Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pete and Don and The Cumberland Mountain Boys

Jewel EP-407
Side one
CP-6545 - Will There Be Doves To Mourn In Heaven / Little Graveyard

Jewel EP-407 Side Two
CP-6546 - Get Right With Jesus / Lay Me Down By Mom And Dad

PETE Stewart & DONnald Caddell

the Melody Masters Quartet

CP-6771 - Our Debts Will Be Paid / Just A Little While

CP-6772 - Glory To His Name / If You Want Joy

The Melody Masters Quartet :
Acton McClellan, piano
Jim Stewart, bass
Ned Wilder, baritone
Miles Cooper, 2nd tenor
Jerry Suddith-1st tenor

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Big Star Records

Big Star 001
Bobo Jenkins
CP-4535 ~ You Will Never Under Stand
CP-4536 ~ Tell Me Where You Stayed Last Night

Big Star 002 [First Rite pressing]
Clarence Walton & Walton Brother Band
12151 - The Cat (2:30)
Walton Brother Band
12152 – Midnight (2:50)

Big Star 002 [Columbia pressing]
Clarence Walton & Walton Brother Band
ZTSC 96945 - The Cat (2:30)
Walton Brother Band
ZTSC ? – Midnight

Big Star 002 [Second Rite pressing]
Clarence Walton & Walton Brother Band
12999 ~ The Cat (2:55)
Walton Brother Band
13000 ~ Midnight (2:35)

Big Star 003
"Little Daddy" James Walton
13833 ~ Tell Me What You Got
13834 ~ Shade Grove

Big Star 004
Chuck Cole
16233 ~ My Bonney
16234 ~ Ha Baby

Big Star 005
Chubby Martin
? - t’s Not A Man’s World
? - ?

Big Star 006
Little Junior Canna
21177 ~ I've Got My Eyes On You
21178 ~ Don't Turn Your Love One

Big Star 007
Syl Foreman
21907 - Before I Leave You
21908 - These Precious Tears

Big Star 012
Robert Starks and the Geniuses
Space Traveling, Part 1/Part 2 -

LP BS 008-019 - The Life Of Bobo Jenkins
008 When I First Left Home
009 Realing And Rocking
010 Cold Hearted Blues
011 I Love That Woman
012 Solid Gold
013 You Will Never Understand

014 Trying To Get Yu Off My Mind
015 24 Years
016 I Sure Got To Leave Your Town
017 Have You Heard The News
018 Tell Me Who
019 I’m So Glad Trouble Don’t Last Always

Big Star 020
Robert Jr. Lockwood
Selfish Ways/Down Home Cookin’

Big Star 021
Bob Evans Jr
You Can’t Stop Me From Loving You (Part 1)/Part 2

LP BS 011-33 - Here I Am A Fool In Love Again
022 Playboy Blues - Bobo Jenkins
023 If You Were The Only Woman - Bobo Jenkins
024 Shake ‘Em Down - Bobo Jenkins
025 Scared To Call Her Name - Bobo Jenkins
026 Monkey Not For Sale -- Bobo Jenkins
027 Here I Am A Fool In Love Again - Bobo Jenkins

028 Somebody Been Talkin’ - Bobo Jenkins
029 Share Cropper Blues - Bobo Jenkins
030 Ten Below Zero - Bobo Jenkins
031 Baby Don’t You Want To Go - Bobo Jenkins
032 Nothing But Love - Bobo Jenkins
033 Watergate Blues - Bobo Jenkins

034 King Cain & Silvertone Band - Don’t Give A Damn/Off Beat
035 ?
037 ?
038 Ellen Jackson & Big Star Band - Getto Boogie/Hard Times

LP Big Star 1-50 - Detroit All Purpose Blues
039 Love That Woman – Bobo Jenkins
040 Heard The News ? - Bobo Jenkins
041 New 44 Blues- Bobo Jenkins
042 First Left Home- Bobo Jenkins
043 Nothing But Love- Bobo Jenkins
044 Walking With The Devil – Blind Child (Gerry Gaugham)

045 Door Lock Blues –Steel Wheels (Willie D. Warren)
046 Detroit Jump–Steel Wheels (Willie D. Warren)
047 How Can A Honkey Sing The Blues ? – Blind Child (Gerry Gaugham)
048 When A Fool Gets To Drinking – Blind Child (Gerry Gaugham)
049 My Baby Done Left Me –Buddy Folks
050 Baby What You Trying To Do ? –Buddy Folks

Big Star no release number
Big Roger Thomas
41383 - My Woman So Fine
41284 - Talk Is Cheap

Big Star unknown number
Mississippi Johnnie Norwood

? Jungo Itch/? -

Natural 001 - Subsidiary of Big Star Records
Fred E. Scott
39081 - ?
39082 – Journey Within

Above record found here :

From the Bobo Jenkins bio by Fred Reif :

Bobo (John Pickens) Jenkins (1916-1984) recorded for Chess and Boxer in Chicago and Fortune in Detroit before working in 1959 on his long-time dream - a recording studio. His first studio was built in a basement under his record shop at 5901 Fourteenth. It was located near a supermarket and everyday when the stockboy would throw the empty cartons out, Bobo was there. “I had to go out and hustle cardboard boxes to make this studio.” Bobo continues, “People used to think I was a junk man carrying all those boxes under my arm.”

