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Jimmy Dempsey Paid Political Songs on S&G

Jimmy Dempsey
(Paid Political Sang By)

12027 - Goldwater Rally Song (Mildred Adair)
12028 - I Ain't As Smooth As Lyndon B. (Gilstrap)
 S&G Records
Savage & Gilstrap Record Co.
1801 Piedmont Ave. , Atlanta, Ga.

[June 1964]

LBJ On One Side, Barry On The Other
Political Platter Is Bipartisan 
By Diane Wilson

In the middle of an election year with November only five months away, you hear a lot of talk about political records.

The Savage and Gilstrap Record Company of Atlanta has put out a political record that's not only topical, but bipartisan.  Side one is a song written by F. Pierce Gilstrap called "I Ain't As Smooth As Lyndon B."

And Gilstrap should known about Lyndon B. Johnson.  They were friends back in 1933 when both were members of the "Little Congress" in Washington, an organization made up of civil servants in the Capitol.  At that time, 1932-1933, Gilstrap was a doorman at the House of Represntatives and Johnson was elected speaker of the "Little Congress."  his first elected office.  Gilstrap and Johnson used to sit in the judiciary room in Washington those days and talk politics.

Gilstrap got out of politics and became editor of the Fayetteville Enterprise in Georgia.  In 1937, when he was a struggling editor of a very small paper with only $1.50 in his pocket, he heard that Johnson had been elected to Congress.

Gilstrap spent part of his $1.50 to send a congratulatory wire to Johnson.  The new Representative reciprocated by inviting his friend to visit him.

But Gilstrap had gone into the Navy and was with the Seabees in the Pacific.  He had no time for visiting.

Gilstrap hasn't seen his old friend since, except during a parade in Atlanta.

"I called out "Lyndon!"  he explained " but I guess he couldn't hear me."

The song, "I Ain't As Smooth As Lyndon B."  was written a few months ago because, as Gilstrap explained, "It just got to hammering at me and I have to write it down."

Gilstrap, whose only claim to the presidency is his name –  Franklin Pierce Gilstrap – is currently in Daytona Beach to plug his record.

The record sung by Jimmy Dempsey is being distributed by the S & G Record Company, 1801 Piedmont Ave., Atlanta, Ga.

Oh yes, on the flip side is a "Goldwater Rally Song."

I told you he had a bipartisan political record.
Daytona Beach Morning Journal, July 4, 1964

Hear both sides on ebay HERE

Monday, February 25, 2013

Jimmy Drake on Rally

Jimmy Drake

(Della & A.W. Crawford)

10674 - His Last Letter 

I'll Always
(Crawford-Schwab)  [by Lee Davis]
Rally Records (EP)
4152, 51st St., San Diego 5, Calif.

Jimmy Drake is better known as Nervous Norvus ("Transfusion", Dot Records).  His story as a song-poem recording artist  has been told by Phil Milstein :  see The Many Mysteries Of Nervous Norvus
Crawford, the songwriter of the four songs of this EP,  is probably Arthur William Crawford, whose songs have been set to music by some of the best known song-poem craftsmen : 

  • Jack Covais : "The Hula -Hoop Twist"  (1962)
  • John Stephenson : "Igloo Twist" (1962) & "Adam And Eve", Chaw Mank's Blue Ribbon Music Co., 1962)
  • Lew Tobin : "Back To The Range" & "I'm Anxious To Know"; (1960)
  • Gene Brooks : "I Want Love" (1960)
  • and Herman "Billy" Stone : "Heaven's Clarion Call ", recorded by Harold Montgomery (Wolf-Tex 105)

Friday, February 22, 2013

Count Ferrell on LeRegal

Count Ferrell
CP-6025 - Show Me Some Sign
CP-6026 - Wizard Of Ah's

Both : wr Ferrell-Moore-Reynolds, Gonef Music BMI 
A Win-Moore Production

    LeRegal Recording Co.

