Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fair Change on PaDuka

Fair Change

PaDuka PR-32777

38125 - Evil World (This Is Hell)
38126 - Ebb Tide

Produced by Joe Diamond, Blue Diamond Studios, Canonsburg. Psych-funk tune with apocalyptic lyrics and plenty of percussion written by Duke Lamanna. Flip is a ballad.

Robert Duke Lamanna (1943-) is now a member of Total Recall, a Pittsburgh-based group.

"Old Mon Music", a regional music blog dedicated to the Pittsburgh sounds, is refering to a band named Fairchange in one of his post. It is likely the same band :

After tinkering some with the band personnel, the John Papi Organ Trio morphed into Fairchange, featuring soul frontman Chuck Corby and saxman Johnnie Vann, and took off.

Fairchange played across the states on the Holiday Inn circuit.
Evil World (This Is Hell) (sample)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Perfect Touch

Perfect Touch

Creative Profile 1112

39321 – Keep On Loving You (L. McDonald)
39322 – Keep On Loving You (instr)

Telldell Music/ Tall Music /Halgwen Music
Arr. & conducted by L. McDonald, R. Hendrick, engineer
Produced by Odell Bailey

Keep On Loving You


Label : Celebrity

40717 - What Goes Around (L. McDonald)
Third House publ..

40718 – Boogie Tonight (S.Edwards)
Tall Music –Third House publ.

Prod by Celebrity -Arr L.McDonald

What Goes Around


Leonard McDonald was probably the leader of this Detroit, Michigan soul/disco group from the late seventies. Members may have included Mose R. Davis, Sherman Edwards, Michael McConnell and Harry Gatens Bowens Jr.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Buddy Carle

Dash 707
16307 – Suzanne
16308 - Such A Day



27967 - Yellow Roses
27968 - Is It Worth A Broken Heart


Fee Bee 710

32207 - Take These Chains From My Heart
32208 - Two Sided Woman


Fee Bee 223
First issue of "Understand"

Buddy Carle (real name Carl William Hirce) was born in 1928. He recorded the first release on the Fee Bee label (see Fee Records : the first release.).

His "Understand" was issued four times -if my count is right :
  • 58 - Fee Bee 223 b/w Talk About Love
  • 62 -Eedee 3501 (flip by Mary Kaye with the Dell Vikings : It’s Too Late)
  • 62 - Star b/w Lackadaisical Me
  • 63? - Star 507 b/w Tender Words



Thursday, February 25, 2010

Hope Chapel Quartet on Keepsake

Hope Chapel Quartet

Keepsake 202

22605 - A Few More Seasons
(R.Stanley, Starday Records BMI)

22606 - No Cripples In Heaven
(R.L. Mabe, Sound Inc Music, BMI)

Keepsake was the Christian/Sacred custom/in-house label of Larry Lick's Sound Incorporated Studios, Detroit Michigan


Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ron Allers and His Rhythm Masters

Ron Allers and His Rhythm Masters


8563 ~ Heartless Woman
8564 ~ My Darling

According to Hubie Briar :
We have known and been friends with Ron for many years. He performed many times on our Green Valley Jamboree TV-3 WKZO and WHZO radio programs. He was always received well and would be on again as time permitted.

I remember when Ron came to me with the idea of making a record of the two songs he had written. We both were excited but didn't know where to begin. So I bought a couple of recorders and made a bedroom into a recording studio.

First we layed down a track with Ron's voice and the Gibson flat top. Then I played the bass, electric guitar, snare drum and tambourine. We were both pleased with what we had done.
Then we took the master tape over to Raebets Productions in Millwood and he pressed the 45's of "Heartless Woman" and "My Darlin.'" Then Ron and the Rhythm Masters started getting gigs from places that heard the records.

He kept busy with the music and working at the Gibson Guitar Company.
He is still active with special gigs here on Kalamazoo, Michigan.

