Monday, September 20, 2010

Bebo Singleton on Stentor

Bebo Singleton
with Jeff and the Notes

Stentor RH 101

CP-2242 – The Shrine of the Echoes RN-45-1

CP-2243 – Feeny Jones RN-45-2

Syracuse, New York label.

George "Bebo" Singleton is the brother of Jimmy Singleton on Devere.

Jeff and the Notes were Jeff Chappelle, Nick Russo, Brian Saunders and Doug Macabelli.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Terry K And The Blue Boys

Terry K And The Blue Boys
Vocal by Terry Kruithoff

17897 - Harbor Of Your Heart
17898 - You'll Never Know

Terry Kruithoff' next release was as by Terry K and the Blue Drifters on Northland (Kalamazoo, MI label).


Jackie Peterson & the Paramounts

Jackie Peterson & the Paramounts

Warwick 127/128

15169 - Funny Man
15170 - Because You're Mine

According to Buckeye Beat website,

Jackie Peterson and the Paramounts were a Cleveland band in the greaser groove that released one 45 on the Warwick label. The record seems to have been a local hit, as used copies turn up regularly.

In 1972 Capitol released a 45 by Jackie, with no band accredation, that was recorded in Cleveland. The record is in the 'soft rock' style of the time.


Oh My God, They Baked His Face

LP Oh My God, They Baked His Face
Rite 30207 / 30208

The third LP in a series of albums made by University Of Rhode Island students & featuring a variety of musical styles, mostly folk. 500 copies were pressed.

* Another Day; John Armitage & Jim Mitchell
* Someday Brother; Valerie & Kenneth Southern
* Greensleeves; Rick Cyge
* March Song; Bruce Foulke
* Please Don't Go; John Dyson
* Any Day Woman; Rick Cyge & Lev Wharton
* Spring Song; Sue Gifford, Jean Martin, Dori Littman, Dave Tornquist
* Circle Go Round; Vinne Petronio'
* Michael; Valerie Southern
* Anyway You Want It; Sweet Rush (John Hyland, Fred Brome, Fred Macarri, Paul Henry, Tony Foley)


Monday, September 13, 2010

James And The Swanees on Melon

James And The Swanees

Melon 101

40111 - I Shall Love the Lord
(Emma L. Phillips, Bruce Jones Music BMI)

40112 - Lord, We Need You All The Time

A product of Log Cabin Records - P.O.65 Pageland S.C.


Black gospel

Source : eBay (lizgarzonp, North Carolina)

Almost certainly a label owned by Bruce Jones. Bruce Jones is a member of the Jones Brothers and the Log Cabin Boys.

Pageland, home of the Melon label, has an annual Watermelon Festival Parade.

Brian Hough, Pageland Mayor
and one of his tasty watermelons

(picture credit : Brian Hough blog)


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Abby Lee and the Jesters on Reed

Label shot from the back cover of White Label LP 8932

Abby Lee and the Jesters

Reed 1025

CP-2081 ~ I Want Your Lovin'

CP-2082 ~ Waitin'

Both wr Inez Barr, Double M Music


Dennis Goodrich - Liz-De Records

Dennis Goodrich

Liz-De 518

29153 - Happiness is Lovin' You
(D.Goodrich, Goodrich Music BMI)

29154 - ?

Country produced by Dennis and Betty Goodrich

Liz-De Records

Lorain, Ohio

All releases: Dennis Goodrich

Yesterdays' Love / My Baby's Gone

My Love For You/Love High As..Mountain


Happiness is lovin' you / ?

So Nice/Hose That Is Empty


Love and Happiness / Come on In


Tami De on Forest View

Tami De

Forest View 001

25019 . I Traded My Class Ring SAMPLE
(Barbara Burgess, Pinpoint BMI)

25020 - How Many Times Can A Broken Heart Break

Music arr. by Jim Goodman


Label almost certainly owned by Dennis “Dink” Burgess (1922 — 2009) of Bedford, Indiana. He owned the Dink Burgess Enterprises in Nashville in the early sixties and managed Rusty (Ko Ko) Adams ( the Country Clown doing comedy with Webb Pierce with his on the Road show), and Pete Jones & Barbara Burgess (Pic Records), among othjers.

