Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Freddie Branch & The Singing Stars

Freddie Branch & The Singing Stars
of Louisburg, North Carolina

vocal Freddy Branch

31077 - You Can't Hurry God
31078 -Search Me Jesus

both wr. F.Branch; Dora BMI)

Spiritual produced by Bill Johnson/Earl Long;

Pinewood Records
(Best of Wax)

Norfolk, Virginia

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ricki and the Alternates

Ricki and the Alternates

32825 - Oh My Dearest Darling
32826 - Buy A Dog

Raven C1739


Was found on eBay long time ago. "Recorded in 1963, but Ricki did not have the money to release it until 1974. Only the second copy I have ever seen of this local legend!!", was the comment.

The only one other release on the same Cincinnati label was by Count Baltes & The Egors (1973).


Friday, June 24, 2011

Hank Rector on Starlite

Hank Rector

CP-1502 ~ I'm Gonna Let You Go

CP-1503 ~ My One Desire

Starlite 713
Bel Air, Maryland


Patsy Cline and Hank Rector and the Rambling Rangers have been engaged for the opening of Frank Whitecavage’s New River Ranch, Rising, Md, April 19. Don Owens is doing the booking for the spot (Billboard April 13, 1959)

Playing New River Ranch, a c&w music spot at Rising Sun, Md., on May 31 were Pop Stoneman and the Stoneman Family, the Blue Grass Champs, and Hank Rector and the Rambling Rangers. (Billboard, June 8, 1959)


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Danny Edwards on Woodrich

Danny Edwards

Woodrich 1251

O-M 15499 - Just Benny And Me
(Woody Richardson, Woodrich, BMI)

O-M 15500 - You're Always Welcome At My House
(Cecil Marcum, Woodrich BMI)


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Patsy Daughbeny on MCM

Patsy Daughbeny

MCM 783

Whitsett Lane
Nashville, TN

CP-4087 – What Do I Mean to You
CP-4088 - Baby What Are You Doing To Me



Friday, June 17, 2011

Wayne Tierney on Prestige

Wayne Tierney sings
featuring. The Moonlighters

Prestige 75 326

34617 - Can't Get You Out Of My Mind
(Wayne Tierney, Lou-Sol Music BMI)

34618 - One More Time


Recorded at Bill Lamb Productions, Flint, Michigan


Max Culler on Pep

Max Culler

Pep Records 1001
713 E. MidIand St., Bay City , Michigan

11165 – Password To The Blues
(wr Max Falcon-Chet Adams)

11166 – Everything’s All Right
(wr Fred Lewis, Rusty York BMI)

C&W produced by Max Falcon



Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Cokie and the Ty Rones

Cokie and the Ty Rones

Al-Fang Records

16789 ~ Josephine
[wr.Dave Bartholomew]

16790 ~ Let's Start Anew
[wr Billups, Danzer, Caudill, Albrecht, Slattery]



Monday, June 6, 2011

Holly Worth on Plaid

Holly Worth

Plaid Records #1010

CP-6833 – Just For Today
CP-6834 – You Said That You Loved Me

Label out of Greenville, South Carolina, owned by Charles Rush


Sunday, June 5, 2011

Butchie Barnes and Ila Marie on Laurel

Butchie Barnes and Ila Marie

Laurel Records

12571 - This Heart Of Mine
12572 - All Mixed Up Inside

West Middlesex Pa [near Ohio border]



Billy Seal on Gulf-States

Billy Seal

Gulf-States Records 45-7656
P.O. Box 577

Angie, La.

24291 ~ I Made Her That Way
24292 ~ Tug Boat Man


Saturday, June 4, 2011

Raymond Carbone on Star-X

Raymond Carbone
Music by Eddie Bartel and orch.

STAR-X 502

CP-2111 ~ My Christmas Problem
(Norbert Biernat-Arthur Dietz)

CP-2112 ~ Rockin' On My Rockin' Horse
(Renee Lee-Eddie Hatrack)

August 1959 Rite repressing of Star-X 502. The original issue was pressed by RCA Records Custom Division in 1957. Ray Carbone was 13 years old when he recorded this tune, he was the brother of Jackie Carbone on Star-X, Fox and Ciro's.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Boone County Gospel Quartet

Boone County Gospel Quartet

"I'll Go With You All The Way"

Side One: (29703)

1) I'll Go With You All The Way
2) City Of Gold
3) Sheltered In The Arms Of God
4) I Just Got To Heaven
5) Three Nails

Side Two: (29704)

1) I'll Wake Up In Glory
2) A Better Place To Go
3) It May Be Old Fashioned
4) Building A Bridge
5) He Filled A Longing
6) What Heaven Means To Me


Arlene Stephenson - Piano
Eddie Drake - Lead Guitar
Danny Burton - Bass
Engineer - Carl J. Burkhardt


Green Valley Harmonaires

Green Valley Harmonaires

EP 1209

21419 – Would You Be Ready / In The Shadow Of The Cross
21420 - He Will Set Your Fields On Fire / Led By The Master's Hand

East Sparta, Ohio country gospel.

Pictures credit : http://myworld.ebay.com/twilightzonekid/


Lovechain on Westwood


24283 ~ Step Out Of Your Window, You Can Fly
24284 ~ Sadness In My Mind

Westwood 1008


"500 copies were pressed on the Westwood imprint and sold locally. The remaining copies were supposedly given away with bags of potato chips!. " Buckeye Beat has the story of this New Philadelphia, Ohio band.