Ron Allers was a Gibson Guitar employee for 22 years before
he opened his own shop in 1985, The Guitar Doctor, offering
repairs of all types of stringed instruments
(Kalamazoo Gazette August 27, 1985)

Heartless Woman


"the detached retina of the eye"

"Strauss Symphonia Domestica"

CP 7079
CP 7080

Raebet’s Production

As always, That's All Rite Mama is ready to risk all kinds of experiences because we want to give the best information about these obscure custom pressings.

A Google search returned only one link (in japanese, we presumed). Courageously, we decided to go there and what we've seen, you can see it also here (screenshot above). We decided to pursue further and try the Google translator :

R · Strauss: Symphonia Domestica

Gregory Miller led New York po
Carnegie Hall, New York
LP (panel self-produced)

12 No. 3 weeks, 15 to 18 day subscription concert last week following the Karl Böhm (age 66) was scheduled. All songs by Strauss, "Don Juan" and "Capriccio" end-view (de la Kaza solo) and the Symphony family.
But the detached retina of the eye to notice the three practice Boehm last week's total, returned to Austria to cancel a hurry, had to undergo surgery in Vienna. Gregory Miller was chosen to understudy Russell Stanger and Assistant Conductor of the orchestra, led the division (Shapira Eriakumu appeared only 17 days). He said on October 1 and 2 have been conducted on behalf of Bernstein from overwork at his home, which appeared two replacement for the second season.
This self-produced panel was made in Kalamazoo, Michigan. Miller is from 61 years to 68 years the conductor of the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra (music director in the middle) have a.
The LP is in 17 days, at a concert in Brooklyn, this day has not played this song. Relay will last 18 days.

So what we've got here it's the english translation of the japanese translation of the english text found at the back cover on a classical music album recorded by the Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra.

There is an old Italian proverb which says traduttore tradittore, i.e., the translator is a traitor. How true it is.

Train and airplane wrecks, all kind of accidents and disasters happened, caused by bad translations. Erroneous translations have triggered wars in the past.

How safe are we in the small world of bloggering?


Monday, February 22, 2010

Something From The Twilight Zone

Barry Ray

Walker 117

16169 – My Laura Lee
16170 – Something From The Twilight Zone

Double L production

Rich Cutcher & The Wildwoods

Sound 120

16169 – My Laura Lee
16170 – Something From The Twilight Zone
Wr Barry Combs

Same RITE numbers on two different labels and two different artists credited! But it's exactly the same recording. Both records are in the same Sound Incorporated numerical series out of Detroit, Michigan.

Something From The Twilight Zone


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bill Gentry on Universal Artist

Bill Gentry

Universal Artist 1001

18909 - Baby What'ya Say
18910 – If You Want My Love

1967 country bopper issued on "Rock Jump Rock" (Collector CLCD 4456) in 1999. According to the information found at the back cover, the song was published by UARPSCO, publisher associated with the Texarkana, Arkansas Universal Artists -note the plural- label.

Perhaps the label's owner discarded the singular when he had the opportunity to record a second artist - event that he didn't expect at first ?


The Mighty Cherubims Gospel Singers of Wilson, North Carolina

The Mighty Cherubims Gospel Singers of Wilson, North Carolina

Label : Pinewood

36405 -Please Change Your Mind ,
vocal Herbert Williams Sr.

Piano/arranger Johnnie Moore

36406 - Steal Away
vocal : Joseph Cox

Piano/arranger John M.Moore


Saturday, February 20, 2010

Larry (Dallas) Niswonger

Larry (Dallas) Niswonger

Dallas 100

9393 - The Two Step
9394 - I Forgot To Remember To Forget

Larry Dallas Niswonger obituary :
Larry Dallas "Deeds" Niswonger, 62, of Cape Girardeau died Wednesday, June 14, 2000, at Fountainbleau Lodge.
He was born August 13, 1937, in Cape Girardeau, son of Pinkston and Ella Welker Niswonger.
Niswonger had been a welder, and also an antique dealer. He was a country and western musician in the 1960's and early 1970's, and a music writer. In his early life he was in Boy Scouts and played on various sports teams. [...]
[Tuesday, June 15, 2000 edition of the Southeast Missourian, Cape Girardeau, MO.]

