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Bill Cardille on Vampire

Bill Cardille

28443 – Chilly Billy's Vamp
w & m Ronnie Treece, pseud, of Ronald Sbuscio
Copyright : November 5, 1971

28444 - Strange But True Tales (5:55)
Narrated by Bill Cardille; 2nd voice: John Yelland.

Produced by Ann Savage

Vampire Records #104
(with Picture Sleeve)

The "Strange But True Tales" that appear on the flipside are:

1. the coincidences between the lives and deaths of Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy

2. a premonition in a dream by "Reverend Charles Morgan in Rhode Island" of the sinking of the Titanic, and

3. driver "Harry Cooper" keeps passing a hitchhiker who grows older each time and scares Cooper into plunging his car over a guard rail to "his firey death."

Originally from Sharon, Pennsylvania, Cardille was long a fixture on the former WIIC Channel 11, the NBC affiliate in Pittsburgh, and was the first voice heard when the station went on the air on September 1, 1957.

Cardille is probably best known as Chilly Billy, the host of Chiller Theatre, a late night Saturday program that showed horror and science fiction films. It is this program for which Cardille is best remembered, earning him his famed nickname. The program aired from 1963 until its cancellation in 1983. Joe Flaherty, a Pittsburgh native, acknowledges this show as an influence in the formation of the popular "Monster Chiller Horror Theatre" sketches on SCTV.

Donna Rae as Terminal Stare
character of the Chiller Theater Family
Picture credit : Chilly Memorabillya

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Second Edition on Grass

Second Edition

The sounds of

Side one - 30849

You've Got To Hide Your Love Away (Lennon-McCartney)
Norwegian Wood (Lennon)
Dixie Breakdown
Love Come Home (Reno & Smiley)
Little Bessie
Early Morning Rain

Side Two - 30850

I've Just Seen A Face (McCartney)
Train 45 (Monro)
Charlie Lawson (Trad.)
Shruckin' The Corn (Scruggs)
Happy Together (The Turtles)
Stars In My Crown

Grass 10001


Rite account # 4094

Recorded in R&R Studios
P.O. Box 1271
Bottom Road
Mt. Airy, N.C. 27030

Dixie Breakdown

Back cover transcription :

Organized in August, 1972, The Second Edition plays a wide variety of bluegrass music from « Little Bessie » to « Norwegian Wood ». The band changed their style of music and started playing a more progressive bluegrass. They convert the sound of many rock songs and rearrange ole time bluegrass numbers into their own style of bluegrass music ; thus, The Sounds Of The Second Edition.

The Second Edition has won countless tropheys, ribbons and awards. They are open for bookings and can be reached by phoning Jimmy Haley (919) 351-3140, or by writing Jimmy at the following address :
Jimmy Haley
The Second Edition
Route 2
Westfield, N.C. 27053
Louis Purtle born September 13, 1954 has been playing bluegrass since 1970. Before playing with The Second Edition, he played with the bluegrass Buddies. Louis sings tenor and lead and plays bass on this album.

Jimmy Haley who was born January 19, 1965, won World Champion Guitar at Union Grove in 1969 while playing with the bluegrass Buddies. On this album he plays lead guitar and sings tenor, baritone and lead.

Jim Smith born February 12 ; 1952, changed from playing rock music to bluegrass in early 1971. On this album he plays rhythm guitar and sings lead and bass.

Jeff Hooker who was born June 15, 1955, has been playing the mandolin for 7 years. He currently olds the 1972 World Champion Mandolin title at Union Grove. Prior to his playing with the Second Edition, he played with the Bluegrass Buddies. Jeff sings baritone.

Hersie McMillan who was born January 30, 1953, has been playing the banjo for 4 years. He has played with the Easter Brothers and the Green Valley Quartet. Also he has won several talent shows.
With thanks to Bill's Blog who posted this album. As soon I've finished to type the transcription above, I found that the text (as well as the album) was already available HERE!

