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The Looper Trio : Life Beyond Death

The Looper Trio

Life Beyond Death

Label : Midwest Gospel Sound


Side one - [27403]
Life Beyond Death (Melba Montgomery-Earl Montgomery)
We'll Have a Good Time (Unknown)
One More Valley (Dottie Rambo)
Don't Take My Cross Away (P.D.)
Walk Around Me Jesus (Traditional)
Too Much Sinnin' (Unknown)

Side two - [27404]
On the Other Side of Jordan (Unknown)
Too Much to Gain to Lose (Dottie Rambo)
I'm on My Way (Unknown)
What a Wonderful Savior Is He (W. Bruster)
What Will the Coming of the Lord Mean to You? (P.D.)
Here Today--Gone Tomorrow (Kitchen and Benson)

Picture and track list from Music You (Possibly) Won't Hear Anyplace Else, a friendly blog where you can pick up the sound.


Houston and Dorsey : Out of This World

Houston and Dorsey

Out of This World

Comedy in Stereo

Carellen 145


Side 1 - [26313]
Winchester Cathedral
(Toot-Ta-Root Game)
Memory Lane No. 2
Tennessee Waltz
(Boot Camp)

Side 2 - [26314]
More Funnybones
Row Row Row Your Boat
"Makin' Whoopee" on a Honeymoon
Golf Game

From an article by Martha Dresser published by the Daytona Beach Morning Journal, May 7, 1977 [excerpt]:
Sonny Houston and Barney Dorsey met in 1948 at a Gardner, Mass. Radio station where they had separate shows. Deciding to join forces, they toured the country, sometimes with sidemen, for sponsors such as General Mills and International Harvester. They worked at many radio stations.

« We had to keep thje jokes cleaner then, » reminisces Houston.
« Nicey nice, » Dorsey mocks.
« They liked corney jokes like « How did your potatoes turn out ? ». Houston does a split second vaudeville pause. « They didn’t turn out. I had to dig them out ! ».

The two comedians had bad breaks and good ones. They say they did the song « Sloop John B » in a beach party movie. « Daytona Beach Weekend, » only to see the Beach Boys version of the song become a hit. On the other hand, their « Malaguena » and « Green Door » were playded on Dick Clark’s « American Bandstand. » Other movies included a racing picture, « Hell’s 400 » and a stint with Cesar Romero in « We Shall Return. » They’ve appeared with many big names, from Tex Ritter to Eddie Gorme.

Recordings of their act range from 78s on the Continental label to the Capitol label albums and tapes they sell now. They also have done television, doing a remote from Nashville for « The Tonight Show » when Steve Allen was host.

The comedians decided to settle in Daytona Beach in 1962, working at the Castawy Beach Motel and Kings Cellar before starting at Aku Tiki Inn.


Patric Calfee

Patric Calfee
Morningstar MS-00001



Gospel Ship
Sad Times
Joy Comes In The Morning
I'm Happy

I Was In The Spirit
Rock Of Ages
Eyes Of The Lord
Down By The Riverside
Pat Calfee :
As it turns out, that was a stock cover from Rite Records. I chose it because it seemed like a Yes or Led Zeppelin kind of look. [...] The Dayspring record was a home-grown affair - the entire recording budget was $315. The typesetting on the back was donated, the record label was hand drawn. I was 18 yrs old, with no money and no job - but a big desire to praise the Lord. I still think we made a good choice - the cover still looks cool - at least we don't have any printing on the front! :-)
Ken Scott :
It should be obvious from listening to loud psychy rockin’ cuts like ‘Joy Comes In The Morning’ and ‘Eyes Of The Lord’ that this Ohioan had access to a Glass Harp album or two. Good job in the production yet holds to a totally homemade and primitive sound with jammin’ acoustic bluesy folkrocking maneuvers in the league of Randy Matthews, Ron Moore, and Mike Johnson, sometimes choosing to handle all instruments (guitar, bass, piano, percussion) himself like on the magical ‘I Was In The Spirit’. ‘Rock Of Ages’ boasts a crude electric blues riff with raw basement vibe and lengthy leads. Closes with a raucous, hand-clappin’, buncha-folks-havin’-a-party version of ‘Down By The Riverside’. Unreal cover art depicting mountainous landscape with orange sky and giant green sun. 1000 made. (The Archivist by Ken Scott, 4th Edition)
From The Ancient Star-Song blog –Music of The Jesus Music Era

Patric(k) Calfee has his own website
where he tell the story of this record
You can also download
at the same place.