Before coming to Detroit on September 1, 1944, Bobo spent sometime in the Army. After his discharge, he decided he didn’t want to live in the South anymore. It was either Detroit or Chicago, so he picked the Motor City. Shortly after his arrival, he found a job at the Packard Motor Car Company, for eighty-nine cents an hour. He worked there for four years, before they went out of business. He was also managing a garage, as he was an accomplished mechanic. Soon, he began working at Briggs Manufacturing Company, which eventually sold out to the Chrysler Corporation, where Bobo worked for the next twenty-six years.

Bobo said he got his rhythms from the machines on the assembly line :

“The whirrin’ of the machines gives me the beat. It’s like listening to a band play all day. Every song I ever wrote that’s any good, came to me on the assembly line.”

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Singing Wonders

The Singing Wonders
38717 - Jesus Will Never Say No
38718 - Sending Up My Timber

Recorded by David Jones Music, Kennerly Avenue, St. Louis, MO
Arranged by Evelyn Hogan; Prod. & arr. by David Lee Jones, Music by John Jones

The Tradewinds

21145 - Price Of Love

21146 - Depend On Me

A Tradewinds Production 6800. Both side written by Richard Vinning, who is also the arranger.
Rite account number 1953. Same Rite account as the Embers on eEe (Embers Entertainment Enterprises).

Chordsmen Quartet (from Rural Hall, N.C.)

Chordsmen Quartet

CP-6863 - Ride That Glory Train
CP-6864 - Surely I Will

Rural Hall N.C.
Recorded by Piedmont Recordings, Lexington, N.C.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Cleveland Martin & The Soul Sets

33068 - Soul Train That's It

Single B 120
Arranged by Bailey & Hamilton
Waugh-Bailey production


Monday, March 23, 2009

Herbie Koch on "Christmas Bells"

Herbie Koch at the Carillons
"Christmas Bells" - EP - 4 Christmas carols per side
CP-2729 ~ (see photos for titles)
CP-2730 ~ (see photos for titles)
Rite Acct # 226 - Christmas 1959
Liberty National Bank & Trust Co.
Louisville, Kentucky

A holiday gift from your local bank on one of the hottest pop culture formats of the day, the 45 rpm record! Apparently, these did not survive in large quantities as no one has reported it previously.

The major significance of this release is RITE's apparent duplicate matrix number error with another Kentucky release:

Although they share duplicate matrix numbers, they have different account numbers. Rite account number 226 on the Christmas Bells EP is correct for a newly assigned account number at that matrix number. The Royce release has account number 113 which was initiated much earlier and is used on all Royce releases.

Christmas Bells photos courtsey of Leonard Yates.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wenlark Records

The Starliners
CP-5229 ~ Mule Train
CP-5230 ~ Old MacDonald Rolls Along
Wenlark 301

Francis X. and the Bushmen
CP-5831 – St. Louis Blues
CP-5832 – Blastin’ Off
Wenlark 302
[rev. Billboard June, 26 1961, pop]

The two records above are likely the total output of this obscure label. I have no idea of where was located the label. Rite account number is 494.

The first record has the written inscription : "To good Buddy Red. Neil (Nutty) Clark". Was Neil Clark a member of the Starliners?

Here is a list of singles by various recorded bands of the same name around the same time, almost certainly not related (but who knows?) :
  • Watusi Time/The Pogo - Viscount 101 (Pittsburgh, Pa.) -1962
  • Gotz/Spider - No-Nee 101 -
  • Thunder /Static - Reed (Alabama)
  • Kooknik / ? - Ultracon
Also a LP from a Minnesota band, in 1967 :
  • "Live At Papa Joe's A-Go-Go" - Lejac
Regardly Francis X. and the Bushmen, a modern punk band has exactly the same name. Obviously not the same band. That's all I can find.

Friday, March 20, 2009

The Courtsmen on River 225

The Courtsmen
River 225
CP-3389 ~ Baby I Love You I Do
CP-3390 ~ No One But You
Rite Acct. #240 - Issued 1960
Biloxi, MS

Musically, this is a so-so record with a teen theme like a cross between the Four Lads and the Everly Brothers, but when it comes to obscurity - it's off the charts!

River Records was owned by Marion Carpenter and was fairly prolific with 10 different releases posted on this Rite listing. This one appears to be previously unlisted on any Rite discographies.