Note about the album cover : this is a stock cover also used by Rite Records on several other albums unrelated to each others but all titled The Sounds Of... such as :

The Joyful Noise
The Zakons
The Harptones
The Tunesters
The Blackwood Singers


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Jimmie Williams sings (EP #11)

Jimmie Williams sings

I Can't Stop Loving You
Singing The Blues
Making Believe

Satisfied Mind
Window Up Above
Crazy Arms

EP #11


Born March 7, 1930 in Ohio, Jimmie Williams found himself entertaining fans in the Hio, Indiana and Kentucky area. He started his musical career over radio station WZIP in Covington, Kentucky.

Later, he was appearing both as a disc jockey and entertainer over WMOH in Hamilton, Ohio. He did two shows a day with the station while there. One, was "The Jimmie Wiliams Show" and the other was the "RFD Ramble", playing listener requests and spinning the hit records of the day.

By 1957, he was working with WNOP in Newport, Kentucky.

Info from

According to 45 RPM Records, Jimmie Williams released seven 6-songs EP on his own label out of Lexington, Kentucky., all in 1962 and all pressed by Rite Records.

Jimmie also recorded for Acorn and MGM Records, and, with Red Ellis, on Happy Hearts and Starday Records


Fred Horrell on Sahara

Fred Horrell

16675 - Lawdy, Miss Claudy (Lloyd Price, Venice Music BMI)
16676 - Tell Me (G. Bass,- F.Horrell, Lyn-Lou Music BMI)

Sahara Records
1217 College St.
Cape Girardeau, Missouri


At the age of 18, encouraged by his friends, Fred Horrell entered a talent contest at Onie Wheeler's Ozark Corrall. He won first place singing Roy Orbison's "Ooby Dooby". From there he joined Mert Mirly and the Rhythm Steppers as lead vocalist. (Fred is featured on their 1960 Spinning Records release "My First Broken Heart" / "Hey Little Lola")

In 1960, Fred left the Rhythm Steppers and formed his own band "The Flames". Fred and the band were in demand and began to travel out of the midwest. In 1961, the Bill Black's Combo hired him to tour with them. After his return, back with the Flames again, they traveled to Memphis, Tennessee to record "Lawdy Miss Clawdy" at Bill Black’s studio. The record was engineered by Larry Rogers.

The Rhythm Steppers
Charlie Thurman, Fred Horrell, Mert Mirly, Terry Heuer, Gene Casey

Picture credit and link : Fred Horrell website


The Starliners on Reed

The Starliners

9389 – Thunder
9390 - Static

Reed Records RR 1066


A pair of instrumentals.

Sound files are from The Rockin' "Reed" Recordings (Collector CLCD 4440)


Sunday, October 9, 2011

Robert G. Kiko, Massillon song(poem) writer (Sterling 585)

Norm Burns and the Five Stars

27841 – Hard Head (Charles Starr & Lew Tobin, ASCAP)
27842 – Star Bright (Robert G. Kiko & Lew Tobin)

Sterling 585

Arranger : Roger Baker


<--- Massillon song writer Robert G. Kiko holding the record "Proud Town," a song about Wilmot and the Wilderness center (Preview Records 1990)

Robert G. Kiko, 53, a custodian at Lorin Andrews junior high school, wanted to write lyrics for he had been thinking of doing records. Two of his records recently were sent to disc jockeys across the country. Another is being waxed.

His friends encouraged him to publish some of his poetry. Kiko has written a lot of poetry. Along with fishing and traveling, poetry has been a way to relax for him. He began writing poetry while in the Air Force in 1941 and he hasn’t stopped. Back in Massillon after the war, Kiko wrote poetry and used to leave it on desks of teachers.

Miss Edna Dix, an English teacher at Lorin Andrews, encouraged Kiko to do something with his poetry, he said. After talking it over with his wife, Anne, he wrote away to four or five record companies.

His first record, « Star Bright, » is a song about our times.

« I don’t expect to be a rich man over it, » Kiko said about his newly realized dream.

[Above information is edited from an article published in the Evening Independent, Massillon, Ohio, January 26, 1972]


Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Fabulous Bill Todd (The Quiet Boy)

Picture credit : Mark Betcher

"Introducing the Fabulous Bill Todd (The Quiet Boy)"

Essay 14891/14892

Produced by Arvey Webster


You can listen to one of the tracks at "Appearing In The Motel Lounge", a Mark Betcher blog, HERE
"Obscure solo LP featuring Todd, his guitar and the occasional early drum machine rhythm."

