Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Brosh 500 (EP)

Kris Arden
My Guy (Essie Smock)

 Sammy Marshall  and the Keynotes
 Just A Few (M.Fritz)

The Mystery Girl
 Makes My Heart Start Flopping Around

 Ronnie May  
Love 'em So (Royal H. Lawson)

Brosh BR-500 EP

3223 W. Birchwood Ave., Milwaukee 21, Wisc.
John O' Brien distr. : Phone EV 4-0180

Octobre 1961

Song poems all published through Jasmine Music (BMI), a publishing company whose name is also found on Jabar Records and Caveman Records. 

The company operated  from a Post Office Box in Princeton, Florida.  Razor blades and aloe gel were other subjects of advertisements at various times, between 1959 and 1968.from the same P.O. Box.  Possible relation with Active Music and Jack Curry of Air Records.

There is also a Mystery Girl singer on Dial Records.  Same singer ?

Billboard, 13 April 1959

 Billboard, 17 April 1962

Popular Mechanics, August 1964
Stainless razor blades
 Billboard, 26 November 1966
publishing, foreign royalties

 Billboard, 18 February 1967
needs rhythm and blues recording for foreign releas

Popular Mechanics, March 1968
Salesmen wanted for Aloe Gel miracle healing lotion

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Danial Bridges on F.C.M.

Danial Bridges
Blue Flames

CP-5113 ~ Oh Happy Days
Dan Bridges, Falls Church Music BMI

CP-5114 ~ Fools Like Me 
J.Clement - M.Maddux, Knox Music, Inc. BMI

F.C.M. Records
Falls Church, VA.

The B-side penned by Jack Clement and Murphy "Pee Wee" Maddux was recorded by Jerry Lee Lewis (Sun Records, 1958).   "Oh Happy Days"  had a second chance on Jason Shapiro and Bob Schachner's Gateway Records (out of Pittsburgh, Pa.) in 1964.  

Danial William Bridges had at least two more records on Jeree Records (a label owned by Jerry Reed in Beaver, Pa.).


Danial Bridges Blue Flames
F.C.M. — Oh Happy Days / Fools Like Me (1961)

Daniel Bridges
Gateway 733  — Oh Happy Days / A Simple Little Cottage (1964)

Dan Bridges And The River Rats
Jeree 66-15/16 — You Can Have Her / Sam Houston (1966)

Dan Bridges
Jeree 66-31/32 — That Gal / Cannibal Jerk (1966)

These two songs are listed in the BMI database (unknown label, perhaps Jeree)
Golden Shades Of Long Gone Days (1966)
Her Transistor Radio

Note : the other songs written in collaboration with Ralph Bass and listed in the BMI database are from another Dan Bridges

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

"Bobbie" and the Valiants on Arco

"Bobbie" and the Valiants

16309 ~ Rambunkshus

Frank Beecher-Johnny Grande

Arco Records SC-100
A product of Stereophonics Corp., New Bedford, Mass.

The virtual community has almost no memory at all of "Bobbie" and the Valiants.  One early reference to the band is found in The Beacon, the Cape Cod Community College newspaper., in which Elsie Rodriques wrote that her and her fellow students "danced to the music of Bobbie and the Valiants of New Bedford." from 8-12 p.m.  (that's was a Friday.  Friday, September 1962, 28  precisely).   And, probably happy with their music, Rick Lippard was of the opinion "that they should be invited back at a future date". 

Rambunkshus is actually "Ram-Bunk-Shush" the 1957 Bill Doggett hit,  a tune that had been first recorded by Lucky Millender  (King Records #4534, 1952).

Goofin' Around is the Bill Haley tune performed in the movie Don’t Knock the Rock and issued on Decca Records in 1956 (LP and EP only, not on single).

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Proclaimers of Liberty

The Proclaimers of Liberty

Jesus Broke The Yoke

Side 1: By the Anointing - Medley / He / I'm Singing Wonderful / Jesus Use Me / English - Ilocano - Medley / I Want More of Jesus
[ 35197 ]

Side 2: Born to Serve the Lord / I've Got That Old Time Singing - Medley / He Paid the Debt / Who Am I / Dancing Heart
[ 35198 ]
year : 1975

On the cover, L. to R. : 
Carlton Shaw, Mrs Veronica Shaw,
Pacita Rosendo, Rev. Robert C. Rosendo

For additional records, write :
Rev. Robert C. Rosendo
P.O. Box 208 Duluth, Minnesota
or P.O. Box 205 San Jacinto, California

From an old ebay listing, which had a sample, which I preserved.

Robert C. Rosendo, a member of the Igorots, a tribu of former headhunters far north of the Tasadays, a peace-loving tribe which was discovered years ago but still living in the Stone Age, is the founder and director of the International Christian Chuch of the Philippines, Inc.   The Reverend resided in Simi Valley, Calif  in the late 70s.  

In 1948, when Rosendo was nine years old, he met a GI who later returned to the tribe to convert members to Christianity.  "Becoming a headhunter was proof of manhood," he explained.  " Skulls were objects of worship.  Houses were decorated with them to ward off evil spirits."It took three years to change the village completely," he said, "and you would never know that the people here were ever savage." 

