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Delicks Records : "The 12 Most Unpopular Songs"


"The 12 Most Unpopular Songs"

Authors : Francis E. Delaney (ASCAP) And Lew Tobin (ASCAP) 
Piano And Arrangements : Lew Tobin (ASCAP) 
Vocalists : Norm Burns and Shelly Stuart 
Five Star Music Productions

Side 1:  #IDM 771- 23163

Stop It, Stupid
Yummy, Yummy, Dum-Dum
Funny Face
My Little Old Lady
Blue Mist

Side 2:  #IDM 772 - 23164

You Gotta Be Goofy
The Hickory Kick
War Of Love
Arrested By You
My Love-Note Tree

 Delicks Records

 Icka-Delick-Music P.O. Box C  Chicago Ridge, Illinois 60415


 Icka-Delicks Records trademark
(from the United States Patent Office, principal register, serial #333,407, filed July 24, 1969)

The uncommon Icka Delicks logo was gracefully described by the Patent Office examiner in this way :
24.13.25- Cross, Maltese; Cross, ankh; Other crosses, including ankh, Maltese
24.15.25- Other arrows
26.01.06- Circles, semi; Semi-circles
26.01.21- Circles that are totally or partially shaded.

Biographical notice by Francis E. Delaney himself : 
 I was born in Chicago [in 1936]  and gradurated from Mount Carmel High School class of 54.   I played coronet and piano. I start writing poerty and wrote my first song at age 21.   From 1969-1971,   I took a correspondence course with the Berklee College of Music in Boston. Didn't finish it, did 17 of 20 lessons.   Wish I did finish it.    I am a member of ASCAP, CMA, NASI.   My songs can be licensed through The Harry Fox Agency.   Songs played on radio "Christmas in Space" and " Ribbon on a Tree" ( 9-11 song).   My six brothers were in the U.S. Army, Marines and the Canadian Air Force.   My father was a Canadian Merchant Marine in the 1st World War.   He was injured in the war and recovered at Ste. Ann's Hospital in Montreal Canada.   I watched all my brothers go to war and watched them all come back alive.   I was the lucky one I didn't have to go.   All of us were lucky to be born.   When I met Kentucky in 1998 I wrote her 1st song, "I Was Lucky Again".   My father met my mother at Marshal Fields during the depression.   They got married and in three short years, she was the mother of five step-sons and two sons of her own.   A dear friend of mine Maureen passed away in 1993 after a 23 year battle with cancer. 

"Blinky,The Blue Nosed Snowdeer", a book for the kids, was the first book he wrote in 1969.  Another book of note was "When Elvis Played His Music: (the World Began to Sing)" self-published in 1978.
Blogger and song-poem records collector Bob Purse is lucky enough to own a copy of this LP.   If you ask him nicely, I'm sure he will post some other songs. 

For another release on the Delicks label, SEE


  1. The 12 most Unpopular Songs are listed with The Harry Fox Agency agency and should be licensed with them.

  2. we licensed two of the songs on this album through the harry fox agency. this album should not be on this page. please remove the entire album from your web site. This is not a song poem album it is a work made for hire.

    thank you

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