Friday, December 30, 2011

The Goins Brothers on Jalyn

Goins Brothers

26341 ~ Fly Little Bluebird
26342 ~ Pistol Packin' Mama

Jalyn 353

After the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers disbanded in 1963, Ray and Melvin performed together as The Goins Brothers until Ray’s heart attack in 1994 slowed him down. Ray retired in 1997, while Melvin continued as Melvin Goins & Windy Mountain. Ray would share the stage with his brother on occasion, mostly close to home in eastern Kentucky Melvin Goins and Ray Goins, The Goins Brothers, have been playing mountain string music for 50 years. The music became known as "bluegrass" about the time they started playing professionally. Ray passed away in 2007.

Goins Brothers discography

Goins Brothers bio by Frank Overstreet

Jalyn Records discography (45 RPM)

Written and recorded first by Al Dexter in 1943, "Pistol Packin' Mama" was covered the same year by Bing Crosby and The Andrew Sisters. And Republic Pictures made a movie picture based on this song, starring Ruth Terry :

Ruth Terry’s most famous picture, and her signature song, was Republic’s “Pistol Packin’ Mama”. “People still remember me from that film. It was a good little picture. I like it a lot. A lot of hit songs came from those little pictures—‘I’ve Heard That Song Before’ by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne from ‘Youth on Parade,’ for instance.”[Ruth Terry interview]


Thursday, December 29, 2011

The New Corinthians on Corinthian

The New Corinthians

35111 - Walk On By
35112 - Soldier

Corinthian Records

Written & arranged by the New Corinthians, Redi-Soul Publ. BMI
Produced by A.Perkins
Recorded at RPM Studios 1513 2nd St. Madison, Ill.


"Gospel crossover soul"



Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Piqua Central High School Concert Band

Piqua Central High School Concert Band
Recorded February 23, 1965.

14081 - Alma Mater and Pep Song
written and conducted by Philip P. Gates guest conductor

14082 - "Don't Let the Rain Come Down" March-a-samba
conducted by James Carter, band director

A Junior Achievement Company of Piqua, Ohio.

The Piqua Central High School Marching Band was formed by H.O. Ferguson in the Winter of 1916. The marching band participated in April of 1917 at a parade in Troy in uniforms consisting of red sweaters, dark trousers and white caps.

The Piqua High School marching band was directed by Phillip P. Gates in 1917. Gates, Piqua Central High School's long time popular music director noted that PHS probably had the first marching band in the state of Ohio. Gates made that statement in 1973 when he returned to Piqua to direct the PHS Alumni Band at Wertz Stadium....

[Above info is from a detailed history of the Piqua High School Marching Band found HERE]

The Piqua High School, built in 1914, is now an historic building located at 316 North College Street in Piqua, Ohio. Also known as Piqua Central High School, it was designed by Harvard and Merriam in the Classical Revival style. In 1995 it was converted to 78 apartments and is now known as Piqua Senior Housing. On August 22, 1996, the building was added to the National Register of Historic Places.



Saturday, December 24, 2011

Mary White (Cowtown 804)

Mary White

CP 4667 ~ Christmas Bells
CP-4668 - Rudolph Pouts

Cowtown 804

According to Phil Milstein : "Cowtown Records was a hybrid vanity/song-poem concern operated by John W. Stephenson. It's not entirely clear which of their releases fall into which category." This record belongs without the shadow of a doubt to the "song poem" category.

Both songs were written by Dennis Tenney whose several songs are listed in the ASPMA discography :

  • Lost My Man / Goody Goody Gonna Love (Belle Meade Records, 1960)
  • I Love Two Men (Tropical 220 (LP "Betty Bond Sings Pop")
  • Dream West Virginia (Preview 2326)
[Record found at Diggin' It, a Westex blog, HERE]

Dennis Tenney, who traces his ancestry back to the time of William the Conqueror, was born in Ten Mile, West Virginia, in 1897. As his mother became a widow when he was very young, he became acquainted with responsibility early in life. He started to work at the age of twelve, and a fourteen had his own business. Bad health and lack of money slowed down his schooling, but Mr. Tenney eventually received his master’s degree in social science from Denver University.

Mr. Tenney has been a preacher, salesman, probation officer and real estate broker. Real estate management provided him with financial security and later the leisure to return to his early interest, the writing of poetry.


Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Mighty Spiritual Lights Of Alexandria, Va. on MRC

The Mighty Spiritual Lights Of Alexandria, Va.

