Monday, October 30, 2017

Yal Henry's White House Ten on Roxie

Yal Henry's White House Ten

CP-4659 - Sullivan's Dream
CP-4660 - Gypsy Wedding Day
Harry McGinty - Netta Morris; McGinty Music

Roxie 249

Harry McGinty, who composed the music of "Gypsy Wedding Day" owned the Roxie label. Lyrics are from the pen of Netta Symes Morris, a one-time singer with the Royal Opera House in London, and Dean of the Institute of Fine Arts in Miami.
"Sullivan's Dream" is an instrumental.  The uncredited female singer on "Gypsy" is possibly Cara Stewart.
A discography of Roxie Records can be found here

Rowland Clarke on Rowark

Rowland Clarke

36115 - Bottle On The Table
36116 - Amtrack 302

Rowark Records

Recorded at RPM Recording Studios, Madison, Ill.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Sophia Austin, Jr. (A-B Record Co.)

Sophia Austin, Jr.

32095 - Love, Love Your Man
Sophia Austin
32096 - Save Your Love
Clark C. Bennings

A-B Record, Co.

A for Austin, B for Bennings I guess.  "earthy ethereal inept Soul" according to this ebay listing


Friday, October 20, 2017

Wanted : Sue Noble on Su-No

Sue Noble

Black Is Black (40" clip only alas)

Su-No Records

b/w Daddy Frank

Early-1970s private pressing by Su-No Records-- --Unusual take on the Los Bravos hit

Sound clip & label from ebay saved some six years ago. Comment above was from the seller. How right he is.  Certainly unusual. Su-No obviously was Sue Noble's own label, that's all I can say.  Never see this record again.   I certainly would like to hear the complete song.  

Please leave a comment if you have any info on this record and/or on Sue Noble.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Mike Tate (Bill Lamb Productions)

Mike Tate
TNT & Friends

37277 - B-U-I-C-K
37278 - Cadillac Cowboy

Recorded at Bill Lamb Productions
Flint, Michigan

Mike Tate was a Fisher Body #1 employee who had a country western band that played weekends at the Old Silver Rail Saloon in Flint.  He was also heard on the early morning Buick Factory Whistle Radio Show. Song tells about his job building Buicks.  Mike died in 1976.
Bill Lamb who hosted the "Buick Factory Whistle" radio show on Country WKM/FLINT, MI, which dubbed itself "the Country music capital of the north," for 26 years, and owned the BILL LAMB RECORDS store on Harrison Street in downtown Flint, passed away in 2015.

One copy is for sale here

Monday, October 2, 2017

Charlie Rash Strides Again

Charlie Rash Strides Again
(Piano Solos)

C. K. Records

Side 1 - 39987
1. Casa Loma Stomp    
2. Dina    
3. Satin Doll    
4. Doin' The Racoon    
5. 12th Street Rag    
Side 2 - 39988
1. Prince Of Wails    
2. Toot Toot Tootsie    
3. Ida    
4. Back To The Jungle    
5. Ain't Misbehavin'    
Recording: John Teachout
Idiom Recording Co.
March 28, 1978

C.K. Records
1000 S. 7th Street
Ann Arbour, Michigan

Charlie Andrew Rasch (1937-2011) was a well-known Jazz/Ragtime pianist in the Detroit area of Michigan. He was featured in about a dozen albums. He was born in Detroit and began formal piano schooling at age six. Margaret Anderson was his teacher. Under her guidance he was one of the winners of an all City of Detroit classical contest, age fourteen group.

Charlie's initial interest in jazz came from listening to his father's record collection. In the early sixties he joined up with Kate Ross, under the management of Warren Ross, to recreate ragtime and traditional jazz music.

Charlie was a graduate from the University of Michigan with an M.A. in fine arts. Upon completion of his college degrees he enlisted in the U.S. Army, served three years, returned home, and began playing piano professionally around the Ann Arbour, Detroit, Toledo area.

On December 16, 2003, a minor planet was discovered by the Catalina Sky Survey and named for him: 90397 Rasch (2003 YW4).