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Curtis Davis and the Arketts

Curtis Davis and the Arketts
Crossfires Band

Ronnie RJ-101

20217 - Tell Me
(Chuck McClendon) Ron-Jon Music BMI

20218 - Don't Count Me Out

Soul produced and arranged by Chuck McClendon. Double address on the label : Washington DC and Phila. PA.
But another release on Ronnie (Argie & The Arketts – You’re The Guy (That Put Tears In My Eyes) / Hey Baby) has just Washington DC as the address.

Curtis Davis had another release on the Pittsburgh Bev-Mar label.

Charles Ruben McClendon (Chuck) McClendon is the arranger and producer of the Contrails on Reuben (Someone / Mummy Walk).

This Ronnie label is not related to the song-poem label of the same name located in Broadway.


Jack Grant ( Swannonoa)

Jack Grant sings

Swannonoa 001

31193 - Raleigh Train (P.D.)

31194 - Sweetheart You Let Me (Jack Grant)

Vocal with guitar & harmonica


Sight and sound courtesy of VG- and his blog : Hanging On To An Echo


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The Sound Track on Trail

The Sound Track

Trail TSRC-1706

20781 - I See The Light (wr Elliot Chiprut)
20782 - Groovin'

1967 garage. "I See the Light" was written by Elliot Chiprut, perhaps best known for writing the classic “Simon Says” for the 1910 Fruitgum Co. Flip is the Rascals tune.

The Trail label was the in-house label of Tri-State recordings Co., Ford Henry Drive, Kingsport TN
Owned by Tilford Salyer, the studio recorded all the popular Southern Gospel artists of that day. His son, Rick Salyer, and his producer, the late Bobby All, both became household names among Nashville recording studios.


Grant Street Exit on Del-La

Grant Street Exit
Vocal by Wayne Schilling

Del-La 101

22251 - That's Why I Love You
22252 - I Got Soul

Telldell productions

Rite account # 1089 (Odell Bailey)

Pittsburgh Soul also released on Millage


Six Voices Of Zion Of Columbia S.C. on Golden Cross

Six Voices Of Zion Of Columbia S.C.

Golden Cross 103

24907 - You Promise Me Jesus
24908 - You Got To Move

Listen to "You Got To Move" HERE.

Possibly a Waymon " Gusman" Jones label.

A 71 recordings three-CD set of gospel recorded by Waymon Jones will be available next month:
Waymon "Gusman" Jones loved gospel music. Especially, he loved the rich stirring sounds of the quartets he heard as a farm boy in rural Georgia, then in his adopted hometown of Savannah, Georgia, where he set up his Gusman Record Shop. From his passion came an indispensible legacy of gospel song.

Between 1961 and 1978, Waymon Jones recorded and issued a stream of essential recordings by the Golden Stars of Greenwood, SC, the White Family Singers of Savannah, GA, the Six Voices of Zion of Columbia, SC, the Flying Clouds of Augusta, GA, and many others.

This three- CD set captures on 71 rare recordings the sounds Jones wanted everyone to hear, giving 21st century listeners a unique opportunity to roll back the years and hear the vital and vibrant sounds of a southern community's gospel music world in a simpler age. The enclosed booklet features historic group and label photographs and extensive notes by gospel music researcher and writer Alan Young.


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30299 - Trying To Be Free
30300 - The Music Ship clip


From New Bedford, Massachusetts, according to Max Waller

Update : see


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ARP Instruments : promotional EP

The ARP Family of Synthetizers

ARP Instruments
320 Needham St.
Newton, Mass. 02164

Promotional 33rpm EP

A side -30761-
Music & Narration by Roger Powell (Music pieces by Dave Fredricks and Harry Coon)
(Also includes a bit of The Who "Teenage Wasteland")
Intro 1 :04

B side: -30762 -
1. Stinger - Dave Fredericks courtesy of Ad Rhythm Records
2. Queene Enfineska - Roger Powell from Atlantic Album Cosmic Furnace
3. Hermetic Enigma - Roger Powell from Atlantic Album Cosmic Furnace
4. Mockingbird Hill - Dave Fredricks

Alan Pearlman was an engineering student at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Massachusetts in 1948 when he foresaw the coming age of electronic music and synthesizers. He wrote:

"The electronic instrument's value is chiefly as a novelty. With greater attention on the part of the engineer to the needs of the musician, the day may not be too remote when the electronic instrument may take its place ... as a versatile, powerful, and expressive instrument."