[Cincinnati, Ohio]


This is the second record pressed for the holder of the Rite account #598.  It was preceded by Vinnie Allen on Win-Moore and followed by The Videls on Early and, in 1962, by Cody Black on Pamela.  These four records were all produced by Win-Moore or Reynolds-Moore out of Cincinnati. 

Count Ferrell was re-issued on Astra Records and The Videls on Dusty Disc, both Pittsburgh labels.

Win-Moore Music published most of the songs issued, in 1962 and later, on the equally obscure Hard-Times label.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Heywoods (Queen Bea)

The Heywoods

18337 ~ Midnight Hour (feat. Johnny Schott)
18338 ~ Hey Joe ( feat. : Sonny James)

Queen Bea 507


both songs can be heard at MusicMastersOldies HERE

 Queen Bea Records owner, Bea Donaldson, 
with Merrill Osmond, lead singer of the Osmonds (1971)

Bea Donaldson, was the driving force behind the band from inception until their breakthrough.   Her eagerness to get his son, Bo, a keyboard player, into the band scene led her to contact Johnny Schott, who had been in the Radicals and had performed in several area musical theatre productions.   Bea had known Johnny from MC-ing dances with the Radicals. Johnny was reluctant to get involved, but agreed to spend six months in the band as the lead singer. The band was recruited from other local bands, and included Sonny James (drums), David Flitner (bass), Randy Jester (sax), Phil Beard (guitar). With Bea's very agressive promotion, the band started to get attention ...   From Buckeyebeat HERE

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Chuck Wells on Ell

Chuck Wells

9521 ~ Why Did You Lie To Me
9522 ~ Railroad Blues

Ell Records

 Railroad Blues

Charles “Chuck” Wells, a native of Wilson, North Carolina,  moved to Greensboro, North Carolina in the early 1970s and got into gospel, leaving behind the active role that he played in the Eastern North Carolina r&b and soul scene as a keyboardist and singer with a variety of groups such as the Monitors (Greenville/Wilson), the Outcasters (Wilson), and Willie Ward and the Electras (Enfield/Rocky Mount).

One of the sides he recorded, “The Love Knot” (Goldleaf 340) has lived on as a Northern Soul spin.

Popsike listing for the Goldleaf single

Audio : thanks to Jason, WXYC 89.3 FM

Dick Quinn

 Dick Quinn
27251- Along Came Jones (parody & arr. - R. Quinn)
27252 - Down on the Farm ((R.C. Zinn)
Ka-Dee Records
Produced by Dick Quinn

Dick Quinn started his musician career in 1951, as a Rochester, N.Y. kid who wanted to play country music.  But living in Rochester at a time when country western music was not as established as it iwas later, Quinn had to be content to play what he could - in this case, standards learned from the older musicians in his hometown.  "There were probably only about five guitar players in the whole town of Rochester at that time", said Quinn.

Shortly after his marriage to Kathy in 1970 the Quinns moved to Florida, where the Dick Quinn Show entertained the crowds of various lounges and clubs.  

St. Petersburg Times, Dec. 22 1971 : 
Leisure Lounge Swings with Dick Quinn Show entertainment is in the capable hands of the Dick Quinn Show.  These are four talented musicians whose efforts add up to the true Nashville sound.  You can hear their country and Western music and comedy nightly. There will be continuous entertainment on New Year's Eve, with the Dick Quinn Show plus exotic dancer Gina Romano, "The Italian Bomb.".


