Thursday, December 31, 2009

Arnold Van Winkle on Jalyn 327

Arnold Van Winkle and The Gospel Meltones (A Side)
22355 ~ Old Brush Arbors / I See A Bridge
Arnold Van Winkle and Doyle Crawford with Paul Fox & Kelly Caudill (B Side)
22356 ~ Way Up On The Mountain / I'm Ready To Go Home
Jalyn EP 327, Rite Acct. #448 - Issued 1968

This elusive release fills a gap in Jack Lynch's Jalyn Records discography and may be the final recording made by Arnold Van Winkle in a fairly prolific recording career. I met him and purchased records from him in the 1990's as he had discovered some of his recordings had become valuable and he was able to find records he had given to family members years earlier and resell them. He grew up in Richmond, Indiana and his first recording was probably on the Singable label. He then recorded a nice bopper on Larry Short's Ruby label. The photo below was shot in 1957 in the Ruby Recording Studio in Hamilton, Ohio.
He created a rockabilly classic in 1960 with "Servant Of Love" on Poor Boy 111 which was re-released in 1962 on Walton 003. If one existed, a full biography of Arnold would be interesting!

Jalyn photos courtesy of No Hit Records with special thanks to Malcolm Chapman.

Kentucky Cut-Ups on Sunset

Kentucky Cut-Ups - Sunset 6119
7909 ~ God Gave You To Me
7910 ~ Blue Ridge Cabin Home

This bluegrass release by the Kentucky Cut-Ups is possibly from Kentucky but can't be certain. It is one of the earliest to have the O/M designation on the label. By 1962, Rite had different sales plans that artists could select from to create and purchase their records. A good possibility is O/M represents one of those plans. O/M could stand for Original Master indicating the artist did not use Rite studios to record their songs but recorded them elsewhere and delivered the masters to Rite. Logically this would have been a less expensive option since it did not include any studio time.

Photos courtesy of Barney Koumis at No Hit Records with special thanks to Malcolm Chapman.

Rev. E Peake on Fink

Rev. E Peake

Fink Records

33635 - Power Lord (part I)
33836 - Power Lord (part 2)

Black gospel sermon produced in 1974 by Joe Goldstein.

Fink Records was owned by Bill Johnson (he owned also Pinewood Records).

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Lou Millet on Go

Lou Millet & the Western Swingers

Go 200/1

CP-6353 ~ Uncle Earl
CP-6354 ~ A Fallen Angel

Lou Millet was born in 1926 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He learned to play the guitar when was 16 years old and soon formed his own band called "The Melody Ramblers". That band stayed together for about four years and appeared on several radio stations in the area including WLCS and WJBO as well as WLBR in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.

Lefty Frizzell gave him his first big break and in 1953, he was still associated with Lefty, by fronting the band during one of Lefty's tours.

Lou was with the Standard Oil Company for seven years before getting into the entertainment business.

Previous his Go release (pressed in 1961 by Rite Records), Lou Millet recorded for Feature (51), Columbia (52-54), Ace (55), Ekko (56) and Republic (56).

« Uncle Earl » is a tribute to Louisiana Governor Earl K. Long (1895-1960).

“Uncle” Earl Long was committed to a mental institution following his scandalous involvement with Bourbon Street stripper Blaze Starr and an “incoherent and irrational public outburst” where he denounced opponents and shouted obscenities.

Jay Chevalier’s “The Ballad Of Earl K. Long”), Hollis (The Louisiana Coon Hunter) Albin’s “Uncle Earl Don’t Stand Alone” and Ernie Barton’s “The Battle Of Earl K. Long.” are other Earl K. Long tribute recorded songs.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Monuments on Dis-Co

The Monuments

Dis-Co 2452

15921 - I Got Another Lover sample 1
15922 - You'll Find The Way sample2

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Al Wilmot

Members of the Monuments included Steve Schwan, Al Wilmot (on bass) and Paul Walrad.