Photos courtesy of Leonard Yates.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Chords : Jesus Music By The Band

The Chords
Jesus Music By The Band

Side one [32377]
Are You Gonna Be Ready
I Need Him
Do You Know Jesus
What Will You Do
I'm Making Plans
Side two [32378]
His Name Is Wonderful
Jesus Gave Me Life
I Know Jesus By Heart
Jesus Is Just Alright
Harmony Of Love


Ernie Benedict on Canyon 101

Ernie Benedict and The Polkateers
28697 - Rock’n Roll Polka

Ernie Benedict and the Range Riders

28698 - It's Too Soon To Know

Ernie Benedict was born in Green River, Wyoming in 1917. The family moved to the west side of Cleveland, OH when Ernie was four. He attended West and East Denion grade schools and graduated from West Technical High School. It was in his school years at Ernie found his main ambition was to master the accordion.

His biography and discography can be found HERE.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Excuses on Vivace

23237 - Trick Bag

23238 - Keep On Climbing

Blue-eyed soul produced by Tim Whitsett


Monday, March 16, 2009

WINN Singers & Orchestra on WINN Radio

The WINN Singers & Orchestra
WINN Radio 111240/1
13011 ~ Louisville, KY. (vocal)
13012 ~ Louisville, KY. (inst.)
Rite Acct. #1378 - 1964

This was created in 1964 to promote Louisville, Kentucky and WINN Radio 1240 AM. It was played on WINN Radio at the time and some copies were given away at dances and on-air promotions. They were playing an MOR format at the time. There's not a lot of these and best chance to find one was the immediate Louisville, Kentucky area.

Photo credits to Louisville musical historian, Leonard Yates.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Delrays on Phart

Label : Phart

31855 – Pure funk – Part 1
31856 - Pure funk – Part 2

Produced by John Wilcox
Recorded, re-mixed at Titan Sound Studio, Largo, Florida
Arrangement C. Robinson, L.Newsome


Friday, March 13, 2009

Pete and Ron on Ark 303

Pete and Ron
Ark EP 303, Cincinnati, Ohio
11333 ~ Guide Me Every Day / Gospel Plough
11334 ~ End Of Time / Stop That Train
Rite Acct. #699 - Late 1963

Ark Records was Roy Shepard and Bill Lanham's (Sheplan Music BMI) very prolific Cincinnati, Ohio label featuring some great country, bluegrass and sacred music. Of their approximately 120 releases (all Rite pressings) only about 10-12 are still undocumented. Until recently, the record pictured above was one of the gaps in everyone's collection!

Photo credits to Al Turner.

Leon Collard on Spiral

Leon Collard
Spiral No# - Issued circa 1962
8293 ~ Honky Tonk Blues (country bopper)
8294 ~ Cold, Cold Heart (uptempo country)
Rite Account #898

This country bopper is another Rite pressing that has not been previously documented on any published listing. Thought to be from Kentucky but no information is available to confirm. If anyone can add any info about this release, please comment to this posting.

Photo credits to Louisville music historian, Leonard Yates.

W. VA. Ramblers

W. VA. Ramblers

Banjo – Bert Garvin
Bass – Keith Garvin
Guitar – Glen Bradshaw
Mandolin : Leonard Spurlock

32121 - Lord I Can't Make it Without You
32122 – W. VA. Stomp

Bert Garvin was a railway worker from Flatwoods, Kentucky, close to the big Russell yards where a number of good musicians used to work. In his youth, Burt heard a great variety of banjo players, ranging from his father's clawhammer style to a number of ‘classical banjo’ virtuosos who played with four fingers. In high school, he became friends with the late fiddler Curley Parker who made a number of pioneer bluegrass recordings.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rhythmettes on Alvic 501

The Rhythmettes
Alvic 501 ~ Harrodsburg, KY
CP-4137 ~ Rock And Roll Crazy
CP-4138 ~ Farewell My Love
Rite Acct. # 359 (1st record issued under this acct. #)

Previously unknown release on very collectible label from Kentucky.

Photos courtesy of Leonard Yates.

The Faithful Four

The Faithful Four
Sings Old Country Baptising

Label : Harp (no release number)

Side One
Old Country Baptising
Only One Heartbeat
Prisoner Of Love
That Old Time Religion
My Lord Is Such A Wonderful Friend
Side Two
It’s Me Again Lord
I’m Almost Home
When I Cross Over
Give Up
I Know Jesus

Accompaning artists :
Mitchell Jackson – guitar
Carol Dotson – piano
Boody Burgess – bass

From left to right : Hassel, Barbara, Julia and Charles.

