Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Grass Company on Sound

The Grass Company

Sound 181

21703 – Once A Days

21704 - Once A Child

[ 1968 ]

Band from Canada produced by Johnny Powers.

Pictures of labels and audio:

The Grass Company
Pictured from left to right are: Dave Myles, Phil Goodwin, Brian McLellan, Jim Chevalier and Kim Mitchell
Picture credit:


The Sounds Of Soul on Top-Flight

The Sounds Of Soul
Lead Selma Kirkendall

Top-Flight Records

2365 Pennsylvania St.
Gary, Indiana

40797 - That's How Strong God's Love Is
40798 - Shedrack, Meshack, Abednego

[ 1979 }


Picture & audio : tims-amazing-stuff (eBay, Dayton, OH)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Wallace Chapman and Blue Grass State Band

Picture credit : web45 (eBay, Harrisburg Pa.)

Wallace Chapman and Blue Grass State Band


27393 - I'm Just Waiting
27394 - I Found God At Last

[ 1971 ]

The Robertson Family - I’ve Got My Heart Set On Heaven

The Robertson Family

LP I’ve Got My Heart Set On Heaven

"I Should Have Been Crucified" is one of the album tracks. No other details. Cover and track found at ArtWork by Manic Mark


Marilyn Sizemore Staton

Marilyn Sizemore Staton

LP Across The Bridge There's No More Sorrow

[ 1976 ]

side one - 37371

I Won't Have To Worry Anymore
Oh What A Happy Day
Tears Are A Language
Standing Room Only
Without Jesus

side two - 37372

I'm Going Up
Will You Be Ready
One More Valley
I Never Shall Forget That Day
Grandpa's Gone To Glory
Across The Bridge There's No More Sorrow

Veseli Tamburitzans

Veseli Tamburitzans featuring Rose Husnick

LP "More Of Veseli"

Peppermint Productions 1019

Rite numbers 31003/31004
[ 1973 ]

Side one

Mirjana 4:35
Waltz Medley 2:30
Cossack Love 2:45
Da Nije Ljubavi 6:15
Pred Tvojom Skolom 3:40

Side two

More 2:40
Rumanian Hora 2:10
Zivot Sam Ti Draga Dao 4:37
Fox Trot Medley 3:40
Sliku Tvoju Ljubim 5:40

Veseli Tamburitzans :

1st Brac - Fred Husnick
2nd Brac - Ron Rendulic
Cello - Paul Cubakovic
Bass - James Husnick
Bugarija - Steve Namesnik
Featured - Vocalist Rose Husnick

Fred Husnick
RD #1 Box 29
Brookfield, Ohio 44403

Recorded at Peppermint Productions, Youngstown, Ohio (for history of Peppermint Productions, go HERE

Cover Picture and information, thanks to recordo obscura blog (has audio of both sides)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Roy Maples & Ewell Tipper on Happy Hearts

Roy Maples & Ewell Tipper
with the Country Gospel Singers

Happy Hearts 104

CP-4827 ~ When The Lord Comes Knockin'
CP-4828 ~ The Keeper Of My Heart


sample (both sides)

Roy Maples
Born June 20, 1940 in Decatur, Alabama where much of his young years were spent in the cotton fields. At the age of 13 Roy came to Michigan where he now lives with wife Rayetta and 3 children Billy, Pamela and John. Roy's favorite hobby is building race cars. He has built 3 stock cars in the past and now owns a modified 1932 Chevrolet stock car. He started playing music at the age of 17. Roy came to know the Lord as his personal Savior in 1959 and has been singing his praises since. [From That Beautiful Land -- PLP157 -- Pathway Records]


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mary Daniels on Oak

picture credit : heilrecords (eBay)

Mary Daniels

15413 - You Ain't Never Gonna Change
(Jimmie Skinner, Jimmie Skinner Music, Bmi)

15414 - Prison Walls Of Love
(Evelyn & Goldie Brown) Richwell Pub. Bmi


country possibly from Kentucky

B-side written by Evelyn [Bowen] & Goldie Brown who, with Rose Howard, were sisters and were known as the Acorn Sisters. From Kentucky, the three sisters recorded for Joe Grieshop's Acorn Records, Starday and Boone.