Following 21 years of experience in electronic engineering and entrepreneurship, Pearlman founded ARP Instruments in 1969 with US$100,000 of personal funds and a matching amount from investors.

Throughout the 1970s, ARP was the main competitor to Moog Music in the field of musically useful synthesizers. There were two main camps — the Minimoog players and the ARP Odyssey/ARP 2600 players — with most proponents dedicated to their choice, although some players chose to pick and chose between the two for specific effect, as well as many who dabbled with products produced by other manufacturers. The ARP 2500 was featured in the famous movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. The ARP technician sent to install the unit, Phil Dodds, was cast as the musician who plays the alien tones on the synthesizer.

The demise of ARP Instruments, Inc. was brought about by the ill-fated decision to invest a significant amount of money in the development of ARP Avatar, a synthesizer module closely resembling ARP Odyssey, but equipped with a guitar pickup and a pitch-to-voltage converter. Although an excellent instrument by all accounts, the Avatar failed to sell well. ARP Instruments was never able to recoup the research and development costs and ended in bankruptcy.

From Wikipedia article


JerJimHan label

Willie McClain and the Living Dolls

JerJimHan 102

17945 - Wide Track Tiger
17946 - Wide Track Drive

Jimmy Rollins

JerJimHan 101

17943 - Yippy-Ki-Yo-Christmas
17944 - Dad


JerJimHan stands for Jerry Yates, Jim for Jimmy Rollins and Han for Hanley Johnson, owners of the label.

Jerry Yates, guitarist, teacher, author and studio operator, headed Jerry Yates Publications (located in Saginaw Street, Pontiac Michigan) known as "The Home of Space Age Methods for Piano, Guitar, Accordion, Organ and Banjo" and was widely known for its guitar literature.

Hanley Johnson
was born in Arkansas. He moved to Pontiac, Mi. in 1950. He worked more than 30 years at General Motors Fisher Body Division. As Tye-Tongue Hanley, he released two sides on the small Detroit R&B indie J-V-B label (started by record store owner Joe Von Battle) with “I’ll Try To Understand” and “You Got My Nose Wide Open” in 1955.

In the sixties, on the weekends he would go to Detroit with his blind friend Jimmy Rollins and jam at the studio. They eventually moved the studio to Pontiac and named it JerJimHan. Hanley and Jimmy wrote most of the music recorded for the label.
Hanley Johnson
died of prostate cancer in 1996.

An album called Merry-Go-Round-Of-Life (JerJimHan 102) has been popularized digitally since free tracks appeared on WFMU’s website in 2007.

Three other singles on the label were released :
103 Glenn Steffins : Half a Heart / It's Your World
104 Hymes Sisters with Cathy & the Goldtones
105 Chris Bradley : If I Get Over This / One Heartache


The Nashville Rejects on Chesire

The Nashville Rejects

Chesire 82977

38669 - Endless Sleep
38670 - Battle of New Orleans

Jody Reynolds had a million-seller in 1958 with "Endless Sleep » (Demon Records). The single became a forerunner of death rock classics such as "Tell Laura I Love Her" from Ray Peterson and "Teen Angel" by Mark Dinning.

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The Haymarket Riot on CLB

The Haymarket Riot

CLB 691

24507 - Leaving
24508 - Sunny Day Song

Ron Shankleton,, Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jim Doe, Lead Vocals, Guitar
Orlando (Dennis) Morales, Lead Vocals, Drums, Guitar
Phil Rish, Bass, Backing Vocals
Ken Lush, Keyboards, Flute

Two songs previously released on an album produced by Tom Conner in 1968 featuring
« Leaving » and the good-timey acoustic « Sunny Day Song ».