Kris Arden (Dial 2227)

Kris Arden and The Rays

Dial 2227

CP-5401 - Itching Heart
(Gertrude Feith, Nordyke BMI)

CP-5402 – Don’t Let Me Down
(Joe McCloskey, Blue Ribbon, ASCAP)

Monday, December 28, 2009

Harry Weger

Harry Weger and His Guitar

Adair 623

CP-3981 ~ Molly Darling
CP-3982 ~ Long Gone Lonesome Blues

The only record issued by Adair Records which was not recorded by Bryant Wilson, who owned the label since 1958 and recorded all the other known releases on the label.

Harry Weger
(1927-2007) and his wife Docie toured with country legend Roy Acuff in 1949 and he signed on to Terre Haute radio station WBOW later that year with a show called "Harry Weger – The Hoosier Folk Singer." He eventually put together a band and toured the country as "Harry Weger and the Hoosierland Hoedown."

In 1954, Weger signed the station on the air with his show, "Harry Weger, The Bronco Buddy – and the Big Ten Western Feature." The show became a runaway hit with thousands of children signing up for membership in the Bronco Buddy Club. Weger and his champion trick horse, Cherokee, drew massive crowds whenever they appeared live.

In the 1950’s he worked as a pit guard at the Indianapolis 500, where he made many friends. Sam Hanks, J.C. Agajanian,A.J. Foyt, Eddie Sachs and Jimmy Bryan. After Jimmy was killed at Langhorn, it prompted Harry to immortalize his friend in song. The Weger's original recording of "The Ballad of Jimmy Bryan" was issued on the René label. (Hear both sides here).

On the same René label, Harry produced The Creepers' "Jammin' Granny", a quite rare and excellent rockabilly, engineered in Nashville by Jack Logan.

The Wegers operated a record store in downtown Terre Haute for 16 years and he became a member of the Wabash Valley Country Music Hall of Fame.

Terry Haughee presenting to Harry Weger and his wife
at Wabash Valley Musician's Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony - Class of 1995

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Jim Akins on Marlo 1530

Jim Akins

Marlo 1530

OM 11359 - Walkin’ The Road Of Love

OM 11360 - Answer From Heaven

James David Akins, better known as "Jim Akins," the youngest of three children was born January 6th 1944 in Ste. Genevieve, Missouri. Read more Here.

His second release (of four) on Marlo Records, recorded in Memphis in the Fernwood studio with "The Bill Black Combo" and brass section arranged by Bill Justis. This record got him appearances on Russ Carter's "St. Louis Hop," at KSD-TV St. Louis Missouri and George Kline's "Dance Party," WHBQ-TV in Memphis Tennessee.

Jim Akins, often Presley-ish sounding, has been much overlooked by the music compilers. His only compiled track, according to Rockin' Country Style, is "Floating On A Cloud" which was issued in 1980 on a LP titled "The Other Kings" by Revival Records, OakPark Illinois.

Jim Akins page from the Revival LP book

Kenneth Rice on Diplomat

Diplomat 62

8539 ~ I Feel Blue (D-700)
8540 ~ Carol (D-701)

Both sides of Diplomat 62 were compiled by Stomper Time Records (Fernwood Rhythm 'n' Blues, STCD 17).

According to Dave Travis, author of the booklet notes, "Kenneth Rice came from Hattiesburg, Mississippi and, from correspondance in the Fernwood files, it is clear that he pitched tapes of his songs to Slim Wallace [owner of Fernwood Records] on several occasions. Finally Slim picked up on the two songs featured here, but, for some reason, lost in the mists of time, licensed the single to Eddie Bond's Diplomat label. This would seem to be Kenneth's only release."

Diplomat 63
9599 - I Want You To Be My Baby D-702
9600 – Cry Myself To Sleep D-703

Kenneth Rice (not to be confused with the RnB drummer also known as Spider Webb) had actually a second release on the same label, which may have been or may have not been the Diplomat label owned by Eddie Bond.

My opinion is that Diplomat was a custom (and different) label owned by Kenneth produced by Fernwood Records.