A miracle only God can do. 

Even more obscure is another LP, also pressed by Rite Records, as by The Proclaimers/ Robert Rosendo And Veronica Shaw. The title : "Bu Tje Ampotomg Kesis Breals Tje Uple".

More info and another miracle are needed. God? Anyone?

Decapitated enemy of an Igorot head hunter

What is a Igorot ?  Answer HERE

And what about headhunting the Philippine Cordilleras ? Answer HERE

Of lesser interest is the article "Critique Of Imperial Cultural Studies And The Task Of Indigenization In The Philippines" by E. San Juan, Jr., Fellow, Harry Ransom Center, University Of Texas, Austin, USA which contains plenty of five (or more) syllabs words    link

Friday, December 13, 2013

Ross Barnett For Governor Campaign Song (1967)

Ross Barnett For Governor
Campaign Song

With Jerry Lane Orch.

Both written and produced by Houston Davis
Delta Records Custom Dpt
1653 Raymond Rd
Jackson, Miss.


Label picture and audio files are taken from Brian Perry YouTube channel.  Brian Perry collects political memorabilia. He has collected several records from Mississippi gubernatorial campaigns "which provide a glimpse into the politics, issues and culture of the time.".   

Brian Perry :
In 1967, Barnett ran for governor again but finished fourth in the Democratic Primary. He still had catchy songs. The chorus of "Let's Roll Again With Ross" goes: "Who is the best man yet? Ross Barnett! Ross Barnett! Who is the best man yet? Ross Barnett you bet!" He takes on President Lyndon Johnson and Robert Kennedy: "All left wingers stay away from me / we don't need your Great Society / in Mississippi we just want our sovereignty / Roll with Ross, roll with Ross, roll again with Ross....All the reds in Washington will say / they hope Ross will fall along the way / but we won't give our state to little Bobby K."

On the record's flip side, "When Good Ol' Ross Goes Rolling In" (to the tune of "When the Saints Go Marching In") hits a number of his opponents including William Winter: "when another man collected tax, his piggy bank, it runneth over, with that old black market tax."

Barnett lost to Congressman John Bell Williams who had his own song. "John Bell Williams is A Fightin' Man" performed by Bob Cates & the Dixie Six begins with a variation of Dixie (an instrumental of which appears on the B-side).

"All you people gather around I got a story to tell / about a man from Mississippi that they call John Bell / he was sitting up North on the Capitol Dome / watching the way his folks were treated back home. Saw those Johnson boys in the high silk hats / and wonder what they're doing to us Democrats / Saw little brother Bobby having all of his fun / he stood up and said 'you can't do that son.'"

Full text HERE

The Magnola State Quartet was organized in 1961 and had Brookhaven, Mississippi, for headquarters.  The personnel was Carlton Brown (1928-2002), lead and manager; Marvin "Buck" Boyd, 1st tenor; Carroll Smith, baritone; C.O. Stegall, bass; and I.W. Brown, accompanist. 
They sing just about all the time in any place where they are welcome, and they are welcome about any place where they are known.  No place is too small or remote for them to appear.  They have appeared at some of the larger gatherings over the country with many of the outstanding singers.  One of the most well remembered occasions is when they sang at the inauguration of Hon. Paul Johnson on Jan. 19, 1964, after working in his campaign for Governor. [From the back cover of their "Sings For You" LP on Sing Records, Atlanta, Georgia]

Delta Records was noted for it's custom recording work. They recorded wedding, church and college choirs. Also they recorded foreign language departments for Ole Miss in Oxford, MS and many commercials for numerous radio stations.  They also recorded radio stations all over Mississippi for ASCAP.    When Mississippi was searching for a state song, Delta Recording Studio recorded all the state university bands in search of the song that would truly be representative of the state. "Go Mississippi", written by Houston Davis was chosen as the official State Song of Mississippi in 1962.

Marc Ryan, author of "Trumpet Records: An Illustrated History With Discography" (Big Nickel Publications 1992, wrote this about the early days of Delta Records : 
Jimmie Ammons [Delta Records owner] earned his living as a machinist, but enjoyed a second vocation with the aid of his new tape recorder. He and a friend would meet once a week after work and concoct melodies for poems that were solicited by mail from aspiring songwriters. The ditties were recorded by Ammons, then forwarded back to the amateur lyricists for a fee.
At the same time [1953], Ammons began doing demos for local artists, and was developing a feel for the R&B sounds of the day by hanging out now and then with his brother, who was the proprietor of a local record shop. Delta records were cut and pressed mainly as promotional discs for sale by local artists at their personal appearances, and they included a smattering of hillbilly, gospel and blues, all by obscure artists.


William Houston Davis was born in Oklahoma in 1914 but moved to Mississippi during WWII.  He died in 1987.  Biographical data on Houston Davis is hard to come by.   He wrote a number of political songs, but he was above all a song composer for hire, as shows a self-promotion booklet he published around 1960 : "Houston Davis : successful composer of political songs, jingles, parodies." and his credit on the label of a song-poem acetate recording (see below).