No info on Mary Daniels or this Oak label.


The Gospel Shepherds on Anderson

The Gospel Shepherds


21417 - In Times Like These
21418 - This Little Light Of Mine


Black Gospel not listed in this Anderson label discography

Sample 1

Sample 2


Jim Lauri on JBL

N. Hoy – drums
C. Chapman – bass
B. Cook – guitar
R. Falls – guitar


14267 - Movin Away
14268 - Whatusi

(Jim Lauri wrote both sides)

RaeBets Productions, Kalamazoo, Michigan


Both sides (credit : eBay (henrymox)


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Austin George on Jessup

Austin George

Jessup 201

19561 - You Only Want Me When You’re Lonely
19562 - Paper Face



"You Only Want Me When You’re Lonely" is a rather chaotic cover of the Gene Autry song issued in 1946

Sample (both sides)


Little Boyd on Boyd

Pictures credit : the_squale (eBay)

Little Boyd and The Blues Bees

Boyd 191-1

CP-2531 ~ Harmonica Rock
CP-2532 ~ Don't Leave Me Baby


Note : the record number [191-1] means the first release of the Rite account #191]

Harmonica Rock

Don't Leave Me Baby

Little Boyd

(from the cover of the Styletone LP Oldies But Goodies (Various Artists)

Boyd, possibly Louis Boyd, was born August 24, 1924, in Carthage, Mississippi. He fell under the influence of John Lee « Sonny Boy » Williamson’s harmonica playing, and spent some time with bluesmen Elmore James and Rice Miller before coming to Cincinnati in the late fifities. Boyd claimed to have cut recordings for his Boyd label at a Fortune Studio (untraced) in Cincinnati around 1957-1958. He had recorded also four (rather undistinguished) sides backing Smokey Smothers at King in 1962, including « Way up in the Mountains of Kentucky, » which names several Kentucky locations. He left Cincinnati in 1964 or 1965 for Los Angeles, where he recorded for the Lamga and Styletone labels owned by Mike Hooks. He soon vanished altogether from the recording and performing scene.

(source : Steven C. Tracy : "Going to Cincinnati - A History of the Blues in the Queen City, book)


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dr. James D. Woodard on Soul Temple Of God

Dr. James D. Woodard

Soul Temple of God Records Inc.
J.D. Woodard/ 53 Azalea Garden - Hampton, Va. 23369

33455 - Put Your Hand In The Hand
33456 - Jesus Never Fail

C.M.C. Studio, Newport News, Va.


Black gospel

Jesus Never Fail

Pictures and and sound file credit : eBay diji1978 (Aug. 6, 2010)


Saturday, August 7, 2010

Harmony Twins - EP on Country Gospel Singing

Harmony Twins
[Virl & Virlin Stalnaker]

Country Gospel Singing

20521 - I'm On My Way To Glory / Life's Railway To Heaven
20522 - Are You Washed In The Blood / Jesus Saviour Pilot Me

"Our Goal is not money, but salvation to the lost at any cost"
Every First Sat. - 7:30 PM - Everyone Welcome - Free Admission
City Hall, Strongsville, Ohio

This record is from Strongsville OH produced by local bluegrass gospel DJ Bill Floyd--The Twins were originally from West Virginia--vocally they sound just like the Everly Brothers--their twin guitar sound is like that of the Delmore Brothers--if you close your eyes and listen, the recordings sound like the Delmore's late 40s King sides [source: eBay, rockined, Cleveland, Ohio]

" I'm On My Way To Glory" was also released in 1963 on a Bryte Records single and in 1964 on their LP on Country Gospel Singing.

From Stein Hospice News (Summer 2010) :

Twin boys Virl and Virlin Stalnaker made a pact when they were growing up in West Virginia: We’ll stay together until the end.

Through World War II, marriages, a musical career and retirement, the twins have kept their word. Now both men are patients with Stein Hospice. At the Ohio Veterans Home, where the twins share a room, Virl pushes Virlin around in his wheelchair and helps feed him. The men used to dress alike – jeans, flannel shirt and leather vest – but these days Virlin is more comfortable wearing loose fitting clothes.