The second record belongs, like his first, to the "teen" genre, not to Rhythm and Blues genre, like the inclusion in the Stomper Time CD could tend to suggest.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Riley Family

Riley Family
Accompaniment : Naoma Carpenter

CP-2945 - I Know You Heard My Prayer
CP-2946 - Where Shall I Be On That Day

Riley Family Records
R.R. # 1
Casstown, Ohio

Bob Rule and the Rays (Dial 2219)

Bob Rule and the Rays

CP-4723 – That’s my Desire, Dear
(Tennessee Cooper,Fighter Music BMI)

CP-4724 – The Santa Claus Polka
(Al Valentine, BMI)

Dial 2219

Hear both sides HERE, courtesy of The Wonderful and the Obscure blog.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Donna Kramer on Country Boy

Donna Kramer

29867 - A Bowl Of Cherries
29868 - My Memories Of You

Country Boy 102
Rite account # 5494

Primitive country on a label owned by Howard Vokes out of New Kensington, Pa.

Sample (both sides)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Smiley Weaver on Nightlife

Smiley Weaver

36397 - "Rock-A-Bye" Baby Blues - sample
36398 - What Makes Her Come From Your House To Mine

Label : Nightlife
Producer : David Arthur


"Rock-A-Bye" Baby Blues was penned - and originally sung - by Billy Jack Wills (the youngest brother of Bob Wills) (MGM Records, 1950).

Les Gilliam-Smiley Weaver and Buck Trent - 2004

Smiley Weaver is a famed steel guitarist who has worked with such legends as Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys and with both the Johnnie Lee Wills band and the Miller Brothers band.

Jimmy Kirk and the Dreamers

Jimmy Kirk and the Dreamers

8963 – I Am A Dreamer
8964 – Burning Love

Klub 3110

Sample (both sides)

Various sources give the address of Klub Records as Greenville, South Carolina (that's where all the late releases on the label were recorded, at the Mark Five Studios). Yet I suspect that the Klub label was actually rather based in Asheville, North Carolina, at least in the first years.

George Brady & the Kingsmen

George Brady & the Kingsmen

CP-5291 - Tell Me! Why?
CP-5292 – Within My Heart

Happy Hearts 118
2213 Christine Street
Wayne, Michigan


Monday, December 7, 2009

Norm Burns (Sterling 449)

Norm Burns & Singers
23443 - Baby Give Me Some Lovin’
(Roy Lee Lewis & Lew Tobin)
Arranger : Ted Casher

23445 – Golden Moments
(Dorothy Taylor & Lew Tobin)
Arranger : Lew Tobin
Sterling 449

Both sides of this song-poem record can be heard HERE., courtesy of Bob Purse
(The Wonderful & the Obscure blog)
[A look at some of the more remarkable items found during 25 years of collecting all manner of recordings]

Scooter Gill and the Accents

Phantom Wheels
(Marion Carpenter)
River 1313, side 1

13818 - Suicide
(Orin Gill)
River 1313, side 2

LTC Orin J. "Scooter" Gill, born on May 2, 1947, passed away at his home on Wednesday, March 26, 2008.
A native of Biloxi, Mississippi, Orin proudly served his county for 23 years in the United States Army. He especially enjoyed his tours of duty in Korea and the Republic of Panama. Orin earned numerous awards and distinctions during his 23 years of service, to include the Legion of Merit and the Defense Meritorious Service Medal.
Orin was a 1965 graduate of Biloxi High School and a 1969 graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi.
He was a very talented guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter, playing in many bands from the age of 13 onwards. He loved to cook, and his gumbo was a Thanksgiving Day tradition each year.

[From Orin Gill tribute page]

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dixie Rock on North American - 1975

Dixie Rock - North American 1753
35983 ~ Some Day
35984 ~ Wind Bag
Jackson , MS - Rite Acct. #5938

Nice southern rock 45 with great guitar solos from 1975. Recorded by David Huff at Huff Recording in nearby Forest, Mississippi, and mixed at North American Recording Corp. this 45 was then released on the North American label. It is a black label with dark silver print and has been lighten for better readability.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Norm Burns on Heaven's Isle

Lew Tobin's Orchestra & Chorus
Vocal: Norm Burns - Heaven's Isle 101
13851 ~ I'd Like To See Old Ireland
13852 ~ Cape Cod Polka
Cape Cod, MA - Rite Acct. # 111

This song-poem 45 was previously documented on the ASPMA website without any Rite pressing information. With the 45 in-hand we now have the matrix and account numbers showing it to be from 1965 and related to the Sterling label of Boston, MA.

