Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hawkeye Hawkins (Hawkins 104)

Hawkeye Hawkins
The Lonesome Rambler

CP-1867 — I'm the Big Wheel In This Town Town Town
Hawkins, Double "M" Music Co. (BMI)

CP-1868 — Wabash Cannon Ball

Hawkins Records 104
608 N. 24th St.  Apt. B, Birmingham 4, Alabama

 For his other records, see Hawkins discography

Hobart Hearl Hawkins

Hawkeye Hawkins

was one of the first pioneers to travel cross country in the 20s & 30s singing and playing his guitar and harmonica, performing on street corners in small towns and cites, selling his 78 rpm records, traveling with two suitecases, one with his clothes and the other one with his record-cutting machine.

He fought both WW I and WW2  was captured, prisoner for four years, escaped and made his way to relatives in Wales (UK) and they helped him to get back to the US.  Lived with his wife  in Springfield, Missouri , then in Indiana when he lived for a few years. This is where he started singing and traveling again and went to California where he found job as character actor in several movies and TV series. 

Moved to Nashville, performed the Grand Ole Opry with Uncle Dave and later with Roy Acuff.  He ended up in Birmingham,  Alabama where he had his own TV show and performed on the  Country Boy Eddie show until he passed away on November 11, 1969.

Source : The Live & Times Of Hawkeye Hawkins, by his grand-son Buddy Durbin 

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