The two have only been separated from each other on a few occasions, the longest being a month when Virl moved to Ohio for a job in the early 1950s. As soon as he got his driver’s license, Virl returned to West Virginia to pick up Virlin. The twins enlisted in the U.S. Navy on the same day and served on the same ship.

After they got out of the service, they started their musical career. They became the Harmony Twins and played country music on the radio and performed with some of the stars of the day such as the Everly Brothers and Brenda Lee. Later they turned to gospel music. Both men married within a few years of each other and lived in New Philadelphia, around the block from each other. Virlin’s son died in infancy and the couple never had any more children. Virl had four children. Virl’s daughter Beverly Grant said it was like having two dads. “We didn’t consider one without the other,” she said.

After both men were widowed they moved in together. Virlin had a stroke and went to a nursing home, and Virl moved to the assisted living wing. But at night Virl would take a pillow and blanket and head to Virlin’s room to sleep on the floor next to his brother. The family knew that arrangement couldn’t last so they looked for a new home where the twins could be in the same room. Virl and Virlin moved to the Ohio Veterans Home in September 2008 and became Stein patients in May.


Charlene Kelly on Gospel Empire

Charlene Kelly

Gospel Empire

27439 –Heaven Will Never Welcome A Sweeter Mama / One More River
27440 - Sheltered In The Arms Of God / My Troubles Just All Roll Away

Lead guitar - Richard Van Winkle
Mandolin - Charles Smith
Bass guitar - Charlene Kelly
Vocal and Rhythm guitar - Clayton Kelly

Recorded at C.E.I. Studios, Fremont, Ohio

 Gospel Empire was a subsidiary of Robert T. Brown's Courier-International Records located in Fremont, Ohio.

This record is not listed in the Courier/CEI labels discography available HERE


Friday, August 6, 2010

Norm Burns (Sterling 336)

Lew Tobin’s Orchestra
Vocal : Norman Burns

Sterling 336

14415 – A Moment of Happiness (Marin H. Gonzalez & Lew Tobin)
14416 – Seaman Blues (Hattie Clayton Fields)


Source: The Wonderful and the Obscure

"cucurucucu paloma is one of the sadest songs in our latin language,i have been asked to try and translate the mening to the inglish language ,it is not easy,but i think i have come close,it is a hard song for me to sing ,but i did the best that i can,i hope some boby likes it.marin"

My intuition is that is the same Marin Gonzalez who is the writer of the Sterling A-side.


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Peggy Caudill and the Country Squires

Peggy Caudill and the Country Squires

Cabut 1016
8 Mohican St.
Shelby, Ohio

24579 - I Met The Master
24580 - How Great Thou Art

Source : E-bay (seller : helterzoon)

See auction

Cabut Records discography


The Butler Family of Canton Ohio

The Butler Family of Canton Ohio
Thanks to Joe Leek - lead guitar

True Gospel Records
2126 Fletcher, N.E., Canton, Ohio 44705

28593 - Gettin' Ready Today (Joe Hatfield) / Crippled Boys Prayer (Wm. L. Carter)
28594 - It That Isn't Love / If Jesus Said It

"Bluegrass Southern Country Gospel" (E-Bay, seller : helterzoon)

See auction


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rod Brown on K-Ark

Rod Brown

K-Ark 101

CP-2705 -Would You Baby Doll?
CP-2706 - Willow of Love


Monday, August 2, 2010

Bob Spencer & T. Taylor on Spencer

Picture credit : Scott Cheesebrew

Bob Spencer & T. Taylor
Accompanied by The White Tower Gospel Band
guitarist: J. Sizemore

14831 - Move Up A Little Closer / On The Mountain With Jesus


Bob Spencer & T. Taylor
Accompanied by the Pentecostal Travelers
guitarist: Pete Nance

14832 - Man Of Faith / He Will Calm The Troubled Waters

Spencer Records E.P. 501

Country/bluegrass gospel bopper. Record found at the Ohio Valley Sound blog. For more info - and two audio files - go HERE


Teardrops on Colvin

Music dir. G Layne

Colvin 777

CP-3513 ~ Let’s Dance
CP-3514 ~ I Know


Black vocal group on a Birmingham, Alabama label owned by Charlie Colvin.