Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hank Jarman on Band Box

Hank Jarman

Band Box 361

14181 - Mule Skinners Blues 
 14182 - Tomorrow Breakfast With The Blues

One more version of the classic country song written by Jimmie Rodgers and first recorded by him in 1930.



Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Futuras on Warwick

The Futuras

Warwick 129/130

16061 ~ Hurt
16062 ~ Sally

Rite account # 1074


Ken McWilliams & The Twi-Lighters

Ken McWilliams & The Twi-Lighters

Twi Lite 1002 (EP)

26805 - Drums Along Muskegon / Zodiacal Land
26806 - Gentle On My Mind (Featuring Gene Harris) /Picknina Polka (Featuring Don Kirchner)

Twi Lite 1001 - not Rite - issued Ken McWilliam' s "Sax Man Country Style" and "Devil On Death Highway", the latter a song Ken wrote about a dangerous curve on the North side of Big Rapids on old 13.

Twi Lite 1001 has ""Sound Associates Box M Grand Rapids Michigan" printed on label.


Phil Bright & Jerry Crawford

Phil Bright & Jerry Crawford

Phil and Jerry RS 4501

28925 - Winter Walking
28926 - Phil and Jerry's Guitars

Recording Services of W.N.C.
Rt. 3 Box 547
Canton, N.C.



Monday, July 26, 2010

The Mar-Vels on Vel

The Mar-Vels

Vel 300
P.O. Box 1502
Jackson, Tenn

9971 ~ Somewhere Love Is Waiting
(Charles Dyer, Pure Gold & Sandra BMI)

9972 ~ Sixteen Tons
(Merle Travis)

Produced by J.L. Exum

Sample (both sides)


Norm Burns (Sterling 615)

Sterling 615

Norm Burns And The Satellites

30863 – What Kind Of Fool Do You Think I Am? (Ronald Scott-Lew Tobin

"...a much more typical example of the run-of-the-mill bland side of the Norm Burns experience..."

Norm Burns And The Five Stars
30864 – Since You Came Into My Life (Frank G. Williams-Lew Tobin)

"Norm's painfully uncomfortable vocal - possibly the worst I've ever heard from him..."

Information, picture and comments are from "The Wonderful and the Obscure" blog.
See "The Soulful Norm Burns" (and hear both sides).


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Danny And Ivan And The Traveling Gentlemen

Danny And Ivan And The Traveling Gentlemen

Lifetime 1029

19975 - Waitin For You To Be Blue

19976 - One Foot Ahead Of The Other
(Danny Thomas, Cora Lee Music BMI)




Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Eddie Karr on Memory


Label : Memory

38655 - Elvis (Stereo)
38656 - Elvis (Mono)


Memory Records, a subsidiary of the Top Ten Inc.
Produced by Jim Richards-Eddie Karr
Wrong-Way Pub. Co. BMI
Distr. by the Top Ten Inc. Roanoke, Va. - Las Vegas - New York


Jimmy Keil on Clay

Jimmy Keil

Label : Clay
Cahokia, Illinois

22417 - As Long As You Want Me Around Dear
22418 - Trophy For A Fool




Harmony Stars (Smithville Ga.)

Harmony Stars
(Smithville Ga.)

Harmony Stars 001-002

37169 - Plant My Feet
(Arranger Willie E. Cutts)

37170 - River Of Jordan
(Arranger William Field)


Black gospel recorded at R-M Studio


Saturday, July 17, 2010

Blackie Minor (CLW 6572)

Blackie MINOR

CLW 6572

13844 - One Of A Different Kind
13843 - In Memory Of Jim Reeves

Country on Edgewater, Colorado label owned by Jim Ward

Blackie Minor
, after a release on the Denver-based Delft label directed by "Buster" Jenkins in 1964, had several singles on the CLW and at least one LP, with the Floyd Sisters. He was a regular on the Rocky Mountain Jamboree, and certainly had a local fame as one Bettye F. Kendall, 801 E. 14th Avenue, Denver started a fan club for Blackie (see Billboard, October 2, 1965).


