Friday, February 1, 2013

Ralph Nielsen and the Chancellors

Ralph Nielsen and the Chancellors

  8495 - Scream
8496 - Little Demon

Both Wr. Ralph Nielsen, Peer Int. BMI

Surf Records 5302/5301

520 Oregon Ave.,  Bricktown, N.J.


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Ralph Nielsen and the Chancellors were from Metuchen, New Jersey.
A teacher in high school — Mr. A, we called him — got four of us to play Buddy Holly and Presley stuff.   We were called the Five A's

After that in' 57, a friend and I formed our own duo, The James Boys.   Kinda like the Everly style. we had a manager who got us to play on TV Shows in York, Hartford and Providence.  We had a record out  Back Rub / That's all on Gallant —  and it got played on WNJR in Newark and we'ride through town in our Chevy convertible and girls would scream.

We recorded "Scream" in August '62 and it came out in Sept '62; we recorded it down somewhere near Route 1 near Princeton  - I can't remember exactly but it was at this guy's house with a little studio in the cellar.   We recorded "Scream" in one take.

We broke up around November '62, mostly because of our daytime jobs.

The Rite account number found in dead wax is 306, which is the account number of  the Granite Music Enterprises, based in Herbertsville, New Jersey in 1962.   The company was started in 1960 in Mount Airy, NC by Tommy Boyles.  
Tommy divided up his musical activites between New-Jersey (where he worked at Westinghouse and played country music on WJRK, Ashbury Park at the time of the Surf release)  and Mount Airy, his hometown.  



  1. damn, i lived right next to brick town growung up.... i need this!!!

  2. The guitar player on the Scream 45 was my father David Andricsak who later formed U.S Male with Ralph Neilsen. David also played back-up guitar for Chubby Checker and Gary U.S. Bonds

  3. Do you know if your dad had a Magnatone Amp? I got a Magnatone 260 about 10 years ago from a friend who lives in Metuchen. He bought it around 1963-64 from someone in Ralph Nielsen and the Chancellors. Supposedly, the amp was used on Scream. It sounds like the amp on the record. I don't know if it was used on Little Demon or not. My friend was also given a copy of the 45 when he bought the amp. I now have the 45 and the amp sounds great and gets played regularly.