In 1971, his seven year old daughter, Cynthia Lynn, won the title of ‘Little Miss Firecracker’ and the Cape Girardeau Bulletin -in its issue dated July 8, 1971 - bring us on this occasion a little more information on her father :

" The daughter of Mr and Mrs. Larry Niswonger, owners of The House of Glass on Hwy. 61 N., is making plans to become a country and western star. She comes by her liking for music naturally. Her father is the emcee for the Country Boys who entertain every Saturday night at the Seven Cedars. He has recorded several pieces in Memphis which are played on radio stations. His latest record is « The Mansion You Stole », and a previous one, « I Forgot to Remember To Forget ».


Saga of Dan K.Moore

A Victory Record

11943 – Saga of Dan K.Moore
11944 - Saga of Dan K.Moore

Produced for Volunteers for Moore, Raleigh, N.C. (Joe Branch, Chairman)

The story of Gubernatorial candidate Dan K. Moore. Released in time for the 1964 election, it is a ballad / story style song sung by a man accompanied by his guitar extolling the virtues of Mr. Moore and the reasons why one should vote for him. Apparently it worked as Mr. Moore served as Governor of North Carolina from 1965-1969.


Friday, February 19, 2010

Eric Chambers on Landfill

Eric Chambers
Bass By Blues Brinker

Label : Landfill

29483 - Meigs County Welfare Blues
(E.Chambers, Lantern Light, BMI)

29484 - Strip Mining Man

Rite account #5343

Velvet on Cajun


Label : Cajun

29507 - Louisiana (I’m Coming Home) (Jon Armstrong)
29508 - Carpet Ride (Jon Armstrong)

Lantern Light, BMI

Arranged and produced by Velvet

"Obscure to say the least, this is a primitively recorded rocker from the depth of the Louisiana backwoods. A very basic band playing a self-penned tune heavily influenced by Chuck Berry’s “Promised Land”. Garage Rock ‘n Roll may be the perfect description. B-side, is more towards garage psyche "

More likely out of Chillicothe, Ohio. [Lantern Light Music publishing company was owned by William Joseph "Appalachia Joe" Waters, founder of The Recording Workshop, New Colony Records and Evergreen Jingles in Chillicothe, Ohio]


Thursday, February 18, 2010

Fred And Jesse on Kay

Fred And Jesse
The Cuno Brothers
The Dixie Rockers

Kay 101

CP-4837 ~ Mine All Mine
CP-4838 ~ I Blame Myself

A Presley-ish tune on the A-side. Label is out of East St. Louis, Missouri.

Kay label discography

Mine All Mine


The River Bank Singers (Citizens Bank)

40937 - 'Friendly Citizens' sung by the River Bank Singers
40938 - 'Friendly Citizens'  sung by Kay and The Driving Force

Words and music by Bill Lamb
Produced by Bill Lamb Productions - Flint, Michigan.

<<===- Photo by Megan Spelman, The Flint Journal
A worker changes a neon tube on the Citizens Bank letters under the weather ball Friday, Sept. 22, 2006.

Turns out that Michael Moore isn't the only round celebrity to hail from Flint, Mich. According to the Flint Journal, the Citizens Bank weather ball has been a fixture on the Flint scene for decades.

First lit on Oct. 30, 1956, the 2.5 ton, neon-lit sphere has become the icon of the city, warning citizens of impending weather. There is even a weather ball poem that helps folks decode the meaning behind the globe's glow:

When the weather ball is red, higher temperatures ahead.
When the weather ball is blue, lower temperature is due.
Yellow light in weather ball means there'll be no change at all.
When colors blink in agitation, there's going to be precipitation.


The Round Trip Tickets

28297 - Say The Words For Me/ 3 :59
Arrangement by A.Thomas

28298 - Self Destruct / 2:54
arrangement by the Tickets

Produced by W. Nix

Rite account # 5296.