The label released at least another record : Troy Que (Forest View 002), also pressed by Rite Records.

Label picture & sample : eBay (parkersrc)


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Sounds of Hillsborough High School Stage Band

Hillsborough High School Stage Band
Directed by Tom Ziegelhofer

LP "The Sounds Of"


Side One

1. Percolator – Music by Jay Beckenstein ; arranged by Keith Foley
2. What I Did For Love – Marvin Hamlisch, Ed Kishan ; arranged by Joh Higgins
3. Birdland – Joseph Zawinul ; arranged by Larry Kerchner
4. The Seduction (Love Theme) – Giogio Mororoder, arran. Keith Foley (BMI)
Alto Sax Solo Mike Scaglione

Side Two

5. Gonna Fly Now – Arranged by Jay Chattaway
6. Look For the Silver Lining – Arranged by Sammy Nestico
7. Fame – Arranged by Bob Lowden
8. The Best of Eart, Wind and Fire – Arranged by Bob Lowen
- 1. That’s The Way of the World
- 2. September

Directed by Tom Ziegelhofer

Recorded at Paragon Music Studios,
Tampa, Florida

Trumpet Section: Eli Cruz, Randy Curioso, Eddie Ortiz, Guy Brown, Lazzaro Palma

Trombones: Robert Linn, Tony Brown, Brian Watton

Saxophones: Alto - Mike Scaglione, Tenors - Joe Teston, Russell Couch, Mike Vega, Baritone sax - Dwayne Penton

Rythym Section: Wayne Gallops - Piano/Electric piano, Scott Meyers - Guitar, Al Smith - Bass Guitar, Mike Drungo - Percussion/drums, Shawn Carroll - Drums

Hear "Birdland" at YouTube

Posted by Randy Curioso
(click the picture above)


Sunday, September 5, 2010

R. Smith and the Caveman Band

Vocal by R. Smith and the Caveman Band


CP- 6621 ~ These Old Hills

CP- 6622 ~ White Rose Gal
(wr Ned Williams)


My guess is that R. Smith is Roger Smith whose name popped up on various labels such as Claudra, Red Bird, AFS (57), Air (59-60), Star-X and Jerome (61). All these recordings, like this release on Caveman, are song-poem recordings.

Some are attempts to rock and roll, but the results are always contrived, not preventing their inclusion on RnR compilation. See Rockin' Country Style.

Was he also the vocalist doing "Because Of You" on the budget label Prom Hit backed by the Scott Brady (a.k.a. Enoch Light) and his Orchestra in the mid-fifties? Was he recording as vocalist of a big band before WW II? Probably.

The Caveman label was located in Wolf Lake, Illinois. See ASPMA.


Friday, September 3, 2010

Capris on Destiny


Destiny 500

CP-4353 ~ Ballad of a Dee Jay

CP-4354 ~ Comanche


First release on the label. Destiny Records was owned By Robert Sellers and run from a location in downtown Lorain that was shared with WWIZ Radio. Most of the records were recorded at Audio recording.

Bob Sellers had a morning radio show on WWIZ AM/1380, on which he was known as 'Bob Jefferies' or 'B.J. the DJ,' derived from the on-air nickname given him by radio listeners.' Mr. Sellers was "well-known as a local disk jockey 'The Polka King' and was a talent manager in the 1960's." He operated a popular cocktail lounge in downtown Lorain at the same time.

Label discography :

Guitarist Ron Zehel, co-writer of "Comanche" was a member of Ronnie and the Rainbows (on Landa and Clevetown) and later of The Showmen on Soul Kitchen.

Ron Zehel eventually ran a chain of music stores bearing his name.