Friday, February 25, 2011

Sherriff (no label)


41507 - Ravenna, Ohio (Paul Whitaker)

41508 - Rosemary Marie (Willard Smith)

Recorded at Brittain Square Sound on 10/06/80, a studio located in Peninsula (Ohio) owned by Eric Broviak.
Sherriff, rock band, included Gerry, Willard Smith, Paul Whitaker, Dick Bolling and Kevin Grothe.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Charlie Feathers on Vetco

Vetco 921
5825 Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio

37471 - Will You Be Satisfied That Way (Jimmie Skinner)
37472 - It's Just That Song (Raymon Maupin)

Vetco 922
5825 Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio

37473 - We're Getting Closer (Charlie Feathers)
37474 - You Make It Look So Easy

"Vetco Records, a Cincinnati label started in the late 1960s by Lou Ukelson, was housed in the Jimmie Skinner Music Center on Vine Street. The label started out with some old-time music reissues, but it became better known for its albums by young Ohio bands like the Hotmud Family, Hutchison Brothers, Falls City Ramblers and Katie Laur Band and by older mainstream bluegrass artists like Mac Wiseman, Charlie Moore, Earl Taylor, Jim McCall and Paul “Moon” Mullins."

Friday, February 18, 2011

Carlton May & Pete Runnels on Knight

Knight L&F NO 111/112

Carlton May

10217 - Please Don't Go
(C.May, Neches Music BMI)

Pete Runnels

10218- McDonald’s Place
(Runnels, Neches Music BMI)

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Bro. Robert Armstrong, Jr. on B:A

Bro. Robert Armstrong, Jr.
Thunderbolt Number Two
Of Oklahoma

A. McDonald, Organist - D. Scott Pianist;

B:A 1101

104 Brighton Avenue

10705 - This is it (Armstrong)
10706 – Live the Life You Sing About

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Tommy Crank on Tyro

Tommy Crank and the Gospel Rangers

Tyro A-0001

15977 – Weighed in the Balance; Trouble the Water
15978 - The Night I First Prayed; You Gotta Pray

Label picture & audio sample : credit

William Thomas Crank
was born on April 13th, 1926 in the mountainous region of Jackson County, Kentucky. The youngest of six children born to George and Sarah Jane Crank, Tommy as they would come to call him, was born with tuberculosis and premature at the mere weight of just two and a half pounds. With limited means, his parents would rely on their faith in God alone to heal their baby boy. Although his size made it very difficult for the youngster to survive, their continued love and prayers were sure to be answered... Read More HERE

The only reference I can find to another release on the same label is Tyro 11 - San Francisco Trolley Co., "Signs" b/w "Rain Bow Heaven", produced by Tommy Crank. (not pressed by Rite Records). Songs were published by I-R-M-A Inc.

I.R.M.A. records, or International Rural Music of America, was a production company that Tommy began in order to record albums for himself and numerous other bluegrass artists. Folks like Wade Mainer, Lowell Varny and The Sons of the Gospel were just a few that recorded on the I.R.M.A. label. Lovingly named for his wife...

The San Francisco Trolley Co. band is wrongly believed to be a San Francisco band...

Very different from the music produced by Tommy Crank!


Friday, February 11, 2011

The Looper Trio : Life Beyond Death

The Looper Trio

Midwest Gospel Sound Records

28953 – Life Beyond Death
(Melba and Earl Montgomery

28954 - On the Other Side of Jordan

Two songs from the album LIFE BEYOND DEATH on the same label, label headed by Brother Norman Livingston.


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Andy Sommers And The Stringshifters

The Stringshifters
17001 ~ Honky Tonk Guitars (instrumental)

Andy Sommers And The Stringshifters
17002 ~ My Sugar And Me (Vocal)

4280 Birchwood Ave. N.E.
Louisville, OH

Owner: Leonard Woodward


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Charlie Hicks on Renown

Charlie Hicks

Renown 112

CP-2364 - Tonight
CP-2365 - Impressed

Renown Records, small label out of Durham, North Carolina was owned by Howard Rambeau.