A side is sweet Soul vocal 70's style, flip "Self Destruct" a funk style instrumental, Cincinnati, Ohio 1971

You can listen to a clip of " Self Destruct" at Midwest 45s website HERE (scroll down to find the Ticket C.C. label, then click on the label's picture).


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Compacts on BunBea

29257 - Call Her

29258 -You've Got To Get It

1972 Michigan soul arranged and produced by Franklyn Brown and The Compacts.
Written by Gary Brown

The Compacts A.K.A. Family Brown
(picture from the cover of their United Artists album, 1977)

"The Compacts comprised of six brothers & one sister of the Brown family & recorded one single for Carla released in 1975, the A side "That's How My World Began" was co-written by Ernie Harwell,a dear friend & legendary baseball hall of fame radio announcer for the Detroit Tigers".

As Family Brown, they recorded for United Artists in 1977 (LP " Imaginary World ") available HERE. Still active in the eighties (disco music on the Buzz label, for Bunbea productions - hear "Im Gonna Getcha").

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Country Connection : PROgressive Productions

The Country Connection

PROgressive Prod. P.P. 2010

39835 – I Love You (Paul Crouch)
39836 - I Feel Good That-A-Way (Ray Holliday)

Late (1978) rocker out of Kalamazoo, Michigan

I Feel Good That-A-Way (short clip)


Sunday, February 14, 2010

Earl Forest on Tuff-Stuff

Earl Forest

Tuff-Stuff 105

15503 - Now It's Alright
15504 - Don't Leave Me


Both sides were compiled by Stomper Time Records on the Fernwood Rhythm 'n' Blues CD.

Earl Forest - Drummer and singer who was one of the legendary "Beale Streeters", an informal group of friends that formed in the early 50's and played on each other's recordings and included R&B stars Bobby Bland, Johnny Ace, Junior Parker and Rosco Gordon, who played on several of B.B. King's famous sessions (including "Three O'Clock Blues'), and who had a top 10 R&B hit in 1953 with "Whoopin" and Hollerin''.

According to Robert "Nighthawk" Tooms : " Earl and I became fast friends, with me asking him stories about the glory days of Memphis blues and his exploits on the road. I learned that he was the first black audio engineer in our area and that he had worked for Duke and Peacock Records even before Don Robey purchased the label. Earl would say, “Son, I was recording with 3 tracks at Main and Winchester when [Sam] Phillips [of Sun Records] didn't have but two!” Earl signed many famous blues artists while acting as Engineer and A&R man for Duke and Peacock Records."

"Earl told me that a young Elvis Presley had asked to sit in with his band during a break on Beale and that he had threatened to fire any of them who would not do so. He said they didn't have any problems with Elvis, but they just wanted "to go take their break and get drunk." Blues trumpeter Gene "Bowlegs" Miller was in Earl's band at this time and Elvis attributed many of his stage moves to copying the stylings of Bowlegs. Earl had huge respect for all musicians and artists of any age and Earl really liked Elvis. "

Earl Forest recorded in Memphis and Houston for Duke, Flair and Meteor.

He died Feb. 26, 2003 of cancer in Memphis at age 76.


Don't Leave Me

Now It's Alright


Wild Country (Ron Berry)

Wild Country

Label : Wild Country

39579 - Rodeo Cowboy
39580 - Back Door Man (Ron Berry)


Rockabilly cat Ron Berry was born October 12, 1939, in Mariba, KY. Though the product of his church choir, his most profound influences included Elvis Presley and Jerry Lee Lewis, and while still in high school he cut his first rock & roll session at the studios of Mt. Sterling station WMST. The session would not see official release for close to a half century, and Berry dropped from sight until 1963, resurfacing on the Ken-H label with "I'll Give You All My Love." He later cut sides for the tiny Wildwood and Pixie labels, but was virtually forgotten by all but the most omnivorous rockabilly collectors when the NBT label compiled material past (including his 1957 WMST sessions) and present (like latter-day recordings with his Rock Creek Band) on the 2004 set I Want You! ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide



Saturday, February 13, 2010

Mabel Eli Loughry

Mabel Eli Loughry
(Composed, played and sung by)


11591 - Stairway To Heaven
11592 - I Wanna Go Back To The Farm


The winter season is not always joyful for everyone. But the discovery of a "new" record pressed by Rite is always a reason to be cheerful. Then, here it is, one of the worst record ever, according to Mackari (e-bay seller from Corsicana, Texas who probably known what he's talking about).

