and Tommy Brown began to travel around the United States preaching the everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ. Billy has told me stories of miracles where deaf ears were opened, crooked eyes straightened out, blinded eyes opened, legs that needed serious care were healed immediately, appendicitis healed, bad heart condition healed, and many other healings and wonders from 1963-1969.

Perhaps. It's possible. I don't know. What I do know for a fact is that before finding his salvation, Brother Allen Wingate recorded nice rockabilly for Moon Records operated in Memphis by Cordell Jackson. He was then Allen Page.

Allen Page (1958)

For more information on Allen Wingate, Or Allen Page please click HERE


Frank Perry & Bobbie Boyle on Souvenir

Souvenir 601

Sarona, Wisc.

31219 – In The Blue Hills of Wisconsin
31220 – Hello Birchwood

Rite account #5660
Date in dead-wax : 5-14-73

Another song-poem record. The label is listed in ASPMA.

The writer of the songs is Clitus Wickens, a rather prolific author, whose name can also be found on Sullivan Records (Sarona, Wisconsin, then Chicago, Illinois) and Windy-City Records (Chicago).

(Thanks to Amazingrecords, Green Bay WI)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The Country Cousins

The Country Cousins
Lee Chico Cal

Lake Land (Manitowoc, WI) - Rite account # 1769

17417 - Mary Oh Mary
17418 -Chewing The Rag

Country w/steel guitar instrumental

(thanks to amazingrecords, Green Bay, WI)

Willie Gulley Jr and The Sensational Bright Stars

Universal Artists


35131 - Take A Little Time To Pray
35132 - Too Close

Black gospel from Bluff City Arkansas. Some time after, they had two albums released by the Nashville Champ label owned by Jim Stanton .

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Coast To Coast Parade of Hits 1290

Coast To Coast Parade of Hits 1290

Georgie Wells & the Gateway Hot Shots
CP-2489 – Don't You Know

The Gateway Trio & the Gatewayettes
CP-2490 – (7 Little Girls) Sittin' In the Back Seat

Chuck Jones - Belle Meade 1119-1

Belle Meade 1119-1

Nashville, TN.

CP- 2757 - Too Many Times
CP- 2758 - Tell Me Darling

A song-poem record not listed in the American Song-Poem Music Archives' Belle-Meade Records discography.

Chuck Jones also made numerous song-poem recordings under the names Sammy Marshall. Sonny Marshall, Sonny Marcell and Sonny Maracel. Other pseudonyms included Johnny Cargill, Ben Tate and Terry Bruce, and there were undoubtedly a whole lot more of them.

Belle Meade Records was operated by Jim Maxwell and his wife Glenna, also owners of the Globe Recording Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.


Friday, January 9, 2009

The Mingo Revue

"Featuring Grovor"
LP Min-Gro 2002 - 1978
Recorded live at Ramada Inn, Springfield, Ohio

For over thirty years Mike Mingo with his little buddy Grovor has been entertaining audiences with music and comedy. Their act came to Tipp City's American Legion on Saturday, October 15 and for over three and a half hours kept the attention of everyone in the crowd. With his many voices Mingo performed songs that span from the 60's all the way to the present by artists such as Neil Diamond, Elvis and George Strait. His smooth voice hit all the right notes to lead a trip back in time through music. mingo_revue

Despite Mingo's talents it was his sidekick, Grovor, that stole the show with his sharp humor. Despite being controlled by Mingo the green puppet has a mind of his own and isn't afraid to share his opinions, which can't be printed here due to their adult content.

The Mingo Revue was first formed in 1977 and for several years performed regularly at the Ramada Inn of Springfield during which time the show included other members such as Tim Rowe and Brian Brenner.

In 1990, Mingo and Rowe opened their own nightclub in Springfield named Grovor's where the Revue was performed five nights a week. However, it was an unfortunate victim of the times and closed a year later.
Next the Mingo Revue started traveling to various Moose, Elk and Eagles lodges throughout Ohio and Indiana. While Rowe has gone on to pursue other interests Mingo continues to carry on the show along with Grovor for occasional appearances.

Mingo is also a professional golf caddie and works the Nationwide and PGA Tours. With golfer Darron Stiles, Mingo won three times on the Nationwide Tour; the 2000 Tri Cities Classic in Richland, Washington, the 2002 Food City Classic in Knoxville, Tennessee, and the 2006 Rheem Classic in Ft. Smith, Arkansas.

Mike Woody - The Tipp City Independant Voice -Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Visit the MINGO REVUE website

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Vicki Harris "The Little Sweetheart of Gospel Song"

Crusade EP 101

Rite account number : 375

CP-4347 - He's Got The Whole World In His Hands;
Jesus Is a Waymaker.

CP-4348 - Jesus I Need You More Than Silver; Oh My Hearts Still Rejoycing.

Wayne Roberts and the Countrymen

Wayne Roberts and the Countrymen
Label : Key
Kalamazoo, MI

15305 – Do Blonds Have More Fun?
15306 - It’s All Over

Wayne Roberts and the Countrymen

Label : Key

14159 – ?
14160 – Stomping Ground

"Stomping Ground" was compiled on "Rockin' And Stompin' " [Collector CLCD 4479 ,Netherlands, 2003].

Wayne Roberts and the Countrymen backed Rusty Dunn on his Northland '67 release (Rite # 20335/20336), another label out of Kalamazoo.

Hear a clip of "Do Blonds Have More Fun?"

Brite-Star ad, Billboard April, 13, 1968


Gloria Taylor

Gloria Taylor

Whizenglo 601 [1969]

25557 – Freedom
25558 - Do Your Duty

Producer Walter Whisenhunt

Walter Whisenhunt was Gloria Taylor's husband. He was behind most of her output. He owned the House Guests label, active in Cincinnati in 1970-1972.

Gloria Taylor had a minor hit in 1969 with "You Got To Pay The Price" (Silver Fox). Her name also adorned records on the Glo-Whiz, Selector Sounds, King Soul, Mercury and Columbia labels.