A favorite act in their hometown of Monroe, Haymarket Riot’s career spanned a large chunk of the decade playing the roller rinks, school hops and venues that sprang up along the Michigan/Ohio border, including a pretty regular stint at The Club. Starting out as The Avengers.

The band splintered in 1969.

More on The Haymarket Riot here.

This is not the CLB label out of Indiana. Many other Haymarket Riots are known to have existed :
  • Chicago band, backing Calvin James on Stature, 1967
  • One from Enid, Oklahoma, on Riot, 1968
  • The one on Coconut Groove, 1968, also from Michigan
  • And a Cincinnati band on London



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Rocky Chirchiglia Trio

Rocky Chirchiglia Trio

Album Sounds Recording

33839 - I'm Nothing But A Drunk
33840 - I'm A Loser


Rocky Chirchiglia –Vocal, guitar & banjo
Don Gahagen- drums
Alan Himes- bass

Produced by A.S.R. Co.
Engineer John Uhrig

Album Sounds Recording Co.
264 W. Main St.
Ravenna, Ohio

"Boney Maroney"
Rocky Chirchiglia Band at "The Brier Hill Festival"
Youngstown, Ohio
Twelve brightly colored electric guitars hang silently on a wall, drawing the eye to an illuminated showcase where Rocky Chirchiglia’s first guitar — a Regal he bought for $12 in 1942 — rests on a shelf. The guitar’s strings are missing, the paint has been rubbed off and the wood is cracked. The showcase is mounted above stacks of old record albums, scores of amplifiers and groups of music stands in a room that emanates nostalgia at Chirchiglia’s House of Music, 5450 Mahoning Ave.

Between renditions of his favorite Italian songs he plays on a six-string acoustic guitar, Chirchiglia recounts how he became a musician. At 11 years old, he began guitar lessons. After eight years of lessons, he had learned to play a variety of guitars — flamenco, lap steel, four and five-string banjo, ukulele and mandolin. Today, the 77-year-old Youngstown resident passes on his extensive knowledge of music to people of all ages by teaching music lessons at his business, which he founded in 1979. He says he started the business to make a living from his passion and to teach people how to play instruments correctly. He teaches music lessons for the guitar, and another music instructor teaches lessons for clarinet, saxophone, flute and drums. People taking lessons may bring their own instruments or buy them from the House of Music.

After decades of owning and operating the business, Chirchiglia hopes to continue doing what makes him the happiest — indulging his passion for music. “I’m going to keep on going here as much as I can,” he said. “But if someone comes along and says ‘I want to take over your music store,’ for the right price, we may be able to work out a deal.” His wife of 53 years, Virginia, helps run the business by doing the bookkeeping. “She keeps me in line with everything, and that keeps me successful,” he said. He feeds his passion for music by playing in The Rocky Chirchiglia Band, which formed in 1946. The band mainly plays Italian music at festivals and functions throughout Ohio, western Pennsylvania and West Virginia. ..
(From Rocky Chirchiglia@MySpace)

Note : In the early sixties (or late fifties) Rocky Chirchiglia and his orchestra backed Tony Chick (aka Tony Chirchiglia, a brother? a cousin?) on the Hy-Joy label, on "A Car" b/w "Oh: By The Way". Rockin' Country Style rockabilly discography have no information about the date or the location of the label, but Youngstown, Ohio was likely home of the Hy-Joy label. ["A Car" was published by Jimbo, a BMI publisher name found on various other Youngstown labels.

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Albert Washington on VLM

Albert Washington and His Kings

Label : VLM

10989 – Ramble
10990 – You Gonna Miss Me


VLM stands for Vince L. Morton, the owner of the label, who got into the business after he met John Finch, a co-worker at General Elecrical from 1955 on. Morton met Albert in 1963 at Mom’s Tavern on McMillan and followed him to the Vet’s Inn to hear Albert’s music. Albert’s manager at that time, Wade Hill, next moved Albert over to the VLM label for his next record release. (I Haven't Got a Friend / So Tired).