Impressed enough were Lou Caposi and Bill Lawrence, owners of Calico Records in Pittsburgh, as the Renown single was re-issued on their label.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Curly Dan & Wilma Ann on Happy Hearts

Curly Dan & Wilma Ann
with the Danville Mt. Boys
Ronnie Ewert Banjo
Charlie Tuttle Mandolin

Happy Hearts 134

10391 ~ South On No. 23 SAMPLE
10392 ~ Original Ballad of Jessie James


★ ★ ★ ★

Curley Dan & Wilma Ann

* Originally from Clay, West Virginia. Moved to Detroit, Michigan and performed there for most of their career.
* Real names: Denslie "Curley Dan" Holcomb and Wilma Ann Holcomb.(husband and wife)
* Formed their band in 1955.
* One of the first bluegrass acts to perform and record in the Detroit area.
* Dan worked for the Chrysler Corporation.
* Carmen Flatt (second cousin of Lester Flatt) was a member of their band. (He died in 1993).
* Retired from performing in the early 1980's.

Curly Dan Holcomb played a significant role in the growth and popularity of bluegrass music in the southeast Michigan region. He was a song writer, second
to none, with many great songs such as I’d Better Drink Up and Go, Mixed up Life, My Little Rose, and South on 23.

Pictures and audio sample credit : eBay


Friday, February 4, 2011

Jay-Kay 111/112

Jay-Kay 111/112
607 W. Yandell
El Paso Texas

Johnny Behrens and The Jay-Bees

CP-4343 - All Because Of You

Sam Baker and The Jay-Bees

CP-4344 - Island Of Regret


Second issue was on Donna 1332 (Del-Fi subsidiary)


The Venetian Blinds on Grudge


Grudge Records 1651
470 Springwood
San Antonio, Texas

19961 ~ Just Knowin' You Love Me

19962 ~ Quit Your Belly Achin' Baby

A Ric Jansen Production

A-side is garage/British Invasion, while the B-side is in a Roy Head & the Traits' vein (Treat Her Right-styled)
Mike Nolen is credited as the co-arranger on the side one.


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Bobby Smith on Fox

Bobby Smith

Fox 104

CP-2797 ~ Bevy Mae

CP-2798 ~ She's Gone From Me

One of the last record on this Detroit label, owned by George Braxton

★ ★ ★

Detroit, Michigan, 1957. Don Davenport, a member of the Romeos, a local vocal group, knew a guy named George Braxton, who owned a real estate agency and was also a director of a local magazine for kids, called Teen Life. Don convinced him to record them. As a result, George Braxton started the Fox label

Braxton was a guy, says Don, who "wanted to get into the business. He thought he could sing (and even attempted to cut a record on Brax called 'Hey Ellen'). George also liked getting into anything where he thought there was money."

Seeking more involvement, Don even drew the picture of the fox for the Fox label. The company was called "Fox" because, says Don, "George always made jokes about being sly as a fox. So he came up with the name, and I drew the label pic." The label was headquartered at 15836 Plymouth Road in Detroit, which just happened to be the address of the real estate agency.

More George Braxton labels followed, between 1957 and 1960 :

Teen-Life (Jimmy Kirkland, The Serenaders, Nick Forrest)

Brax (The Five Dapps, Woodie Davis, Mike Hanks and the Contours)

Chant (The Four Imperials, Lucky Lee, Tom Clay and the Rayber Voices)

and Dial (Danny Zella, The Four Imperials, The Sabres)

Credits : Rockin' Country Style (label pictures)
Marv Goldberg - The Romeos
Buffalo Bop CD 55028 (Date Bait) (audio files)


Ron And The Runabouts

Ron And The Runabouts

Small Town 1002

23103 - Just One Little Dream (Mierzwa, Glassel)
23104 - -Just One Little Dream (Glassel) (Instrumental)

Produced By Bill a Dale

Acknowlegments :Http://Myworld.Ebay.Com/Rerun45/