The formation of Essay Productions in Dayton, Ohio, « new recording firm, using both the Alco and Essay label signatures » was announced in Billboard (May 15, 1965). With offices located at 1610 Alexandersville Road, the firm has plans for establishing a branch office in the Paddock Center, Cincinnati, at a later date »

« Heading up the new company are songwriter Arvey Webster ; Sonny Flaharty, former Decca and Epic recording artist, and Robert Dye and David Bartholemew, presently engaged in the sound recording business. Webster will handle the bulk of the A&R work for the labels, with Flaharty in charge of production. Dye will serve as chief engineer and Bartholemew as art director »

« Essay sessions have been skedded for comedian Clarence ‘Crazy’ Loos and a Chicago duo, Wager and Carroll »


Charlie Moore on Vetco 522 (single)

Charlie Moore

29093 - I'm Leaving Detroit
29094 - Barbara Allen

Vetco 522

Produced by Lou Ukelson


Both songs of this single are taken from the first of the two albums that Charlie Moore recorded for the Vetco label "Charlie Moore Sings Good Bluegrass". These (and other albums featuring Charlie Moore) can be downloaded HERE.

A good Charlie Moore discography available on-line HERE

Charlie Moore
(from the cover of his second Vetco album)

From the Bluegrass Today website :
Charlie was a popular performer in the 1960s and ’70, with his band The Dixie Partners, and as a duo partner with Bill Napier. He recorded prolifically in both formulations, with favorable comparisons offered at the time between his rich, baritone voice and that of Carter Stanley.

Sadly, Charlie faced the same issues with alcohol that took Carter at such an early age. Moore also died young in 1979, at the age of 44, and didn’t live to participate in the more recent growth of bluegrass music.

Travers Chandler is at work on a biography of Charlie Moore, likely the first to be compiled for this influential bluegrass artist.


James E. Lenox on Parliament

James E. Lenox

20399 - One Of Them Today (part 1)
20400 - One Of Them Today (par 2)

4005 W. Washington Blvd.
[Chicago, Ill.]


Elder James E. Lenox was born July 4, 1931.

Elder Lenox was always involved in the religious arena with his father. At the age of eight, he began singing. He was one of the original members of the Thompson Community Singers, working closely with the late Chester Robinson and the Westside organization. His first recording was in 1966, including the well known classic: “I’m One of Them Today”. Fame followed numerous appearances on the Jubilee Showcase hosted by Sid Ordower featuring the Chicago Pentecostal Chorus which was founded by Elder Lenox.

He was one of the leading singers in the Church of God in Christ under the late Bishop L.H. Ford, as well as a National Evangelist. His name is synonymous with his original recording of the hit record “God Has Been Good to Me, I Won’t Complain”.

He died in 2001. From the Chicago Tribune obituary :

Rev. James E. Lenox, 70, pastor at Greater Holy Temple Church of God and Christ and a renowned gospel singer, died of heart failure Monday, Aug. 6, in Thorek Hospital and Medical Center, Chicago. Rev. Lenox, a lifelong resident of Chicago's West Side, sang gospel for more than 60 years, said his wife, Aldrea. He was also an Army veteran. Rev. Lenox worked for Western Electric Corp. and later as owner of a grocery store to support his singing career, which took him around the world, his wife said. He arranged "I Won't Complain," now a gospel standard, his wife said, and formed the Lenox Family Singers. Rev. Lenox was also a board member for the Chicago Gospel Festival. By 1979, he was out of the grocery business and had become assistant pastor to his father, Bishop Eleazar Lenox, at Greater Holy Temple, taking over as pastor in the mid-1980s. "He traveled a lot, because he was in demand, because he was a great Bible teacher," Aldrea Lenox said.


Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sonny Russell on Band Box

Sonny Russell

37847 ~ Fifty Megatons
37848 ~ Mud Boat

Band Box 332

P.O. BOX 15477
Lakewood, Colo. 80215


Second pressing. The original press is from 1963


Les Mégatons, a french band formed in 2009, doing a nice cover of 50 Megatons