Note : I believe that I've just located Mrs Loughry : Block #12 Lot #50 W1/2, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Almena, Norton County, Kansas.

Mabel, is that you?


What? Three bad records in a row? Is that too much?


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hawkeye Hawkins The Lonesome Rambler

Hawkeye Hawkins
The Lonesome Rambler


11913 ~ My Lord's Garden
11914 ~ In The Garden

Hear both sides (clip only)


Missy Connor, Child Singer from West Virginia

Missy Connor Sings « Songs From My Heart »

41355 - Cowgirl For Jesus; Thanks My Friends For Loving Me
41356 - Lord, Remember Mama

Missy Connor
PO Box 503
Sutton, WV, 26601

Child Singer from West Virginia.

Missy has a mother. Her name is Carolyn. Like her mother, Missy began her musical career at the tender age of five. For the better or for the worse.
Carolyn traveled with her evangelistic family for many years singing country and southern gospel music. Originally from Canton, she met and married Don Connor of West Virginia. One year later Missy was born. The family booked as The Connor Family was now The Connors.
Above information was found HERE.

Cowgirl For Jesus


You don't like the song? Wait, the worst has yet to come. See my next post.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Kenny Owens on Reka

Kenny Owens

Reka 401

13317 - Wrong Line
13318 - Come Back Baby

Kenny Owens had records on Lou Krefetz's Poplar Records as Kenny Owen (58), on Ollie McLaughlin's Ruth label as Kenny Owens, on the Chance label out of Fayetteville, Arkansas as by Ken Owens And The Del-Rays and on his own Ork (Kenny Owens initials spelled backwards) label as Kenny Owens.

Kenny had a large following in the Jonesboro area. He had a TV variety show on KAIT Jonesboro in the late 60's. He recorded with Larry Donn (of "Honey Bun" fame -Vaden Records) an album issued on his own Ork label.

Larry Donn :
In 1969, Kenny Owens came to me with the idea that he and I should be partners. He was good at booking jobs, and I had a good band, so we joined forces. In '70, we went to Wayne Raney's studio in Concord, Arkansas, and recorded an album for road sales ('Kenny Owens & The Travellers With Mid-American Music' - Ork LP 1003). Kenny did one side and I did five songs on the other side.
The Reka label was owned by Meteor recording artist Jimmy Lamberth. See Reka Records where you can listen to the Kenny Owens' Reka sides.


Jack Adkins : Talking to Myself

Jack Adkins


CP-4665 - Talking to Myself
CP-4666 - I'll Do You Like You Done Me

Not listed in THIS Adco label discography

What do I know about this record?

"I don’t know. I only know that that’s why I’ve said repeatedly that I want to find out. I want to get to the bottom of this Rite Records discography and find out all that has happened and so far I’ve told you all that I know. And you know the truth of the matter is, for quite some long time, all that you knew was what I’d told you ».

[President Reagan, Press Conference on March 19, 1987, quoted [and shamelessly -but very slightly- edited by me] by William Lutz in his book « Double-Speak », From « Revenue Enchancement » To « Terminal Living »]

Monday, February 8, 2010

Peggy Little on Pathfinder

Peggy Little


16111 - If I Had Wheels
(wr. Buddy Lackey)

16112 - Hardest Easy Thing
(wr. Jerry Lane)

If I Had Wheels


This is likely Peggy Little's very first record on a Mineola, Texas label owned by Jack Rhodes.

From 1966. Not listed in THIS Peggy Little discography.