The Faithful Fur Quartet was formed in 1963. Hassel and Barbara, husband and wife, were originally from West Liberty, Kentucky. They have been in the Fairborn area fifteen years. Julia and Charles, wife and husband, came from Webster Springs, West Virginia,


Larry Brinkley - Westwood 506

10023 - Jackson Dog

10024 – Sundown Blues

From Jackson, Tennessee Larry Brinkley recorded locally for Jaxon (unissued cuts) and Charlie Roach's Westwood and for the Magic label inMemphis. See his discography in the Rockin' Country Style website.

When the rockabilly days were over, Larry teamed with Lee McAlpin (who played piano with Carl Perkins' band) and they wrote songs together, notably "The Man in the House", recorded by Loretta Lynn.

Here is a post-64 Larry Brinkley discography :

67 – Sun unissued : Big M - Mississippi Hollow - Sorry 'Bout That - Cry! Cry! Cry! (Billy Riley on harmonica)

68 - Holiday Inn 2210 : : Guitar Pickin' DJ / Every Turn I Make Turns Out Wrong

71 - Royal American 28 : Mean Motorscooter / You’re In A Heap Of Trouble


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Elijah & the Ebonies on Loren

Elijah & the Ebonies

Loren L020

27921 - Pure Soul
27922 - Sock It To 'Em Soul Brother

I've seen this record listed as a QCA pressing, but never as a Rite pressing. I don't known which one came first. Both pressings are from 1971. Note the slight difference : group is listed here as THE EBONIES and on the QCA pressing as THE EBONITES. According to the Sir Shambling"s website, Elijah (Hawthorne) & the Ebonies were from the South Carolina. A Loren Records discography can be found here.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009



39943 - Don't Have To Tell My Jesus -Part 1
39944 - Don't Have To Tell My Jesus- Part 2

"Thanx to Greater Progressive Baptist Church"
lead singer : Clara Phillips
Words & music by Ira Isable
Recorded by David Jones Music, 4273 Kennerly Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 63113

Clyde Dickerson And the Tear Drops

Clyde Dickerson And the Tear Drops
Kinzua 102

12401 - Guess Who [wr Jo Anne Belvin], cover ot the Jesse Belvin hit
12402 - Cool Week-End

Also issued on the Eastern label (601) owned by Juggy Murray.

Guess Who

Born 1923 in Bristol, Tennessee, Clyde Dickerson attended the Berklee College of Music in Boston. In the fifties, he lived in Olean, Upstate New-York and played saxophone in the local band, the Rock-Itts who had a single issued late '58 by the Hamburg Prime label. The band were a sure sell-out at the Cuba Lake Pavilion in the late fifties. Next he was member of a Buffalo group called the Jesters.

Clyde may have been a member of Red Arrow and the Braves (he wrote both sides of their release on Kinzua 101.)

He moved to the Washington area where he performed in jazz clubs in the Washington area and beyond while holding down a day job as a doorman at the Watergate Hotel for 20 years. (That's when he acquired his nickname "Watergate Clyde").

He worked often with trumpet player Jimmy Burrell, and performed at various times with artists like Oran "Hot Lips" Page, the Mangione brothers, David Ruffin and Rick James. He also appeared in a Lester Young tribute with Shirley Horn and saxmen Byron Morris and Ron Holloway.
Prior to his death, he talked of writing a book mixing stories about his celebrity run-ins with what he knew about the Watergate scandal--though he generally shied away from recounting the infamous break-in, preferring to focus on his music. "He was so relaxed when he was playing the sax," recalls guitarist Lee Cathey, who met Dickerson while browsing at a local record store. "He had a lovely singing voice, too--hearing him was just the coolest thing that you could imagine. Playing with Clyde was, like, experiencing the real thing."
His last performance was on Capitol Hill, at Ellington's at Eighth, shortly before his death in hospital following a stroke. He died February 5, 2003 in Washington, DC.

The O'Neal Brothers & The Gospel Meditations

The O'Neal Brothers & The Gospel Meditations
Todd E. O’Neal, Vocalist director
Tyrone C. O’Neal, Instrumental director

No label name

38463 - Swing Low [with Ohio's First Unity Choir]
38464 - Jesus Will Take Care of You

The O'Neal Brothers & The Gospel Meditations
Todd E. O’Neal, Vocalist director
Tyrone C. O’Neal, Instrumental director

No label name

38465 - Love, Love, God Is Love
38466 - Jesus, Emanuel

Lucy Ann

Lucy Ann

Livin' It Country


Side one (#39789)

A1 Teddy Bear
A2 One Day At A Time
A3 Good Hearted Woman
A4 Cowboy's Lovin' Night

Side two (# 39790)

B1 Statue Of A Fool
B2 I'll Get Over You
B3 Mule Skinner Blues
B4 Blue Bayou

Country from Connecticut

Engineer : Pete Duhart
Liner notes : Rick Shea

Acknowledgements : peterthewolf (e-bay) and Diognes_The_Fox