Both songs were written by Shirley Nickerson and I'm sure she was pleased by Lew Tobin and Norm Burn's efforts. The term song-poem refers to the industry of setting poems or lyrics to music for a fee and pressing a limited number of 45's for the writer. They preyed on people's desire to be famous and rich and as long payment was received in full in advance created some of the worst music ever recorded. Many are now sought after because they are famously bad.

Photos courtesy of Leonard Yates.

Linda Sue on Clark Country

Linda Sue - Clark Country No #
38817 ~ Our Man Elvis
38818 ~ You're Still The King
Goshen, Ohio - Rite Acct. #6432

Recorded late in 1977, this country 45 was one of the 100's of Elvis tribute records issued in the months after his death. Grace Clark owned the label and the publishing company and was truly located out in the country just east of Cincinnati, Ohio.

Photos courtesy of Leonard Yates.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Identifiers Sing and Play Gospel

Sing and Play Gospel

Label : ID


31677 -

31678 –
Goodbye World Goodbye
Keep On The Firing Line
Onward Christian Soldiers

Gayle Russ on Gale

9731 - You Walked Out Of The Shadows
9732 - Beautiful Blue Skies

Gale G-0001
Central City, Kentucky


Gayle Russ was born in a small coal-mining community in Nelson Creek, KY on November 16, 1941. During his teenage years, he began writing and singing country and western songs. He spent his time working part-time at the local radio station, WMTA... (from his biographical notice available HERE)

Gayle Russ had a previous record on the Summit label in 1959 ("Stairway To Your Heart" b/w "She Didn't Even Say Goodbye", Rite 2311/2312).

He is now Pastor of the Boeke Road Baptist Church in Evansville, Indiana. His latest recordings in a "mellow Southern Gospel/Bluegrass type of style" can be purchased HERE (sound samples available).

Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Preludes feat. Lou Martucci

The Preludes feat. Lou Martucci

17447 ~ On My Lovin (sample)
17446 ~ Would You Believe

Little Nashville LN-0781
1610 Poinsettia Rd., Charleston, S.C.


Lou Martucci

Update [Nov. 27, 2009] : I contacted Lou who kindly answered to my questions :
I was the lead singer, and I also wrote the flip side, 'Would You Believe'. The record was produced in Nashville in 1965 by Dino Productions. I sang lead, and Joe Opatsky played lead guitar, Al Knox played rhythmn guitar, Butch Chevalier played bass, and Al Moreno was our drummer. Although we were signed by London Records, they never recieved the tapes from Dino (Carl Friend). It turns out Carl became a scam artist in those years and didn't promote anyone he recorded, although he charged all of the bands $1,000. each for 'promotion'. We ended up releasing the record on our manager's (Roger Hopkins) independent label Little Nashville based in Charleston, S.C. Roger wrote 'On My Lovin' and Boyd Cobb was his partner who handled the publishing. They weren't members of the band. In recent years I've been recording cd's in my home studio which I post on a couple of internet karaoke sites. We lost our drummer, Al Moreno, in Viet Nam. Roger Hopkins died in a tragic car accident in the late 60's. Al Knox and Joe Opatsky are both living good lives with thier families. I retired from live performing in the early 90's.

Lou Martucci

Bob Mooney on Rem

REM 350

13249 - Jug Of Wine
13250 - A Sucker Born Every Day


Almost certainly a re-issue by the REM label owner himself (Robert E. Mooney) of two songs released in 1953 on Kentucky 575, a budget subsidiary label of Rite Records.

Bob Mooney

Bobby Mooney (and his Automobile Babies) backed his brother Tommy on two 78 rpm issued by the Floto label in 1952/53. ("That's My Baby/Bingo Boogie" and "A Thousand Times Ten Thousand"/Rose Covered Garden"). The unusual name for the backing group was obviously derived from Bob Mooney's 'Automobile Baby' which was released on John Bava's Davis, West Virginia based Cozy label (#317). The Mooneys were then, as it seems, residents of Kenova, West Virginia.