Peggy Little’s succes started on a front porch in Marlin, Tex., when she was singing and rocking her little brother to sleep one afternoon. A man named Jerry Dykes heard her, at first thinking someone had a radio turned up full blast, and immediately offered her a job singing for a Waco, Tex., radio station. Peggy was 11 years old at the time.

She now lives in a very small town in Texas and still sing, but only in Church.

Her big hit "Son of a Preacher Man"


Sunday, February 7, 2010

Fay Simmons on Ruthie

Fay Simmons with Michell on organ
CP-6779 – Entranced
Vir-Cel BMI
Ruthie 1038-A

Fay Simmons with Michell on organ
CP-6780 – Rain (in my heart)
Vel-Tone, ASCAP
Ruthie 1038-B
Billboard 3 February 1962 [Limited Sales Potential, Popular section]

Fay Simmons recorded for Grand (54), Rainbow (54), Piney (55), Port (57), Gone (58), Sharp (59), Senca (60-61), Jordan (60-61), Nu-Tone (61), Popside (62), Ruthie (62), V-Tone (62), Palm (63), LT Productions (60s) and Tuffy.

Brian (Color Radio) :
Fay Simmons - Who is she? Where is she from? Why didn't more of Fay Simmons records make the charts? I don't know too many of the answers and am unable to come up with much information anywhere. I am going to take what I do have and mold it into some probabilities and begin a page devoted to Fay Simmons. Here is what I think I know. ..
Read more HERE
[Label pictures and information are from Brian's Color Radio website]

Note : The only other known record on the same Ruthie label was Tony [Sharpe] & the Masquins who released 'My Angel Eyes' in 1961. Philadelphia deejay Kae Williams [also owner of the Kaiser and Junior labels] was possibly involved in the production of these Ruthie releases.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Black Narcosis on Raido 198

Raido SI-198
22315 ~ Kaeom
22316 ~ I Don't Know
Michigan, 1968

This 1968 release from Michigan features two heavy psychedelic releases both written by James Clements. The label indicates the songs were produced by Daniel T. Lick but the current publishing credits at BMI attribute them to Larry Lick Music BMI located in Port Huron, Michigan. You may listen to the songs below.

Al Jennings And His Ding Dong Daddies

Al Jennings And His Ding Dong Daddies


24957 - I'm A Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas (Part 1)
24958 - I'm A Ding Dong Daddy From Dumas (Part 2)

Oklahoma City Jazz band


Smokey Monroe on Process

Smokey Monroe
12187 - Your Old Love Letters (Johnny Bond)
Process 122-A

Smokey Monroe & His Fiddle

12188 - No Smokin' (arr. by Monroe)
Process 122-

Accompaniment is credited on both sides to LeRoy Cortez and his Western Band


The Arkay IV with Bill Adleff

17811 ~ Surprise Love
17812 ~ Another Way

18805 ~ Down From #9
18806 ~ When I Was Younger

21667 ~ Demotion
21668 ~ I’ll Keep On Trying (solo by Dave Massella)

LP For Internal Use Only

Side 1 - [22595]
Seems To Be The Thing
Surprise Love
Hear Me My Friend
You Are The One
When I Was Younger
Another Way
Side 2 - [22596]
no details

The group was started in 1963 by Bill Arnold, Skip Niebauer & John Nicotra. After his high graduation Bill left for military service and was replaced by Bob Sustak who was soon drafted into the army and was replaced by Dave Massello and Tom Brocki. This formed the core of the group from 1964 to 1969. The group went through several personal changes due primarily to the military draft for the Vietnam War. Besides those mentioned above the principal players include: Bill Adleff, Mark Fainstein, Vil Stomers, Bill Kirby, Jon Ims, Mike Redicliff and Doug Phillips.


That Thing You Do! 1996 film written and directed by Tom Hanks is loosely based on the Arkay IV story. Set in the summer of 1964, the movie tells the story of a one-hit wonder rock band, called The Oneders (later The Wonders), following their whirlwind rise to the top of the pop charts, and just as quickly, their bitter dissolution. The film also resulted in a real life musical hit with the song "That Thing You Do".