39823 - If That Ain't Country (D.A. Coe)
Before Produced By Dick Quinn & Darrell Puckett 
Background Vocals Sher Dolon -  Nancy Michaud - Robert Keyth Dickerson
39824 - She Gave Her Heart To Jethro (Tom T. Hall)
After Produced By Dick Quinn & Darrell Puckett

    Dead Frog DP 2121
Dead Frog Records
4421 46th St. N. St. Petersburg, Florida 33714

Engineered & Mixed By Darrell Puckett At J.U.B. Studio Largo, Florida

In 1978, he take residency at the Save Inn Motor Lodge Squirrel Cage Lounge (Gulf Beach, Florida)  where "his act contained about as much in the way of jokes and ribald stories as music.   "

Dick : "I like playing the Squirrel Cage.  It's a nice place (with no cover or minimum) and they serve the best drinks in town. Get enough drinks in you, and you might even like the guitar player"

Eternity Express

Ken Gaub Evangelistic Ass'n Records
Yakima, Washington
LP 200


Side One   #32339

 Turn It Over To Jesus (Hildebrand)
 I Should Have Been Crucified (Jensen)
 Jesus Made Me Higher (Omartian)
 Looking Back (Helms)
 Say I Do (Hildebrand)

Side Two   #32340

 For Those Tears I Died (Stevens)
 I've Got Confidence (Crouch)
 Jesus That They Need (Mills)
 Whish We'd All Been Ready (Norman)

Credits :

Nathan Gaub - Vocal, Bass
Mike Gaub - Vocal, Drums
Dan Gaub - Guitar & Arranging

Cover Photo - Peter Eisele Photos -Michigan City, Ind.
Special Credit -Patsy Garrett - Piano
Recording Engineer - Phil Burkhardt

From the back cover :

Music travelling and appearing before crowds is nothing new for this group.  Nathan, at eighteen, has been singing for seventeen yeats;  Mike, at nineteen, although he just starting travelling with his brother, Ken, has been involved in church work with his father for years;  Dan, at fifteen, has also been involved in music for fourteen years and is now arranging the music for this group.  All three of these young men love the Lord. Let me introduce to you "ETERNITY"  Ken Gaub

Eternity Express II 
Ken Gaub Evangelistic Ass'n Record
Yakima, Washington
LP 201


Side One   #34073

01 – Jesus Is The Way
02 – Where Could I Go
03 – Front Seat Back Seat
04 – I’ll See You In The Rapture

Side Two  #34074

01 – Freedom
02 – Rock And Roll
03 – Be Nice To The Little Guy
04 – You Should Have Come Sooner

Photos : Peter Eisele Photos -Michigan City, Ind.

You can listed to "Where Could I Go" and "Freedom" courtesy of Mark Betcher HERE

platform shoe
detail from the cover of LP 200

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Chuck Jones and The Rays (Belle Meade 143)

Chuck Jones and The Rays

CP-3045 —  Sweet Sweetheart 
Floyd Fellows and ?

CP-3046 — Those Jail House Blues 
Ernest Gruntlehner-Angelo Ventura
Hillsboro Music BMI

Belle Meade 143
February 1960

Song poem record recorded by the Globe Studios, Nashville, Tennessee.  Co-writer of A_side died in 1982 :

Floyd G. Fellows – an electrical engineer and building official by vocation but a songwriter and ham radio operator by avocation – died Thrusday at the age of 75.

Mr Fellows liked to use the nickname the "Viscount of Nostalgia. "  He picked that up in 1975 when a record company released an album of songs he had written. " The record producer said my songs, most written within the past two or three years, sounded like they were oldtime songs," Mr. Fellows told a Times reporter.  So Fellows and the producer came up with the nostalgia name.

Mr. Fellows father operated a music store in Gloversville, N.Y.... Two floors of pianos, musical instruments of all sorts," he said during that 1975 interview. "I'd heard songs in my head for a long time, and in high school there was a course in melody writing.  I took it, and now, 50 years later I'm still at it.

Mr Fellows' other hobby was ham radio. "I've talked to people from all over the world," he said.  "Just about every state."

He resided at 2449 Duncan Drive in Belleair Bluffs.  He was born in Gloversville and moved here 10 years ago from Cincinnati.