VLM is a second label for “You Gonna Miss Me” / “Ramble” previously recorded for John Finch with Sonny Watt on bass, Tim Pleasant on drums, Big Ed Thompson on guitar and Albert Washington, vocals & guitar.and issued on the Finch label (same Rite pressing numbers, but side one & two are inversed).

A VLM label discography can be found HERE.

A third label was Skippy White's Bluestown label out of Boston.

Albert Washington
(1935 - 1998)

Crawdaddy on New-Hope


Label : New-Hope

39653 - " Traveling Down the Road " (wr Byron Charles, Laminar Music BMI)
39654 - " Lovers At Night, Strangers By Day "


Hole-In-The-Wall Studio
P.O. Box 1901
Wilson, NC

"Southern rock"

The Green Family : "Jesus Will Love Me The Same"

The Green Family

LP "Jesus Will Love Me The Same"

Moultrie, GA

Friday, January 15, 2010

Avolanche on Big A


Big A 006
36101 ~ You Know My Love
R.Ostrow - D. George - F.Ramos

36102 ~ Good Seed
Frank Ramos-Nick Petta

Produced by Chet Bennett
Recorded at Titan Sound Studios, Largo, Florida

This Tampa-based dance/disco band enjoyed the following year (1976) a local hit with "Mister Boogie Man" (Boblo Records). They backed Jimmy Ellis (Orion) on his "Live With Avalanche" LP in 1978 (also on Boblo)

Bennett stands by studio recording console

Altough the red door is unpretentious looking and sits back from the road, Titan Sound Studios is an ultra-professional recording establishment with a 16-track system.

Chet Bennett, guitarist, bassist and back-up singer for some of the early rock stars (such as Roy Orbison, Freddie Cannon and Kini Lester), became interested in the « back room » where the technicians worked.

His music career and electronics education was interrupted, however, by a three-year stint in Vietnam with Special Forces. Returning to the states, Bennett moved to Largo and enrolled at the Clearwater campus of St. Petersbrug Junior College.

Born to a family of musicians in Providence, R.I., Bennett said that during his career he grew to « like the southern sound (of rock music) better than the northern sound. The southern musicians use more acoustic instruments and their sound is free and more natural.’

While attending SPJC, Bennett opened Titan Sound Studios as a part-time hobby, but when demand exceeded the time he could devote to a hobby Bennett turned the studio into a full-time operation.

Six years later, the studio is a thriving 24-hour business. Besides Bennett, three other people play prominent roles in the continuing success of the studio –his wife Marion, Charles Klimp and John Covington.

Marion : When she’s not teaching marine biology at Largo Senior High School, Marion takes calls, pays the bills, checks to see that everyone is comfortable and sometimes sings back-up.

Chuck Klimp : Trained in marketing and sales, Klimp is actively in contact with major producers and record companies.

John Covington’s job is to keep the equipment in top working condition. To do this, he has more than a thousand feet of wire set in a six-foot console to work with.

From "Part-time hobby is now thriving", [edited] article by Christina K. Cosdon, published in the St. Petersburg Times August 12, 1974.

Check out Chet Bennet's website.

Archie Swindell on Neon

Archie Swindell

LP "When I Think About King Jesus"


Label : Neon 21

Local NC pianist and vocalist formerly with The Famous Swindell Brothers (of Laurinberg, NC) . He also has records on HSE and Country Pride labels.


The Tri Tones : Jesus Is Mine

The Tri Tones

LP "Jesus Is Mine"

RBJ Records
Dunn, NC

Recorded at the RBJ 8-Track Studios
Producer : Hubert Dennis
Engineers - Bob "BJ" Jenkins & Robie Butler

Side 1 -- [35929]

1. Jesus Is Mine (Fowler & Cook) 2 :55
2. The Cross Was His Own (Rutledge & All) 3 :30
3. Touring That City (Harold Lane) 1 :52
4. Step Along (Rowe & Morris) 1 :45
5. How Green Is Your Valley ? 2 :50

Side 2 -- [35930]

1. Mama’s Teaching Angels How To Sing (Rambo) 3 :15
2. Something Beautiful (Gaither) 2 :51
3. He Pilots My Ship (Hinson) 2 :06
4. Love Will Roll The Clouds Away (Reeves) 2 :04
5. Glory Road (Cook) 2 :30

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Bulldog Charlie : Gettin' Religion

Rev. C. L. Wireman
LP Bulldog Charlie Getting Religion
Rite numbers : 28861/2

Spoken Word
The life story of a converted Kentucky mountain outlaw

I was born in Wolfe County, Ky., on the unlucky day (13) of the windy month, March, 1890, the beginning of the "Gay Nineties." The place of my birth was about eighteen miles, as the crow flies, from where our Zion's Hill Mission is now located in "bloody Breathitt" County, Ky.