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Leboeuf Brothers on Chroma

Leboeuf Brothers
Accompanied by Sammy Speno Combo

Chroma 1002

10823 - Tell Me Baby CLIP
10824 - From The Frying Pan CLIP


The music intro and backing of "Tell Me Baby" sounds like a soundtrack of one of these old grandiose movie blockbusters (think Cecil B. DeMille) taking place in ancien Egypt or in Rome. The vocals are reminiscent of the contemporary Everly Brothers.

Located in Auburn, New York, the Chroma label was owned by Frank Mucedola and Fred Mammoliti. Five singles were released between 1962 and 1965, all pressed by Rite Records.

Chroma label discography

Frank Mucedola [1921-2007]

Frank was born in San Severo, Foggia, Italy, May 21, 1921, but lived most of his life in Auburn, New York. Frank Mucedola was an Army veteran of World War II having served with the 304th Infantry Regiment of the 76th Division as part of General Patton’s Third Army that fought through France, Luxembourg and Germany.

He owned his own accordion school in Auburn since 1945. For many years, Frank toured Auburn and central New-York playing with the Sammy Speno Orchestra. Frank Mucedola has been a permanent fixture on the music scene in the Central New York area for many years playing in various dance bands and, when the musical score required, filled the accordion chair with various symphony orchestras. He has been touring with the world-renowned Mantovani Orchestra, as their accordionist, since 1985 in the United States, Canada, Taiwan, South Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia and Singapore.

He composed many pieces of music for the accordion. The most famous was the « Fox and the Hound », which is played throughout the world.

He died in March 2007.

Fred G. Mammoliti [1915-2010]

Musician and composer Fred G. Mammoliti was born in January 1915 in Seneca Falls, NY, a son of Cosimo and Verernada Brancatisano Mammoliti. He lived in Watertown as a young child and then moved to Auburn. Learning first to play the violin with his family, he later took up guitar and piano. As a young man he started his professional career playing with bands part time until 1947 when he moved to California and soon became a full time solo musician with the stage name of Freddie George. During the 1950's he worked as an entertainer in Central New York and the Los Angeles area.

During the 1960's and 1970's he also operated the George Mammoliti School of Music on Genesee St. in Auburn. In 1980 he retired to Florida .Later he began playing regularly at the Sleepy Hollow and other area establishments. In 2009 he created a music video, Ode to President Obama, which was posted on YouTube and featured on Miami television news.

Fred Mammoliti, 95, passed away April 12, 2010 at University Hospital in Tamarac, Fl.


the Knights on Terra

The Knights

Terra 1102

11691 ~ Knight Shift

11692 ~ Itchin' Powder

Produced by Happy Bennett

Audio clips

Two instrumentals.

Gulfway Music BMI was owned by Tim Whitsett.


Jim Straiton on Lucky 7

Jim Straiton
with Clyde Masters and The Down Beats

Label : Lucky 7
Number : 300/301

CP-4519 - You Are Everything I Love
CP-4520 - Come Back


* * *

Both sides compiled on a CD titled "Wisconsin Teeners Volume 2".

James Donald Straiton has at least one latter single in 1966 on Huey Meaux’ Cascade (TX) , by Jim Straiton, which paired Guilty One and Without Your Love, again with the collaboration of Clyde Masters.
Guilty One is one of the tracks of "Lone Star Gold - Texas White Soul Treasure" compilation.


Monday, July 12, 2010

Beatless on Frontier

picture credit : delmingo [e-bay]


Forest 1901

28495 - Cos You Like To Love Me (Hicks)

28496 - Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow.(King Coffin)


Cover of Hollies b/w cover of the Gerry Goffin and Carole King hit (King Coffin on label!). Both published by Beatless BMI!

The Carl Burkhardt award* is presented to delmingo, Manchester, New Hampshire for his major contribution in the field of Rite Records Researches. Selling this piece of plastic will be his reward.