Obituary, St.Petersburg Times June 25, 1982

Billy Sandlin (Gala 115)

Billy Sandlin

CP-4573 ~ Teenager's Dream   G-79
CP-4574 ~ Cha Cha Bop  G-80

Both wr. Sandlin, Perry Music BMI
Gala 115

November 1960

Billy Sandlin, the son of Mr and Mrs H.C. (Buck) Sandlin, farmers in Williston, Florida, began singing professionally while still in high school. 

His first record was out on Vim Records in 1959. It was recorded  at the nearby Jacksonville Magnum studios owned by Tom Markham and Tom Rose, "with the real echo from the tank out back".  The record, "She's Mean", was issued again on Gala Records.

After this second record on Gala, Billy  served with the Army in Germany where he was stationed with the Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol Air Borne at Frankfurt.    He still performed at various occasions and made appearances in Army teenage clubs throughout USAREUR.  He sang with a German combo known as the Strangers :

Billy Sandlin was a GI….One evening, this colossus with his natural blond short crop climbed te stage urging us to let him sing what we graciously allowed him. Later on, he asked us if we’d like to be his backing band in the recording-studio – everything would be paid by him. So we recorded a few songs, he sent the tapes to some American record company, and the next – and last – thing we would hear from this session was in a box full of single-plays."   ["My Little Twisting Baby" / Billy Sandlin, The Strangers & The Bluetones, Strike Records, 1963]

After his discharge, coming back home, he recorded in the sixties with The Embers  "You´ll Always Have Someone" (Viking Records) and, with the Interns "Poor Rich Girl" , on Royala Records,

In the early 70s, he and ex-Royal Guardsmen, Barry Winslow , released a 45 on Mega Records ("Seen a Rainbow Lately".  They co-wrote with Roland Lavoie (Lobo) "Let Me Down Easy"

Sad to say, Billy got killed in a car crash  :  Billy Sandlin and Melinda, his wife, were killed in a car crash with a drunk driver who was being pursued by the police in his hometown of Ocala, Florida, in 1973.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The New-Born Singers of the Teen Challenge Institute

        The New-Born Singers of the Teen Challenge Institute
I've Been New-Born 
Side 1  [#28853]

1. Happiness Is The Lord (Stanphill)
2. We've Come This Far By Faith (Akers)  Solo With Choir Phil Breithaupt
3. I've Been New-Born   Solo Voices With Choir Benny ? & John Kenzy)
4. I Will Serve Thee (Gaither)  Duet Phil & Bev Breithaupt
5. Now Walk With God  (Skillings) Solo Voices With Choir Bev Breithaupt & Crystal Young
Side2   [#28854]

1. Happiness (Gaither)
2. I'm Free (Gaither)   Solo : Phil Breithaupt
3. Talk To The Lord About It (Skillings) Duet With Choir : Bobby Negron & Neal Washington)
4. Nobody Cared (Owens)
5. Listen  (Skillings) 
Recorded in Rhinebeck, NY - The New York City Orchestra conducted by Jerry Nelson.

"HEROIN, MARIJUANA, SPEED, LSD & REVOLUTION are terms well known by this most unusual choir. Thank GOD!  They've found the cure. they're free!  They sing and tell it like it is, for they are the New Born generation "

The Teen Challenge Institute was founded by the combined efforts of Rev. David Wilkerson and John Q. Kenzy in 1965.  It is a specialized school for preparing former revolutionaries, addicts, delinquent youth and others from the "straight" society to staff the Teen Challenge Centers across America.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Bobby Faro on Universal Sound

Bobby Faro

18005 – Burning Lips
Powers-Greer, Mitten Music BMI

18006 – Bitter Sweet

Produced by J.Powers and M. Valvano
Universal Sound 150
     Detroit, MI

Johnny Powers and Mike Valvano, the producers, were good friends.  They met at Motown Records and then produced together, hung together.   At Motown, Johnny filled a number of support roles, adding foot stomps to several Supremes classics and banging tambourines with Valvano.

