Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Del-Airs on Delsey

The Del-Airs

6641 - It Took A Long Time (To Get Together)
6642 - Ma Ma Marie

Delsey 302

Rite Account #702

Black vocal group. A side is a cover of Malcom Dodds & the Tunedrops (End Records, 1957), while the B-side was recorded by The Gaylords on Mercury Records in 1958.

Out of Philadephia, the Delsey label was owned by Fran Williams (who also owned Impala Records and Mr. Genius Records).

Delsey 301 (Lenny Rocco) and Delsey 303 (Robin Hood And The Merri Men) are featured at the white Doo Wop Collector blog here.

This record is currently offered at e-bay.


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Coachmen on Amateur

The Coachmen

11421 - Lonely Rider
J. Buchman : song publisher or songwriter?

11422 - These Memories Of You

Folk Based On "Gallows Pole" And "Rider", flip side is pop.
source :EARL'S MUSIC An adventure in sound (Jefferson City,Mo,the land that forgot time!)

Account number : 286.
Note : Stardusters on Warlo has the same account number


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gene A. Blakley on Gino

Gene A. Blakley

24547 - Mary Ann
(Pub Talent BMI)

24548 - I Live In A Lonely World

Label : Gino

Arr. Jerry Dee - Prod. Ted Rosen - (1969)

Sounds like a song-poem record and it is certainly. Arranger and producer's names are a strong indication that this otherwise unknown Gino label is related to the Halmark/Hallmark label, out of Massachusetts.


The Dodge City Boys on Dodge City

The Dodge City Boys
With The Jamaicas
CP-5599 –Dodge City

Dodge City Boys
Cp-5600 --Running Guitar

Label : Dodge City


May or June 1961


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pat Madden

Pat Madden

Calypso Records

[ 1978 ]

Side one - 39369
I Believe In Sunshine
You’re A Part Of Me
You’re Leaving
So Easy
side two - 39370
Old Days
Take It Over
Autumn Song
Try Baby
San Salvador
Carry On
Much sought-after folk-rock



Note : this album is available HERE


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Cadaver on Kaleidoscope

The Sleeping Giant

LinkHamden is a town in New Haven County, Connecticut, United States. The town's nickname is "The Land of the Sleeping Giant." A prominent landscape feature visible for miles, the Sleeping Giant receives its name from its anthropomorphic resemblance to a slumbering human figure as seen from both the north and south.

Hamden was also the hometown of The Cadaver who had in their Haven't Got The Time "a sweet piece of poppy psych that has that certain "New England" Sound"

The Cadaver
Label : Kaleidoscope 101/2

22447 ~ Haven't Got The Time
22448 ~ If You Got The Time

Rite account #3001

"Haven't Got The Time" reached #58 in the charts of WAVZ, New Haven in October 1968


Monday, April 5, 2010

Early Upchurch

Early Upchurch

Christian gospel artist Early Upchurch was from Mt. Airy, and lived most his life around Mt. Airy, Piper's Gap, and Galax

Five of his songs can be heard at the (online) Digital Library of Appalachia. He's playing the autoharp and singing Christian gospel songs with Dewey Hill, who is playing bass. This was possibly broadcast on Dewey Hill's radio program on WPAQ (Mt. Airy) or WBOB (Galax).

His LP "Hymns of the Hills" (plus one of his singles) can also be downloaded at the Jeremy's Saggy RecordCabinet blog.

Early Upchurch And The Tide Water Gospel Singers
CP-7117 - ?
CP-7118 - I'll Not Be A Stranger
Label : Gospel

Early Upchurch & The Friendly Quartet
13973 - I Long For Home
13974 - He's Coming Back
Label : ARC 5689

Early Upchurch, & Willis Pell The Friendly Duet
15133 ~ My Daddy Sang A Song
15134 ~ I'm Going To Tag Along
Label : ARC 5038

Early Upchurch & Doris Kidd
18753 - I Cannot Bring Them Back; Where The Shades Of Love Lie Deep-
18754 - I Don't Want To Miss Heaven; I'm So Glad I've Got A Better Place To Go
ARC EP 3538

Early Upchurch & The Border Mountain Boys
Lp "Everybody Will Be Happy Over There"
Label : ARC (Rite 23231)

Early Upchurch & Doris Kidd
I Cannot Bring Them Back


Saturday, April 3, 2010

Big G label

Mighty Sons of Joy
Tyler, Texas

41297 - Stroll Around Heaven
41298 - Time Is Winding Up

Lead : M.Foley - Bass : B. Walker - Drum : J.Scroggins


The Mighty Cross Of Calvary
Of Los Angeles, California
Lead Bill Wills

39903 - The Best Thing That Ever Happened To Me

39904 - The Winding Chain


Two black gospel singles on the previously unlisted Big G label of unknown location (Texas, California?)