Thursday, October 31, 2013

The Ithacas on Fee Bee

The Ithacas
22045 — If You Want My Love
(McConnell, Donnator Music BMI)
(Teddy Randazzo-Victoria Pike, Vogue Music BMI)

Fee Bee 220


McConnell, writer of the A-side, is possibly Robert McDowell, better known as Bob Mack.  B-side was first recorded by Little Anthony And The Imperials in 1966 (Veep Records)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Ron Kincade With The Kountry Kings

Ron Kincade
With The Kountry Kings
   23533 - Count Me Out 
Dewey Long, Autum Pub. BMI
23534 - Counterfeit Kisses
Big Sound Records
Box 546,  Richland, Wash. 99352

Country label possibly owned by Alden William "Shorty" Holloway (1925-2013). Anyway, he certainly owned Autum Publishing.
On Shorty Holloway, see :

Big Sound label discography, see :

Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Cochran Family (Carpenter's Records)

Richard Cochran And The Cochran Family
31217 ~ Banjo Special 
Reno & Hobbs, Lois (BMI)

Little John & The Cochran Family
31218~ Maple Sugar

Carpenter's 2001/2

Recorded At Carpenter's Studio
Sutton, West Virginia

The Cochran Family had also an album on the same label, the same year : The Little John And Cochran Family– Pick Memories Of Old Time Bluegrass.  Details HERE.

Label later address was in Cottle, West Virginia.   Partial label discography HERE

The Cochran Family (1976)

Hailing from Diana, W.Va.,  the Cochran Family consist of five children ranging in ages [1973] four through fifteen years of age under the leadership of their father, "Daddy Frank".  Little John, age 7, Lindo Jo 4, Richard Lee, 10; Bert Steven, 11 and James Franklin, 15.  Besides appearing regularly on Jamboree USA radio show heard on WWVA, the Cochran Family has toured for the West Virginia Department of Commerce and appeared at many of the fairs, parks and bluegrass festivals around the country.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Nervous Norvus on Neale

Nervous Norvus

(A.W. Crawford, Neale Music Ascap)

12954 - Wa-Hoo 
(A.W. Crawford, Neale Music Ascap)

Neale 45C-726-101/102

[ P.O. Box 3294, San Bernardino, Calif. ]

Unlisted Nervous Norvus song-poem record recently offered on ebay by donnchriss ("morbid novelties", winning bid $82,99)

As Jimmy Drake, Nervous Norvus has already sung the poetry of the same A.W. Crawford on Rally Records issued the previous year and also pressed by Rite Records. See Jimmy Drake on Rally

On Singing Jimmy Drake (Nervous Norvus) see :


Owner of Neale Records was Roy Neal Wrightman.  Born in 1889, Neal (or Neale) Wrightman has been involved with music since the early twenties.  He was a musician, a songwriter, a music publisher and record labels owner.  Before his (final?) establishment in San Bernardino, Calif., Neale Wrightman has used various addresses in Charles City, Iowa, in Chicago, in New-York, in Hollywood and San Francisco.

Labels he owned includes Wrightman ("Songs That Satisfy") and its subsidiary Robinet (1947-1952) and Wrimus ("A New Enjoyment in Recorded Music with the Ultimate in Sound", 1956-1961).  The last trace of the activity of Neale Music is a 1968 copyright for "Stand Up America", with mention of a Statue of Liberty sticker (?).  I have no idea of what is that (sheet music perhaps?)

Neale discography 

Wrightman Records

The Hillbilly Researcher has posted a Wrightman Records discography HERE, and several audio files and labels shots as well.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Bill Parker on Showboat

Bill Parker
And Showboat Band

CP-4097 ~ Showboat (Bill Parker)
CP-4098 ~ Hard Times  No 2 (Paul Mitchell)

Showboat Records 501

Willie Parker Guidry, Jr. (Legendary Bill Parker) was born in 1927 in Lake Charles, Louisiana.   He began in the music industry as a trumpet player but the "lip swelling" quickly directed him to another instrument.   He chose the playing of drums which proved to be to his liking.   

Bill Parker had a string of gimmicky releases with his Showboat Band. A Veteran of the Lake Charles scene, Parker worked with James Freeman and Clarence Garlow before oganizing his own popular band featuring vocalists Jesse "Blues" Palmer, Little Miss Peggy and Claude Shermack; guitarist Chester Randle later made soul records for Eddie Shuler's Anla label. 

Bill Parker himself eventually moved to  Oklahoma City  where he operated the Showboat label.

He later moved to the West Coast and formed his new band called"The Concrete Band," touring with Bobby Blue Bland and many others. He formed Optune Records and discovered Carol Shinnette.
He died March 11, 2003 in Lake Charles, Louisiana.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gene Carpenter / Ernst Joines on Dag Gone

Gene Carpenter / Ernst Joines

28649  — Roof Boltin' Daddy
28650 — They'll Never Land a Man on the Sun

Gene Carpenter/Grayson Music

Dag Gone Records
(Grayson County, Virginia)


Gene Carpenter (1910-1999) was born in Allegeny County, North Carolina, and lived in Grayson County, Virginia.  He worked as a roof bolter in a West Virginia underground mine.
 Carpenter uses miner terminology and an unmasked dialect for he intended this to be heard in his own community among other miners..  This song (Roof Boltin' Daddy) originated close the song's subject matter, Carpenter really did bolt the roof in the mineshafts and had pride, a deep connection to his work.. His songs would have retained deep meaning within the camps and it was not expected to become popular within other demographics'
From "Lusty Air from Ailing Lungs : Coal Mining Songs in Appalachia"

The Digital Library of Appalachia has preserved several Gene Carpenter interviews (and singings). MP3 available HERE.