*The Carl Burkhardt Award is rewarded by the french OUDISPO (Ouvroir de Discographie Potentielle], on a very irregular basis, to anyone who publish "any discovery of record(s) pressed at the Rite Records Pressing Plant hitherto not listed in the usual discographies ».

Nominee for this prestigious international recognition was Jeffrey Lemlich, whose book "Savage Lost : Florida garage bands : The 60’s and beyond", published in 1992 by Distinctive Publishing,Plantation FL, had a chapter devoted to Rite Records :

Here is one of the music industry’s truly amazing stories. Rite was one of the nation’s most prolific pressing plants… that’s the good news. It was also the nation’s least-successful, chart-wide ! Hands down. No competition.

For more than twenty ears, Rite cranked out releases for just about every state in the union. Cheaply. (1.000 singles with a picture sleeve, for as low as $229, way back in 1959 !)

Amazingly enough, Rite had NO HITS, and we’re not just talking national here. I’ve never even seen a REGIONAL hit come from a Rite pressing ! Anywhere ! A ZERO SUCCESS RATE ! Compare that with all the regional SO ,SON, ZTSB smashes. The only thing green Rite ever saw was the musicians they recorded. I’s no wonder some of the crudest garage discs were pressed there. From a collector’s standpoint, Rite lives up to its name. But for anyone who truly wanted a hit, Rite couldn’t have been more WRONG !

But Jeff missed the point that NONE of these artists really wanted success! Any comment, Jeff?


Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Lidos on Band Box

The Lidos

Band Box 359

13555 ~ Since I Last Saw You

13556 ~ Trudi
(G. Nole-G.Fick, D.Silvis-R.Saunar)

Audio clip (both sides)

"A primitive dance hall thrash that even predated the British Invasion sound. It's eminently forgettable"
[Fuzz Acid and Flowers Revisited, Vernon Joynson ed.]


Evert Songer on Rama

Evert Songer

Rama 101
(St. Louis, Missouri)

CP-3835 ~ California Rock
CP-3836 ~ My Jealousy

Evert Songer has had at least another release as Everett Songer and the Echoes : "Ann" b/w "I Sang I Love You" on Top Side, another St. Louis label. He is now a Maynard, Arkansas resident.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Delights on Nite

The Delights

Nite 1034/1035

CP-5253 ~ My One Desire

CP-5254 ~ Please Take My Love

Both sides wr. James Keith and Ben Johnson, Jr.
G & H Music
Produced by Mickey & Rickey


This is a black vocal group. This Rite pressing, according to Jeff Kreiter's Group Collector's Record Label Guide, is the first pressing.

The second pressing is on the same Nite label, with mention of National Pressing & Distribution by Discmaker's Production Company (N.Y.C.) - Nationwide Record Distributors -Discmaker's Group Associate Member [phew!]. Note also that Thomas Keith has taken the place of James Keith in the songwriter credits.

They are not related to these groups, to the best in my knownledge :

- Five Delights on Abel (1959)
- Delitghts on Golden Crest (1962)
- De-Lights on Ad-Lib/Pop Line (1962)
- Delitghts, Chicago garage band on Delaware and Smash (1965)
- Delights on Arlen (1964)

The group was likely from Philly, as the name of publisher, G & H Music (BMI affiliated), is found mainly on the Casino and the Main Line labels, out of Philadephia.

G&H was the publishing arm of Main Line Record Distributing Company, owned by Barry Golder and Douglas Wellington Henderson, better known to his radio audiences in Philly (WDAS) and NY (WOV) as "Jocko."
The Main Line and Casino record labels were owned by the same company.


