Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ronnie Knull & The Sand on Tropical

Ronnie Knull & The Sand

Tropical 129

22323 - Leah

22324 – Crawfish

Two covers (Orbison and Presley's) issued in 1968.

I assume this is the same Ronnie Knull who covered another Presley song, "G.I. Blues", six years earlier on the Carroll label.

Performed by Elvis Presley and Kitty White in "King Creole" (1958)


The Singing Hutsons : Truth

The Singing Hutsons

Rite 29805/6
Account # 5485

* Side 1:
Redemption Draweth Nigh
After Calvary
Too Much To Gain To Lose
I Should Have Been Crucified
Put Your Hand In The Hand.

* Side 2:
These Hands of Mine
Wish We'd All Been Ready
Father's Table Grace
Sheltered In The Arms of God
Exactly What I Need.

Tim Short - Drums;
Eddie Drake - Lead Guitar;
Dan Burton - Piano & Bass Guitar;
Engineer Phil Burkhard

From left to right : Roger, Sissy, Dad, Mom, Steve

The blurb from the back cover :
What does it mean to sing the Gospel ? It means getting up at 5 :00 in the morning and breaking your neck trying to get ready with your eyes half closed. It means carrying amps, mikes and countless other odds & ands into a camper that just isn’t big enough. It means traveling down the highway, getting lost, and arriving minutes before you go on.

Most of all, it means standing in front of a packed house and telling the good news about a man named Jesus. It means watching people, young and old, give their life to Christ. It means tears rolling down your face while the words of the song forms a lump in your throat. It means meeting teens & young people after the concert who have a thousand questions that need answers. It means friends & faces you some how never seem to forget. It means coming home, collapsing on the sofa, exhausted but happy and ready for the next concert, where you start all over again. At least that’s what it means to us, THE SINGING HUTSONS.

Roger 21, who is the organist of the group, can be found, when not singing or laying the organ, driving his red convertible with his white German Shepherd in the bucket seat next to him.

Sissy 17, is the « shorty » of the group. Although under 5 foot tall, she can burst out a song as good as anyone twice her size. Like some people have said, she’s the rose between two thorns.

Steve 18, is the tall talented one of the group. He can be found almost anywhere with a guitar trying to write a song, or rearranging an old one.

Then there’s the occasional heart warming song by Mom & Dad. They always seem to be there with their advise, suggestions and most of all, with their Love & Backing.

Singing the Gospel means all of this. It means standing on stage in front of a crowd of peaople, singing songs of Christ, Love, Salavation, and Heaven. It means singing the TRUTH.

This album has been recently proposed for the Manic Mark Magical Musical Moment Award. See Manic Mark's blog HERE where you'll be rewarded by two songs excerpt from the album.

No address on the back cover, but a precious little information that should be a lead : Roger Hutson, when not singing, is driving his red convertible with his white German Shepherd in the bucket seat next to him. Any witness?


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Betty Van on Clay

Betty Van

Clay Recording Co.
P.O. Box 1683
Cahokia, Illinois

21723 - Lovin’
21724 - Picking Up The Pieces Of My Heart
(Betty Van, Country Stream BMI)


Country record on a Cahokia, Illinois label located very closely to East St. Louis (and for that matter, where was located the Country Stream publishing company).

According to Wikipedia, "Cahokia is home to Galactic Imperial Garbage Processing, a waste production and distribution facility."

A waste producer myself (with moderate output however, I can assure you), I didn't think until now to find myself a pseudonym.



Buddy Martin With The Bowen Sisters

Buddy Martin With The Bowen Sisters

Broom 001
"Sweeping the Nation"
Billy Hogan Enterprises
Hunstville, Alabama

CP-5343 - Forgive Me God
(Ernest Ashworth) Acuff-Rose BMI

CP-5344 - Stay Happy


Billy Hogan (1933-1994) is probably best known for his "Shake It Over Sputnik" issued in 1958 on his own Vena label. He wrote songs for Ernie Ashworth (1928-2009) and also acted as his manager at a time, according to this snippet found in Billboard (issue dated October 30, 1961) :

Billy Hogan, president of Broom Music Company, is slated to leave Huntsville, Ala., at 6 a.m. Wednesday (1) armed with a broom, and plans to walk and sweep his way, 115 miles, to WSM’s Country Music Festival in Nashville. Huntsville mayor, R.B. Searcy, is skedded to see him off. Hogan is putting the big sweep on Enrest Ashworth’s Decca recording of « Be MineAgain. » Hogan wrote the tune in collaboration with Rose Hall, and Hogan’s Broom Music is publisher. Billy hopes to land in Nashville sometime Friday (3).

Picture credit : eBay


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Marv Herzog : Peanuts Polka

Marv Herzog

Sound 178

21035 - Peanuts Polka
21036 - How Beautiful Is Youth

Marvin Otto Herzog was born August 9, 1932, on a farm in Frankenmuth, Michigan, to Otto and Clara Brenner Herzog.

Music played an important role in the Herzog home. The family, together with their friends, enjoyed many evenings singing the old German songs handed down through the generations. Most Saturday nights, the Herzog family would be in the kitchen, listening to the radio tuned to the Grand Ole Opry, live from Nashville, Tennessee, and on Sunday mornings after church, they tuned into WFDF radio station in Flint, Michigan, for the Polka Show. From those early beginnings, the old German songs from his father, the country music from the Grand Ole Opry, and the polkas and waltzes from WFDF came the style of music that is uniquely "Marv Herzog."

From Marv Herzog website