27471 - You Got To Move
(C.B. Richardson) Dooms BMI

27472 - That's Enough
(Ernest King) Dooms Music BMI

MRC 1147
Major Recording Co.
Waynesboro, Virginia


Brother James Edward Hunt was one of the founding Trustees of the Mount Nebo Pentecostal Church at its current location on Burke Avenue in Alexandria, Virginia. He remained a member for over forty years until his homegoing.

As a young boy, he discovered he had a gift from God as a dynamic gospel singer. He used this gift for many years singing in different churches until he and some friends formed their first successful gospel quartet called the Silver Stars.

In 1960 he and a new group of friends formed the Mighty Spiritual Lights. He became one of the lead singers and manager of the group which made several recordings and received accolades and praise from all over the country. The Mighty Spiritual Lights have shared the spotlight with many of the gospel greats of the world. With his ability to bring thousands of people to Christ through song he established the original “Gospel Hour” at Mount Nebo which became the showplace for many of the major Gospel singing groups in the area. The Gospel Hour is still in existence today.


Friday, December 16, 2011

5 Fortunes on Ransom

5 Fortunes

CP-3967 ~ You Are My Love
CP-3968 ~ Time Out For Love

Ransom Records # 103

Interviewed about the 5 Fortunes, Morris Wade -who also recorded for the label- said : "
They were in the military. They were stationed at Lockbourne Air Force Base in Columbus. We were all friends and socialized some, but I can’t remember their names."
That's all we known about this Columbus black vocal group. A copy of this extremely rare record is currently auctioned at eBay. If you are interested, hurry up : only 3 hours left... Highest bid : $419.00

The three previous releases on the label (including the #100 issued on the misspelled Ranson Records) were pressed by King Records of Cincinnati.

Black entrepeneur Howard Ransom owned the label in Columbus, Ohio. He later relocated to Los Angeles where he operated the Nanc, Lilly and Lulu labels, with James L.Turner.

Update :


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Charlie Conrad With the Black Mountain Boys on Spec

Charlie Conrad
With the Black Mountain Boys

CP-1172 ~ Dizzy Love

CP-1173 ~ Night Club Blues

Spec Records #125


Rockin' Country Style gives Pacific Grove, Ca. as location of Spec Records. This information is incorrect, I believe :

The source of the information is indicated as "Billboard news item". Indeed Spec Records was among the list of new records label published by Billboard, but that was in its February 2, 1959 issue. The only known release on the 1959 California Spec label was Staten Johnson " Where No One Has Tears / Joaquin Murieta" (Spec 101).

So the search of the location for this Spec Records is still open...

I've found nothing about Charlie Conrad.

There is some tantalizing references on the web to Walter Hensley playing in 1956 in a rockabilly band called The Black Mountain Boys in the Baltimore area. Same band perhaps?

Label pictures are from Rockin' Country Style, MP3s from "Country Hicks Vol.1 [Bark Log CD]


Sunday, December 11, 2011

Le Roy Cortez on Process

Le Roy Cortez

11271 - Lonesome 7-7203
(Justin Tubb, Cedarwood Music, BMI)

11272 - Band 1-Chime Bells
(Bob Miller & Elton Britt, Bob Miller BMI)
Band 2-Yodeling Cowboy
(Le Roy Cortez, Process Music BMI)

Process 117



Note : On Process, Le Roy Cortez and his band backed Susie Lee Young ("Pretty Loretta Lynn", Process 164) and Smokey Monroe (Process 122).

Le Roy Cortez was born on March 3, 1925, in Ellwood City to the late Frank Cortez and Filomena Keevis Cortez. Leroy served with the U.S. Navy from August 28, 1943 to October 23, 1947 as a Seaman First Class. He served in both the European and American Theatres. Leroy then worked at the U.S. Steel Ellwood City plant until the plant closed in 1975. He also was a school bus driver for Zona Busing Co. for many years.

Mr. Cortez was Catholic by faith. He was a member of the VFW Post No. 252, the American Legion Post No. 157. Leroy was a well known musician in the area. He played the guitar and was the lead singer for his band "Leroy Cortez & The Outlaws".

Le Roy Cortez passed away at his residence on Thursday February 3, 2011 at 4:15 a.m.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dr. Ernie Panza, Chiropractor

Dr. Ernie Panza

Is Health The Impossible Dream?
Questions And Answers

Dr. Ernie Panza,
Panza Chiropratic
Life Center, Monroe, Mich.