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Danny Harris & The Peacemakers

Danny Harris & The Peacemakers

Cleo MC745

33243 - Miss United America

33244 - Never Endings

Recorded at Mother Cleo Productions Studios, Newberry S.C.
Both sides wr. Danny Harris, Sweet Polly Music BMI
Produced by Danny Harris
Arranged by Bruce Wallace


Mother Cleo Productions founder, Hayne Davis

Mother Cleo Productions [ now DaviSound ] was begun, in 1970, by founder, Hayne Davis
as a recording studio/radio production offering "Unique Services from a Unique Location" (Newberry, SC).
In-house record labels included Mother Cleo, Cleo and CUB Records with publishing wing Sweet Polly Music, BMI.

Information below from the DaviSound own website :
We were very active with in-house, worldwide broadcast productions. This was a time when broadcast radio programming and production were considered true art forms. And, as such, stations were individually, creatively programmed and often exciting and entertaining to listen to as opposed to being the predictable, sound alike "jukeboxes", or the conglomerate owned propaganda machines, most have become today.

Amongst a list of over twelve hundred worldwide clients, were such giants as WNBC Radio, New York, The BBC (London and Bristol), Radio Luxembourg WTBS Atlanta and many others.

We were particularly well-known in Canada for our novelty commercials and in England and Europe for our famous "Talking/Singing Moog" Synthesizer radio promo productions with agents operating in Ontario, London and Sweden (One of these agents happened to be Igil Aalvik ... who later became the infamous "Swedish Eagle" on "K-ROCK FM", Los Angeles!).

Among the many talented voices heard on MCP jingles over the years were native Newberrians ...
Kiki Kirkland (former Miss South Carolina/USA) ...
Brantlee Price (former Miss South Carolina and WIS television personality) and ...
Tommy Funderburk (noted professional studio singer in the Los Angeles music scene and composer of the number- one Starship single, "It's Not Enough").

Other talented Newberrians who frequently contributed to in-house recordings over the years were ...
Mary Ann Davis Hayes, Melissa Turbeville Crocker, Lloyd Brigman, Wayne Golden, Ryan Jones and
Bruce Wallace.

In the "Glory Days" of radio promos and jingles, some of our more popular voices were Newberry College Music Department students and they included Margie Fritz, Karen Hull, The Anderson Sisters, George Liebenrood, Gary Griffith, Dean Yates and Michelle Herbin.

Many of the studio musicians over the years were from the neighboring counties of Union, Laurens, Saluda, Spartanburg, Greenville, Lexington and Richland. Some of those included, Mandale "Pickle" Eaves, Ronnie Hayes, Andre' Kerr, Freddie Vanderford, Don Reno, Curt Bradford, James Meadows, Lisa Miller, Sharon Dimmery, Bonnie Glenn and Vanessa Gaye.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Little Rodger Hatcher (Dotty's 346)

Little Rodger Hatcher

Dotty's D-346

Dotty's Record Co.
5725 14th Detroit, Michigan

17795 - I Need You
17796 - Party Over Yonder

Both sides wr. C. Marshall-R.Hatcher, Snowdrift BMI

Produced by C. Marshall
Arranged by J. Britten

Dotty's label was owned by Clifford « Sonny » Marshal (he owned also the Star Track, and Whip labels).
"All three went under very suddenly when the police came and shut down the whole operation and carted Mr. Marshall off to jail in the summer of 1968 on charges of drug trafficking. The government got the building and everything in it--tapes, records, equipment, all of it".

Roger Hatcher, born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1946 , is the brother of Willie Hatcher (Excello, Columbia and Scepter) and cousin to Charles Hatcher (aka Edwin Starr (Ric-Tic, Gordy).

From the Roger Hatcher bio at WHYfame :
Roger Hatcher’s biggest claim to fame is being a cousin to Edwin Starr (aka Charles Hatcher). Unfortunately, Hatcher’s success hasn’t come close to Edwin’s. A prolific songwriter, Roger has written more than 1,000 songs. His two biggest successes were an album cut by the Dramatics of his “I Dedicate My Life to You,” and Clarence Carter’s rendition of “I Got Caught,” a deep soul classic. Clarence added a rap and scored on the R&B charts with the Hatcher song. Roger Hatcher was born in Birmingham, AL, in 1946. His two older brothers, Will and Roosevelt, inspired him musically — Will played sax and Roosevelt sang. Hatcher wrote his first song, “I Need Someone,” at Hayes High in Birmingham, where he would develop tunes on the piano in the music room. Hatcher had no formal training and played by ear. He moved to Detroit in 1964 and signed with Dotty’s Records. Two singles were released: “Get a Hold of Yourself” and “Party Over Yonder.” The 45s are listed as by “Little Roger Hatcher.” The flop of both singles sent him traveling to Nashville, where he secured a contract with Excello Records recording “I Dedicate My Song to You,” released in 1968.[...]