A number of my relatives were shot down and died with their boots on. My parents were typical mountaineers and of course I was a typical mountain boy, and a boy will the "teen" age in that part in those days was looked upon as a sissy if he did not own and carry a pistol. We mountain boys cared nothing for Washington or Lincoln, or men of like character; we admired bad men, and the one who had the most notches in his pistol handle, denoting the number of men he had made bite the dust, was our hero and the man, in our ignorance, we longed to be like. I had three cousins killed in cold blood and that feud spirit entered my heart when a small boy, until I fairly hated any one who bore the name of those murderers. The "bottle" was passed to old and young alike, and I was a confirmed drunkard at an early age. I suffered hell on earth with delirium tremens for four days at a time while yet in my teens. My left shoulder is lower than my right yet, caused by a heavy pistol on it in a strap holster as I grew up.

More reading HERE

You can also listen the Bulldog Charlie preach at Classic Holiness Sermons, HERE

The Wilson McKinley : Spirit of Elijah

The Wilson McKinley

LP-- Spirit Of Elijah

Side one [27977]
1 He
2 It's Up To You
3 Come On Home
4 One In The Spirit
5 Tree Of Life
Side two [27978]
1 His Eye Is On The Sparrow
2 All My Life
3 Crown Of Glory
4 I Need A Saviour
5 Spirit Of Elijah

Left to right :Jimmy Bartlett, bass ; Randy Wilcox, rhythm guitar and keyboards,
Mike Messer, lead guitar, Tom Slipp, drums

Jesus-rock pioneers Wilson McKinley are a fascinating footnote in the annals of psychedelia--minor legends in their native Pacific Northwest, they are generally considered the first secular band to forsake the ample pleasures of the flesh in favor of forging lives and music devoted to spreading the Christian gospel.
The Wilson McKinley formed in Spokane, Washington in 1968, originally comprising singer/guitarist Mike Messer, singer/bassist Don Larson, guitarist Randy Wilcox and drummer Tom Slipp; at its inception the group played secular psychedelia very much in the spirit of its times, earning a regional following on the strength of their layered harmonies and folk-inspired arrangements.
Through circumstances unknown, they earned the notice of record exec Al Sherman, whose Alshire label made its living via budget-priced copycat LPs of Sixties pop hits, all recorded by prefab studio groups. Virtually all of the bands in question--Fats and the Chessmen, Los Norte Americanos and the Bakersfield Five among them--were helmed by producer and songwriter Gary Paxton, best known for composing the novelty smash "The Monster Mash." At Sherman's request, Paxton put together a group dubbed the California Poppy Pickers to capitalize on the growing country-rock trend; there were four Poppy Pickers LPs in all, each made up of covers and thinly-veiled rewrites, and for reasons unknown, the fourth and final album Honky Tonk Women was recorded without Paxton's involvement, with the studio musicians populating the previous three replaced by the members of the Wilson McKinley.
The Wilson McKinley often headlined a Voice of Elijah-owned Spokane coffeehouse called the I Am, testing out new material in front of their most fervent fans--they also played the occasional secular rock festival, albeit usually in the hopes of attracting new members to the flock. The Wilson McKinley's sophomore album Spirit of Elijah appeared in the summer of 1971--recorded during a single overnight session sans editing or overdubs, the album suggested secular antecedents like Moby Grape and the Moody Blues (whose "It's Up to You" appears in modified form). Sold exclusively through advertisements in the Voice of Elijah's free newspaper the TRUTH
Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

Much more about this band can be found at the web home of the Wilson McKinley Jesus Rock

Jimmy Boxx and the Country Knights

Jimmy Boxx and the Country Knights

Country Stream 102

23215 - My Heart Was Made
23216 - Love, Love Again

Produced by Scotty's Studio

1969 country on a St. Louis, Missouri label owned by Tony Mazzola.