 A blatantly song-poem on Delta Records acetate

"Lonesome Valley", another song by James Vernal Fout (from Danville. 1llinois) was put in music in 1939 by Luther A. Clark of Thomaston, Maine.   On Luther A. Clark, see "How To Write A Song Poem (In Three Complete Lessons)"

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Zion Harmonaires of Philadelphia, Pa. on Fine Art

The Zion Harmonaires of Philadelphia, Pa.

CP-5965 – He Bled and Died 
(Leroy Cannon)
Solo: Roberta Stokes- Lead Paul Williford
Pianist : Richard Ellis

CP-5966 – I Want to Know More About Jesus 
(Leroy Cannon)
Lead Paul Williford
Pianist : Richard Ellis
Organist : Robert Coldman

Fine Art 224


Monday, December 9, 2013

Johnny Barnette and Bob and the Vets

Johnny Barnette
Bob and the Vets


Vance Records 481
Ripley, MS

Rockin' Country Style lists another record on the Rich label by Johnny Barnette.   But it's a different artist, I think. One Johnny Barnett on Cap Tone Records (out of Azuza, California in 1967) has been described as "teen with a "Marty Robbins" sounding lead", but again probably a different artist.

I believe that P.I.O.M. Music was owned by Bill Harris who played bass in Harold Jenkins (Conway Twitty) band whom he later managed as well.  Does anyone can confirm?

Vance label discography

Friday, December 6, 2013

Noel Owen on M.C.M.

Noel Owen

CP-6171 - Come In My Darling

CP-6172 - Just A Wondering

both sides : wr. N.Owen, Kenny Marlow Music –BMI

MCM Records  3.377
Whitsett Lane, Nashville 11, Tenn.

Owen , one of 12 children , felt he was a heartbeat from stardom when Standard Coffee Co. transferred him from Courtland [Alabama] to Nashville to continue developing a route.   In his spare time , he kept up his songwriting and singing , pitching his creations to anyone who would listen , and pulling gigs wherever he could find a spot.

He finally landed a recording contract with a small company called MCM , cut a record and began spending even more time away from his young family.

Back then , marketing was pretty simple , he said You pitched your own records , and I went to about every country station around.   Every disc jockey I saw put the song on the air , and they'd tell me , 'You're on your way!'.

His wife , the former Jean Terry of Courtland , was having a hard time keeping track of her music-loving husband.  When Owen came home , the displeasure in her face was as plain as the pain in any old Hank Williams' tune.  At that late hour , she stood in the middle of the den between their two young sons , holding their hands.  Tears rolled down her cheeks.

Honey , I just can't stand this , I just can't stay here by myself anymore , she said.  Hadn't you rather be here with me and the boys than out on that old road?.

Owen asked his wife to please give him a chance , that he was closer than ever to realizing his dream , but she couldn't see it..  He brought his family back to Courtland in 1961.   After working as an agent for Mutual Savings Life Insurance Co. , in Decatur , he sold appliances for W.T. Grant.  He then joined the United States Department of Agricultural , working for 26 years as a meat inspector at Wayne Farms , retiring in 1992.


Other Noel Owen records can be found on Myown, Star and  High Goal Records.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Mauraders

The Mauraders
Terry - Steve - Dick - Alan

O-M 8191 ~ Dreamy

O-M 8192 ~ Motorcycle Bug

[No label]  FR 6148


A Findlay (custom) Recording  of Findlay, Ohio


Motorcycle Bug

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Mary Kaye on Lectron

Mary Kaye

13901 - Secret Thoughts 
B.Jesmore - R.Oness, Active Music ASCAP
Popular teen style
note : unbilled guest appearance by Sammy Marshall

13902 - Actions Speak (Louder than words)
Henry J. Sommers Henry J. Sommers ASCAP
Popular teen style


Detroit, Michigan
 - -
Actions Speak (Louder than words)

Song-poem record.    "Actions Speak Louder Than Words" is from the pen of the indefatigable Henry J. Sommers (1907-1996).  The earliest mention of his song is from 1942, date of the copyright (song and melody credited to Noel Davison Bear).   The last mention I've found is from a Billboard ad from April 1972.  The song was recorded by several artists throughout the years.

Yes, this is the Love Song the Public clamors for! Being nationally featured thru Radio broadcats and in places of diversion!  Complimentary copies available.  Sheet music and orchestrations on sale at your music jobber, or direct from the publisher. Care Bushell 786 Jefferson Avenue, Brooklyn, N.Y. Billboard, 19 June 1943

"Actions" on Metro Records #8009
Sommers address is now Hyattsville, Maryland
Billboard 16 January 1954

"Actions" just recorded by Earl Stuart on Blue Hen Records
Sommers address is now Silver Spring, MD
Billboard 22 December 1958

 "Actions" on Songs by Sommers as done by Wade Holmes
Billboard 24 August 1963

That can write with a pen
And I'll bet you then,
Backed by a 'ten',
'Tis not a hen
But a gem!
HENry J. Sommers

Billboard, 6 November 1965

Billboard, 22 April 1972