Acknowledgements : Charlie Rasch page at Discogs

Note : one of of his albums can be heard in full at YT here

Lois Kaye on Log Cabin

Lois Kaye

16787 - Let's Say Goodbye Like We Said Hello
16788 - He's The Only Boy

Log Cabin 911
 Bom Lois Kaye Edmiston in 1950 in Knox, Indiana; raised in Beecher.  Lois sang in the choir at Beecher high school.  “Mom and I sang with the radio when I was five years old,”  “My parents took me to a country lounge in Chicago Heights Lake-N-Park Inn with the Windy City band and convinced the band leader I should sing with them.

The place was Joe’s lounge on East End avenue and the band leader was Bill Madewell. She sang every Friday and Saturday and earned $25 a night, learning.  Jimmy Skinner, one of the many special guest artists, helped her to cut her first record on the Log Cabin label, a subsidiary of Jewel Records,  when she was 16. 

Other records followed, on Jewel Records (main Rusty York's label), on Wesco Records (a label owned by ex-rockabilly singer Bobby Sisco) and on Ovation Records with which she charted one time on the Billboard Country chart, and this is it, reaching #96 in 1979.

Cover of her Ovation album (1979)

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Debby Britten (Bejay Records)

Debby Britten
34755 - The Way We Were   
34756 - The Darktown Strutters Ball
both Shelton Brooks ASCAP


for additional copies write :
Britten Music
Drawer H
Claude, Texas 79019

Sunday, September 24, 2017

The Unpredictable "Nu-Sett"

An Inn-Timate Evening With The Unpredictable Nu-Sett
Label: Inn-Timate ‎– #IT-1001

Inn-Timate Lounge
13740 East Colfax Avenue
Aurora, CO 80011

Side 1 —  22959

1.     Devil With The Blue Dress - Good Golly Miss Molly
2 .    I'll Never Fall In Love Again
3 .   Comedy Routine, Along Came Jones
4 .   Mack The Knife
5 .   Comedy Routine    
6.   I Wonder If I Care As Much 

Side 2 —  22960

1.    Satin Doll
2.    What Kind Of Fool Am I
3.     Comedy Routine, Act Naturally
4.    Gimme A Little Sign
5.    Comedy Routine: Green Green Grass Of Home
6.    Comedy Routine: Love Me
7.    Hava Nagila

The Nu-Sett was a late sixties combo who performed the full gamut of nightclub music including lounge, pop, rock ‘n roll, jazz mixed with some comedy routines. The group included Chuck Mills from The Mastertones/Monarchs on Band Box. Chuck is yet another artist who grew up in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. Buddy Brown grew up in Denver attending Mitchell Elementary School in Denver and then Denver Manual High. He was an Adams State College student. Scotty Roberts came from Illinois, played Denver nightclubs and then joined up with Scotty. Rod Jenkins was a University of Colorado graduate and he played with the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra for a short time.

Group Members:

Buddy Brown – multiple instruments (Steppin’ Brothers – Capricios)
Scotty Roberts – bass (Sierras – Capricios)
Chuck Mills – guitar (Mastertones – Monarchs – Milt Watson’s Wildest Clan)
Rod Jenkins – percussion (Contrasts – Sunshineward – Astronauts)

Buddy Brown

Chuck Mills

Rod Jenkins

Scott Roberts


Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Rare Bach Boys

The Rare Bach Boys
KVOO Recording Service

Rarebach and Let 'Em Have It boys

Side one — CP-6819

1. That's A Plenty
2. Yes Sir, That's My Baby
3. Batttle Hymn Of The Republic
4. Darktown Strutters' Ball
5. Bye Bye Blues
6. Bill Bailey
7. Hot Damn Daddy

Side two —CP-6820

1.  Wolverine Blues
2.  Coney Island Baby
3.  Wasbash Blues
4.  Lies
5.  Oh, You Beautfiul Doll
6.  Ida, Sweet As Apple Cidar
7.  Indiana

G. H. Westby - Johnson Hill, Jr. - Carl Broman - Garth Caylor - Jack Freese
Joe Kremer - Ross Cockrell - Phil Dial - Charles March - Benton Ferguson

The "Boys" are all top executives in Tulsa companies playing Dixieland jazz.