D.J. copy of Dotty's 346
(different pressing)


Jack Benningfield, Juanita Raleigh on Don-Lin

Vocal : Jack Benningfield, Juanita Raleigh

larlton Hamsley -Rhythm
David Hamsley - Steel
Don Ross – bass

610 Oak View Square
Warner Robins, Ga.

Recorded at R-M Studios

Gospel Duet with piano and rhythm accomp.

24779 - Come Unto Me
(Composed by Betty Bardeau, Focal Point BMI)

24780 - (title unknown)

The Andy Moder Quintet

The Andy Moder Quintet
LP Introducing...the Andy Moder Quartet

Rite # 24763 /24764



1 My Blue Heaven
2 Night and Day
3 By the Time I Get to Phoenix
4 Rain
5 Misty


1 Satin Doll
2 Tea For Two Cha-Cha
3 Dream
4 Hello Dolly
5 I Left My Heart In San Francisco
6 Sign-Off

Cincinnati lounge band : Andy Moder, Jim Milner, Bob Stevens, Chuck Buxton, John Yost.


"Ole Jaybird" Drennan Sings Country and Gospel

"Ole Jaybird" Drennan
Sings Country and Gospel



Artists Recording Co. # 24533/24534

Side 1 :

Oh Lonesome Me
With Pen In Hand
King Of The Road
I Can't Stop Loning You

Side 2:

Happy Tracks
In The Garden
The Farmer And The Lord
Down By The Riverside
If I Could Help Somebody

Recorded in Akron, Ohio in 1969. The musicians include Ole Jaybird Drennan, Vic Clay, Bobby Rutledge, & Jerry Brightman. Other credits go to Henry Pawlak, Danny Koker, George Younce, Glenn Payne, & Mac Taunton. Side One is country music and Side Two is gospel music. Includes renditions of songs by Don Gibson, Bobby Goldsboro, & Roger Miller.

Jaybird Drennan died in December 2006.
For decades, Jaybird Drennan was synonymous with country music radio in Akron, if not most of Northeast Ohio.

His signature "Howdy, Partner" graced the airwaves for 27 years on Akron country outlet WSLR/1350, which was universally known as "Whistler". And in the years when Cleveland listeners had no access to country music on the radio, he served audiences in that market as well.
[From his obituary found HERE]


Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Decoys on Velvet

The Decoys

Velvet 1001

CP-5025 ~ Listen To Me
[wr Rod Martin]

CP-5026 ~ Always Be Good

Black male vocal group. From 1961 (and not 1964, as I've seen it listed in reference books). No relation to the Velvets produced by Al Browne in Brooklyn on Aanko, Aljon and Times Square (1963-1964).


Thursday, July 1, 2010

Becky Ann : The Narrow Gauge Line

Vocal : Becky Ann
Orchester Under The Direction Of
Ernie Kemm


CP-6343 - The Narrow Gauge Line
Words And Music By E. Kemm)

CP-6344 - same (instrumental)

On July 4 1961, The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad was designated as a U.S. National Landmark. To commemorate the authorization the city fathers hired Ernie Kemm - who in 1958 penned "Here's to Colorado," the state's official centennial song - to write a similar theme.


Recorded in Denver, at Western Cine Recording Studio, the record features the vocal stylings of 10-year old Becky Ann Todeschi, of Durango.

Label picture and information from Pueblo City Limits. Read more HERE.