Thursday, February 18, 2010

The River Bank Singers (Citizens Bank)

40937 - 'Friendly Citizens' sung by the River Bank Singers
40938 - 'Friendly Citizens'  sung by Kay and The Driving Force

Words and music by Bill Lamb
Produced by Bill Lamb Productions - Flint, Michigan.

<<===- Photo by Megan Spelman, The Flint Journal
A worker changes a neon tube on the Citizens Bank letters under the weather ball Friday, Sept. 22, 2006.

Turns out that Michael Moore isn't the only round celebrity to hail from Flint, Mich. According to the Flint Journal, the Citizens Bank weather ball has been a fixture on the Flint scene for decades.

First lit on Oct. 30, 1956, the 2.5 ton, neon-lit sphere has become the icon of the city, warning citizens of impending weather. There is even a weather ball poem that helps folks decode the meaning behind the globe's glow:

When the weather ball is red, higher temperatures ahead.
When the weather ball is blue, lower temperature is due.
Yellow light in weather ball means there'll be no change at all.
When colors blink in agitation, there's going to be precipitation.


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