Spotted at ebay here

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Naomi Carpenter (Log Cabin LP)

Naomi Carpenter
Naomi Sings

Log Cabin Records
no number


Side 1 — 17247

1. The Hope Of All The World
2. I See A Bridge
3. He'll Lead You Out
4. Sinner, Where Will You Stand
5. Look Out On The Fields
6. There's Peace Of Mind

Side 2 — 17248

1. Naomi
2. We Better Pray
3. This Sinful World
4/ That Lost Sheep
5. What Heaven Will Do For You
6. The Only Answer

Produced by Rusty York, recorded at Jewel Recording Studios, Mt. Healthy, Ohio
All songs written by Naomi with the exception of the words to the song "Naomi" written by Pat Dossenbach.

Born in the southern hills of Ohio, near a small town called Waterloo, Naomi Carpenter began to play an organ and sing at the age of eight.  At the age of 14, she started traveling across different states singing on radio, churches and auditoriums, trying to be a blessing to all she came in contact with.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

The Joybells (All Gospel Records)

The Joybells

27397 -   I'm Gonna Walk Talk And Sing (Whitey Gleason)

The Joybells
Featuring Little Miss Joey

27398 -  Led Out Of Bondage (Prather)

All Gospel Records
5738 Rosebury Dr.
Dayton, OH

Late 1970 or early 1971

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Sunshine Five on Tucker

Sunshine Five

30981 - Since He Came Into My Heart
30982 - Lonesome Road Blues

Tucker Records
Recorded by Rite Records Productions
Both songs written by Moss Tucker, pseudo. of Richard B. Tucker

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Sweetie Jones (Scottie)

Sweetie Jones

CP-2354 - I've Been Wrong
CP -2355 -Baby Please Don't Leave

Scottie 1312

James Randall Jones
Discography Rockin' Country Style

Bio here at the Rockabilly Hall of Fame website (with thanks for the Sweetie Jones picture)

The uncomped side (I've Been Wrong)

Monday, March 20, 2017

Wanda K. Lefler on Alvic Records

34581 - Amnesty
34582 - Rocky Top

35937 - It's Time To Cry
35938 - Johnny B. Goode

Larry J. Petrey producer
Winston May Sound
Wanda K. Lefler resided in Frankfort, Kentucky until recently.   There is a picture of her from the late 80's in The John Harrod Kentucky Fiddle Music Collection

Sunday, February 19, 2017

The Prodigal-Jerome Meriwether

The Prodigal-Jerome Meriwether

RR-42245-A - Sinner's prayer
(J.Meriwether-V. Vaughn)

RR-42245-B -Someone is Going to Meet Me

Supernatural Productions
19401 W. McNichols
Detroit, Michigan 48219

Producer : Jerome Meriwether
Assistant : Jerry Kyser
Composer : Jerome Meriwether
Music director : T. Thomas


Co-writer of the top side is Viola Vaughn, who later moved with her husband, jazz musician Sam Sanders, to Senegal, Africa,  Jerome Meriwether wrote several songs with her.  See BMI database

One 2001 article describe him as a griot and tour leader at the Motown Historical Museum :
"Motown was the heartbeat of young America," said Jerome Meriwether, griot and a tour leader at the Motown Historical Museum. "But these cats were the heartbeat of Motown."

Though they get 33,000 visitors a year -- many from Europe -- there are likely to be only four or five other guests when you arrive to join a tour led by -- if you're lucky -- Jerome Meriwether.

Meriwether, it must be said, is the kind of guy who somehow manages to get away with wearing sunglasses on a dark and stormy day.

He calls the old musicians who once hit gold in these rooms "cats.".  It also doesn't hurt that he went to school with Smokey Robinson and that his neighbors were "all the cats that were playing over here." He'll show you photos of Detroit-bred stars like Mary Wells ("My Guy"), the Supremes, the Contours and the Miracles, a display case with three pink sequined dresses worn by the Supremes, and five bright green sequined jackets from the Temptations.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Juanita Stewart Miles (Revel)

Juanita Stewart Miles
Organist : Wm. Brown
Pianist : A. Tolbert

37387 - Jesus You're My Friend 
(J. Miles, Tieway Music BMI)

37388 -  [unknown title]            

Revel Records
Dist.: Bennett's Records
3152 Delta Dr. Jackson, Ms. 39213


Detroit gospel singer, Juanita Stewart Miles had previously recorded a full album on Tieway Records. See this blog here

Ring My Door Bell

Chuck Jones and  the Links

CP-3637 - Ring My Door Bell

CP-3638  - Give My Heart A Break
B. Nelson, Nelson Pub. Co.

Belle Meade 424

Not listed in the AS/PMA discography