Scotty's Studio was the studio operated by DeWitt Scott ( see Helling and his Hillbilly Buddies post)


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Howard Cox on Universal Sound

Howard Cox & The Miracle Bros

Universal Sound

21981 --God Gave His Son (2:15)
21982 -I'll Tell Jesus (3:20)

1968 Detroit - country produced by Yolanda Owens and Bill Atkins

Howard Cox

Universal Sound 200

22177 -A Soldiers Return (2:50)
22178 - Who-So-Ever Will May Come (2:15)

1968 Detroit - country produced by Daniel T. Luck, Yolanda Owens


Clover on M.O.D.


21485 ~ Remember
21486 ~ Way She Smiles

M.O.D. RSSWO 1055

Richmond ,Virginia

Recorded at R.S.S. Inc. [Richmond Sound Stages]
Produced by C. & B.


"Recorded early in 1968 at Richmond Sound Stages. The songs are on two different volumes of Aliens Psychos & Wild Things. Remember really is a bleak retrospect look at lost love; about as dark as it gets. Way She Smiles starts off like a teen ballad and then jettisons into a Velvet Underground feedback landscape. Sixties teen/punk disorientation of the highest order."

Friday, January 8, 2010

Keith Albee

Keith Albee (and Orch)

Albee 102

12893 - Rock-A-billy
12894 - Rockin’ Robin


Distributed by Willard Music Dist., Deposit, New-York

Rock-A-billy was a top-ten hit in 1957 (Guy Mitchell, Columbia Records).
Rock-A-Billy is about rockabilly but is not rockabilly. [...] The singalong chorus consists of only two words, rockabilly and rock, chanted rhythmically and hypnotically. The colorful phrases paint a child’s perspective of rockabilly : “the guitar man chased the old banjo.” The lyrics use catchphrases –blow my fuse, crazy beat, turn me loose, go man go – and use stereotypic images and expressions from the city perspective of country life – “mountain juice”, “head for the hills, “do-si-do”, store-bought clothes, “”lone prairie”.

Craig Morrison (Go Cat Go!: Rockabilly Music and its Makers)
Keith Albee had records on Paragon in 1960 and 1961, a label distributed by Paragon Productions Inc., 1265 Broadway, New York, a company who also was the distributor of the Ronnie label records, which was a song-poem label. But Keith Albee wasn't a song-poem singer as the Nov.20, 1961 issue of Billboard inform us that "Keith Albee is making the rounds of radio stations in New York and Pennsylvania to promote his latest Paragon release, « Tell Him You Are Mine » b/w « Only tonight ».

Rock-A-Billy (sample)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

C.L.B. label (four additions)

The Saints Of Glory Of Gary

16015 - Walk On By Faith Each Day (Lead : Bill Sumbry)
16016 - I Need Lord

Sounds Of Soul

25843 - Perfect Like The Angels---(Lead Selma Kirkendall)
25844 - Meeting In Glory

Gales Of Joy

42190-A Trouble Will Be Over (Lead W. Crawford)
42190-B I Don't Want To Be Right

The Saints Of Glory Of Gary

42192- A Searching For The Lord (Lead John Owens Jr. (Thumb))
42192-B The Storm Of Life

Norm Burns (Sterling 594)

Norm Burns And The Satellites

Sterling 594

30245 - Vote McGovern sample
30246 - How Much I Miss You

Both Sides Written By Aurelio E Mata And Lew Tobin.

Song-poem from Boston.

In the [1972] general election, the McGovern/Shriver ticket suffered a 61%-37% defeat to Nixon– at the time, the second biggest landslide in American history, with Electoral College totals of 520 to 17. McGovern's two electoral vote victories came in Massachusetts [ed.: home of Sterling Records] and Washington, D.C..