Next Bob Mooney cut the single for Kentucky Records and afterwards participated with Estel Lee in the operation of the Excellent and Arvis recording labels.

In opening the Lexington studio in his own hometown, in 1960, Mooney declared, "I'm going to cut real country music records, whether they sell or not." For years, he sold REM-produced records out of the back of his car. He recorded numerous bluegrass bands from the Southwestern Ohio area.

A REM label discography can be found here.

Friday, November 20, 2009

The Falcons on Big Red

The Falcons

Big Red 56000

8624, Chicot Road
Little Rock, Ark.

10937 - Wild Hog (part 1)
10938 - Wild Hog (part 2)

Short sample

I can't find any information about these Falcons who play here a very nice instrumental. One M. Hester wrote it.

From 1963.

Compass on Schoolhouse

Compass Rises
Label : Schoolhouse

Side 1: -30633-
Sour Cream
Pharoah's Thing
Side 2: -30634-
Cleanin Up
Waltz For Barbara
Blues For Vito
Rick Lawn (Tenor Sax, Soprano Sax, Bass Clarinet, Misc. Percussion),
Joel Chase (Electric Piano),
Tom Ives (Electric Bass, Flugelhorn),
Al Calone (Drums),
Smelly (conga drums)

Recorded November 17, 18 & 19, 1972 in Marblehead, Mass.

It's some 40 years ago, now, that "Compass" was born in Oneonta, New York. There were 3 young jazzers just starting to play together in area clubs back then: Joel Chace [piano] from Walton, Tom Ives [bass] from Schenevus, and Al Colone [drums] from Oneonta. They'd perform as the Joel Chace Trio, the Tom Ives Trio, or the Al Colone Trio, depending on who booked the gig. Then in 1971 Rick Lawn, a young saxophonist, a Philadelphia native, and a recent grad of Rochester, New York's Eastman School of Music, came to town to become an instrumental music teacher with the Oneonta Public School System. Lawn, a practicing and active jazz musician, was looking to continue playing jazz in his new hometown, and, through his research, easily discovered the trio of Chace, Ives, and Colone. The group got together and began to rehearse, quickly finding out there was a connection, a common interest in performing, and that they could produce a unique and creative blend of jazz. That may have been what ultimately led to the naming of the quartet, "Compass"; the group played jazz in every direction.

"Compass" began to test its newfound style and energy by booking performances on college campuses, mostly colleges and universities based in New York State. The band self-produced a demo-album entitled "Compass Rises" in 1972, which featured original compositions written and arranged by Lawn and Ives. "Compass" was one of five groups on a promotional program that opened the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in 1972.

For more info & biographies of band members : click here.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bluegrass Kats on Playhouse

Bluegrass Kats

Playhouse 1159
Playhouse Productions
P.O. Box 61
Monroe, NC

35451 ~ Fox On The Run
35452 ~ Little Bessie

The Bluegrass Kats performing "Fox On The Run" in a local place
called The Dead Dog Saloon in Myrtle Beach, SC

"Fox on the Run" with lyrics by Tony Hazzard was first recorded by the British band Manfred Mann as a single issued 29 November 1968. It was introduced to bluegrass by Bill Emerson and quickly became a bluegrass favorite. The original can be heard HERE.
Fox on the run

She walk through the corn leading down to the river
Her hair shone like gold in the hot morning sun
She took all the love that a poor boy could give her
And left me to die like the fox on the run
Like the fox, like the fox, like the fox, like the fox on the run

Everybody knows the reason for the fall
When woman tempted man down in paradise's hall
This woman tempted me alright, then took me for a ride
But like the lonely fox I need a place to hide

* Refrain

Come take a glass of wine and fortify your soul
We'll talk about the world and friends we used to know
I'll illustrate, a girl put me on the floor
The game is nearly up, the hounds are at my poor

* Refrain

Gospel Trio (H.G.P. Records)

Gospel Trio

H.G.P. Records
P.O. Box 1364
Orangeburg, South Carolina

34703 - Jesus You've Been Good To Me
(Jerome Loyd)

34704 - If I've Got My Ticket
(Albertha Richburg)