Monday, February 4, 2013

Dean-O-Delray And His Delrays

Dean-O-Delray And His Delrays

Both wr O.Davidson, Roman Music Pub. Co.

  Northwest Sound Company 1007
14958 Ardmore, Detroit, Michigan

(Songs copyrighted on 5 June 1963)

Dean-O-Delray's real name is Oscar Davidson. (see comment)

The Northwest Sound Company was operated by the owner/engineer named Julian G. Skinner, also known as "Jody"

According to Ron Murphy (Soulful Detroit Archives) :

Jody lived with his parents upstairs and his studio was in the basement of the house, it had a small control room with a Ampex 351-2 track,he also had a little dub cutter and the studio was just one 9X12 room but he did have good ears and got a pretty good sound for that set-up, sometimes he would press records on his own Northwest Sound label for people paying to make their own record...he operated there for quite a long time from about 1960 into the 70's.
Ted (member of Anvil, a rock band) :

We recorded in a cheap mono studio in Detroit [in 1970] for our first attempt. Julian G. Skinner ran the recording equipment with the back of his twisted hands as he had several palsy. Could not speak well, and would not let us use our amplifiers.

Sound files are from the CD "Move and Rock" (Collector Records)


  1. Thanks! Looked up something else on this label at one point. Interesting story, not sure if my parents would have let me have a recording studio in the basement

  2. I've also got a rekkid on this label.....neat story

  3. My father O.C. (Oscar) Davidson wrote the lyrics to Lucky Star. To my knowledge did not sing it