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Buddy Delaney and the Candy Soupe

Buddy Delaney
(in the middle)

Buddy Delaney and the Candy Soupe

De Shane

25529 ~ Girl
25530 ~ I Love That Girl

Buddy Delaney joined the fine, mid-'60s, Memphis garage band the Guilloteens on bass for their final three singles, writing the A-side of their third single, "I Sit and Cry." Sometime in the late 1960s, after the Guilloteens broke up, he formed a group in Florida, Buddy Delaney & the Candy Soupe, which made a weird rare single, "Girl." Weird because it was actually a slight, lesser reworking of the B-side of the first Guilloteens single, "Hey You," which was recorded and released before Delaney joined that band. The B-side is the Guilloteens' "I Love That Girl," which had been released as a Guilloteens' single on Columbia in 1967. For completist's sake, "Girl" was included on the Guilloteens compilation For My Own (which has both sides of their five singles) as a bonus track. ~ Richie Unterberger, All Music Guide

All about The Guilloteens here

Monday, January 4, 2010

The Streaplers on Century

The Streaplers

Century 0007/8

14683 ~ Yes Tonight Josephine
Robert Astor Music BMI

14684 ~ Twenty Miles

A Johnny Ray cover b/w a Chubby Checker cover originally released in Sweden on Columbia DS 2243.

Century Records was a division of Perfection & Regal Music Publications., Pittsburgh, Pa., owned by Edward J Moschetti. In addition to his music interests, Mr. Moschetti was also founder and chairman of the World Proof Numismatic Association and exercised his creativity in the fantasy coin design. See for instance here. (Kingdom of Atlantis coins.

With a lifespan extending over a half-century, the Streaplers are a long-running Swedish dansband anchored by twin brothers Göran and Håkan Liljeblad.

Founded in 1959 in Kungälv, the band was originally comprised of Göran and Håkan Liljeblad, Gert Lengstrand, Bjarne Lundquist, and Lars Larsson. Beginning with their 1963 breakthrough hit "Säkkinjärven Polka," the Streaplers enjoyed a string of hit singles during the mid-'60s, among them "Diggety Doggety," "Mule Skinner Blues," and "Rockin' Robin." The band's string of hits was interrupted by the departure of vocalist Gert Lengstrand in 1966.

Source : Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Connie Dycus on Greenley's

(Mr.) Connie Dycus

10843 - I'll Be Untrue
wr Jerry Tuttle, Tree BMI

10844 - Love Commandments
wr Roark- Tevis; Ridgeway BMI
Greenley’s 1006

Produced by S. Greenley


Rite account #688

First issued on the Greenley's label "I'll Be Untrue" was also released the following year b/w You Can't Stop Me" on King Records and "Love Commandments" backed "Dark As A Dungeon" later on the Rimrock label.

Connie Dycus (1930-1978)

If a March 1954 poster for a show at the Bailey Theater in Cabot, Arkansas is anything to go of a Dycus dynasty. There, direct from Korea, Sgt. Connie Dycus and His Fingers of Fire, were the starring attraction along with Rocky Dycus and his steel guitar, Ruthie Dycus ‘Sweetheart of the Mountaineers », Teddy Reidel –15 year old wizard of the piano), Dizzy Dean Ferguson and Lloyd Southerland and the Smiling Mountaineers.

Dycus subsequently settled in Flint, Michigan where he worked for General Motors and sometimes performed at GM employee events. He was at some point a country music deejay at WMRP until Charlotte Harden replaced him in September 1961. Next, he had The Connie Dycus Show on television. Connie Dycus was literally granted 15 minutes of on-air fame 5 days a week. In fact, the 1960s were probably the most productive years for him. Through his TV show, Connie Dycus established himself as a Flint, Michigan celebrity and area entertainer.

Connie Dycus first recorded in 1958 for Mercury. Managed by Jim Minor of Mayflower Music, he certainly got on Mercury through Minor’s contacts though Shelby Singleton told Colin Escott that Dycus was « some bum I got out of Arkansas ».

Other records appeared on Colt 45 (59), Poor Boy (59), Dixie (60), King (64), H and K (67), Prophonics, Cathay and Rimrock (sixties).

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I'll Be Untrue

The Deadbeats (Princeton)

The Deadbeats

Princeton M1038
Marianna, Arkansas
December, 1961

CP-6799 – Rocking Blues / Everybody's Somebodys Fool
CP-6800 – Say It Again / Marina

“Weird unclassifiable incompetant low fi accordion and drum instrumentals/polka blues”