Universal Sound was one of the scores of labels that came from the Sound Incorporated Studios established on highway 94, Northeast of Detroit, halfway to Port Huron. 56880 North, New Haven Michigan.  Sound Inc did use a common numbering system across various labels : previous number in the series was on Sound Records (The Capreez), #146 was on Walker Records (Arizona Weston and the Westerners) etc.

Howard Walker started the business up but it was later taken over by Danny and Larry Lick (a shortened version of their original name, Pavlick).   Johnny Powers [born Pavlick] was also a co-owner.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Whail on Luv

Gordon Lightfoot, Moose CAPAC
33090 – Summer Holiday
Gibson, King, Mack  Vicki Music BMI
LUV 714
Produced By Ron Hanson
A Product Of G.M. Recording Co., East Detroit, Michigan, 48021

These two tracks previously issued on their album
(see below)

Fresh Air

Side one [32583]

I've Never Seen Love Like This
You Are What I Am
I Am Not Sayin
Drugstore Man
Be What You Want
Prelude to Side Two

Side two [32584]

I Want You Girl
I Can't Make It Anymore
Can I Look
Kalamazoo Winter
Summer Holiday
Long Long Time
Hey Boy
Luv 701
Rite account #5778
Lounge rock with a wide range of styles from Gordon Lighfoot covers to a couple more psych tracks. Occasional use of synth. 

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hawkeye Hawkins (Hawkins 104)

Hawkeye Hawkins
The Lonesome Rambler

CP-1867 — I'm the Big Wheel In This Town Town Town
Hawkins, Double "M" Music Co. (BMI)

CP-1868 — Wabash Cannon Ball

Hawkins Records 104
608 N. 24th St.  Apt. B, Birmingham 4, Alabama

 For his other records, see Hawkins discography

Monday, February 4, 2013

Dean-O-Delray And His Delrays

Dean-O-Delray And His Delrays

Both wr O.Davidson, Roman Music Pub. Co.

  Northwest Sound Company 1007
14958 Ardmore, Detroit, Michigan

(Songs copyrighted on 5 June 1963)

Dean-O-Delray's real name is Oscar Davidson. (see comment)

The Northwest Sound Company was operated by the owner/engineer named Julian G. Skinner, also known as "Jody"

According to Ron Murphy (Soulful Detroit Archives) :

Jody lived with his parents upstairs and his studio was in the basement of the house, it had a small control room with a Ampex 351-2 track,he also had a little dub cutter and the studio was just one 9X12 room but he did have good ears and got a pretty good sound for that set-up, sometimes he would press records on his own Northwest Sound label for people paying to make their own record...he operated there for quite a long time from about 1960 into the 70's.
Ted (member of Anvil, a rock band) :

We recorded in a cheap mono studio in Detroit [in 1970] for our first attempt. Julian G. Skinner ran the recording equipment with the back of his twisted hands as he had several palsy. Could not speak well, and would not let us use our amplifiers.

Sound files are from the CD "Move and Rock" (Collector Records)

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Dynamic Walter B. & The New Breed Band on Allied

Dynamic Walter B.
and The New Breed Band

24069 - High Sailing
24070 – Something Wrong

 Arranged By Tommy Linton
Produced By Jim Foreman

Allied Records

Recorded at International Recording, Baton Rouge, La


This is Walter Bouligny, born in 1946.  His discography can be found HERE (Sir Shambling)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Ralph Nielsen and the Chancellors

Ralph Nielsen and the Chancellors

  8495 - Scream
8496 - Little Demon

Both Wr. Ralph Nielsen, Peer Int. BMI

Surf Records 5302/5301

520 Oregon Ave.,  Bricktown, N.J.


A copy is currently auctioned at ebay by lcharm7
Sound files :   lcharm7 

Seven copies are found in Popsike files. Prices ranging from 455 to 1.225US$