Processed through T-Town of Toledo
Narrated by Jim Miller
Engineered by Ralph Gross

Rite #31419/31420


Both sides can be downloaded at the Recordo Obscura blog where this record has been found (with thanks)

Ernie Panza (from a publicity found in the Adrian Daily Telegram, 1976) :

I was born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pa. where I attended school. Upon graduation from high school, I entered the U.S. Army where I was a dental lab techician. My plans were to follow the dental profession by attending Pitt University Dental School in Pittsburgh, Pa. However, as things happened my plans changed. Since the age of 10 I had suffered with migraines headaches. While in the army a friend persuaded me to go to a chiropractor. Since I had tried verything else for relief of the headaches, including shots and neurology tests, I decided I had nothing to lose. Not only did he get rid of my migraine headaches in a short time but also changed my entire life. It was then that I decide to beacme a chiropractor.

Instead of Pitt. University, I attended Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis, Missouri. I graduated in 1968. For the last 6 and one half years I have been in active pratice in Monroe, Michigan. In December of 1975, we opened our new office located at 2890 M-52 in Adrian, MI. Since then things have gone well, we have sold the Monroe Office and are now open full time at this office.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

Jimmy Goad on Goad

Jimmy Goad

27427 - Darling If You're Sure
27428 - You Can Beat Me, Bang Me

Singing with Robins Strings
Vocal - Jimmy Goad
Writer - Jimmy Goad
Focal Point BMI

Goad 0002
Box 341 - Rt 6 - Macon, Ga.

Produced by Ray Melton

From eBay
Auction has sound clips
(described as "hillbilly boogie")


Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Bernie Skelton on Franchel

Bernie Skelton

14101 ~ Bad Baby
14102 ~ Drop In To See Me


Both songs written by Skelton-Owen
and published byDuride Publishing Co. BMI)


Bernie Skelton and Lonnie C. Owens (or Owen) wrote together several other songs : I've Got A Lot; You're The Only One On My Mind; The Ballad Of The Mexican Girl, Only Girl ; Run Away From Me... Lonnie C. Owens wrote also "Sea Gull Rock" in 1958.

The name of the publisher, Duride, is a sure indication of a South Carolina production, Greenville perhaps?


Saturday, December 3, 2011

Everett Spears on Epto

B&W label picture
(original color unknown)

Everett Spears

15767 - Truck Driving Man
15768 - All Of My Friends Are Going To Be Strangers

Epto Records

Label scan and sound file are from Collector CD 4469 "Rockabilly Hoodlums, Vol. 4".

Thursday, December 1, 2011

The Meter-Tones on Jax

Piano Red presents
The Meter-Tones
(Vocal Curtis Smith)

CP-2432 ~ Talk To Me
Wr. Curtis Smith, Lowery Music BMI

CP-2433 ~ Believe in me
Wr. Curtis Smith, Willie Perryman, Lowery Music BMI

Jax 1002

Subsidiary of National Recording Corp. -Atlanta, Ga.

Piano Red and the Interns
Roy Lee Johnson, Jr. (guitar), Howard Hobbs (bass), Bobby Lee Tuggle (drums), Curtis Smith (guitar), and Beverly Watkins (guitar).

The Meter-Tones were the Piano Red (aka Willie Perryman) backing band. Members were likely also those listed HERE, backing Piano Red on the Okeh sessions from 1961 and pictured above.

Guitarist Beverly Watkins remembers :

Me and some guys got together and we formed a band, and we named it Billy West Stone and the Down Beats. I was like tryin' to play bass, but what I would do, every song we would do I would tune the first bass string down and run the bass line like that. So we kept that group for around about two years, then I met this drummer, Bobby Tuggle. And he carried me and introduced me to Piano Red. And I went out and I talked with Red. Durin' that time he had his radio show there on Madison Place. He used to broadcast from, he had somethin' like a little house in the back of his house, and he'd come on WAOK every evenin', I'd say around about three o'clock. That was around '59. And I was like going into my junior year at Archer High School. Then we formed a band there called Piano Red and the Meter-tones. And we had two guitars, bass, and drums. Curtis Smith on lead, myself on rhythm, Bobby Tuggle was on drums, Piano Red doin' his show separately.

Piano Red (1911-1985) :

Willie Lee Perryman, who performed during his career as "Piano Red" and as "Dr. Feelgood," was a self-taught pianist who played in the barrelhouse blues style. ..
Some music historians credit Perryman's 1950 recording "Rocking With Red" for the popularization of the term rock and roll in Atlanta.......